Work it in gold and silver grapes,

dishes and feeding swine. Certainly one In leaves and silver fleurs-de-lys;

cannot imagine a harder lot for a beauBecause the birthday of my life

tiful girl" with such hair, too." But Is come, my love is come to me.

mark the swift contrast of opportunity Now the force of this poem is only offered by her lover. She "shall sit on secondarily in its emotional quality. The a cushion, and sew a fine seam”—the really remarkable thing to note about it eternal dream of silken idleness—she is that every line, except the last two lines shall be a fine lady seated at her window, of each stanza, making the emotional languidly drawing her needle through application, contains a beautiful natural

her embroidered linen, as the swineobject, carved and gilded, as it were, in

feeding and dish-washing world goes by; words. Out of Keats's “Eve of Saint and she shall do what heretofore only Agnes,” there is no such example in Eng

her masters and mistresses ever dreamed lish of words used in decorative bas of doing, she shall “feed upon strawrelief with at once such richness of color, berries, sugar, and cream.” The symsuch concrete contour, and with such bolic use of the words “strawberries and an evocation of feeling from the whole cream” is well enough understood by collocation of lovely things.

advertising restaurateurs. Few collocaYou will say, naturally, that it is a far tions of words express so much of avercry from these lofty illustrations to age human felicity. Without having "Curly Locks," but-is it? Of course,

herded swine or washed dishes, it ought "Curly Locks” is not a great poem like

to be easy to any natural person to "A Birthday” or “The Eve of St. understand the power of the climax in Agnes”; but I would claim for it, in a these four simple, popular, despised, and humble degree, an excellence in kind, immortal lines. And strawberries and and maintain that it, and many other

cream” recall me to the tarts which the examples of popular verse, survive on Queen of Hearts made all on a summer account of their employment of objects day. Anything picturesque to eat is in themselves beautiful, dramatic, or in always useful in popular poetry, and some way humanly attractive.

even Keats, “him even,” made wonIt is surely unnecessary to labor the derful use, as we know, in his high point of all that is done in the evocation artistic sphere, of that "strawberriesof a girl's beauty in the two words and-cream" motive, when, in “The Eve “Curly Locks." "Rapunzel, Rapunzel of St. Agnes,” Porphyro brought to the let down your hair," the hair of Meli- sleeping Madeline: sande, that glory of a woman's hair to which even St. Paul was not blind, all

a heap

Of candied apple, quince, and plum, and manner of “love-locks” and “perilous

gourd; hair," from all time to all eternity, is With jellies soother than the creamy curd, hinted at in those two words. Also they

And lucent syrops, tinct with cinnamon; draw the comely rest of “Curly Locks Manna and dates, in argosy transferr'd in an instant alluring picture. We have From Fez; and spiced dainties, every one, all dreamed of "Curly Locks." That is From silken Samarcand to cedar'd Lebanon. much to do in two words, but it is done constantly in popular poetry.

This is only Keats's way of saying, Then, in the next line, how swiftly the "And feed upon strawberries, sugar, and drama between the lot of “Curly Locks” cream,” and there are some of us who and the lot offered her by her lover is would prefer the offer of the lover of indicated. If there are two things hu- "Curly Locks"

“Curly Locks"-plain “strawberries, man beings hate doing, they are washing sugar, and cream.

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VOL. CXXXVI.-No. 811.-II


Midwinter-Night's Dream


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OROTHY had no fault On the table in front of Dorothy was

to find with her life at a wonderful assortment of articles and a all. How could she find suit-case to pack them in. There was a fault? Wasn't she do- particularly engaging variety of doll ing just what she had with short-bobbed, golden-brown hair been preparing to do? that could be combed and “laundered,”

Wasn't she gloriously as the clerk at the shop had assured her. independent--the mistress of just the The doll had an eager, rosy little face charming little bachelor apartment that and brown eyes; her knees were pink she had planned to have, possessed of and dimpled, and she wore socks and more girl friends than she could make stub-toed patent-leather slippers. after-office engagements with, earning A tiny trunk, which was on the table, the largest salary of any of the girls in too, held as elaborate a wardrobe as her class, healthy and happy and busy Dorothy had been able to assemble by with perfectly delightful work? Jack sewing herself, or coaxing her friends Penfield called this having her own way, into making or by buying in the shops but she knew it was just doing the thing during the five days since her plan had she could do best. And that was what occurred to her. It was a wardrobe in her class in the final class-meeting had which pink predominated, because pink solemnly agreed was what every woman was more becoming to Penelope than should choose to do. And if one had no blue. There were two play-dresses, a real taste for domesticity why should Sunday dress, a party dress, a velvet one attempt it?

coat trimmed with narrow fur and with As will be seen from this, Dorothy had a muff to match, hats, underwear-very few childish weaknesses left.

up-to-date and profusely trimmed with “If I have one,” she said to herself, pink-ribbon bows-in short, there was pursuing some train of thought that the the most complete wardrobe that any sight of Christmas trees stacked up doll ever went visiting with, and all against the window of a florist started in made with buttons and buttonholes or her, “it is for dressing dolls."

hooks and eyes or snappers so they Trains of thought can sometimes carry could be put on and taken off as many one farther than trains of cars. Perhaps times as their mother desired, even durthis one was speeded up by a glimpse of ing that rapturous first day of possession a little child mother on the Fifth Avenue when the usual commercially made outbus hugging a befrilled and staring bisque fits simply melt away at the fastenings daughter — by that and the thought under the constant strain. of other children whose legs were too But Penelope and her trousseau, althin and whose faces were too pale and though the most glorious of the objects eyes too full of forbidden hopes-little on the table, was not all. Either Doromothers who probably had no befrilled thy had some embryo militant suffragist bisque daughters.

in view, greedy in appropriation of the For all these reasons Dorothy found rights and privileges of both sexes, or else herself alone in her apartment on Christ some moderately large-sized family was mas Eve after a rigorous course of re destined to receive the gifts, for there jected invitations, her home people dis were enough toys with a masculine appointed—but that was, in a measure, flavor and books that could be enjoyed a relief, because in her home town some by either boys or girls to make the body lay in wait who was as insistent as assortment a sort of accordion Christthe thought of doll-less little girls at mas, warranted to expand or contract Christmas-time.

according to the domestic tune.

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