myself, what wonder I should let well to follow it: the camp is Christ's go, and lose Jesus, my Lord? 0 ordinary bed; a carried bed is kindwell to me for evermore, that I have ly to the Beloved, down in this low cracked my credit with Christ, and er house. It may be, and who cannot by law at all borrow from knoweth but our Lord hath some him, upon my feckless and worth centurions, ye are sent to, seeing less bond and faith! For my faith your angry mother denieth you and reputation with Christ, is, that lodging and house-room with her. I am a creature that God will not Christ's call to unknown faces must put any trust into; I was, and am be your second wind, seeing ye canbewildered with temptations, and not have a first. O that our Lord wanted a guide to heaven. O what would water again, with a new visit, have I to say of that excellent, this piece withered and dry hill of surpassing and supereminent thing, our widow mount Zion! My dear they call, The grace of God, the brother, I will think it comfort, if way of free redemption in Christ! ye speak my naine to our WellAnd when poor, poor I, dead in law, beloved. Wherever ye are, I am was sold, fettered and imprisoned mindful of you. O that the Lord in justice's closet ward, which is would yet inake the light of the hell and damnation; when I, a moon in Scotland as the light of wretched one, lighted upon noble the sun, and the light of the sun Jesus, eternally kind Jesus tender-seven fold brighter. For myself as hearted Jesus; nay, when he light- yet I have received no answer whethed upon me first, and knew me; I er to go ; I wait on: O that Jesus found that he scorned to take a had my love! Let matters frame as price, or any thing like hire; of an- they list, I have some more to do gels or seraphims, or any of his with Christ; yet I would fain we creatures; and therefore I would were nearer. Now, the great Sheppraise him for this, that the whole herd of the sheep, the very God of army of the redeemed ones sit rent peace, establish and confirm you, free in heaven: our holding is better till the day of his coming. than blench; we are all free-holders:

Your's in his lovely and sweet Lord Jesus, and seeing our eternal seu duty is but thanks, 0 woeful me! that I Aberdeen, Sept. 9th, 1637. S. R. have but spilt thanks, lame and broken and miscarried praises to give him, and so my silver is not LETTER CLXXII. good and current with Christ, were To the Lady GARLETON. it not that free merits have stamped

Mistress. it, and washen it and me both! and Grace, mercy and

peace for my silence, I see somewhat bet. My soul longeth once again to be ter through it now: if my high and amongst you, and to behold that lofty One, my princely and royal beauty of the Lord, that I would Master, say, Hold, hold thy peace, see in his house: but I know not if I lay bonds on thee, thou must he, in whose hands are all our ways, speak none; I would fain be con seeth it expedient for his glory. I tent, and let my fire be smothered owe my Lord, I know, submission under ashes, without light or flame! of spirit, suppose he should turn me I cannot help it: I take the laws into a stone or pillar of salt. Oh from my Lord, but I give none. that I were he in whom my Lord As for your journey to F. ye do could be glorified; suppose my little

be to you.


heaven were forfeited, to buy glory my pilgrimage! a straw for all that to him before men and angels; sup- God hath made, to my soul's liking, pose my want of his presence, and expect God, and that lovely One separation from Christ were a pillar, Jesus Christ. Seeing I am not this as high as ten heavens for Christ's world's debtor, I desire I may be glory to stand upon, above all the stripped of all confidence in any world! What am I to him? how thing, but my Lord, that he may

be little am I, though my feathers stood for me, and I for my only, only, out as broad as the morning light, only Lord; that he may be the to such a high, to such a lofty, to morning and evening tide, the top euch a never-enough admired and and the root of my joys, and the glorious Lord! My trials are heavy, heart and flower and yolk of all my because of my sad sabbaths; but I soul's delights. 0 let me never know they are less than my high lodge any creature in my heart and provocations: I seek no more, but confidence! let the house be for him: that Christ may be the gainer, and I rejoice, that sad days cut off a I the loser; that he may be raised piece of the lease of my short life; and heightened, and I cried down, and that my shadow, even while I and my worth made dust before his suffer, weareth long, and my evenglory Oh that Scotland, all with ing hasteneth on. I have cause to one shout, would cry, Up Christ, love home with all my heart, and and that his name were high in this to take the opportunity of the day land! I find the very utmost bor. to hasten to the end of my journey, ders of Christ's high exellency and before the night come on, wherein deep sweetness, heaven and earth's a man cannot see to walk or work; wonder. O what is he, if I could that once after my falls, I may at win in to see his inner-side! Oh I night fall in, weary and tired as I am run dry of loving, and wonder-am, in Christ's bosom, and betwixt ing and adoring of that greatest and his breasts. Our prison cannot be most admirable One! Wo,, wo is our best country: this world lookme, I have not half love for him! eth not like heaven and the happi. Alas, what can my drop do to his ness that our tired souls would be great sea! what gain is it to Christ, at; and therefore it were good to that I have casten my little spark in seek about for the wind, and hcise his great fire! what can I give to up our sails towards our new Jerhim! O that I had love to fill a thou. usalem, for that is our best. Resand worlds, that I might empty my member a prisoner to Christ. Grace, soul of it all upon Christ! I think I grace be with you. have just reason to quit my part of

