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[Fol. 5] Robinsons Evpolemja or good Warrfare agenst Sathan the Devill, as the Capitall Enemy of Man Kynd: Conteyning all his Printed Worckes aswell in Octavo, as in Quarto, from the yeare of Oure Savioure 1576, Vntill the yeare 1599. Vizt

Bookes in Octavo, Allowance & Printing Patrones & Benevolence 1576 Certeyn Select

Pervsed and al

Dedicated to Mr
Historyes for
lowed by the

Symon Roe Master
Christian Recre
Wardens of the

of the Company of ye
ation translated

Lethersellers wherof
i oute of Latin prose Printed by Hen

I am a free member: into English verse ry Kingston in

who gave mee for his with theyre severall Pater noster Rowe booke 2 s. vj d. and ye and apte tunes.

4 sheetes printed. Company vij s. vj d. more 1577 Robinsons Ruby

Pervsed and al

Dedicated to the Right an Historicall

lowed by the sayde Worshipfull Sr. Will fiction transla

Wardens; Printed yam Winter Knight ted oute of Latin by John Charle

Surveyor of the Queenes prose into English wood in the Bar

Maiestyes Navy:
2 Verse: with the

bican, conteyning who gave mee for
prayer of ye moste
5 sheetes printed

his benevolence 2
Christian Poet

who gave mee for frenche Crownes.
the Copy 26 books And I made benefit of

25 bookes mo

Actes 9. 36 and 39.

il Tabitha Dorcas The Elect Lady. 2 Jonn

1577 A Record of An

cyent Historyes
intituled in Latin
Gesta Romanor •

translated (aucto
3 re vt supponitur

Johane Leylando
Antiquario) by mee
pervsed corrected
and bettered

Pervsed further
and allowed by ye
sayde Wardens :
And printed first
and last by Thomas
Easte in Aldersgate
streete 6 tymes to
this yeare 1601;
cont 21 sheetes.

Dedicated for 5 Im-
pressions to the R.
Honorable Lady Mar
garet Countess of Ly
neux, who gave mee
for her booke 13 s. 4. d.:
besydes sale of 25 boks.
Dedicated last to the
Wardens of the Lether
sellers, who with others
have given mee, xx 8.

Dedicated last of all anno 1602 to D. Watson B. of Chichester and B.
Almoner to the Queenes Maiesty, whọ (not so thanckfull as I deserved)
gave mee but ij s, for my booke Dedicatory.

* The transcription of the manuscript is exact (except where otherwise noted) with the following exceptions: (1) certain abbreviations are expanded—e. g., those for with, which, yeare, youre, Maiesty, and the abbreviation for par—, as in partly, parish; (2) ☺ is written ye; (3) Robinson's punctuation has sometimes been changed to accord with modern taste; (4) undotted i's are dotted.

Mr. McKerrow prints the title and the two sections, 1576, i, and 1577, 2.
• A flourish here.

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[Page 3]

[Fol. 5, verso)
Bookes in Octavo

Allowance & Printing Patrones & Benevolence
1578 The Dyall of Day

Perysed and allo Dedicated by mee to the
z ly Contemplacion

wed by the Right Reverend Pastor, Mr
for Synners,

Reverend Father D. Alexander •Nowell
morall and devyne

in God, D. John. Deane of Pawles; who
matter in English prose

Elmer. Bisshop

gave mee of his good will
and verse first pub of London; and for his Booke. x s.
lished in print Anno printed by Hughe I made benefit of 25
1499: By me now

Singleton in Creede mo bokes given mee
corrected and refor

lane in London

every boke 10 sheetes xij d.
med for the tyme bothe in Anno 1578.
in the matter & methode

So this Godly vertuous Deacon according to the Scrip

ture Actes 6, 2 (aswell to others as to mee dyverse tymes)
Ro 12 Hathe distributed unto the necessity of the Sainctes. 13.
1579 The Reverend

Pervsed and al Dedicated by mee to ye Hono
D. Philip Melan

lowed by the sayd rable vertuous and renow
thon his prayers

Lord B. of London: med gent Mr. Philip Syd
translated oute

Printed by Henry ney Esq.* who gave me for
of Latin into Eng

Denham in Pater his booke 4 Angels, and his
lish with the pray

noster Rowe. cont 5 Honorable Father Sr
5 ers of other lear

12 sheetes

Henry Sydney Knight gave
ned Germaynes.

mee for his boke x 8.
These two Honorable parsonages many tymes benevolent
unto my pore study; I hope in God theyr Almose fought
for them agenst theyre enemyes better then the Shielde?

