Diamond Deposits: Origin, Exploration, and History of Discovery

SME, 2002 - 374 pagina's
Written for geologists and diamond prospectors, this guidebook provides a general overview of diamond exploration and exploitation. The text covers how to find, recognize, and evaluate the potential of diamond deposits. As examples, the book reviews the history of some important diamond discoveries in Russia and the western United States.

Much of the book is focused on geology of common diamond host rocks, including kimberlite and lamproite. In addition, it reviews the occurrence of some of the more unconventional host rocks that have produced some notable diamond discoveries. The material found in diamond deposits provides a foundation for discussing some of the most fundamental problems of theoretical geology, such as the timing of geological events and the development of cratonic areas.

The authors are both experienced geologists who bring years of field experience to their writing. This resource provides a comprehensive look at the geology of diamonds, including historical data, crystal structure, and methods of exploration.


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Excellent book - I really enjoyed the parts about exploration methods and the insights from the Russian perspective of diamond deposits and origins. Volledige review lezen

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Conventional Host Rocks
Unconventional Source Rocks
Tectonic Control and Temporal Distribution of Diamond Deposits
Exploration Mining Economics and Extraction
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