Clarissa, or, The history of a young lady, by the editor of Pamela. Richardson, Volume 1


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Pagina 93 - I was so offended (all I had heard, as I said, in my head) that I removed to another chair. I own I had too little command of myself. It gave my brother and sister too much advantage. I dare say they took it. But I did it involuntarily, I think. I could not help it. I knew not what I did.
Pagina 193 - To be given up to a strange man; to be engrafted into a strange family; to give up her very name, as a mark of her becoming his absolute and dependent property...
Pagina 58 - I am fitter for this world than you; you for the next than me: — that is the difference. — But long, long, for my sake, and for hundreds of sakes, may it be before you quit us for company more congenial to you and more worthy of you ! I communicated to my mother the account you give of your strange reception ; also what a horrid wretch they have found out...

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