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serving the President, Secretary Sullivan and the tens of thousands of dedicated HHS employees as we endeavor to preserve, strengthen and broaden the health and economic security of all Americans.

I will strive to make the Office of Public Affairs an important ally in all aspects of Secretary Sullivan's work on behalf of the Nation. We are HHS' vital conduit to the American public, providing important information on health, support for our families and the elderly, and economic security. I will make sure that this information is timely, accurate and easily accessible.

In my previous work, I have had occasion to closely observe and interact with the department. I therefore know that the Department of Health and Human Services has been a creative and credible vehicle for the dissemination for information on health, family policy and economic security. HHS has a long history of service which has forged a strong bond of trust with the American people.

This bond of trust is always important and must never be violated. My goal will be to strengthen it.

Let me cite just one example of how important our work can become. The American public is quickly becoming more health conscious and better informed about health risks and health opportunities. Our citizens depend upon us to deliver new and accurate information about the spread of AIDS and the dangers of illicit drug use.

In short, the American people expect us to clearly and completely give them the facts on all relevant health and human services issues.

That is an exciting challenge for the Office of Public Affairs. If we perform our work with competence, insight and imagination, then the American people will greatly benefit from our efforts. If we fail in our task, then our country will suffer.

Along these lines, it is important that the Office of Public Affairs continues to grow with the times. The advent of satellite, cable and video provides new and unique opportunities for delivering our message to the American public. I will work to make certain that we carefully explore and utilize each medium to the best of its potential.

I am also committed to expansion of our open and extremely helpful dialogue with the local and national media. Many of the top advertising agencies, television and movie production companies and many other members of the media have offered their help and assistance to help us tackle critical health issues like AIDS and illicit drug use. We can also harness their genius and expertise in the struggle against cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. I will work to keep this dialogue going.

I have a particular commitment to the anti-drug effort. Like so many other Americans, I have been personally affected by adult relatives who were alcohol abusers when I was a child. Living through the pain and suffering has made a lasting impression. I know how important it is for people to understand that help is available and how to gain access to it. I will work to increase that understanding.

Also, I would reiterate what President Bush and Secretary Sullivan have repeatedly stated. We are prepared to work with Congress in a bipartisan spirit. I pledge to put forth every effort to serve the public with valuable and accurate information.

I would, of course, be pleased to respond to any questions, and I thank you again for inviting me to appear before you today.


-Policy Development
- Project administration

-Staff supervision
-Knowledge of grant and contract mechanisms
-Grant and budget development and management
-Experience in developing and initiating training
-Experience in developing and producing public relations materials
- Preparation of job descriptions
- Conducting performance evaluations
-Equal Employment Opportunity and affirmative action

- Recruiting, screening, and interviewing of job applicants
- Media spokesperson / liaison

- Debates in front of audiences, on t.v., radio -Organizer of major media events, press conferences


Director of Public Affairs, National Right to Life Committee, Washington, DC, April

1985 to December 1988 President of Black Americans for Life, Outreach Program of the National Right to

Life Committee Outreach Liaison

Oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of effective programs for the outreach efforts by NRLC and its affiliates to the Black, Hispanic, and Jewish communities; coordinate and assist with American Victims of Abortion and Teens for Life projects; oversee production of brochures, newsletters, ads and other materials targeted toward these communities and audiences Lobbying

Director assists with national and state legislative efforts through lobbying and offering testimonies at hearings; ongoing development of key contacts within federal legislative and governmental offices Media relations

Ongoing communications with national broadcast and print media; serves as NRLC spokeswoman for news interviews, press conferences, radio and television guest programs; personal contacting of key media representatives to cultivate media awareness of NRLC and its issues of concerns Speaker

Director serves as public liaison for NRLC and its 50 state and 3,000 local affiliate groups by lecturing to college groups, churches, community and civic organizations, pro-life conventions, etc.; assists with the development of audio/visuals with director serving as talent Personnel Director, Circuit City Stores, Inc., Beltsville, MD, October 1983 to March

1985 - Develop and conduct management training and development -Administer the compensation and benefits program -Conduct employee evaluations -Analyze job categories and write job descriptions -Recruit, screen and interview applicants - Develop special projects and seminars Director of Community Education and Development-Housing Opportunities Made

Equal, Richmond, Virginia, July 1981 to October 1983
- Recruited, hired, trained, and supervised personnel in the Division of Community

Education and Development
-Conducted seminars and gave lectures promoting fair housing

-Coordinated the Speakers Bureau
-Coordinated the preparation of a multi-image presentation, brochures public serv-

ice announcements, and press releases -Administered the budget of the Fair Housing Community Support Campaign -Assisted the Board of H-O-M-E with fundraising Assistant to Housing Coordinator, Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Richmond,

