As a general beverage and necessary corrective of water rendered impure by veg

etable decomposition or other causes, as TO ENABLE CONSUMERS TO DISTINGUISHAT Limestone, Sulphate of Copper, etc., the Aromatic Schnapps is superior to every other alcoholic prepcration. A public trial of over thirty years' duration in every seciion of our country of UDOLPHO WOLFE’S SCHNAPPS, its insolicited indorsement by the medical faculty, and a sale unequalled by any other alcoholic distillation, have secured for it the reputation or salubrity claimed for it.


9 Beaver Street, New York.



"American # National + Preacher.”

Closing Sale of all the Existing Numbers of this Famous
Periodical at the Low Price of Three Unbound

Volumes for $1.00, Postage Paid.

The American National Preacher covered a period of 40 years, viz. : from 1826 to 1866. The choicest sermons of some 500 of the most noted, talented and evangelical ministers of the American Church are here produced, perfect in form, being printed from the authors' MSS. and under their own supervision. In point of ability, variety, intellectual and spiritual power, evangelical and doctrinal soundness, and depth and power of Christian experience, they are unsurpassed and unequalled by any other body of sermonic literature in the world.

We have at this date a limited number of unbound volumes, complete as follows: Vols. 1 to 6 inclusive. Vols. 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29 and vols. 32 to 40 inclusive. These volumes comprise the best of the series, and have full title pages and indexes. We will furnish 3 complete volumes with title pages and index for $1.00, or 10 vols. for $3.00.

Orders filled as received, and consecutive volumes sent as far as possible until the supply is exhausted. We prepay charges on all orders. Address,

| E."R. PELTON, 144 Eighth Street, New York,

It's a

cold day

for the housekeeper

when Pearline gets left. Take Pearline from washing and cleaning and nothing remains but

hard work. It

shows in the

things that are washed; it tells on the woman who washes. Pearline saves work, and works safely. It leaves nothing undone that you want done well; what it leaves undone, it ought not to do.

Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you "this
is as good as” or “the same as Pearline." IT'S FALSE-

Pearline is never peddled, and if your grocer sends you lomething in place of Pearline, do the honest thing-send it back. 263 JAMES PYLE, N. Y.






easy to learn, light to operate,
quick in doing the work, always

Then investigate the
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producing perfect and beautiful
work without worry, fuss
"silent automatic" of the


658 Broadway, New York City.

Send for particulars, and give this machine
a trial. It will surely please you, and
will bring with it comfort, peace
and joy IN YOUR






R'S MAGAZINE, while ever true to its type—the original type of the popular illuseted monthlyis conducted upon no stereotyped plan; its mould is broken every so that each Number is the NEW monthly magazine promised on its title-page. While HARPER'S Magazine will not fail to satisfy the desire of its readers for the best ults of European literary and artistic culture, it will maintain its pre-eminently American

As a strikingly appropriate celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Discovery of America, the publishers have made special arrangements for a more thorough exposition than has hitherto been made of the Recent Unprecedented Development of our Country, and especially of the Great West,

Particular attention will also be given to Dramatic Episodes in American History, to such characters and incidents as make the Romance of our Past. Such subjects as seem to invite imaginative treatment, in the form of fiction, but with thorough fidelity to actual truth, will be so presented. The Whitchcraft Delusion in New England will thus furnish materials for both a play and a short story by MARY E. WILKINS. Certain features of French-Canadian Life, fifty years ago, will form the basis of a series of original habitant sketches, in true dialect, by Mr. WILLIAM MCLENNAN, the new star in the Canadian literary galaxy, Other characters and events-notably those in the field of Adventure—will be set forth in their naked historic verity, and all will be effectively illustrated. Not the least important of these sketches will be two papers by Mr. JULIAN RALPH, depicting the romance of the Old Hudson's Bay Fur Company, illustrated by Mr. FREDERIC REMINGTON.

In view of the near possibility of a General European War, and of the certainty that the Danubian provinces will be the field of the next conflict, the publishers have provided for a series of illustrated articles which will be a popular exposition of both the Upper and the Lower Danube. These papers, the result of a special expedition undertaken for this purpose, will be contributed by Mr. POULTNEY BIGELOW and Mr. FRANK D. MILLET. The illustrations will be furnished by Mr. MILLET and Mr. ALFRED PARSONS.

Articles on the German, Austro-Hungarian, and Italian Armies, contributed by officers eminent in each service, will appear in the forthcoming volume, with illustrations by T. DE THULSTRUP. These will complete the series, of which there have already appeared in the MAGAZINE articles on the United States, English, Russian and French armies.

Upon the completion of this series Mr. THEODORE Child will enter upon a graphic exposition of the Paris of To-day, giviug two papers on Literary Paris, illustrated by portraits, followed by two papers on Life in Paris, beautifully illustrated by RENOUARD and LEPÈRE.