Your's in his only Lord and Master, any hope or love that I have to this

Aberdeen, 1637. scum, and the refuse of the dross of God's workmanship, this vain earth: I owe to this stormy world, whose kindness and heart to me hath

LETTER CLXXIII. been made of iorn, or a piece of a wild sea-island, that never a crea

My Lord, ture of God yet lodged in, not a I RECEIVED one letter of your Lord. look: I owe it no love, no hope ; ship’s from C. and another of late and therefore, oh if my love were from A. B. wherein I find your dead to it, and my soul dead to it! Lordship in perplexity what to do; what am I obliged to this house of but let me entreat your Lordship

S. R.


not to cause yourself mistake truth believe assuredly, our Lord shall and Christ, because they seem to repair the old waste places, and his encounter with your peace and ease. ruined house in Scotland; and this My Lord, remember that a prisoner wilderness shall yet blossom as the hath written it to you • As the rose. My very worthy and dear Lord liveth, if ye put to your hand Lord, wait upon him who hideth with other apostates in this land, to his face from the house of Jacob, pull down the sometime buautiful and look for him ; wait patiently a tabernacle of Christ in this land, and little upon the Bridegroom's return joia hands with then in one hair. again, that your soul may live, and breadih, to welcome Antichrist to ye may rejoice with the Lord's inScotland, there is wrath gone out heritance: 1 dare pawn my soul and from the Lord against you and your life for it, if ye take this storm with house. If the terror of a king hath borne down Christ, your sky shall overtaken you, and your Lordship quickly clear, and your fair mornlooketh to sleep in your nest in ing dawn. Think as the truth is peace, and take the nearest shore, that Christ is just now saying, and there are many ways, too, too many will ye also leave me? Ye have a ways, how to shift Christ with some fair occasion to gratify Christ now, ill washen and foul distinctions; but if ye will stay with him, and want assure yourself, suppose a king should the night's sleep with your suffering assure you, he would be your god, Saviour, one hour, now when Scot. as he shall never be, for that piece and hath tallen asleep. and leaveth of service, your clay.god shall die, Christ to fend for himself

. I proand your carnal counsellors, when tess myself but a week feeble man : your conscience shall storm against when I came first to Christ's camp, you, and ye complain to them they I had nothing to maintain this war, will say, What is that to us? beo or to bear ne out in this encounter, lieve not that Christ is weak, or that and I am little better yet. But he is not able to save: of too tires since I find furniture, armour, and that ye cannot pass, take the least. strength from the consecrated CapSome few years will bring us all tain, the Prince of our salvation, out in our blacks and whites before who was perfected through suffer. our Judge'; eternity is nearer to ing: I esteem suffering for Christ you

than ye are aware of. To go a king's life I find that our wants in a course of defection, when an qualify us for Christ; and howbeit enlightened conscience is stirring, your Lordship write, ye despair to and looking you in the face and attain to such a communion and crying within you. That ye are fellowship, which I would not have going in an evil way, is a step to you to think, yet would ye nobly the sin against the Holy Ghost: and courageously venture, to make either many of this land are near over to Christ, for his honour, now that sin, or else I know po! what it lying at the stake, your estate, is. And if this, for which I now place, and honour, he would lovingsuffer, be not the way of peace and ly and largely requite you, and give the king's high way to salvation, I you a king's word for a recom. believe there is not a way at all; pence ; venture upon Christ's come, there is not such breadth and elbow and I dare swear he shall say, as it room in the way to heaven as men is, Psal: xvi. 7. I bless the Lord believe; howbeit this day be not who gave me counsel.

My very Clirist's, the morrow shall be his. I worthy Lord, many eyes in both the


kingdoms are upon you now, and brought again from the dead the the eye of our Lord is upon you; great Shepherd of his sheep, by the acquit yourself manfully for Christ : blood of the eternal covenant, esspill not this good play : subscribe tablish you, and give you sound a blank submission, and put it in light, and counsel you to follow Christ's hands: win, win the bless- Christ. Remember my obliged serings and prayers of your sighing vice to my Lord your father, and and sorrowful mother-church, seek- mother, and your lady. Grace be ing your help: win Christ's bond with you. (who is a king of his word) for a

Your Lordship's at all obliged obedience, hundred-fold more even in this life. If a weak man hath passed a pro

in his sweet Lord Jesus, S. R. mise to a king, to make a slip to

Aberdeen, August 10th, 1637. Christ. (if we look to flesh and blood, I wonder not of it; possibly