Virginia, March 1980 to July 1981 (part-time) - Developed and conducted training of fair housing testers - Administered the research procedure for fifteen contract fair housing testers -Collected and analyzed research data from testers Conference Coordinator, State of Virginia Developmental Disabilities Protection and

Advocacy Office, April 1978 to September 1979 (part-time) - Negotiated with vendors and state agencies for the preparation of the conference -Coordinated with hotel management - Developed and supervised registration procedures for the one hundred and fifty

conferees - Responsible for the orderly flow of the conference agenda -Evaluated the effectiveness of the conference -Developed proposals for the next conference Force Manager, Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co., Roanoke, VA, September

1973 to January 1974 -Analyzed personnel requirements for district traffic office -Projected force requirements

- Authorized and supervised the scheduling of one hundred and seventy five em

ployees Group Supervisor, Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co., Roanoke, VA, May 1972

to September 1973 -Trained, monitored the progress of, and evaluated a group of twenty telephone

operators -Administered the benefit program

- Represented management in union/management grievance procedures Traffic Service Advisor, Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co., Roanoke, VA,

March 1971 to May 1972 -Advised business customers on optimum use of their telephone company equip

ment -Spoke before customer employee groups, and business and professional organiza

tions -Analyzed customer needs and made recommendations to marketing staff

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, May, 1971, Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia Major: Histo

ry, Secondary Education
High School Diploma, June 1967, John Marshall High School, Richmond, Virginia

- Virginia Commonwealth University
-American University

- Oxford
- Marquette
- Villanova
-University of Virginia
-many others

-USA Today, 1-22-88, 8-15-86

-Congressional Black Caucus Magazine, Spring 1987
-Nightline, three appearances
-Oprah Winfrey
-CBS Morning News
-Good Morning America (ABC)
-The Today Show (NBC)

- Focus On The Family - many others

-White House Commission on Children, appointed by the President, 6-88

White House Task Force on the Black Family, appointed 5-88
-Member of the Greenwood Foundation Board of Directors
-Co-Founder of the National Family Institute
-National Coalition of Blacks for Bush/Qualye
-National Coalition on Pro-Family/Pro-Life Issues

-Board of Directors of Family and Children Services
-Board of Directors of Richmond Metropolitan Crisis Pregnancy Center
-Chairman of the Leadership Metro Richmond Alumni Association, 1983

PREPARED STATEMENT OF SENATOR MITCH McCONNELL Mr. chairman, thank you for the opportunity to appear before the Finance Committee this afternoon to introduce the President's nominee for Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs and Public Liaison, Roger Bolton.

Roger's family made the mistake of settling on the wrong side of the Ohio River, in Cincinnati. But Roger had the good sense to at least partially offset this disadvantage by marrying a woman from Kentucky. His good judgment is further demonstrated by the fact that his wife, Lynne Melillo Bolton, is an extremely talented young lady. She served as my first press secretary after I was elected to the Senate in 1984.

Through Lynne, I got to know Roger Bolton as a man of experience and competence. He is well qualified to assume this important position, having served in similar roles on Capitol Hill and in the Executive Branch. He was press secretary and administrative assistant to Congressman Clarence J. Brown of Ohio, and later worked at the Joint Economic Committee.

After serving as director of speechwriting for Reagan-Bush '84, Roger joined the Administration, first at Treasury and later at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the White House. During the time that Roger was serving at USTR, I found that he was extremely responsive to the trade policy concerns of firms in Kentucky and throughout the country. He could be counted on to see that the agency responded to their concerns, and I know he will do the same at Treasury.

Roger was also an outstanding spokesman for U.S. trade policy. He made an excellent presentation at a conference I sponsored in Hebron, Kentucky on International Trade and Export Opportunities. This is a fine nomination, and I thank the Committee for the opportunity to appear on Roger's behalf. I strongly recommend his confirmation to my colleagues.


Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I appreciate the opportunity today to present myself to members of the Committee.

I am honored to have been nominated by President Bush for the position of Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Policy Management. If I am confirmed by the Senate, I look forward to working with Congress as a member of the Administration on the many issues under the Treasury Department's jurisdiction.

The position of Assistant Secretary of Policy Management, as I see it, has several major components. First and foremost, the Assistant Secretary, working with the Secretary and Deputy Secretary, has to ensure that the policies and objectives of the Secretary are thoroughly developed and communicated within the Department. In addition, the Assistant Secretary must see that policy is reviewed and coordinated within the Treasury Department and help create an environment in which differing points of view are allowed to develop and are presented in such a way that the Secretary can make a sound and well informed decision on any issue that comes to his desk. Finally, I think the Assistant Secretary is responsible for closely monitoring the coordination of Department policy with the rest of the Executive Branch.

