dad, Bishops' Wars, France, Great Rebellion, Ireland, Monmouth (Duke of), naval battles, Northern Rebellion, Rye-House Plot, Spain, Thirty Years' War, Turks, West Indies Warboys, Hunts., three witches of,

1419 Ward, Captain, a pirate, 2393 Ward and Danseker, 2393 Ware, Herts, murder at, 2349 Warmster's colt, beware to ride

on, 969

warrener, the, and Will, 1891 Warton, Thomas, English Poetry,

1370, 2302 Warwick, Guy of, 1057, 2119 Warwickshire, fire in, in 1625,

894; three wonderful wells in,

2631 Was ever man so tossed in love,

a tune, 2118 Waterton, Thomas. See W., T. Watling Street, London,

London, the widow of, 2958 Watson, Christopher, death of,

1424 Watt, cogging, 317 Watt Fool at the gallows, 2781 Webster, John, 960 wedding goes by destiny, 2216 wells, three wonderful, in War

wickshire, 2631 Wellington, Alice, death of, com

motion about the, 1473 Welsh, ballads in, 962, 2496 Welsh Ambassador, The, 249 Welshman entertained in Eng

land, 2897 Wem, Shropshire, monstrous chil

dren born at, 888 Wentford. See Wentworth Wentworth, Thomas, Lord, 1549 West Country, poor of the, their

complaint, 367 West Indies, war in, between

Spain and England, 417. See

Jamaica Westchester. See Chester Westcote, Thomas, Devonshire,

252 f. Westerham ('Westram '), Kent,

miraculous moving of the ground

in, 268 Westminster, London, child mur

dered by its' mother-in-law' in, 1801; Crowe murdered in, 2352; Gunpowder Plot traitors executed in, 1515; jousting in, in 1588, 1332; Long Meg of, 1524; maid hanged in, for child-murder, 619;

619; Mrs. Dorrington hanged in, 1399; murder in, in 1588, 1801; new created cuckold of, 1866; she-devil of, 2412;

wanton wife of, 2847 Westminster Drollery, 1861, 2584 Westminster Hall, London,

Charles I's trial in, 2727; great

feast in, in 1683, 1877 Westmoreland, Lady Jane of, 318 Wharton, Sir George, his combat

with Steward, 324 Wharton, John, ballad by, 2908 wherrymen, three, at Bristol, 1321 Whetstone Park privateer, 308 Whig and Tory, between, 194 Whight, Nicholas, ballad by, 338 whips prepared by the Spaniards

for the English, 2544 whipper, merry pranks of the, 64 whipping of the pretended daugh

ter of the King of Spain, 2421 White, Andrew, monstrous child

of, 1622 White, Laurence, ballads by, 66,

127, 280, 1647, 1879 Whitehall, London, execution at,

95; James I goes from the Tower to, 1327; Princess Elizabeth betrothed at, 688; tilting before

the Court at, 1140, 1142, 1144 Whitehall Chapel, London, plot to

burn it in 1657, 1691 Whitsuntide, banquet, 1111; praise

of, 1233 Whittington, Sir Richard, life of,

2822 whore, cunning, overmatched, 454;

Essex man cozened by a, 774;

ranting, resolution of the, 2238 whoredom, and theft, against, 46;

plagues that insue, declared by the Scriptures, 512; Zaleucus on, 1343. See fornication

widow, complaint of the, 358; dis-

Wollay, Edward, ballad by, 1387
tressed, complaint of, 611; I'll women, defamers of, defence
a, if I marry, 1203

against, 531; God's threatenings
widows, warning for, 2874

to, 980; praise and dispraise of,
Wight, Isle of, monstrous child 2156, 2167; steadfastness of,
born in the, 2076

1258; vain beauty of, praised,
Wilkin of the West, 568

2165; wicked, cruelty of, to men,
Will, Jack, and Tom, cruel for- 1042
tune of, 434; Son (?) and the

Women Will Have Their Will,
warrener, 1891; Wicked, and 1942
Turner, 2954

Wonders of This Windy Winter,
William of Cortell, 785
William III, King of England, Wood, Anthony,

The, 1551

Wood, Anthony, ballad-collection
225; royal pastime of, 1373
William Wax-wise, on the Sab-

of, 66, 651, 776, 1024, 1147,

1322, 1411, 1564, 1570, 1647,
bath, 596

1886, 1934, 1985, 2226, 2437,
Williams, John, murderer, 777
Williams, Sir Roger, death of, 506

2685, 2741, 3072
willow ballads, 108, 966, 1187

Woodward, Katherine, murders
Willy, death of, Peggy's complaint Woodward, Mathea, murdered,

her husband and child, 1344
of, 2059; Nanny and, merry

scuffle of, 1750
Wilson and Caulfield, Characters,

Worcester, cruel murder at, in

1577, 1417; news from, of Wil-
Wilson, Christopher, ballad by,

liam Poole, 2534; thrifty maid

of, 1470; traitors executed at,
Wiltshire. See Marlborough, Sal-

in 1606, 516
isbury, Wrekell

Worcestershire, murder in, in
Wily Beguiled, 569

1605, 437. See Malvern Hills
wily beguiled, the woman's, 3004

world, age of the, 47; complaint
Winchester, Hampshire, traitors

of the people against the, 365;
arraigned at, 2682

end of the, 683; frailty of the,
Winchester, Thomas, murdered by

518; how it shall decay with
the Merrys, 175

fire, 528; miserable estate of
Windham (Wymondham), Nor-

the, 521; strange challenging
folk, burning of, 96; ravens

against, 2535; thus goeth, 2635;
gather at, 947

unsteadfast state of, 526; van-
Windy Year, The, 1551

ity of, 2805
wine, proof and praise of, 2212; worldlings, glorious, condemn the
women, and dice, 598

