Such is the character given of Mrs. Terry: it fully corresponds with the sentiments contained in her posthumous papers ; some of which appear to have been written during the period of her widowhood, when she was left with two very young children ; and the remainder subsequently to her second marriage, and in the more immediate prospect of her dissolution.

The present adds one more to the numerous instances of female piety, which have in all ages so eminently adorned the Christian church. It is presumed that this simple and unaffected « utterance of the heart” will commend itself to the feelings and judgment of many a Christian reader. It is now republished with prayer to God, that he would afford a blessing to its circulation, in promoting his own glory, and the salvation of his church and people.


I HOPE I have avouched the Lord to be my God, and resolve to walk in his ways, and to keep his statutes, and his commandments, and his judgments, and to hearken unto his voice. And I humbly implore, that the Lord would avouch me to be one of his peculiar people, and that he would enable me to keep all his commandments.

I often question whether I have any interest in the Eternal God, or whether he will own me as one of his ; but, Lord! I humbly say, I have and do avouch thee to be my only God and Saviour; O cast me not off! and I earnestly beg grace to walk in thy ways. Help me to keep thy statutes continually: let me not dare to offend thee : 0 that I might never provoke thee, my good God, to

that so

be angry or displeased with me! but let me, O Lord, be a doer of thy commandments,

I may have right to the tree of life: Lord, I have no right, I can plead no right, I fall infinitely short of my duty; but have not I a blessed Saviour to plead for me, who died for the chief of sinners ? and he hath promised that none that come to him, he will in any wise cast out.

I know he is able to save to the uttermost, all those that come to God through him : in his prevailing name, and for his sake I implore divine assistance to enable me to persevere and hold out to the end, that at last I may enter in through the gates into the city, into the heavenly Jerusalem, where the saints, and angels, and cherubim, and seraphim are continually singing hallelujahs to their King, Holy, holy, holy, Lord.

I acknowledge my unfitness, my unworthiness, for this great, inexpressible, inconceivable privilege: but though I am unworthy, if thou my God wilt count me worthy through the merits of my dear Saviour, I

shall have cause for ever to bless thy name in the highest heavens, world without end. Though I have no right, if thou wilt give me right to those treasures and pleasures which are at thy right hand forevermore, this will be matter of thankfulness to eternity. Give me some hopes that I have an interest in these invisible things, by my care to please thee, and my fear to offend thee ; by my unfeigned respect to all thy holy, righteous, and just commandments, and by my hearkening to thy voice, and the voice of thy word, and the voice of thy rod. Thy dealings are variously dispensed towards me. I meet with many contrary winds; O let them all blow me nearer to thy blessed self.

Lord, I humbly say, I have avouched thee to be my only God, my salvation, my portion, my rock, my fortress; O be thou my reconciled Father, to whom I may continually resort: and when my flesh and heart here fail me, as frequently they do, be thou the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever. O God, my God, do not forsake me, nor cast me utterly out of sight. The things of this world they do not, they cannot, they will not content me.

O give me some comfortable hopes that I am thine, that thou hast adopted me, and that thou wilt sanctify me, and make me meet for thy blessed self! I would be every day fitting and preparing myself for my last day, for my accounting day, when I must be summoned before thy tribunal seat, to give a strict severe account for all my thoughts, words, and actions, whereby I have offended thee, my gracious and good God: but I find myself unfit for any spiritual duty.

Lord, help me to mind the work of time while time lasts : furnish me with divine assistance to enable me to do my duty, without which I am utterly incapable of serving or pleasing thy blessed majesty. Death is hastening, eternity approaching, the particular day of judgment near; and yet for all this, how inconsiderate art thou, O my soul, to neglect the things that belong to thy everlasting peace! I am often thoughtful

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