Poetical Works, Volume 8


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Pagina 61 - After reading it attentively, Shelley returned it. ' Well,' said Lord B. ' how do you like it ? ' ' Least,' replied he, ' of any thing I ever saw of yours. It is a bad imitation of ' Faust,' and besides, there are two entire lines of Southey's in it.' Lord Byron changed color immediately, and asked hastily, ' what lines ? ' Shelley repeated, ' And water shall see thee, And fear thee, and flee thee.' They are in the
Pagina 130 - The spring is come; the violet's gone, The first-born child of the early sun : With us she is but a winter's flower, The snow on the hills cannot blast her bower, And she lifts up her dewy eye of blue To the youngest sky of the self-same hue.
Pagina 131 - And when the spring comes with her host Of flowers, that flower beloved the most Shrinks from the crowd that may confuse Her heavenly odour and virgin hues.
Pagina 117 - I cautiously approached the walls, and perceived that there was an extraordinary confusion among the assailants, occasioned by our having shot the duke of Bourbon :* he was, as I understood afterwards, that chief personage, whom I saw raised above the rest.

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