let every thing have its proper place. It is about thirty three years ago, or very near, when a man came to me, after I had preached upon marks and evidences, at Whitechapel I think it was, and said, I am come to tell you, that I don't chuse any marks at all; then, said \, you must be content with the marks of the devil, for you must have the one or the į i vini ,

Now, my brethren,; if God has wrought this in us, what shall I say? why, I pray the Lord Jesus Christ that your life and mine may be a life of praise, I would have you not only dwell upon particular words of God set home upon your hearts, but his various providences, the numerous trials he has brought you through; O think how often you have been kept, think how often you would have run away from God if he had not stopped you; what has God wrought, by delivering me from blasphemous thoughts; what has God wrought in snatching me out of the jaws of ruin ; even after conversion, when I was damning my own soul, his grace arrested me. Have we brought ourselves into trials, how has he made these very trials work for good; made our scolding husbands and wives, persecuting fathers, friends and relatieris, that you have thought would devour you, made the bulls of Bashan instruments of bringing you nearer to God: and eternity will be too short to cry perpetually, what hath God wrought!

And if God has not wrought this in any of you that are here, which perhaps, may be the case though I cannot thing what should bring any body ; here if they had not a desire of the salvation of their souls ; if God hath not wrought it in you yet, О that this my be the time; that God may give us some parting blessing; that some poor

in her and wages there is death

creatures that have nothing but the devil's work in them yet, may now seek after the blessed work of the Holy Ghost. If we may ask what God has wrought, let me ask you what the devil hath wrought in you; O thuu unconverted soul, sin has made thee a beast, made thy body, which ought to be the temple of the living God, a cage of every unclean bird; what hath Satan, wrought in thee? but made thee a nest of vile, stinking swine ; and what will he give thee? hell, hell, hell. The wages the devil gives no man can live by; The wages of sin is death; and here I come to bring you good news, glad tidings of great joy ; O that God may now counter-work the devil, and take thee into his own workmanship, create thee anew in Christ Jesus, give thee to feel a little of his Spirit's work on thy heart, and make thee, of a child of the devil, a child of God! Say not, it cannot be ; say not, it shall not be; say not it is too late ; say not, it is for others but not for me ; my brethren, God help you to cry, and to try too night, if thou canst turn the text into a prayer, Lord God, I have felt the devil work in me, now good God, let me know what it is for thee to work in me; make me a new creature, create a new spirit within me, that I may join with thy dear people in singing, what hath God wrought ! O remember, if this is not the case with you, you · must have a dreadful different ditty in hell; the note there will be, what hath the devil wrought! what hath he wrought! how am I come to this place of torment! I sold my birth-right for a mess of pottage! Heaven or hell is set before you tonight ; Jesus grant, that the terrors of the Lord may awaken you to-night, and that you may not rest till you have comfort and support from God,

You that have this work begun in you, look still for better things to come, even after death, when our bodies are made like Christ's glorious body, and our souls filled with the fulness of God, we shall then cry, Churchmen and Dissenters, Methodists and Foundery-men, and the Lock too, we shall all then join without any bickerings, saying, what has God wrought!

I could enlarge, but I am afraid I have been too long already; yet as I think the providence of God calls me, and I shall give a particular account of my call to-morrow evening, at the other end of the town, I think If I should keep you a few minutes longer, it might be excused. I begin to feel already it must be executed in a few days; I feel already that I shall soon part from you, and O that God may awaken many of your poor unwakned souls ; my heart bleeds for you; O may the oil of the blessed Spirit soften every hard, unconverted heart, that we may go away praising and blessing God that we shall at last meet, whether we go by land or by. water, before the throne, where we shall ascribe glory, and honor, and power, to him for evermore. Amen,

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Exodus iiie ver. 2, 3. And he locked, and behold the bush burned with fire, and

the bush was not consumed ; and Moses said, I will now: turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. IT is a common saying, and common sayings I are generally founded on matter of fact, that it is always darkest before, break of day; and I am persuaded, that if we do justice to our own experience, as well as consider. God's dealings with his people in preceding ages, we shall find that man's extremity has been usually made God's opportunity, and that when the enemy has broke in, like a food, the Spirit and providence of God has kifted up a standard against him : and I believe at the same time, that however we may dream of a continued scene of prosperity in church or state, either in respect to our bodies, souls, or temporal affairs, we shall find this life to be chequered, that the clouds after the rain and the most prosperous state attended with such cloudy days, as may make even the people of God sometimes cry, all men are liars, and God has forgotten to be gracious.

The chapter in which is our text, is an instance of this. What a glorious day of the son of man was that when Joseph sent for his father to Egypt; and the good old patriarch, after he had thought his son had been dead many years, agreeably sur., prised by a message from him to come to him, with all his family, and are by him comfortably settled in Goshen ; where the good old patriarch, after many a stormy day, died in peace, and was highly honored at his funeral by Pharaoh and his servants, and attended to the sepulchre of his fathers in Canaan by all his sons. After which, Joseph continued to live in splendor, lord of all the land of Egypt; and his brethren, doubtless, in the height of prosperity: but how sadly did the scene change at Pharaoh's death, soon after which another king arose that knew not Joseph, verifying the observation, New lords, new laws, by whom the descendants of Jacob, instead of reigningin Goshen, were made bond-slaves; many, many long years, employed-in-making bricks, and in all probability, had what we call their bibles taken from them, by being forced to comform to the idolatry of Egypt, and so were in a worse state than the unhappy Negroes in America are at this day. No doubt, numbers of them either wondered that ever they had been prospered at all, or that God had forgot them now; but what a mercy it is that a thousand years in God's sight are but as one day, and therefore when God's time is come, the set time that he has appointed, he will maugre all the opposition of men and devils, he will come down and deliver his people, and in such a manner, that the enemy shall know, as well as friends, it is the Lord's doing, A deliverer is born and bred in Pharaoh's court, a Moses is brought up in all the learning of the Egyptians, for Pharaoh intended him for a high and exalted post: but when offers of the highest preferment are made to him, he did not catch at them as some folks now do, who are very good and humble till something oc

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