of a strong man or speare of the Mighty. Ecclus. 29. 14
1579 The Vyneyard

Pervsed and al Dedicated the first tyme to
of vertue,

lowed by ye sayde the vertuous gent Mr. Ed
partly translated

L. B. of London mond VVedale of Dorsetshyre
partly collected out

First printed who gave me for his booke
6 of the Byble and

Anno, dict 8 1579 4 Angells, and the 2d tyme
partly oute of other and lastly 1591 Dedicated to his Father Mr
Authors, by mee

by Tho: Dawson Henry VVedale Esq, Mris 10
1591 first 1579.

at ye Vinetree. Elizabeth his wyfe and to
conteyning 16 sheetes at ye first

his sayd sonne Mr. Ed. V.
and enlarged to 20 sheetes at ye last

who gave mee then allso L s.
They having bene all so many tymes synce my good benefactors
I pray to God That blessed may they bee which consider the pore
and needy the Lord deliver them in the tyme of truble: yea
the Lord preserve them long living & blessed on earthe. Ps 4i. 1. 2

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6 cont is my best guess for a flourish that is not clear.
Esq. followed by a flourish.

Robinson's references, esp. his biblical references, are mostly inaccurate: this one,
for example, ought to be verse 13.

dict is, of course, dicto, the aforesaid year.

VVedale is Uvedale (see Dict. Nat. Biog.); Dorsetshyre is an expanded abbre-

10 Both Esq and Mris are accompanied by flourishes.

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Fol. 6 Bookes in Octavo

Allowance & Print Patrones & Benevolence.
1580 The aforesayde

Pervsed by Mr. Dedicated to the Righte
Reverend D. Phi

Wm Gravet and Honorable & vertuous Lord lip Melanthon

80 allowed by ye

Edward Erle of Rutland his learned Asser

sayd L. B. of L. who beeyng many tymes before tion or Apollogy

And printed by ye and synce my best benefac 7 of the Word of God sayd Thomas

tor and Patrone gave and of his Churche Dawson contey mee then for his booke 6 by mee translated

ning. 16 sheetes Angels I say iij li 11 in gold oute of Latin into English.

Of whose goodnes I may worthely wryte

Blessed ys the man that 18 feareth the Lord his seede
Psal 112. 1, 2 shall bee mighty on earthe hee hathe dispersed and given
to the pore &c. His righteousnes remayneth for ever & let his horn
be exalted with honoure.

1580 The Reverend

Pervsed by Mr Dedicated to the Worsh
Doctor Nicholas

Vaughan Chap ipfull Mr. D. David
Hemming his

leyn to the sayd Lewys Judge of ye Admiral
exposicion vpon

L. B. of Lond 18 ty who gave mee xij s. the 25 Psalme

and so allowed I made benefit of 25 books translated into

Printed by Tho 10 sheetes a peece, xij d.

mas Vautrollier.
Hee that hathe mercy vpon the pore lendeth vnto the Lord.
Pro. 19. And the Lord will recompence him that 14 whiche he hathe given. 17.

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1583 The Reverend

Pervsed and al Dedicated first to the
D. Vrbanus

lowed by Mr. D. Reverend Pastor Mr. D.
9 Regius his

John Dewporte Gabriel Goodman Deane 1590 sermon or hom

the sayd L. B.

of Westm 16 who then gave ely of Good and

his Chapleyne: mee for his booke viij s. 1593 evill Angels:

Printed first

The second tyme 1590 ij s. Translated oute

by John Charle And the 3. tyme 1593 ij s. of Latin into

wood Anno 1583 And hathe bene every yeare English.

agene Anno 1590

synce my thanckfull bene

and lastly 1593 factor for other laboures conteyning 7 sheetes printed.

presented vnto him.
Of him and his goodnes I may well say, A good man oute
of the good treasure of his harte bringeth forthe good
thinges; Math, i2, 35: so ministring well hee getteth him
self a good degree. i Timo. 3, 13.

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11 li means, of course, pounds: in the manuscript it is written a little above the lineas are also the 8 and d, for shillings and pence.

19 that, abbreviation expanded. 18 A flourish after Lond. 14 that, abbreviation expanded. 16 A flourish after Westm.

[Page 5]


[FOL. 6, verso)

Johnisó 2i Morte sanctorum Deus glorificatur suorai, 13-
Revel 1, 4. Tu scribe Beati mortui, Domino, avocatj, 13–

Bookes in Octavo. Allowed & Printed. 1587 The sayde Re

Pervsed and all
verend Doctor

owed by Mr D.
10 Vrban 16 Regius John Wood Chap

his exposion of ye leyne to the moste 1590 87 Psalm trans Reverend Father lated oute of

in god John Loo. Latin into English Archebishop of which I entituled the Canterbury his Solace of Syon &

grace contey 1594 Joy of Jerusalem ning 6 sheetes.

