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2dly, From hence appears the Reason Sex M.
of our Saviour's speaking so much in Pa- II.
rables. To the Wile and well-disposed, w
it was given to know the Mystery of the
Kingdom of God; but to others li.e. to
the Wicked) he fpake in Parables, that
Jeeing they might not see, and bearing they
might not understand: And thence our
Saviour so frequently at the end of his
Parables cried out; He that bas. Ears to
bear, let him bear; and, He that can re-
ceive it, let him receive it. And be that
bath an Ear, let him bear, what the Spirit
Saith unto the Churches. .

3dly, FROM what has been said, we
may observe, how it comes to pass, that
Faith, which is generally looked upon
as an Act of the Understanding, and so
not in our own Power, is yet in the
Nero Testament always required and insuft-
ed upon as a Moral Virtue. The reason
is, because Faith, in the Scripture-sense,
is not barely an Act of the Understand-
ing, but a mixt Act of the Will also;
consisting very much in that Simplicity
and Unprejudiceness of Mind, which our
Şaviour calls receiving the Kingdom of



SERM.God as a little child; in that freedom

from guile' and deceit, which was the character of Nathanael, an Ifraelite indeed; and in that teachable disposition or Defire to know the Will of God, for which the Bereans were so highly commended, who searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things the Apostle taught, were so or not. They are commended for not believing on the Authority even of the Apostles. But

4thly, From hence it appears, that there is no need of an Infallible Guide on Earth, or of an unerring Church. For all necessary Truth is sufficiently made known in Scripture ; and one great part of our Christian Duty, is to study the Will of God with such a Disposition of Mind, as may entitle us to the Promise given in the Text, that the Wise shall understand.

5thly and Lastly, Yet This must be fo understood, as to be a Security, not against All, but against Fatal Mistakes. The best and piousest persons, may in many things err; but their Errors cannot be dangerous, or of final ill consequence :


For in things absolutely necessary to Sal-Ser m. vation, the Wicked only can be void of II. Understanding. None of the Wicked shall understand; But the Wise hall understand.


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The Practice of Morality leads to

the Practice of the Gospel.

Joh. iv. 44. .
No man can come to Me, except

the Father which has sent Me,
draw bim.

O HE Duty and Happiness of S ERM.

rational Creatures, is the III. Practice of Righteousness and m y true Virtue, founded upon a

Belief of the Being and Go-, vernment of God; whose Kingdom over rational Creatures consists, in the conformity of their Wills and Actions to the


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