X** I might have done worse myself, LETTER CLXXIV. but) add not further guiltiness, to go on in such a scandalous and foul way; remember that there is a wo,

My very dear and loving sister, wo to him by whom offences come, GRACE, mercy, and peace be to you. this wo came out of Christ's mouth, I long to hear from you;


you and it is heavier than the wo of the to set up the brae to the King's city, law ; it is the Mediator's venge- that must be taken by violence; ance, and that is two vengeances to your afternoon's sun is wearing low; those who are enlightened. Free time will eat up your frail life, like a yourself from unlawful anguish, a worm gnawing at the root of a Mayo bout advising and resolving: when flower; lend Christ your heart, set the truth is come to your hand, hold him as a seal there ; take him in it fast, go not again to make a new within, and let the world, and child. search and inquiry for truth; it is ren stand at the door; they are not easy to cause conscience believe as yours, make you and them for your ye will, not as ye know; it is easy proper owner, Christ ; it is good, he for you to cast your light into pri- is your Husband and their Father. son, and detain God's truth in un. What missing can there be of a righteousness; but that prisoner will dying man, when God filleth his break ward, to your incomparable chair? Give hours of the day to torture. Fear your light, and stand prayer; fash Christ (if I may speak in awe of it; for it is from God : so) and importune him; be often at think what honour it is in this life his gate; give his door no rest. I also, to be enrolled to the succeed. can tell you, he will be found. O ing ages, amongst Christ's witnesses, what sweet fellowship is betwixt him standing against the re-entry of an- and me! I am imprisoned, but he tichrist.

I know certainly, your is not imprisoned, he hath ashamed light looking to two ways, and to me with kindness; he hath come tomy the two sides, crieth shame upon prison, and run away


my the course that they would counsel and all my love; well may

he bruik you to follow: the way, that is half- it! I wish my love get never an er and co-partner with the smoke owner but Christ: fy, fy upon old of this fat world, and with ease, lovers, that held us so long asunder! smelleth strong of a foul and false we shall not part now: he and I shall way. The prince of peace, he who be heard, before he win out of my



2 E

grips : I resolve to wrestle with homely with him, and ye shall be Christ, ere I quit him. But my the more welcome; ye know not love to him hath casten my soul in how fain Christ would have all your a fever, and there is no cooling of love. Think not this is imaginamy fever, till I get real possession tion's and bairn's-play, we make din of Christ: O strong, strong love of for; I would not suffer for it, if it Jesus, thou hast wounded my heart were 50; I dare pawn my heaven with thine arrows! O pain ! O pain for it, that it is the way to glory. of love for Christ! who will help me Think much of truth, and abhor to praise ? Let me have your pray these ways devised by men in God's ers. Grace be with you.

worship. The grace of Christ be Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus, Aberdeen, March 13, 1637.

S. R.

Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus, Aberdeen, March 14, 1637. S. R.

with you.


and ye


LETTER CLXXVI. Dear Sister, I EXHORT you in the Lord, to seek your one thing, Mary's good part, Dear and Loving Friend, that shall not be taken from you. I cannot but, upon the opportu. Set your heart and soul on the child-nity of a bearer, exhort you to reren's inheritance: this clay-idol, the sign the love of your youth to world, is but for bastards, and ye Christ, and, in this day, while your are his lawful-begotten child. Learn sun is high, and your youth serveth the way, (as your dear mother hath


to seek the Lord and his face ; gone before you) to knock at Christ's for there is nothing out of heaven so door: many an alms of mercy


necessary for you as Christ; Christ given to her, and hath abund- cannot be ignorant, but your day ance behind to give to you. Ye will end, and the night of death will are the seed of the faithful, and call you from the pleasures of this born within the covenant; claim life, and a doom given out in death your right. I would not exchange standeth for ever, as long as God Christ Jesus for ten worlds of glory : liveth. Youth ordinarily is a post I know now (blessed be my Teach- and ready servant for Satan, to run er!) how to shut the lock, and un- errands; for it is a nest for lust, bolt my Well-beloved's door; and cursing, drunkenness, blasplieming he maketh a poor stranger welcome of God, lying, pride, and vanity. when he cometh to his house., 10 that there were such an heart in am swelled up and satisfied with the you, as to fear the Lord, and to delove of Christ, that is better than dicate your soul and body to his wine; it is a fire in my soul; let service! When the time cometh hell and the world cast water on it, that your eye-strings shall break, they will not mend themselves. I and your face wax pale, and legs have now gotten the right gate of and arms tremble, and your breath Christ; I recommend him to you grow cold, and your poor soul look above all things; come and find the out at your prison house of clay, smell of his breath ; see if his kisses to be set at liberty; then a good be not sweet ; he desireth no better conscience, and your Lord's favour than to be much made of; be shall be worth all the world's glory s

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