cross is more fearful and bard than | brethren have cast you out for your the cross itself. He taketh the chil. Master's sake; let us wait on till the dren in his arms, when they come evening, and till our reckoning in to a deep water ; at least when they black and white come before our lose ground, and are put to swim, Master. Brother, since we must have then his hand is under their chin. a devil to trouble us, I love a raging Let me be helped by your prayers, devil best ; our Lord knoweth what and remember my love to your kind sort of devil we have need of; it is wife. Grace be with you.

best Satan be in his own skin, and Your Brother, and Christ's prisoner, look like himself; Christ weeping Aberdeen, March, 7, 1637. S. R.

looketh like himself also, with whom @Oce

Scribes and Pharisees were at yea LETTER CII.

and nay, and sharp contradiction. To his loving friend JOHN HENDERSON,

Ye have heard of the patience of . Loving Friend,

Job ; when he lay in the ashes God CONTINUE in the love of Christ, and was with him, clawing and curing the doctrine which I taught you his scabs, and letting out his boils, faithfully and painfully, according to comforting his soul; and he took my measure. I am free of your him up at last. That God is not blood. Fear the dreadful name of dead ; yet he will stoop and take up God. Keep in mind the examina. fallen children; many broken legs tions which I taught you, and love since Adam's days hath he spelked, the truth of God. Death, as fast as and many weary hearts hath he retime fleeth, chaseth you out of this freshed. Bless him for comfort: life; it is possible, ye make your Why? None cometh dry from Dareckoning with your Judge before I vid's weil ; let us go among the rest, see you : let salvation be your care and cast down our toom buckets innight and day, and set aside hours to Christ's ocean, and suck consolaand times of the day for prayer. I re- tions out of him ; we are not so sore joice to hear that there is prayer in stricken, but we may fill Christ's hall your house; see that your servants with weeping; We have not gotten our keep the Lord's day. This dirt and answer from him yet ; let us lay up god of clay, I mean the vain world, is our broken pleas to a full sea, and not worth the seeking. An hireling keep them till the day of Christ's pastor is to be thrust in upon you, coming; we and this world will not in the room to which I have Christ's be even till then; they would take warrant and right: stand to your our garment from us; but let us liberties, for the word of God allow- hold and them draw Brother, it is eth you a vote in chusing your pas- a strange world if we laugh not; I tor. What I write to you, I write never saw the like of it, if there be

commend me heartily not paiks the man, for this contempt to her. The grace of God be with done to the Son of God? We must you.

do as those who keep the bloody Your loving friend and Pastor, napkin to the baillie, and let him see Aberdeen, March 14, 1637. S. R. blood: we must keep our wrongs

මමමමමමමම මෙමළ to our Judge, and let him see our LETTER CIII.

blubbered and foul faces; prisoners

of hope must run to Christ, with the My Reverend and dear Brother, gutters that tears have made on their I HEAR ye bear the marks of Christ's cheeks. Brother, for myself, I am dying about with you, and that your Christ's dawted one for the present;

to your

wife ;


and I live upon no deaf nuts, as we and bread, and water, and fire, and use to speak, he hath opened foun- bed, and candle, &c. are all a part of tains to me in the wilderness. Go, the pension of my King and Lord, look to my Lord Jesus : his love to to whom I owe thanks, and not to a me is such, that I defy the world to creature. I thank God, that God find either brim or bottom in it. is God, and Christ is Christ, and the Grace be with you.

earth the earth, and the devil the Your brother in his sweet Lord Jesus,

devil, and the world the world,

and that sin is sin, and that every Aberdeen, March 13, 1637.

S. R.

thing is what it is : because he hath taught me in my wilderness not to shuffle


Lord Jesus, nor to interLETTER CIV.

mix him with creature vanities, nor To the Lady ROBERTLAND. to spin or twine Christ or his sweet Mistress,

love in one web, or in one thread Grace, mercy, and peace be to you. with the world, and the things thereI shall be glad to hear that your soul of. Oh if I could hold and keep prospereth, and that fruit groweth Christ all alone, and mix him with upon you, after the Lord's husband- nothing ! O if I could cry down the ry and pains in his rod, that he price and weight of my cursed self, hath not been a stranger to you and cry up the price of Christ, and from your youth. It is the Lord's double, and triple, and augment and kindness that he will take the scum heighten to millions the price and off us in the fire ; who knoweth how worth of Christ! I am, if I durst needful winnowing is to us, and what speak so, and might lawfullly com. dřoss we must want, ere we enter plain, so hungeredly tutored by into the kingdom of God ? So nar- Christ Jesus, my liberal Lord, that row is the entry to heaven, that our his nice love, which my soul would knots, our bunches, and lumps of be in hands with, flyeth me; and yet pride, and self-love, and idol-love, I am trained on to love him, and and world-love, must be hammered lust, and long, and die for his love, off us, that we may throng in, stoop- whom I cannot see. It is a wonder ing low, and creeping through that to pine away with love for a covernarrow and thorny entry. And now, ed and hid lover, and to be hunger. for myself, I find it the most sweet ed with his love, so as a poor soul and heavenly life, to take up house cannot get his fillof hunger of Christ; and dwelling at Christ's fire-side, it is hard to be hungered of hunger, and set down my tent upon Christ, whereof such abundance for other that foundation stone, who is sure things is in the world; but sure if and faithful ground, and hard under we were tutors, and stewards, and foot. Oh! if I could win to it, and masters, and lord.carvers of Christ's proclaim myself not the world's deb- love, we should be more lean, and tor, nor a lover obliged to it; and worse fed than we are : our meat that I mind not to hire or bud this doth us the more good that Christ world's love any longer ; but defy keepeth the keys, and that the wind the kindness and feud of God's whole and the air of Christ's sweet breathcreation whatsomever; especially the ing, and of the influence of his Spirit, lower vault and clay-part of God's is locked up in the hands of the good creatures, this vain earth! for what pleasure of him who bloweth where hold I of this world ? a borrowed he listeth. I see there is a sort of lodging, and some years house-room, impatient patience required in the

