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company of youngsters volunteering for in the port of departure. Others, tired naval air service, of mates seeking com of waiting, threw up the sea for good and mand of motley trawlers, mixed with joined the army. In the maze of letters boatswains of old windjammers, and and "On Active Service" cards coming captains of every degree from river to Mr. Wood, every service in the Adpackets on the Yangtse Kiang, to pil- miralty and every army on land, that is grim ships of Bombay. The Guild Ga in the thick of it, is represented. Here Zette is filled with their appointments in are some of them, picked at random: the Royal Naval Reserve. They came

SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE. in such numbers that the Board of

I was nearly blown to pieces a few days Trade, alarmed at the vacancies, advised ago; a shell burst in a dugout that I was seamen of all grades to remain in the leaning against. I was having a quiet smoke

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merchant service; and the Admiralty at the time and was thrown thirty yards ruled it would not take men out of a ship away in our trench. Needless to say abroad-desiring as many British sub- glad it was our trench, not the German's, for jects as possible aboard merchantmen we are not much further from theirs. When but would consider applications only trenches, they fumed us and shelled us for

we were at Festubert occupying German after arrival in the United Kingdom. hours. It was terrible. Men in the China trade pleaded for release from their ships, and received it on

ANZAC, GALLIPOLI. condition they would return home in The things we see are worse than hell can their usual capacity as officers and not

Yet one gets callous to it all. Officers full of hope few days ago. A man was brought down to

Here's a little story that really happened a as passengers. started home; vessels they were signed the hospital at Anzac. His face was an on were commandeered by the fleet in

awful mess and the doctor said, “Well, how the Mediterranean, and eventually, after

did you get this lot?” traveling twice around the globe via The wretch started to grin and said: Suez and Panama, ended months later “Well, you see me and Bill was throwing

ever be.


bombs over to the Turks and Bill lights a different at night. Picture me brown as an bomb fuse and it didn't appear to be burning Arab and working in only a singlet and right, so Bill 'e siz, ‘I'll make you fizz, you overalls. You know the Murillo is a refrig'eathen!' and starts to blow on it, when orf erator ship. Refrigeration has a cool sound, it went and blew off Bill's bloomin' head. but one has to wish to be a quarter of beef Hee, hee, I didn't arf larf!"

to really enjoy it. There is not even a re

frigeration-room for ship's stores, just a little H. M. T. Same Ship, SALONIKA,

ice-chest on deck. We had only been out a We had some nurses aboard here to-day. week when the ship's fresh meat went bad. They were driven out of Serbia and it is something awful what some of them have

From another youngster, arriving in gone through. Sleeping at times in barns Australia on a sailing-ship and anxious and old lofts, and occasionally on the road to get in the thick of it: side; living on the same rations as the

Here I am at the end of the passage and Tommies—tinned beef and biscuits. Poor girls, we were so sorry for them we set them

thumping glad to be there. I have come to

the conclusion that to some with a very up, and they quite enjoyed a decent dinner aboard here.

lofty idea of duty, taking a royal in during a H. M. S. Tiger, Nov. 27, '16.

rain squall, or scooping the dirt out of the Did you know I got a "mention" in the

chicken-coop may constitute a splendid situaJutland affair?

tion in time of war, but to Sandy S

No, sir! Nor are that ginger-headed, walrusLA PALLICE, FRANCE.

faced old Welsh mate, or the weak-willed He died very happy at being called out to

noodle of a second mate who delights in do special duty. He rushed a dangerous catching sharks and albatrosses, ship-mates bridge in an armored car at thirty-five miles an hour. I attended his naval funeral,

for me. This is a spanking war with a chance We're all glad he was not taken prisoner.

to do something spanking. I am now a motor-cyclist scout.

