Journey of the Lost Princess: Adventure and Romance in the Mysterious Land of the Incas

iUniverse, 26 okt. 2010 - 200 pagina's
Marlene Whitman moves to the city to escape the constraints of life in a small town and avoid the fi nancial hardships she experienced while growing up. But pursuing her career in the business world means that she has to put her naturally adventurous spirit on hold. After years listening to other peoples stories and reading about exotic places, she is at last financially able and ready to experience more of life. On her vacation to Florida she sheds some pent up inhibitions, discovers a clue to the secret of the universe, and is very strangely drawn to earrings made out of gold from a long-lost treasure galleon. Curiosity about them, her mothers heritage, and a mysterious Spanish document she finds among her late parents papers leads Marlene to the land of the Incas and the lost city of Machu Picchu. She is seeking adventure, but is totally unprepared for what she finds on this trip.

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Over de auteur (2010)

Roger Huff has written over 100 feature articles and an amazing variety of books. After careers took him halfway around the world, he currently lives in northern California. His stories are known for fascinating detail, captivating plots, and humor. If you enjoy adventure, romance, and mystery, you’ll love Journey of the Lost Princess.

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