To the Earl of CASSILS.

your zealous

Either put

want of Christ, as to his manifesta- ( his forge: God bring her out new tions and waiting on; they thrive work, Grace, grace be with you. who wait on his love, and the blow Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus, S. R. ing of it, and the turning of his gra

Aberdeen, Jan. 4, 1637. cious wind; and they thrive who in

CONDOR that on-waiting make haste, and din, and much ado, for their lost and

LETTER CV. hidden Lord Jesus. However it be, God feed me with him any way. If Right honourable, and my very good Lord, he would come in, I shall not dis. Grace, mercy, and peace be to your pute the matter where he got a hole, Lordship. I hope your Lordship or how he opened the lock; I should will be pleased to pardon my bold be content, that Christ and I met, ness, if, upon report of suppose

he should stand on the other and forward mind, that I hear our side of hell's lake, and cry to me, Lord hath given you in this his ho


foot and come nourable cause, when Christ and his through, else ye shall not have me gospel are so foully wronged, I speak at all. But what fools are we, in to your Lordship on paper, entreatthe taking up of him and of his deal- ing your Lordship to go on in the ing! he hath a gait of his own, be- strength of the Lord, toward, and yond the thoughts of men, that no against a storm of Antichristian foot has skill to follow him: but we wind, that bloweth upon the face are still ill scholars, and will go in of this your poor mother-church, at heaven's gate, wanting the half of Christ's lilly amongst the thorns. It our lesson, and shall still be chil. is your Lordship's glory and happi. dren so long as we are under tine's ness, when ye see such a blow com. hands, and till eternity cause a sun ing upon Christ, to cast up your to arise in our souls that shall give arm to prevent it: neither is it a us wit. We may see how we spill cause that needeth to blush before and mar our own fair heaven and our the sun, or to flee the sentence or salvation, and how Christ is every censure of impartial beholders, see. day putting in one bone or other in ing the question indeed, if it were those fallen souls of ours, in the right rightly stated, is about the preroga. place again ; and that in this side of tive-royal of our princely and royal the new Jerusalem we shall still have Lawgiver, our Lord Jesus, whose need of forgiving and healing. I ancient march-stones and land. find crosses Christ's carved work, bounds our bastard lords, and earththat he marketh out for us ; and that ly generation of tyrannizing prelates, with crosses he figureth and pour. have boldly and shamefully removed: trayeth us to his own image, cut- and they who have but half an eye, ting away pieces of our ill and cor- may see, that it is the greedy deruption : Lord cut, Lord carve, sires of time-idolizing Demas's, and Lord wound, Lord do any thing the itching scab of ambitious and that may perfect the Father's image Climbing Diotrephes's, who love the in us, and make us meet for glory. goat's life, to climb till they cannot Pray for me, I forget not you, that find a way to set their souls on our Lord would be pleased to lend ground again, that hath made such me house-room, to preach his righte- a wide breach in our Zion's beautiousness, and tell what I have heard ful walls : and these are the men and seen of him. Forget not Zion who seek no hire for the crucifying that is now in Christ's calms and in of Christ, but his coat. O how for

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lorn and desolate is the Bride of bulls as they are, who push all who Christ made to all passers by! Who oppose themselves to their dominaseeth not Christ buried in this land, tion. Alas! what have we lost, since his prophets hidden in caves, silenc- prelates were made master-coiners, ed, banished, and imprisoned; truth to change our gold into brass, and to weeping in sackcloth before the mix the Lord's wine with their wajudges, parliament, and the rulers of ter ? Blessed for ever shall ye be of the land? But her bill is cast by the Lord, if ye help Christ against them, and holiness bideth itself, the mighty, and, shall deliver the fearing the streets, for the reproaches flock of God, scattered upon the and persecution of men : justice is mountains, in the dark and cloudy fallen așwoon in the gate, and the day, out of the hands of these idollong shadows of the evening are shepherds. Fear not men that shall stretched out upon us; wo, wo to be moth-eaten clay, that shall be us, for our day flieth away; what rolled up in a chest, and casten un. remaineth, but that Antichrist set der the earth; let the holy one of down his tent in the midst of us, ex. Israel be your fear, and be courage. cept your Lordship, and others with ous for the Lord and his truth. Re. you, read Christ's supplication, and member your accounts are coming give him that which the most lewd upon you with wings, as fast as time and scandalous wretches in this land, posteth ; remember what


