yet I am now persuaded, it is our overboard. As for your master, my folly to frist all till the term-day, see- lord and my lady, I will be loath ing abundance of earnest will not to forget them; I think my praydiminish any thing of our principal ers, such as they are, are due debt sum. We dream of hunger in to him, and I shall be far more enChrist's house, while we are here, gaged to his lordship, if he be fast although he alloweth feasts upon all for Christ, as I hope he will, now the children within God's houshold: when so many of his coat and quality it were good then to store ourselves slip from Christ's back, and leave him with more borrowed kisses of Christ, to fend for himself. I intreat you, and with more borrowed visits, till remember my love to that worthy we enter heirs to our new inherit- gentleman A. C. who saluted me in ance, and our tutor puts us in pos- your letter : I have heard that he is session of our own, when we are past one of my Master's friends, for the minority. Oh that all the young heirs which cause I am tied to him ; I would seek more, and a greater and wish he may more and more fall in a nearer communion with my Lord love with Christ. · Now, for your Tutor, the prime Heir of all, Christ! question, as far as I rawly conceive: I wish, for my part, I could send I think God is praised two ways ; you, and that gentleman who wrote 1st, By a conscional profession of his commendations to me, into the of his highness before men, such as King's innermost cellar and house is the very hearing of the word, and of wine, to be filled with love; a receiving of either of the sacraments; drink of this love is worth the hav- in which acts, by profession, we give ing indeed : we carry ourselves but out to men, that he is our God, with too nicely with Christ our Lord; and whom we are in covenant, and our our Lord loveth not niceness and Law-giver: Thus eating and drink. dryness, and uncouthness in friends. ing in the Lord's supper, is an anSioce need forces we must be in nunciation and profession before Christ's common, then let us be in men, that Christ is our slain Rehis common; for it will be no other- deemer : here, because, God speak, wise. Now, for my present case in eth to us, not we to him, it is not a my imprisonment, deliverance, for formal thanksgiving, but an annunany appearance I see, looketh cold- ciation, or predication of Christ's like; my hope, if it be looked to, or death, conscional, not adorative, nei. leaned upon men, should wither soon ther hath it God for the immediate at the root, like a May-flower; yet I object, and therefore no kneeling resolve to ease myself with on-wait can be here. 2dly, There is anoing on my Lord, and to let my faith ther praising of God, formal, when swim where it loseth ground. I am we are either formally blessing God, under a necessity either of fainting and speaking his praises. And this which I hope my Master, of whom I take to be twofold. 1. When we I boast all the day, shall avert, or directly and formally direct praises then to lay my faith upon Omnipo- and thanksgiving to God: this may tency, and to wink and stick by my well be done kneeling, in token of grip ; and I hope my ship shall ride our recognizance of his highness; it out, seeing Christ is willing to yet not so, but it may be done standblow his sweet wind in my sails, and ing or sitting, especially seeing joyful mendeth and closeth the leaks in my elevation, which should be in praisship, and ruleth all: it will be strangeing, is not formally signified by kneel. if a believing passenger be casten ing. 2. When we speak good of

God, and declare his glorious nature, power of his might, to go on for and attributes, extolling him before Christ, not standing in awe of a men, to excite men to conceive high. worm that shall die. I hope ye ly of him.

The former I hold to be will not put your hand to the ark, worship every way immediate, else to give it a wrong touch, and to I know not any immediate worship overturn it, as many now do, when at all : the latter hath God for the the archers are shooting sore at Josubject, not properly the object, see-seph, whose bor shall abide in its ing the predication is directed to strength. We owe to our royal men immediately, rather than to King and princely Master a testiGod, for here we speak of God by mony.

o how blessed are they, way of praising, rather than to who can ward a blow off Christ, and God. And for my own part, as I his borne down truth! men think am for the present minded, I see not Christ a gone man now, and that how this can be done kneeling, see- he shall never get up his head again: ing it is prædicatio Dei et Christi, and they believe his court is failed, non laudatio aut benedictio Dei : but because he suffereth men to break observe, that it is formal praising of their spears and swords upon him, God, and not merely conscional, as and the enemies to plough Zion, and I distinguished in the first member ; make long and deep their furrows for, in the first member, any speaking on her back: but it would not be of God, or of his works of creation, so, if the Lord had not a sowing for providence and redemption, is indi- his ploughing: what can be do, but rect and conscional praising of him, melt an old drossy kirk, that he may and formally preaching, or an act of bring out a new bride out of the teaching, not an act of predication fire again! I think Christ is just of his praises; for there is a differ- now repairing his house, and ex. ence betwixt the simple relation of changing his old vessels with new the virtues of a thing which is for- vessels, and is going through this mally teaching, and the extolling of land, and taking up an inventory the worth of a thing by way of com- and a roll of so many of Levi's mendation, to cause others to praise sons, and good professors, that he

Thus recommending you may make them new work for the to God's sweet grace, I rest second temple ; and whatsoever shall

Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus, be found, not to be for the work, Aberdeen, June 15, 1637.

