desiring to live, that she much rather desired to depart, and be with Christ.

“ The night before she died, she had spent some time in secret, and read one of Dr. Manton's sermons; but such was her humble and self-condemning temper, that she, to her last moment bewailed her neglect, in not improving her last days' mercies as she thought she ought. Her death was very surprising to her friends, though not to herself. She always believed her approaching change was near, though her friends had some hopes of her recovery,

till by a sudden and surprising stroke they found her desire accomplished, and her words true, to their astonishing grief and trouble. She died the ninth of November, 1693, in the thirty-eighth year of her


No more shall be here mentioned of her, but we refer you to the perusal of some few, amongst many, of her manuscripts, in which you will perceive a vein of virtue and piety running through all the course of her con

B 2

versation ; an humble avouchment of God to be her portion; and a thankful recounting of God's mercy to her, from her very infancy ; her tender regard to the souls of her dear children ; her humble and submissive temper under afflictions; her earnest per suasion to others and herself, to work the work that God has given them to do; with a sense of the sins and judgments deserved and expected on the nation; her awful sense of the day of death and judgment, with the happy state of glorified souls; with her fears and hopes in relation to these.

The Rev. Dr. Manton preached Mrs. Terry's funeral sermon, which concludes thus :

Now I shall apply all that hath been spoken to this present occasion : 1st. To show you why we should mourn. 2ndly. Why mourn so, as if we did not mourn.

First, Why we should mourn : Consider we have lost a pious neighbour, and that deserveth sensibleness.

Because such are a great loss : We have lost her service, help, and the benefit we might have had by her. There is no member of Christ, but one way or another is useful to the community. And indeed we found her to be so ; we lose an example, we lose useful conference, we lose the pledge of a blessing to a family, to a neighbourhood. May we not say of her as of David ? “ After he had served his generation by the will of God, he fell asleep.” Acts xiii 36. She did serve her generation, and it was her grief that she did it no more and better, it should be ours that she did it no longer. Serviceable Christians are a great loss, especially in these times of need.

It is a sad intimation to us, and therefore we ought to be very sensible of such a loss. “ The righteous perish and no man layeth it to heart, none considering that they are taken away from the evil to come.” Isaiah

lvii. 1. Wicked men think they are the bane of a place. Wicked men are but preserved in reference to the godly; they are but as a fence of thorns about a garden of roses : now when the roses are cropt off, what shall become of the thorns, but be cast into the fire ? God will dash the potter's vessel : “ Haste thee, escape to Zoar, for I cannot do anything till thou become thither.” Gen, xix. 22. “ I cannot ;” mark that. “ Let me alone, and will make of thee a great people.” Exodus xxxii. 10. God offereth Moses composition.

« The Lord hath given thee all them that ŝail with thee.” Acts xxvii. 24. These are the staff and the stay ; therefore we have reason to be sensible of their removal from us.

Secondly, We have reason also to be comforted.

1st. For the glory that cometh to God by her sweet departure. Those that have envied her life, may wish for her death, even such solace as she felt in the most bitter agonies. “ Let me die the death of the righteous, and

let my last end be like his.” Numb. xxiii. 10. It is a great comfort that wicked men have not wherewithal to blast religion, when they see how the love of God can compose our spirits in the greatest extremities that befal us, either in life or death..

2nd. That she hath left us for glory. It was indeed through many throes, and pains, and sorrows; but death played a friendly part to help her into glory.. It is the apostles exhortation to the Thessalonians, That they should not sorrow, even as others which have no hope" concerning them which are asleep in Jesus; but admonish them, to comfort one another with these words, that at Christ's coming, they which survive and remain,“ shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air : and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” i Thess. iv. 13, 17, 18.

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