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to compel him to proceed Embarrassed by the snow, unwilling to

leave his father, and ignorant of the motives of the dogs, the poor little fellow could not be induced to go forward. By kind caresses, and crouching closely to the ground, Barré finally succeeded in getting the boy's legs across his back, and rising with him as he clung to his shaggy neck, he bra de ho to the of the Hospice, where he is I prescured in the act of barking to call the porter

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The other dog, after following Parré for a short distance, as if to assure himself of is litt fr ud's safety, returned to the side of the monks found him next morning,

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aud, in the very moment of death, and which had so often caressed him,

rer inflicted on him a blow.

-The engraving represents a fact.

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Keller and his family were conveyed to St. Bernard, and by the removal of older bodies, were admitted to a place in the morgue, where, standing erect against the wall, their frozen corses exhibit a melancholy group, sad examples of the turns of fate below, and of the little security this world can offer for the stability of any sublunary good.

"There is nothing true but Heaven."



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