word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ," -so that our brother John, who wrote Revelation, was, according to his own testimony, as one of us, though highly endued with the Spirit-for Patmos means flesh!

MISCELLANEOUS. THERE are but few names in Scripture that have not a very express signification :—the name that Pharaoh gave to Joseph, of Zaphnath-paaneah, means “a Saviour of the world.”

Job is a type of Christ in his humiliation.

Isaiah is the comforting, rejoicing Prophet-the Church in her happy state.

Jeremiah, the mourning, sorrowful, lamenting Prophet—the Church in her lost state.

Ezekiel, the sublime, mysterious Prophet—the Church in her glorious state. This is but a partial view.

Daniel among the Prophets, like John among the Apostles, greatly beloved ; and to both the deep things of God were revealed.

Vanity in Ecclesiastes, means death.

Fools in Proverbs, unbelievers; therefore in calling any a fool, we condemn to perdition !

In Proverbs, Woman, Harlot, Stranger, Adulteress, mean the world. Woman, or Rebekah, and “woman taken in adultery,” mean the Church.

There are many words in Scripture signifying much more than appears at sight.-One, three, seven, second, first born, place, in, gold, altar, wings, treasures, ox, ass, field, house, stone, iron, brass, day, night, vessel, sword, temple, tabernacle, &c.

Mamre, Hebron, Arba, Kirjath-arba, all mean the same place.

QUESTIONS FROM THE SCRIPTURES. By which of the twelve gates will the believer enter heaven?

Where was the Rainbow before the flood? Why did it not exist ?

What is the memorial of God to all generations?

Who shall declare the generation of Him that “was despised and rejected of men ?” For his name was cut off from the earth !

What is the name of the walls of Zion ?
What is the name of the gates of the holy Jerusalem ?
What is the sceptre of the kingdom of God?
Where was our Lord spiritually crucified ?

What is the universal sacrifice? Ps. iii. 5; and Jer. xxiii. 6.

Whose keeping of the Passover in the Old Testament is the most celebrated ?

Which of the kings of Judah has the highest commendation ?

What sin is the greatest ? That against the Holy Ghost excepted.

What is the stumbling-block of iniquity ?

What sanctifies the Tabernacle to the children of Israel ?

What is the stuff Ezekiel was to prepare for removing in the sight of the rebellious house of Israel ?

Which is the best, silver or gold ? The fining pot, or the furnace ?

What is the Psaltery wherewith to Praise God ?
What is the Lord's habitation ?
What is the unleavened bread ?

Pro. xxiv. 36; Psalm ii. 12.

A mong the readers of this little work, many will have more light than the writer, some few may have less; the kind indulgence of both is desired. Let those a shade lower remember by one ray of omnipotent, spiritual light, they may see, and know, beyond the power of earthly utterance; and those who are made wise,” and know they “shall inherit Glory,” deal gently-it is done for Jesus' sake.

“ Exalt ye the Lord our God, and worship at his footstool; for he is holy.” Psalm xcix. 5.

“A glorious high throne from the beginning is the place of our Sanctuary.” Jer. xvii. 12.

“Because I will publish the name of the LORD: ascribe ye greatness unto our God.” Deu. xxxii. 3.



J. Rickerby, Printer, Sherbourn Lane.

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