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Pagina 262 - An Account of the Extraction of three Inches & ten Lines of the Bone of the Upper Arm, which was followed by a Regeneration of the bony Matter; with a Description of a Machine made use of to keep the upper & lower Pieces of the Bone at their proper Distances, during the Time that the Regeneration was taking Place : etc.
Pagina 80 - A Dissertation on the Influence of the Passions on the Disorders of the Body. London. 1788. [To this Essay was adjudged the first Fothergillian Gold Medal. Several Editions were published. Third Edition, 1796.] 21.
Pagina 163 - Account of a singular case of ischuria, in a young woman, which continued for more than three years during which time, if her urine was not drawn off with the catheter, she frequently voided it by vomiting; and...
Pagina 395 - Account of a rupture of the bladder from a suppression of urine in a pregnant- woman.
Pagina 246 - Voici à peu près ses propres termes : supposez un aveugle de naissance, qui soit présentement homme fait, auquel on ait appris à distinguer par l'attouchement un cube d'un globe de même métal, et à peu près de la même grosseur, en sorte que lorsqu'il touche l'un et l'autre, il puisse dire quel est le cube et quel est le globe. Supposez que, le cube et le globe étant posés sur une table, cet aveugle vienne à jouir...
Pagina 73 - An instance of the obliteration of the vena cava inferior from inflammation.
Pagina 467 - An attempt to prove the antiquity of the venereal disease long before the discovery of the Westindies.
Pagina 267 - Med. and Philos. Comment, by a Soc. in Edinburgh. Vol. I. p. 429.
Pagina 28 - Caaes and observations, which shew that inflammation is sometimes communicated from the dura mater to the pericranium.
Pagina 218 - A critical and anatomical Examination of the Parts immediately interested in the Operation for a Cataract; with an Attempt to render the Operation itself, wether by Depression or Extraction, more certain and successful.

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