In an early number will be begun a new novel by Mr. HOWELLS, entitled “A World of Chance," a story characteristically American and abounding in humorous and original situations. Especial prominence will be given to short stories, which will be contributed by THOMAS BAILEY ALDRICH ; CONSTANCE FENIMORE WOOLSON; A. CONAN DOYLE, author of “Micah Clarke;" RICHARD HARDING DAVIS; MARGARET DELAND, autļor of "John Ward, Preacher ;” Thomas A. JANVIER; MARY E. WILKINS; Ruth McENERY STUART, and other popular writers.

Among the prominent literary features of the year will be new and interesting Personal Reminiscences of Nathaniel Hawthorne, contributed by HORATIO BRIDGE, U.S.N., his college classmate and lite-long friend; and an interesting Personal Memoir of the Brownings, by ANNE THACKERAY RITCHIE, similar in quality and scope to this author's previous articles on Tennyson and Ruskin.


THE Thirteenth Volume of HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE, which begins with the number

for November 3d, promises to surpass the world-wide reputation for general excellence gained by its predecessors. No expense is spared to make this Prince of Weekly Periodicals for Young People attractive, and no effort is neglected that will tend to make it the best of its kind in the world.

The serial fiction of the new volume will begin with “Diego Pinzon," by John R. CORYELL, a sixteen-part story of the first voyage of Columbus and the discovery of America. It will be profusely illustrated by W. L. SHEPPARD. In February will begin the third of the famous "Mates" series, by KIRK MUNROE. We have had “Dorymates” and “Campmates." Now comes “Canoemates," a story of adventure on sea and land, amid Indians and wild beasts, with the Great Reef and the Everglades of Florida for a background. It will be illustrated by W. A. Rogers, himself a skilful canoeman and camper. The year's trio of long serials will be completed by one upon which one of the most popular American authors of the day is at present engaged. Besides these there will be stories of three or four parts by W. D. HOWELLS, E. H. HOUSE, MARY S. McCOBB, ELLA RODMAN CHURCH, ANGELINE TEAL, and others.

Among the short-story writers from whom frequent contributions may be expected are THOMAS NELSON PAGE, Capt. CHARLES KING, H. H. BOYESEN, MARY E. WILKINS, LUCY C. LILLIE, SOPHIE SWETT, and a host of others equally well known.

A variety of articles on Seasonable Sports will be contributed by experts, while games of all kinds, including those especially devised for amusement on long winter evenings, and Puzzles, will form attractive features.


CARD LORE.-I have often been asked what additional safeguard be placed upon his valu. the figures on playing cards indicate, or how able compound. He therefore places upon the figures came to be first used. My grand each bottle his trade-mark, “W. A. S.," and father was, like myself, an all-around sport, it will therefore be well in parties desiring to and I have heard him tell that they originally secure the genuine article to notice whether indicated the different classes of people in the this mark is labeled upon them, and buy only kingdom of France, which, I believe, was the whole bottles. first to introduce cards. Hearts represented “choir man,'' or ecclesiastics, and the early

TRUE HEROISM.-Baroness Rosen, in the

late Russo-Turkish War, worked in the mili. cards of that suit have a cape which in form resembled a heart. The spade was originally tary hospitals. She broke her arm, but still a pikehead, typifying the nobility or soldiery.

attended to her duties with her arm in a sling. The artisans were represented by a stone

One day a man who was undergoing a severe tile, now known as a diamond. Farmers were

surgical operation, in an agony of pain grasped represented by the trefoil or clover leaf, now

the injured arm and clung to it; but she called a club. The four kings were originally

neither cried out por moved till the operation David, Alexander, Cæsar and Charlemagne,

was completed. representing the four great monarchies. The

AMERICAN FARMERS FIFTY YEARS BEHIND.-queens were Argine, Judith, Esther and Pallas,

American farmers," writes Mr. William representing birth, fortitude, piety and wis

Bear, in his weekly farming notes, “ are often dom. The knaves were either knights or ser

ignorantly held up as models for farmers in vants to knights. - Chicago Tribune.