Printed by Richard Jones 1587.
Printed by Abraham Ritson 1590.
And by Richard Banckwork 1594

Patron. & benevolence
Dedicated first 1587.
To the then R Honora
ble Sr George Barne
Knighte Lord Maior
of London who gave
mee for his booke x s.
The second tyme 1590
To him hee gave mee
v s. but the Third
tyme 1594 to Sr
Cutbert Buckle
knight Lord Maio 17
and hee gave mee
for his bok. V 8.

Of whose favourable goodnes I may truely say
and worthely wryte, Grace and Mercy are
with his Sainctes, and hee regardeth his Elect
Wisdome 3. 9. And here bee all my Worckes Printed
in Octavo, from the yeare 1576, vntill the yeare
1594, as ys sayde for 18 yeares space.

Math 25 Qui dicet (Venite) scribat hos suo in libro Vitae; Revel. 20, 14

34 Lux Dei perpetua luceat atq 18 illis. Qd Ric. Robinson.
Bookes in Quarto Allowed Printed.

Patrones Benevolen 1576 The Reverend

Pervsed & allow

Dedicated by mee to the
Bisshop Francis ed by the Rever

Right Worshipfull Sr
cus Patricius of
end Father D.

Willyam Allyn knighte
Sene in Italy, his Edwyn Sandes

Alderman of London
(i) Epitome, 9 Bookes B. of London

some tyme my good Master" of a Comon Weale And printed

who gave mee in money
translated oute of by Thomas

and mony worth xl 8.
Latin into English
Marsh cont

of whome I may say:
2i sheetes.
I receyved an odoure that smelled sweete &c Cologs 4, 18
The Lord give mercy vnto the howse of Onosiphorus 2. Timo I, 17.

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[Page 6]

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Fol. 7
Bookes in Quarto

Allowance & Printing Patrones & Benevolence
1582 The Learned Eng

Pervsed and allowed Dedicated to the R. Hono
lish Antiquary John by the Wardens of ye rable L. Arthure Gray 2
Leylandes Assertio Statyoners & printed Baron of Wilton (then her
Arthurii quondam

by John Wolfe, then Maiestyes Leevetenant
Regis Anglia”; by mee Clerck to the Staty generall in Ireland who
translated out of Latin oners in Paules

gave me here in London x s. into English with the Church yarde Allso to the R. Honorable Sr annotations of Mr.

yt conteyned 14 Henry Sydney knighte
Stephen Batman Parson sheetes printed her Maiestyes Preesident
of Newington Buttes.

in Wales who gave mee
here allso for his booke 6 s. 8 d.

Viuat post funera Virtus.

And Dedicated allso to Mr. Thomas Smyth Chefe Customer for
her Maiesty in the Porte of London who gave me for his booke 6s.
Beesydes 25. Bookes which I made my benefit of at least xl 8.
Of theyre Patronage and Benevolence I may wryte and say worthely

There ys a seede of Man which ys an Honorable seede, the Honorable
seede are they that feare the Lord Ecclus 10. 20. It ys a seede
remayning whiche do feare the Lord and a fayre plant that love
him. Ecclus 10. 20

[1]582 Parte of the Harmony Pervsed and allowed Dedicated by me to the R

of King Davids Harp by the R. Reverend Honor, 24 Lord Ambrose
beeyng the first 2i Psal Father in god D. Dudley Erle of Warrwick 3
mes of the Princely Pro John Elmer L. B. who receyved (by one Copinger)
phet David expounded of London afore my Boke at my handes
in Latin by D. Victorin 23 sayd his Chapleyn but rendered mee no reward
Strigelius of Lipsia in Mr John Dewporte for the same: I was there
Germany by mee transla aforesayd: Printed fore driven to make bene
ted oute of Latin into by the sayde John fit of 100 Bookes within
English and comended Wolfe conteyning

2 yeares space afterwards by George Close my 32 sheetes printed to the value of x li 26 Contry man Preacher

sterling His Lady the
of St Magnus Parish in Countess survyving him hathe bene synce twyce

thanckfull vnto mee for 2 other of my bokes
8 s. 6 d.

Leone mortuo.
Ecclesiastes 9. Praestantior Canis Vivus

But of this Dedication to him I may wryte and say worthely
Let not thyne hand be stretched oute to receyve and shutt when thow
shouldest give. Ecclus. 4. 31. So Here thanckfullnes perisheth from the
Deade as though they were not; but the Living and the sounde of harte
prayse the Lord. Ecclus. 17. 28.

39 After Anglia a flourish. 38 After Victorin a flourish. 34 After Honor a flourish. 15 l, i. e., pounds (see note 11, ante).


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