S. R. shall be casten over the wall; when

the house shall be builded, he shall LETTER CXXIII. lay by his bammers, as having no

more to do with them. It is posDear Brother,

sible, he do worse to them than lay GRACE, mercy and peace be unto them by: and I think, the vengeance you. Upon the report I hear of of the Lord, and the vengeance of you, without any further acquain- his temple shall be upon them. I tance, except our straitest bonds in desire no more, but to keep weight our Lord Jesus, I thought good to when I am past the fire; and I can write unto you, hearing of your now, in some weak measure, give danger to be thrust out of the Lord's Christ a testimonial of a lovely and house, for his name's sake: therefore, loving companion, under suffering my earnest and humble desire to for him. I saw him before but afar God is, that ye may be strengthened off, his beauty to my eye-sight in the grace of God, and by the groweth; a fig, a straw for tea

with us.

To Mr. J, R.



worlds' plaistered glory, and for knoweth ; and I hope, to my joy, childish shadows, the idol of clay shall make me know, when God (this god, the world) that fools fight shall unfold his decrees concerning for. If I had a lease of Christ of me; for there are windings, and tos my own dating (for whoever once and fros in his ways, which blind cometh nigh hand, and taketh a bodies like us cannot see. Thus hearty look of Christ's inner side, much for farther acquaintance ; so, shall never wring nor wrestle them- recommending you, and what is be. selves out of his love grips again) I fore you, to the grace of God, I would rest contented in my prison ; rest yea, in a prison without light of sun Your very loving brother in his sweet Lord or candle, providing Christ and I


S. R. had a love-bed, not of mine, but of Aberdeen, Jane 16, 1637. Christ his own making: that we might lye together among the lilies, LETTER CXXIV. till the day break and the shadows fly away. Who knoweth how sweet Reverend and dearest Brother, a drink of Christ's love is ? O but Grace, mercy and peace be unto. to live on Christ's love is a king's you. I have heard somewhat of life! The worst things of Christ, your trials in Galloway; 1 bless the

that which seemeth to be Lord who hath begun. first in that the refuse of Christ, his hard corner, to make you a new kirk to cross, his black cross, is white himself: Christ hath the less ado and fair, and the cross receiveth behind, when he hath refined you. a beautiful lustre, and a perfumed Let me entreat you, my dearly besmell from Jesus. My dear bro- loved, to be fast to Christ; my witther, scar not at it. While ye have ness is above, my dearest brother, time to stand upon the watch-tower, that ye have added much joy to me and to speak, contend with this land, in my bonds, when I hear that you plead with your harlot-mother, who grow in the grace and zeal of God hath been a treacherous half mar. for your Master. Our ministry, row to her husband Jesus : for 1 whether by preaching or suffering, would think liberty, to preach one will cast a smell through the world day, the root and top of my desires; both of heaven and hell, 2 Cor. ii. and would seek no more of the bles. 15, 16. I persuade you, my dear sings that are to be had on this side brother, there is nothing out of of time, till I be over the water, but heayen, next to Christ, dearer to to spend this my crazy clay house me, than my ministry, and the in his service and saving of souls; worth of it, in my estimation, is but I hold my peace, because he swelled, and paineth me exceedinghath done it. My shallow and ebb ly; yet I am content, for the honour thoughts are not the compass Christ of my Lord, to surrender it back saileth by ; I leave his ways to him again to the Lord of the vineyard ; self, for they are far, far above me: let him do with it, and me both, only I would contend with Christ what he thinketh good: I think for his love, and be bold to make a myself too little for him. And let plea with Jesus my Lord, for a me speak to you, how kind a fellowheart fill of his love ; for there is no prisoner is Christ to me! Believe more left to me. What standeth me, this kind of cross, that would beyond the far end of my sufferings, not go by my door, but would needs and what shall be the event, he visit me, is still the longer the more

welcome to me. It is true, my sióf and then I despise temptation, even lent sabbaths have been and are hell itself, and the stink of it, and glassy ice, whereon my faith can the instruments of it, and ain scarce hold its feet, and I am often proud of my honourable Master; blown on my back, and off my feet, and I resolve, whether contrary with a storm of doubting; yet truly, winds will or not, to fetch Christ's ny bonds all this time cast a mighty harbour ; and I think a wilful and and rank smell of high and deep stiff contention with my

