The works of Samuel Johnson [ed. by F.P. Walesby].

W. Pickering, London; and Talboys and Wheeler, Oxford, 1825

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Pagina 83 - he that is rich is honoured, he that is poor may keep his poverty secret: are you married '. you have a cheerful house; are you single ? you i " Count o'er the joys thine hours have seen. " Count o'er thy days from anguish free, " And know, whatever thou hast been, " Tis something better not to be.
Pagina 54 - De Ar. Poet. 412. The youth, who hopes th' Olympic prize to gain. All arts must try, and every toil sustain. FRANCIs. IT is observed by Bacon, that " reading makes a full man, conversation a ready man, and writing an exact man." As Bacon attained to degrees of knowledge scarcely ever reached by any other man, the directions which
Pagina 95 - Sat. x. 347. Intrust thy fortune to the Pow'rs above : Leave them to manage for thee, and to grant What their unerring wisdom sees the want. In goodness as in greatness they excel: Ah! that we lov'd ourselves but half so well.
Pagina iv - vi. 126. The gates of hell are open night and day ; Smooth the descent, and easy is the way : But to return and view the cheerful skies ; In this the task and mighty labour lies.
Pagina 82 - xxxv. 28. In the graphic page of the Roman historian, as in the stanzas of the " Ariosto of the North :" " From shingles grey the lances start, " The bracken bush sends forth the dart,
Pagina 371 - strength or swiftness, we always determine concerning its beauty, before we exert our understanding to judge of its fitness. From what has been said, it may be inferred, that the works of nature, if we compare one species with another, are all equally beautiful; and that preference is given from custom, or
Pagina 358 - those limits ; and I think I have seen figures of him of which it was very difficult to determine whether they were in the highest degree sublime or extremely ridiculous. Such faults may be said to be the ebullitions of genius; but at least he had this merit,
Pagina 412 - mortals hope or imagine, which the master of this palace has not obtained ? The dishes of luxury cover his table, the voice of harmony lulls him in his bowers; he breathes the fragrance of the groves of Java, and sleeps upon the down of the cygnets of
Pagina 105 - nemo supremaque funera debet. OViD. Met. Lib. iii. 135. But no frail man, however great or high, Can be concluded blest before he die. ADDiSON. THE numerous miseries of human life have extorted in all ages an universal complaint. The wisest of men terminated all his experiments in search of happiness, by the mournful confession, that " all is vanity;
Pagina 250 - Nį. 41. SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 1759. THE following letter relates to an affliction perhaps not necessary to be imparted to the publick ; but I could not persuade myself to suppress it, because I think, I know the sentiments to be sincere, and I feel no disposition to provide for this day any other entertainment. At,

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