Scotland in the Time of Queen Mary

Methuen & Company, 1904 - 243 pagina's

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Pagina 2 - METHUEN'S Novels issued at a price above vs. 6./., and similar editions are published of some works of General Literature. Colonial Editions are only for circulation in the British Colonies and India. All books marked net are not subject to discount, and cannot be bought at less than the published price.
Pagina 15 - LIFE'S QUESTIONINGS. Cr. Bvo. y. 6d. net. Patterson (AH). NOTES OF AN EAST COAST NATURALIST. Illustrated in Colour by F. SOUTHGATE. Second Edition. Cr. Bvo. 6s. NATURE IN EASTERN NORFOLK. A series of observations on the Birds, Fishes, Mammals, Reptiles, and Stalkeyed Crustaceans found in that neighbourhood, with a list of the species. With 12 Illustrations in colour, by FRANK SOUTHGATE.
Pagina 29 - CANNING'S additional Poems. Edited by LLOYD SANDERS. Cowley (Abraham). THE ESSAYS OF ABRAHAM COWLEY. Edited by HC MlNCHIN.
Pagina 37 - Pretty Pierre.' Fourth Edition. Cr. Svo. 6s. THE SEATS OF THE MIGHTY. Illustrated. Fifteenth Edition. Cr. Svo. 6s. THE BATTLE OF THE STRONG: a Romance of Two Kingdoms. Illustrated. Sixth Edition. Cr.
Pagina 17 - Roberts (ME). See CC Channer. Robertson (A.), DD, Lord Bishop of Exeter. REGNUM DEI. The Bampton Lectures of 1901. DtmySvo. Robertson (C. Grant). MA, Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford, Examiner in the Honours School of Modern History, Oxford, 1901-1904.
Pagina 23 - By J. Stephen Jeans. Illustrated. MONOPOLIES, TRUSTS, AND KARTELLS. By FW Hirst. THE COTTON INDUSTRY AND TRADE. By Prof. SJ Chapman, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce in the University of Manchester. Illustrated.
Pagina 3 - Svo. 6s. A BOOK OF SOUTH WALES. With 57 Illustrations. Cr. Svo. 6s. A BOOK OF BRITTANY. With 69 Illus trations. Cr. Svo. 6s. A BOOK OF THE RHINE : From Cleve to Mainz. With 8 Illustrations in Colour by TREVOR HADDEN, and 48 other Illustrations. Second Edition. Cr. Svo. 6s. A Colonial Edition is also published.
Pagina 17 - St. Anselm. See Library of Devotion. St. Augustine. See Library of Devotion. St. Bernard. See Library of Devotion.
Pagina 26 - PAPERS. By Charles Dickens. With the 43 Illustrations by Seymour and Phiz, the two Buss Plates, and the 32 Contemporary Onwhyn Plates.
Pagina 19 - Staff Instructor to the Surrey County Council. MANUAL TRAINING DRAWING (WOODWORK). With Solutions to Examination Questions, Orthographic, Isometric and Oblique Projection. With 50 Plates and 140 Figures. Foolscap.

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