Trims with care the artful curl
To attract her lover's eyes-

And, with riband neat arrayed,

Dons her hat of shining straw, Proud to be the gayest maid

That her village ever saw.

But, alas! a storm comes on,
Furious blasts sweep o'er the plain,

Hat and happiness are gone,
Deluged by the drenching rain.

Where seeks manhood? where seeks age?
Some in pleasure, some in fame;
Some from learning's gifted page

Strive to build themselves a name.

Some in wealth the shade pursue,
But when near the hunted prize,
Ever to their wish untrue,

Farther still the phantom flies.

Know, ye seekers, 't is alone
In Religion's path she goes,

Pointing ever to His throne,
Whence the stream of pleasure flows.

Though this earth has show of cheer,
Hence no lasting bliss is given,
Happiness may visit here,

But she dwells alone in Heaven.

C. W. T.


And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest.


WOULD that I were a dove! with silvery wing,
To soar 'mid æther in the blue expanse,

From this cold earth in joyous flight to spring,
And with bright views my longing eyes entrance;
Then would I fly away and be at rest,
My soul no more with heaviness oppressed.

Upborne with swiftest pinions on my way,
Far would I rise beyond the source of light,
Nearer the regions of unclouded day,
Whilst mortal prospects vanish from my sight:
These transient scenes I'd leave without remorse,
And Heavenward urge my gladsome, eager course.

Then, as the traveller o'er some desert spot, Fatigued and parched beneath the noonday beams, At eve, attain some cool sequestered grot,

And find refreshing shade and limpid streams; There would my wearied breast enjoy repose, And bliss more pure than all the world bestows. D. F. M.


ALLOW me to offer you my congratulations on the relative change which has taken place in your social condition, and to assure you, that my prayer to God for you is, that you may live through a long life in the uninterrupted enjoyment of conjugal and domestic happiness. I certainly do not wish to intrude any remarks that may have a tendency to depress your feelings; but, as it is possible that you may anticipate a higher degree of felicity than has ever been enjoyed since the expulsion of the first wedded pair from the Eden of innocence and of joy, you will permit me to suggest to you the propriety of underrating your expectations.

The state into which you have entered is unquestionably more favourable to personal happiness

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