9. Persons may go far, and yet not far enough; they may be convinced, yet not converted; like king Saul, have another heart, and yet not a new one.—Jay.

10. Those who depend on God, shall not want even in a desert.—Bishop Hall.



WHAT is happiness? A name.
Ever sought and seldom found,
Wooed amid the heights of fame,
Worshipped on seclusion's ground.

Who has gained the precious boon? Who, when gained, has held it fast? Ah! it vanishes too soon,

"T is too frail a thing to last.

Yet to it men sacrifice

Health and all her cheering train, Grown at length too dearly wise,

When they find pursuit is vain.



Published by Key and Biddle Philadelphia.

Printed by B Rogers

Onward, onward still they press,
Chasing still their airy dream,
All their hope is happiness,

'Tis the universal theme.

Little birds on gaudy wings
Seek it 'mid the summer sky,
Till the hunter's weapon rings
Through the forest, and-they die.

In the rattle's tinkling noise,

How it greets the smiling boy!
But soon vanish all his joys
At the breaking of the toy.

Shrined in gilded gingerbread
Childhood's eye its image sees;
But when hunger has been fed,
Soon the baubles cease to please.

More matured, the lightsome girl

Seeks in dress the wished-for prize,

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