Lord Jesus love in Christ; I cannot indeed see for his love very lawful. It is somethrough my cross to the far end ; times hard to me, to win my meat yet I believe I am in Christ's books, upon Christ's love, because my and in his decree (not yet unfolded faith is sick, and my hope withereth, to me) a man triumphing, dancing, and my eyes wax dim; and unkind and singing, on the other side of the and comfort-eclipsing clouds go Red sea, and laughing and praising over the fair and bright Sun, Jesus; the Lamb, over beyond time, sorrow, and then, when I and temptation deprivation, prelates indignation, tryst the matter together, we spill losses, want of friends, and death; all, through unbelief. Sweet, sweet heaven is not a fowl flying in the for evermore would my life be, if I air, as men use to speak of things could keep faith in exercise ! but that are uncertain: nay it is well I see, my fire cannot always cast paid for, Christ's comprisement lyeth light ; I have even a poor man's on glory, for, all the mourners in hard world, when he goeth away; Zion, and shall never be loosed; let but surely, since my entry hither, us be giad and rejoice, that we have many a time hath my fair sun shined blood, losses, and wounds, to shew without a cloud; hot and burning our Master and Captain, at his hath Christ's love been to me; I appearance, and what we suffered have no vent to the expression of for his cause. Wo is me, my dear it, I must be content with stolen and brother, that I say ofteu, I am but smothered desires of Christ's glory; dry bones, which my Lord will not o how far is his love behind the bring out of the grave again; and hand with me! I am just like a man, that my faithless fears can say, 'Oh who hath nothing to pay histhousands I am a dry tree, that can bear no of debt; all that can be gotten of fruit; I am an useless body, who him, is to seize upon his person; can beget no children to the Lord except Christ would seize upon in his house!' Hopes of deliverance myself, and make the readiest paylook cold and uncertain, and afar ment that can be of my heart and off, as if I had done with it: it is love to himself, I have no other much for Christ, if I may say so, thing to give him ; if my sufferings to get law-borrows of my sorrow, could do beholders good, and edify and of my quarrellous heart; his kirk, and proclaim the income Christos love playeth me fair play, parable worth of Christ's love to I am not wronged at all; but there the world, O then would my soul is a tricking and false heart within be overjoyed, and my sad heart me, that still playeth Christ foul cheered and calmed! Dear brother, play. I am a cumbersone neigh. I cannot tell what is become of my bour to Christ; it is a wonder, that labours among that people; if all he dwelleth beside the like of me: that my Lord builded by me be yet I often get the advantage of casten down, and the bottom be the hill above my temptations; fallen out of the profession of the

parish, and none stand by Christ, loose not a pin of Christ's tabernacle; whose love I once preached as do not so much as pick with your clearly and plainly as I could, nail at one board or border of the though far below its worth and ask: have no part or dealing, upon excellence, to that people; if so, any terms, in a loof in a closed how can I bear it! and if another window, or in a bowing of your make a foul harvest, where I have knee, in casting down of the temple: made a painful and honest sowing, but be a mourning and speaking it will not soon digest with me; but witness against them who now ruin I know his ways pass findings out. Zion. Our Master will be on us Yet my

witness both within me and all, in a clap, ere ever we wit; that above me knoweth, and my pained day will discover all our whites and breast upon the Lord's day at night, our blacks, concerning this contromy desire to have had Christ awful versy of poor oppressed Zion; let and amiable, and sweet to that us make our part of it good, that people, is now my joy; and it was it may be able to abide the fire my desire and aim, to make Christ when hay and stubble shall be burnt and them one; if I see my hopes to ashes. Nothing, nothing, I say die in the bud, ere they bloom a nothing, but sound sanctification little, and come to no fruit, I die can abide the Lord's fan. I stand with grief. O my God, seek not to my testimony, that I preached an account of the violence done to often of Scotland, Lamentation, me by my brethren, whose salva- mourning, and wo abideth thee, tion I love and desire: I pray, that O Scotland! O Scotland, the fearthey and I be not heard as contrary ful quarrel of a broken covenant parties, in the day of our compear-standeth good with thy Lord! Now, ance before our Judge, in that pro- remember any love to all my friends, cess, led by them against my min- and to my parishioners, as if I istry, which I received from Christ: named each of them particularly: I I know a little inch, and less than recommend you, and God's people, the third part of this span-length committed by Christ to your trust, and hand-breadth of time, which is to the rich



our all-sufficient posting away, will put me without Lord. Remember my bonds ; praise ihe stroke, and above the reach of my Lord, who beareth me up in

my either brethren or foes: and it is a sufferings; as ye find occasion, ac. short-lasting injury done to me, and cording to the wisdom given you, to my pains, in that part of my Lord's shew our acquaintance what the vineyard. O how silly an advantage Lord hath done to my soul. This is my deprivation to men, seeing my I seek not, verily, to hunt my own Lord Jesus hath many ways to re-praise, but that my sweetest and cover his own losses, and is irresist- dearest Master may be magnified in ible to compass his own glorious my sufferings. I rest ends, that his lily may grow amongst

Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus, thorns, and his little kingdom ex. Aberdeen, June 17, 1637.

S. R. alt itself, even under the swords and spears of contrary powers! But, my dear brother, go on in the strength

LETTER CXXV. of his rich grace, whom ye serve: TO MARION MNAUGHT. stand fast for Christ: deliver the gospel off your hand, and your Dearly beloved in our Lord Jesus Christ, ministry, to your Master, with a GRACE, mercy, and peace be to you clean and undefiled conscience; ! Few know the heart of a stranger

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