Nouveaux supplémens au recueil de traités, Volume 1

Georg Friedrich von Martens, Friedrich Wilhelm August Murhard
Dieterich, 1839

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Pagina 681 - AU NOM DE LA TRÈS SAINTE ET INDIVISIBLE TRINITÉ. Sa majesté le roi de France et de Navarre et sa majesté l'empereur du Brésil...
Pagina 675 - Ils seront également libres, dans tous leurs achats comme dans toutes leurs ventes, d'établir et de fixer le prix des effets, marchandises et objets quelconques, tant importés que nationaux, soit qu'ils les vendent à l'intérieur ou qu'ils les destinent à l'exportation, sauf à se conformer aux lois et règlements du pays. Ils seront entièrement libres de...
Pagina 659 - Now, therefore, His Majesty, by and with the advice of his Privy Council, is pleased to order, and it is hereby ordered, that...
Pagina 659 - Gazette, to permit and authorise the entry into any port or ports of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, or of any other of His Majesty's dominions, of any foreign vessels, upon payment of such and the like duties of tonnage only as are or may be charged or granted upon or in respect of British vessels; and whereas satisfactory proof...
Pagina 658 - En foi de quoi, les plénipotentiaires respectifs l'ont signé, et y ont apposé le cachet de leurs armes. Fait à Paris, le 30 mai de l'an de grâce 1814.
Pagina 639 - willingly acknowledge the readiness with which the Netherland Plenipotentiaries have entered into Stipulations, calculated to promote the most perfect freedom of Trade between the Subjects of the Two Crowns, and their respective Dependencies in that part of the World.
Pagina 92 - Notarii publici subscriptis et sigillo personae in ecclesiastica dignitate constitutae munitis eadem prorsus fides adhibeatur, quae adhiberetur ipsis praesentibus, si forent exhibitae vel ostensae.
Pagina 91 - Nuncios, aliosve quoslibet, quacumque praeeminentia et potestate fungentes et functuros , sublata eis et eorum cuilibet quavis aliter judicandi et interpretandi facultate, et auctoritate, judicari et definiri debere, ac irritum et inane, si secus super bis a quoquam quavis auctoritate scienter vel ignoranter contigerit attentari. Non obstan.
Pagina 634 - Government shall think fit to abandon the monopoly of spices ; but if the said Government shall, at any time previous to such abandonment of the monopoly, allow the subjects of any power other than a native Asiatic power, to carry on any commercial intercourse with the said islands, the subjects of His Britannic Majesty shall be admitted to such intercourse, upon a footing precisely similar.
Pagina 659 - His Majesty is authorized, by and with the advice of His Privy Council, or by His Majesty's Order or Orders in Council to be published, from time to time, in the London Gazette, to...