I'm lucky and won the D. S. Cross and

received it from the King at Buckingham I failed in my exams for mate. I am color

Palace. I am not sure which was the worse blind so I joined the Artists' Rifles.

ordeal. Do write one of your cheerful letters H. M. S. Sirus.

to mother. Bill is at the front in France, a We are doing high seas policeman's work,

sub-Lieutenant in the A. S. C., Jack is full overhauling and examining merchant ships. Lieutenant in the Field Artillery and both The most exciting time happened when I have turned boon German-killers-two of landed with a party of thirty-nine sailors

my sisters are volunteer nurses, one in hosand marched eighteen miles in a night pital for Belgian soldiers, other for British and occupied a village. Galer of the Ophir wounded-Mother, needless to state, is in is in Gibraltar with a prize crew in charge an awful state. a Swedish steamer caught loading contra

GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR. band cargo from German steamers sheltering We are carting coal around to H. M. ships in Teneriffe. Griggs is on the hospital ship and have had no mail. In a paper I see a Rewa with our home fleet as fourth. He may wireless from Berlin announcing the sinking get a chance to cool the Kaiser's heated brow. of the British S. S. Harpalyce and twentySanders of the R. N. R. has been awarded eight lost; my brother was second officer. the V. C., without the nature of the exploit We passed each other at sea a year ago. It is being published. He is a lieut. commander terrible, I don't know how long before I will and only thirty.

get news from home about him. LONDON.

H. M. S. Majestic, You really ought to come over for a Zep

DARDANELLES, April 1915. raid; they are great fun, a most lovely sight

The Queen Elizabeth led us into action with in the ray of our search-light, just like the

her band playing "Everybody's Doing It.” governor's silver-wrapped cigars. I have been in three or four raids already; it is fine

H. M. S. Agincourt, sport firing at them with "antis.' My

July 19, 1917. youngest brother is in the R. F. Corps, Since the Jutland affair I've had no chance some birdman.” So we both hunt Zeps. to use my turret on the Huns. I am just Tribulations of a youngster:

the same erratic wandering chap. Rather

fed up with bugles, pipes, saluting and saPORT SAID, August, 1916. laaming and stuck in same spot, never seeing Despite all the wonders I have seen since any land except our dreary base, which is the war began, I would give it all for a frigid miles away from civilization. Months on ice-cream soda. Don't laugh; think of this end we never see a soul except Naval people. heat-the glass registers 110° and not much Occasionally we get to the fishing village of

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but these are red-letter days in our day at two. Bride goes to London for special lives. An evening ashore is absolutely un license; finally my brother arrives, hot, known. Three of the Glendon crowd are here. dusty, breathless, five minutes late. After Hodge is on the Antrim and Emwoldren is the event the two innocents find they have on the Duncan. Bayford is on submarine. no notion of where to spend the six-day He won D. S. C. at Gallipoli early in the war, honeymoon. Imagine fifty excited relations so did Acheson of the Indra Line. Poor of all ages, each propounding his or her own Dendreno, who joined the flying corps, was view on the subject and accompanying them shot down on the French front. Wish I was to the station. Finally, amid much noise, on the destroyers; they are the only ones the spot is selected for them, and they have that see occasional Huns.

to travel down in the crowded Guards van, Here is the record of one family:

C. trying his best to look dignified as becomes a Lieutenant in H. M.'s Army. Next

brother left the sea, went to France as a M. F. A. 103. 0. T. Uncas,

September 22, 1916. private in Public Schools Batt., refused a The Uncas became oiler No. 2 and we commission before going out, saw service in loaded our cargo of fuel oil in the East and trenches and was marched out and told his ended up in a region where shot and shell duty was to take a commission. Next wandered around. After getting rid of our

brother is in the A. S. C. and saw the Uncas precious cargo we turned around and came in harbor at Port Said, but could not get off east again for another full load, and this to see me. None of us have seen each other time all the way home. The wife keeping since war began. Now if you are not fed watch during the hours I had to sleep, and up with me and my brothers, you ought to glad I was to have her sharp eyes in the sub be. To finish up with, the dear old Mater marine area, for the chief officer was old and and Pater sit at home, longing and yet past his work. Arrived safely in the old dreading to see the post and newspapers country, the wife left me at Falmouth, and then away under sealed orders. Ten days or so before I could get word to Mrs. C.; of

On every sea of the seven the men of course silly women folk imagined subs had

Britain's Merchant Marine have carried got me. We wandered down to River Tyne out their appointed tasks. They have and dry-docked there; unfortunately the carried troops and munitions to far Chinese were restless so had to stay aboard places, wherever campaigns are under with only two days' leave, first since outbreak of war. I reported to Admiralty, being Salonika, German colonial Africa, and to

way—to Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, an R. N. R. officer, but was told (as usual)

France. They have been in the fighting to continue on my ship. I'd dearly loved to have been told to proceed to a Naval depot,

on patrol duty, on trawlers bound subfor it is not all honey to be away on your

marine-hunting or mine-sweeping, and lonesome, knowing that if attacked one on ships doing a dozen unheard - of mistake ends you. Now about my brothers. things. When the veil of mystery now At the evacuation of Gallipoli one of them spread over their comings and goings received orders to proceed with five hundred lifts, and their ships sail in New York men to Anzac and destroy stores.