this country. Except in relation to the use Wolfe's SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS.—This delight of machinery, however, the general knowledge ful aromatic tonic is so wel known that it of crop culture in America is fifty years behind seems like an old story to speak of the many that prevailing in Great Britain. Questions virtues claimed for it these many years. It

settled a generation ago in this country are has been upon the markets of the world for discussed as of novel interest in the United forty years, and during this long period it has States, and forage crops familiar to our forebeen one of the most popular beverages fathers are subjects of experimental growth by known This Schnapps is imported to this our American cousins. Again, the advantages country and foreign countries from Holland of using artificial manures, long in common in cases of one and two dozen square, high use among our farmers, are gravely discussed shouldered bottles, which style the home and

in the United States. It is still found necesforeign courts have decided is essentially a part sary to demonstrate the value of superphos. of the proprietor's right. There are two sizes, phate on the other side of the Atlantic, and denominated large and small bottles. In the even the great efficiency of nitrate of soda is smaller case there are one dozen large, and in only partially known there. Moreover, the the larger case two dozen small. Like all proper time of applying the nitrate is still ungood things, this celebrated Schnapps, upon settled, as shown by recent experiments at the which hundreds of thousands of dollars have Indiana trial station, where most of the manure been spent in advertising, has been much dam was applied in the autumn, a wasteful pracaged, it is said, by attempts at imitation, tice long discredited here, as half the manure The proprietor has deemed it to the interest is often carried away by the rains of winter of the consumer as well as himself that an when it is sown before the spring."

GROWTH OF LONDON WEALTH.-An astonish and therefore produces not only an absolutely ing increase has taken place in the profits as pure, but an absolutely healthful drink. The sessed to income tax under “ Schedule D" in exhibit in itself is a work of art : the booth the city during the past ten years. On com in white and gold, with old-gold silken hangparing the totals for the years 1879-80 and ings; the young lady attendants, attired in pale1889-90, there is an increase in the net amount blue satin gowns, old-gold basques, pink lace of profits of no less than £30,755,283 for the caps and white aprons (the exact costume of city alone, so that the city has almost doubled Liotard's celebrated painting, “ La Belle the amount which it pays for income tax in Chocolatiere," adopted by W. Baker & Co. the course of ten years ; for in 1879-80 the as their trade mark), and the tasteful array of figures were, for the city, £39,263,424, whereas the goods form the most striking and attractive the figures for 1889–90 are £70,018,707. This exhibit in the whole fair, and one that will is the best evidence that can be furnished of well repay every visitor's attention. As an our commercial prosperity. The increase in American institution, fighting the fight of the rest of the country is, of course, nothing health against adulterated products, Walter like so great. In 1879-80 the figures were Baker & Co. deserve the support of every con£34,849,307 ; the figures for 1889-90 are sumer of cocoa and chocolate in this country. £14, 222,059, an increase during the ten years of £6,372,752. With fifteen exceptions, there The military cyclist is making headway in has been an increase in each county through- foreign armies. In the French manæuvres out England and Wales, although very small now taking place a special feature is the em. compared with the City of London. The ployment of cyclists as orderlies and messen. counties in which decreases have taken place gers ; they are now attached to the cavalry, are chiefly agricultural districts, and the fall. and not to the infantry. A short while ago ing off is, no doubt, due to the agricultural the commandant of the Gymnastic School at depression of recent years. The total increase Berlin instituted some competitions between in the whole of the counties in England and cyclists and cavalry for distances of some Wales during the ten years is £53,524,159, the thirty to forty miles, and it was found that the figures being in 1879–80 £185,595,852, and in machines were, as a rule, only some seven 1889-90 £239,120,011.

minutes behind the horses. Military cyclist

corps are also being formed in the Swiss army. RIDE AND TIE." Ride and tie" is an old Salem saying. Two men would start out on a

A Town BUILT ON ICE.—Fish City, Michi. journey with one horse. One would ride a

gau, is the oddest town in the country, having specified distance, then, dismounting and

no existence except in winter. It is situated tying the horse, he would walk on to the next

on Saginaw Bay-not on the shores, but literchanging place, where he would find the horse

ally on the bay—and is a collection of board tied and waiting for him, having been ridden

shanties built npon the ice. Last season it there by the man who started out afoot. And

contained one thousand houses. Bo the whole distance would be traversed, each

They are the huts of the men who do the one riding and walking in turn. The item

winter fishing for pike, pickerel, lake trout " Ride and tie and go to Boston” is found in

and white fish, and as soon as the ice forms an old account book, at a charge of “four and

on the bay their construction is begun. The sixpence.”

fishermen live in their huts from the time Baker's Cocoa AND CHOCOLATE.—Unques- they are built until the breaking up of the ice tionably the most valuable property of exist in the spring forces them to come ashore. ence is health, und everything conducing to a

There is a door in each hut, and in the floor perfect state of health is of interest to the pub. a trap-door some twenty inches square. When lic. In this connection one of the most inter this is raised, a hole the same size through the esting of the exhibits at the American Institute ice is discovered. At the side of this the fishFair in New York this year is that of Walter erman sits ull day and a great part of the Baker & Co.'s Breakfast Cocoa and Chocolate night, watching for his game, which he cappreparations. Their method of manufacture, tures by a dexte rous use of the spear. From unlike the Dutch process, does not admit of 2,000,000 to 2.500,000 fish are caught from the the use of any chemicals, dyes, or alkalies, bay each winter.

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