7 Should sickness bend your feeble frame,

The glow of health forsake your cheek, His tenderness will be the same, ,

His voice the words of comfort speak.

8 Twill be his task to lead


mind From second causes up to God, To teach you how to be resign’d, And meekly bow beneath his rod.

9 He'll tell you of a Saviour's love

Salvation's wond'rous plan explain, And point you to the realms above Where everlasting pleasures reign.

10 Blest is her lot who thus prefers

In Christian bands to be allied, The sure the ecstatic hope is her's

To meet where death can ne'er divide.






1 Who shall a virtuous female gain ? Her worth what language can explain? Her husband's heart in her confides, Discretion all her conduct guides.

2 She knows each various work to chuse, Her hands no needful task refuse, But rises with the morning light, And orders all her house aright.

3 She hastės the household goods to buy, The garden blooms beneath her eye, While temperance preserves her health, And frugal care augments her wealth.

4 Yet to the needy of her land She stretches forth the liberal hand; Her maids stern winter's storms behold Well cloath'd and guarded from the cold.

Nor doth she lack the rich attire
Her rank and fortune may require ;
Her husband by her worth is known
When with the rulers he sits down.

In time to come she shall rejoice,
The law of kindness prompts her voice,
Her industry is fam’d afar,
Honour and strength her cloathing are.

7 Her children rise and call her blest, While joy pervades her husband's breast : “ Though many daughters have done well, Yet thou, my Fair, do'st all excel!"

Favour's deceitful, beauty vain,
But love of God shall praise obtain;
Her works shall speak her truly great,
While distant lands her praise relate.




Beauty is vain, but a woman that fearetb the Lord she shall be praised.

PROV. xxxi. 30.

BEAUTY is but a fading flower,
The short-liy'd triumph of an hour

Is all that it can boast;
Unless good sense and virtue bind
More firm the fetters of the mind
Its power is quickly lost.

The sparkling eye, the dimpled smile
May some unwary heart beguile,

Yet will not long secure:
But when esteem and love unite,
The flame of pure affection bright
Forever shall endure.

The finest form, the loveliest face
Adorn'd with ev'ry youthful grace

Will quickly cease to charm,
Since short is beauty's reign, for soon
Disease can spoil the finest bloom

And all its power disarm.

4 Then boast not of your matchless form, But rather seek your mind to adorn

With virtue's rich array;
Let nobler themes your care employ,
Seek for that pure substantial joy

Which never can decay.

5 How blest is she who fears the Lord, Guiding her conduct by his word

Each vain desire repels; Her mind with heavenly wisdom fraught, No envious, no repining thought

Within her bosom dwells.

6 She, she alone is truly wise Aspiring to a higher prize

Than earth could ever give : She shall be prais’d while time shall last, And, when this fleeting life is past,

In endless glory live.

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