Harbor, not in lead color, but with white rived there after the guns had been with

deck-houses and house flags flying, and drawn and had a merry time. Turks-no

the S. S. British Empire no longer opposition-shelled them night and day; however, the boy did his work and left Anzac

H. M. Transport; then, in the comwith not very heavy casualties. After two

panionship of the kind folks of the instidays' rest, same job at Helles, if you please; tute, untold deeds will come to light. bit thick, eh! Had a beastly time at Helles,

Meanwhile their letters come to Mr. a big gale came on and they could not work, Wood; and other letters such as this: only sit in the dugouts being shelled all the time. Finally finished the job and he

He was killed in action. brought away all but ten of his men. He was lonely for we women folks in England. mentioned in orders of the day, congratu

Certainly, when the question is asked lated and promoted. Next brother C. came home from India, joined up, won his commis

in years to come, "What did you do in sion, and is now in France. Before leaving

the Great War?" the answer need but he was married; how, is rather amusing—he

be, “On Admiralty Service, if you wires his fiancée at ten to be ready that same

please, sir!"

He ar

It is very

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East of

of Eden


WAS with Twining moulded Twining. For the very special when it happened. trick life was going to play him, he was Nothing but that a little handicapped by all those impleactual presence on the ments of sport. They didn't fit his fate. spot-could give me Variety without complication-"muscuthe right to tell the tale; lar,” all of it. And Roger Twining was

for, untypical as it is, to be an optimist caught by the Furies, irrelevant, unique, unexpected, to sit at a lad by no means Prometheus chained home and imagine it would be merely to the Promethean rock. If it weren't morbid. Some people may think it for the old Kingsborough clannishness, morbid to relate it, in any case. To such I should be tempted to say that he was I can only say that facts need no apol the seat of a terrific tempest-and was ogy. The thing occurred. What is himself only teapot size. But, then, I morbid is the comment of the people have always stuck to the categorical very far away who never understood. imperative; and, while it is an open I was there; day by day, by his side, I question in my mind whether you can saw him through it, and I can honor ever really convert a heathen, I am quite ably assert that Twining was sincere to sure that you cannot convert him with the core, honest to the bitter end. basket-ball. In that I side with Aunt Though why chosen for his peculiar des Miriam. tiny, I have never been able to guess. Twining himself felt something of it in

Since my day they have set a statue those first discouraged days at his reon the Kingsborough campus that is an mote, incredible post, where, by misadequate portrait of Roger Twining's management at home and the inopportype. I don't know what it calls it tune death on the high seas of the man self, but it is a young athlete, half in a who was to follow him at once, he was gown, half out of it, with a football for a time in sole charge. (You will have under his arm and hockey shoes on his made out, I hope, that he was a misfeet, with a Bible and tennis racquets sionary.) As he put it to me petuheaped vaguely against him—a symbolic lantly one night on his big verandah, “If presentment, I take it, of young Kings I could only have worked backward borough going forth to preach the Gospel instead of forward, unlearned all the to every creature. A very nice person, things a Christian child knows, acquired that statue, but too heterogeneously a totem instead of a diploma!” He was equipped. Twining, to the life; if he deep in Tylor and Frazer at the time, could once have got his Polynesians to and beginning to see why the once play basket-ball, he could have gone on, famous Mission was moribund and the I believe, to expound the Pauline epis Catholics had it all their own way with tles to them with fluent ease. For he the beautiful, dying race. He was comwas not a fool, and he was the best ing to realize, and not without regret, fellow in the world. Only, you see, by that basket-ball can never take the place Twining's time at Kingsborough (he of good, soul-shaking ritual. Besides, graduated a few years after I did) they the natives would not play basket-ball. had completely canalized religion be- They preferred to spear fish, and get tween Y. M. C. A. embankments. No drunk of an evening, and smile as no one cared about categorical imperatives Christian has ever smiled. any more—not even Tug Lambert when Now let me get to work and abridge he was drunk. The statue is the expres for you the preluding weeks. sion of the Kingsborough spirit which Pure Kingsborough clannishness led

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