The New Statistical Account of Scotland: List of parishes. Edinburgh

W. Blackwood and Sons, 1845

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Pagina 148 - I've seen around me fall, Like leaves in wintry weather, I feel like one Who treads alone Some banquet hall deserted, Whose lights are fled, Whose garlands dead, And all but he departed.
Pagina 463 - His reputation as a poet, great in his own day, low during the latter part of the seventeenth and the whole of the eighteenth centuries, has latterly revived.
Pagina 670 - Martinmas during the space aforesaid and afterwards the same shall be wholly applied towards the encouraging and promoting the fisheries and such other manufactures and improvements in Scotland as may most conduce to the general good of the United Kingdom...
Pagina 133 - ... there can be no doubt in the minds of those who are familiar with her condition and her inherent resources.
Pagina 143 - I thought fit to send this Trumpet to you, to let you know, That if you please to walk away with your company, and deliver the House to such as I shall send to receive it, you shall have liberty to carry off your arms and goods, and such other necessaries as you have.
Pagina 628 - The chapter consisted of a provost, curate, sixteen prebendaries, a minister of the choir, four choristers, a sacristan, and beadle ; to each of them distinct salaries were appointed.
Pagina 382 - Galystem;94 is probably the stone mentioned in the Statistical Account: 'A little above it (S. Mary's Church of Stow) is a very fine perennial spring, known by the name of the Lady's Well, and a huge stone, recently removed in forming the new road, but now broken to pieces, used to be pointed out as impressed with the print of the Virgin Mary's foot'.
Pagina 495 - For his uncommon knowledge in classical learning, his indefatigable diligence, and strictness of discipline without severity, Mr John Love was justly accounted one of the most sufficient masters in the country.
Pagina 435 - No memorial remains of the Grahames, unless the fading traditions of the place, and two curious but wasted tombstones, which lie within the circuit of the old church. They represent knights in chain armour, lying cross-legged upon their monuments, like those ancient and curious figures on the tombs in the Temple Church, London.
Pagina 465 - Papers on Iron and Steel, practical and experimental ; a series of original communications made to the Philosophical Magazine, chiefly on those subjects.

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