Federal Aid Highway Act of 1981: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Transportation of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, United States Senate, Ninety-seventh Congress, First Session, on S. 841 ... S. 1024 ....


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Page 155 - ... (d) In order to promote the reasonable, orderly and effective display of outdoor advertising while remaining consistent with the purposes of this section, signs, displays, and devices whose size, lighting and spacing, consistent with customary use is to be determined by agreement between the several States and the Secretary, may be erected and maintained within six hundred and sixty feet of the nearest edge of the right-of-way within areas adjacent to the Interstate and primary systems which...
Page 248 - The railroad has ceased to be the prime instrument of danger and the main cause of accidents. It is the railroad which now requires protection from dangers incident to motor transportation.
Page 249 - That highway users are the principal recipients of the benefits flowing from rail-highway grade separations and from special protection at railhighway grade crossings. For this reason the cost of installing and maintaining such separations and protective devices is a public responsibility and should be financed with public funds the same as highway traffic devices.
Page 125 - In future times, a great majority of the people will not only be without landed, but any other sort of property. These will either combine, under the influence of their common situation — in which case the rights of property and the public liberty will not be secure in their hands — or, what is more probable, they will become the tools of opulence and ambition ; in which case, there will be equal danger on another side.
Page 108 - If we can't sustain that kind of a concept in the public interest, then I would say the public interest ought to be reviewed. I see no reason why those who have to suffer the direct impact have to bear the total cost of the public...
Page 109 - Nothing in this Act or the amendments made by this Act shall be construed to authorize the use of eminent domain to acquire any dwelling (including related buildings).
Page 75 - N equals number of axles in group under consideration, except that two consecutive sets of tandem axles may carry a gross load of...
Page 108 - The committee emphatically and unanimously rejects the use of police power in acquiring these rights, and has provided for the use of Federal funds for paying the Federal pro rata share of the acquisition costs of such rights through purchase or condemnation. Such payment is mandatory, not permissive, on the States.
Page 151 - The States shall have full authority under their own zoning laws to zone areas for commercial or industrial purposes, and the actions of the States in this regard will be accepted for the purposes of this Act.
Page 75 - ... highways of such State under laws or regulations established by appropriate State authority in effect on July 1, 1956, whichever is the greater. Any amount which is withheld from apportionment to any State pursuant to the foregoing provisions shall lapse. This section shall not be construed to deny apportionment to any State allowing the operation within such State of any vehicles or combinations thereof that could be lawfully operated within such State on July 1, 1956.

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