I believe I have been very lucky to have a combination of public and private sector management experiences which will help me carry out these duties. As an Administrative Assistant to a United States Congresswoman and then to a United States Senator, I learned a great deal about the process of government and the important relationship between the Executive and Legislative Branches. In addition, my jobs as an executive in business have taught me a great deal about strategy, goal setting, and achieving results.

When I served under Representative Millicent Fenwick, I had the opportunity to learn first hand about many of the issues which fall within the responsibilities of the Department

As the Chief of Staff to Senator Nicholas Brady, I developed a close professional relationship with him which I think will be invaluable in the job of Assistant Secretary of Policy Management. In addition, during Mr. Brady's short tenure in the Senate I was able to build on what I had learned in the House of Representatives.

As a partner in an investment group and as an executive of a publicly traded company, I have been involved in a wide range of financial and legal issues which I believe has given me a solid background in the practical economic issues which business and wage earners face in today's world.

I think all of these experiences will help me as an Assistant Secretary of Treasury and specifically in the Policy Management assignment.

I know you are all very busy and therefore, I wanted to keep my remarks brief, however, I will of course be happy to answer the Committee's questions.


137 CANOE BROOK PARKWAY, SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY 07901, (201) 277-1129 Business Background 1987-Present-THE TAGGART GROUP, MANAGING DIRECTOR

Principal in a management/investment group specializing in the purchase of under performing companies. Served as Executive Vice President of Pilot Freight

Carriers, an acquisition of The Taggart Group. 1983-1987-PUROLATOR COURIER CORP., SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, CORPO

RATE PLANNING Reported to the President & CEO U.S. Courier Division. Member of Executive Policy Committee. Responsible for strategic plan of the division. Quality Assurance/Customer Service departments ($15MM budget). National Account Administration department ($5MM budget). Key accomplishments: member of four man team which attracted investors and successfully completed sale of Division for approximately $275MM; developed with coo business plan which eliminated a $6MM/mo. loss and brought the company to profitability within six months; increased productivity of customer service department by 15%. In addition, reduced department expenditures by 10% through consolidation of facilities and personnel reductions while maintaining service levels of over 90%. Previously Vice President of Marketing. Overall responsibility for marketing strategy and plan to support $450MM Division. Managed a staff of 15 with a $20MM marketing budget. Key accomplishments: introduced a formal marketing planning and budgeting process within the department; revamped the marketing strategy to support corporate objectives; redefined the product line, instituted new simplified pricing structure; developed new advertising strategy and positioning resulting in 48% increase in awareness in advertised markets; developed and introduced new corporate identity to complement corporate and marketing strate

gies to over 11,000 employees in 200 locations. 1980–1983—BENTON & BOWLES, ADVERTISING, ACCOUNT MANAGER

Managed various Proctor & Gamble and General Foods accounts with advertising

budgets of approximately $20MM. 1979-1980—WILLIAM SWORD INVESTMENT BANKER, ASSOCIATE

Reported to the Managing Partner. Analyzed new business opportunities, participated in mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing projects and private place

ments. Government Experience 1979-1980-CHIEF OF STAFF TO UNITED STATES SENATOR

Appointed by interim United States Senator to be Chief of Staff. In this capacity evaluated existing personnel and completely reorganized the staff of 50 to maximize effectiveness and to properly reflect the objectives of the Senator. Also responsible for formulating strategy and policy on legislative issues, public relations, constituent affairs and liaison with elected officials. Interfaced directly with the offices of the President, Vice President, Governor of New Jersey and key cabinet officers. Wrote major policy strategies/statements for the Senator. Key accomplishments; increased mass transit funding for the state by $100MM and formulated the successful strategy to secure over $200MM in highway funds which had

been frozen by the U.S. government. 1974-1978-CHIEF OF STAFF TO UNITED STATES CONGRESSWOMAN

Overall responsibility for strategic development of Congresswoman's legislative and political plan. Managed a staff of 15 professionals. Key accomplishments: managed successful re-election campaigns in 1976 and 1978 with over 60% of the

vote in each election. Enactment into law of two major legislative initiatives. Education 1968–1972–B.A. (Cum Laude), Harvard College 1964-1968—High School Diploma, Lawrenceville High School


INTRODUCING CHARLES H. DALLARA Mr. Chairman: I am pleased to be here today to introduce to the Committee Charles H. Dallara, who has been nominated by President Bush to be Deputy Undersecretary for International Affairs at the Department of the Treasury.

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