godly, 588; warning to, 1025,
Wingham, John, marvelous deliv- by an ape, 2891
erance of, 1683

worldly vanity, conviction of, 392
Wisdom, Robert, Iballad by, 2489 worm in a horse's heart, 3039
Wit and Drollery, 678, 1564 Worrall (alias Winterstore), Tho-
Wit Restored, 561

mas, robbed and tortured, 94
Wit's Interpreter, 1724

Worslay, Richard, epitaph of, 771
witch, scratching of the, 2382 worthies, England's, 722
witches, mad humors of, 2209; Wrekell (Wraxall), Wiltshire,

three, at Chelmsford, 1500; flood at, 1445
three, of Warboys, 1419; warn- Wright, Thomas, Carols, 202
ing to, 2890

Wylken (welkin?) waxen black in
Wither, George, ballads by, 797, winter, 1248

Wymondham. See Windham

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Xantippe, wife of Socrates, 3081

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Yale, Sir Yevan Lloyd of, 749 Yarington, Robert, Two Lament

able Tragedies, 175 Yonge, Walter, Diary, 443, 812,

1284 York, Archbishop of. See Gray,

Walter de York, Harrington suffers at, 1076;

houses overthrown at, by a flood in 1564, 1426; James I entertained at, 719; merry maid of, 1729; rich man of, 2294 Yorkshire, example of two false

lovers in, 1105; letter from seven tailors in, 1456; Marmaduke Lacy of, 746; murder in, in 1605, 1413; the Nortons in, 549. See Pontefract, Wakefield

young men, caveat to, 273, or

warning to, 2017 youth, age and, between, 584,

wicked behavior of, 818; admonition for unbridled, 14; admonition to, to leave, 1922; conscience and, 791; death and, between, 190; old age and, disputation between, 608; warning to, 1227, to die, 2179

Zaleucus, judgment of, on whore

dom, 1343 Zorobabell (Zerubbabel), wise,



New York University.


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The original music used for the songs in Fletcher's plays seems to have received no attention from modern scholars. In fact the music for all the Elizabethan dramatists except Shakespeare has been neglected by musical historian and dramatic historian alike. The texts of the songs in Fletcher have been studied by men interested in the reconstruction of the Elizabethan drama. But the music has lain neglected and unknown. Although many a scholar is familiar with the text of the song, “ Tell me, Dearest, what is love?" and knows its source and its use in Fletcher's The Captain, Act II, scene 2, very few know that the music is preserved in a manuscript of the time of James I; and perhaps not one scholar in a hundred knows what that piece of music sounds like. The same remark might apply equally to any of the dozens of songs in Fletcher. This neglect of Fletcher's music is strange, in view of the facts that two-thirds of his plays contain songs, and that the original music for eighteen of the songs has come down to us. These eighteen pieces of music are sufficient to give us a good idea of the various musical types found in the plays.

For this study the field is restricted to thirty-two plays in which Fletcher had the sole hand, or at least the main hand. The works in which he collaborated extensively with Beaumont, Massinger, Middleton, or Jonson are here excluded. Twenty-one


* See Jaggard, W. Shakespeare Bibliography, Stratford, 1921, the section on Music and Dancing. The best book on Shakespeare music is Edward W. Naylor's Shakespeare and Music, London, 1896. Naylor prints all the extant original music.

of the thirty-two plays contain songs, a total of seventy-two songs. The following table shows the plays examined, the number of songs in each play, and the number of musical settings now extant.

The Faithful Shepherdess,
Love's Cure,
Monsieur Thomas,
The Captain,
The Nice Valor,
The Woman's Prize,
The Beggars' Bush,
The Chances,
The Bloody Brother,
The Knight of Malta,
The Queen of Corinth,
The Mad Lover,
The Loyal Subject,
The Humorous Lieutenant,
Women Pleased,
The Pilgrim,
The Wild Goose Chase,
A Wife for a Month,
The Elder Brother,

Musical Song Setting 4

1 1


3 2
6 1
3 1
5 2
4 1
5 1
6 3
5 1
2 1
4 1



In short, we have music for exactly 25% of the songs.

Of the eighteen pieces of music now available three are from seventeenth century Mss. in the British Museum;? eight are from Dr. John Wilson's Cheerfull Ayres or Ballads, Oxford, 1660;8 one is from J. Stafford Smith's Musica Antiqua, London, 1812; six are from William Chappell's History of the Popular Music of the Olden Time, 1855.* The Mss. and Cheerfull Ayres are origi

2 Egerton Ms. 2012 f3b; Add. Ms. 29396 f18b; Egerton Ms. 2013 f12b.

3 Cheerfull Ayres or Ballads. First Composed for one single Voice and since set for three Voices. By John Wilson, Doctor in Music, and Professor of the same in the University of Oxford. Oxford, 1660. The Library of Congress has a copy of the part for the “Cantus” or leading voice. The Cantus part also contains a bass for the lute or viol.

* There are two volumes, published 1855 and 1859. Since all of our ballads come from Volume 1, page references are to that volume. This fine old collection was reëdited by H. E. Wooldridge and published as Old English Popular Music, 2 vols., London, 1893.

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