with may have before a judge, even the God in Christ, and the


of poor man's due, law and justice for the Son of God, the revealed and God's sake? O therefore, my noble felt sweetness of his love, will be to and dear Lord, as ye have begun, you, when eternity shall put time to go on, in the mighty power and the door, and ye shall take good. strength of the Lord, to cause our night at time, and this little shep. Lord, in his gospel and afflicted herd's tent of clay, this inns of a bore members, laugh, and cause the Chris-rowed earth. I hope your Lordship tian churches, whose eyes are all is now and then sending out thoughts now upon you, to sing for joy when to view this world's naughtiness and Scotland's moon shall shine like the vanity, and the hoped for glory of light of the sun, and the sun like the the life to come ; and that ye resolve light of seven days in one ; ye\can that Christ shall have yourself, and do no less than run and bear up the all yours, at command for him, his head of your dying and swooning honour and gospel. Thus, trusting mother-church, and plead for the your Lordship will pardon my boldproduction of her ancient charters. ness, I pray that the only wise God, They hold out and put out, they hold the very God of peace, may prein, and bring in at their pleasure, serve, strengthen, and establish

yoų men in God's house; they stole the to the end. keys from Christ and his church, Your Lordship's at all command and and came in like the thief and the

obedience in Christ, robber, not by the door, Christ, and Aberdeen, 1637.

S. R. now their song is, Authority, autho. rity, obedience to church governors. When such a bastard, and lawless

LETTER CVI. pretended step-dame, as our prelates, To the Lady ROWLAND. is gone mad, it is your place, who Madam, are the nobles, to rise and bind them; Though not acquainted, I am bold at least law should fetter such wild in Christ to speak to your Ladyship


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on paper. I rejoice in our Lord marks of our Lord Jesus down in
Jesus on your behalf, that it hath this wide inn, and stormy country,
pleased him, whose love to you is as on this side of death : sorrow and
old as himself, to manifest the fa. the saints are not married together ;
vour of his love in Christ Jesus to or, suppose it were so, heaven would
your soul, in the revelation of his make a divorce.' I find his sweet
will and mind to you, now when so presence eateth out the bitterness of
many are shut up in unbelief. O sorrow and suffering. I think it a
the sweet change ye have made, in sweet thing, that Christ saith of my
leaving tlie black kingdom of this cross, Half mine ; and that he die
world and sin, and coming over to videth these sufferings with me, and
our Bridegroom's new kingdom, to taketh the largest share to himself;
know, and be taken with the love nay, that I and my whole cross are
of the beautiful Son of God. I be. wholly Christ's. O what a portion
seech you, Madam, in the Lord, is Christ ! O that the saints would
make now sure work, and see that dig deeper in the treasures of his
the old house be casten down, and wisdom and excellency! Thus re-
razed from the foundation, and that commending your Ladyship to the
the new building of your soul be of good will and tender mercies of our
Christ's own laying; for then wind Lord, I rest
nor storm shall neither loose it, nor

Your Ladyship's in his sweet Lord Jesus, shake it asunder. Many now take

Aberdeen, Sept. 7, 1637.

S. R. Christ by guess; be sure that it be he, and only he, whom ye

have met weee@osco with ; his sweet smell, his lovely voice, his fair face, his sweet work.

LETTER CVII. ing in the soul, will not lie; they will soon tell if it be Christ indeed; My very worthy and dear friend, and I think your love to the saints GRACE, mercy, and peace be to you. speaketh that it is he, and therefore Though all Galloway should have I say, be sure that ye take Christ forgotten me, I would have expecthimself, and take him with his Fa- ed a letter from you ere now: but ther's blessing; his father alloweth I will not expound it to be forget. him well upon you, your lines are fulness of me. Now, my dear browell fallen, it could not have been ther, I canbot shew

you how matters better, nor so well with you, if they go betwixt Christ and me: I find had not fallen in these places ; in my Lord going and coming seven heaven, or out of heaven, there is times a-day; his visits are short; but nothing better, nothing so sweet and they are both frequent and sweet. excellent as the thing ye have light. I dare not for my life think of a ed on, and therefore hold you with challenge of my Lord; I hear ill Christ: joy, much joy may ye have tales, and hard reports of Christ, of him: but take his cross with him from the tempter and my

flesh; but cheerfully: Christ and his cross are love believeth no evil; I may swear not separable in this life, howbeit that they are liars, and that appreChrist and his cross part at heaven's ions make lies of Christ's honest door, for there is no house-room for and unalterable love to me. I dare crosses in heaven : one tear, one not say, that I am a dry tree, or sigh, one sad heart, one fear, one that I have no room at all in the Joss, one thought of trouble cannot vineyard; but yet I often think, that find lodging there; they are but the the sparrows are blessed, who may

To ROBERT GORDON of Knockbrex.

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