dell elected governor of 275; cal- Emmett, Thomas Addis, lies 196; Graham, W. of New York, killed in
culations on the next presidential his biography and an eulogy on 211 a duel 218; his letter to the editor
election 3; election of gov. and Farming, profitable

213 of the X. Y. Eoquirer

members of congress in Tennessee February, a long one

52 Greece and Turkey-affairs of 3; in-
18; in Kentucky 18; in R. Island 18; Floridathe climate, soil, &c. 53; terference of the allies 6; terms of
Tatpall, Mr. resigns his seat in con- sickness at Pensacola 67; orange the proposed treaty, &c. 8, 38,
gress 18; Mr. Wing elected from crops in 195; complaints of a sugar 69, 147, 218, 229, 357, 391; French
Michigan 18; abuse of character 34; planter in

275 consul at Cisme 6; Ibrahim pacha
elections in Maine 50; in Mississip- Fortune, freaksot-Angereau & Ber- 57, 148; his barbarity 6, 229; A-
pi, 50; Alabama 50; D. E. Evans of nadotte

thens the battle of 7;J. G. Eynard's
N. Y. resigns 50); Adars” and Forgeries

146, 389 letter to Lord Cochrane and

Jackson” papers 80; Talbot, Mr. Franklin, captain the navigator 5, 43 Church 7; the Porte and the alli-
a candidate for governor of Geo. *Free born Englishmen”-sale of 375 ed ministers 19, 38, 69, 147, 229;
dies 81; general election in Ma- Freeports on the Pacific

147 Aleppo, the plague at 19; thanks
ryland 82, 99; meetings in opposi-

French affairs.

of the Greek government to the
tion to gen. Jackson in Virginia 29, Agricultural products, &c. 218; Al- president of the U. S. &c. 34; for-
82, 212; convention in Va. to form giersblockade of &e. 5, 57; bat- mer population, revenue, &c. of
an anti-Jackson ticket 180,212, 533; tle with the Algerine fleet 286; Greece 34; the Acropolis of Athens
congressional election in Delaware capture of French vessels 6; af- 34; naval action off Candia 38; let-
82,98; Mr. Sergeant elected to con- fairs of France 6; Americans in from J. P. Miller to the executive
gress from Philadelphia 98; politi- Paris celebrate the 4th of July 6, committee in New York 45; man-
cal character of the legislatures of 12; Greeks, the

ifesto of the Ottoman porte 45;Lord
New Jersey and Pennsylvania 129; Cherbourg, the celebrated port of Cochrane 57, 88, 229; gen. Church
Hugh L. White elected a senator 372; censorship of the press 57; 57;Colocotroni 57; Fabvier,accusa-
of the U. S. from Tennessee 129; 98; arbitrary acts of the censor- tion against 57; De Rigny, admi-
Forsyth, Mr. elected gov. of Geo. ship 61; commerce of France 132; ral 57; American beneficence 431;
129; elections in New York 180; with the U. S. 216; cloths, gossa-

disturbances in Greece 58, 88; con-
resolutions in the legislature of mer 116; metallic 132; Circe, the rention between the porte and Swe.
Vermont 180; Mr. Clinton no- frigate at Norfolk, Va. 68; cotton den 229; Arabs beaten by the
minated as vice president 196, 212;


133 Greeks 69; J. P. Miller's, &c. let-
classification of the members in Disturbances in Paris

357 ter as to the sufferings of the
the New York legialuture 197; Forgeries, extensive at Bordeaux 118 Greeks 230, 276; dreadful fire in
the vice presidency, rumors of can- Gambling in Paris

69, 87, 99 Moldavia 69; constitutional char-
didates for 212;“Jackson meeting" Imports and exports, value of 36 ter 70; affairs at Napoli between
in Fayette co. Pa. 212; Mr. Van Josephine and Maria Louisa 117 Gonras and Fountomaris 88, 118;
Buren named for the vice pre- Lafayette, general-elected to the Washington, lieut. killed 88; victo-
sidency 212; convention favora- chamber of deputies 6, 18; doings ry in the Peloponnesus 88; the reis
ble to the administration at Har- of certain Americans in conse-

effendi disgraced 277; relief from
risburg 212; ticket formed at $16; quence 35; his speech at the cele- France 88; fire at Jassy 88; thanks
correspondence of gov. Shulze bration of the 4th of July in Paris of the government to the Greek
with the committee requesting 12; his land in the U.S.

130 committee in Philadelphia 197;
that he might be nominated for the Manual, M. burial of 122; metallic battle at the monastery of Tasichi
vice presidency 277, 332; Jackson cloths 7; a miser

132 197; Paul Bonaparte arrives in
electoral ticket of Georgia 213; the Naval-vessels afloat 197; Napoleon, Greece 197; the French fleet at Na-
electoral law of N. York 226; vio- Scott's life of 52, 87, 229; a single varino 218; the allied fleet 229; par-
lence of party feeling in Georgia Iar law suit arising from his will 55; tition of Turkey 226, 262; procla-
226; Adamselectoral ticket of Lou- Josephine and Maria Lousia 117 mation of the Greek government
isiana 226; election of a speaker in Silk manufacturers 69; statistics, in- on the intervention of the allies 229;
the house of representatives of teresting

218, 390

battles 69, 88, 197, 229; Capo a'ls-
Ky. 277; Administration electoral Fulton, R. his letter to Joel Barlow 15 tria 229; a sketch of his life, with his
ticket in North Carolina 315; Mr. Gallatin, A. 218; arrives at N. Y. 228

address to the Greek nation 322,
Crawtord nominated for the vice · Georgia-German emigrants 5; E. 323; destruction of the Turkish
presidency by the H. of rep. of F. Tatnall resigns his seat in con?

fleet 261; news of at Constantinople
Geo. 315; election for a speaker in gress 18; exports of cotton, rice, 276; English and French official
the house of representatives of Del- &c. from Savannah 65; Mr. For- accounts of the battle, with inter
aware 315, 334; elections in Lan- syth elected governer 129; Jackson esting items 266, 277, 279, official
caster and Adams co. Pa. 315; e- electoral ticket 213; general New- papers relating to 278 to 280; adini-
lection of officers in the Maryland man removed from office 213; gov.

ral Codrington's general order to
legislature 317; electors friendly to Troup's message to the legislature the combined feet 350; letter of the
the administration in Ohio 316; e- 220 to 222; report and resolution

allied commanders to the Greek
lectors favorable to the administra- made to the legislature on the ta- government on the subject of the
tion in Ky. 316; state of parties in riff and internal improvements 325

piracies of the Greeks 350; mutiny
the legislature of Indiana 332: Jack- to 328; the Darien bank 34C; case among the Egyptian troops 277;
son electoral ticket of N. Jersey of judge Moses Fort 346; resolu-

cottop of Greece

356; Jackson electoral ticket of Vå. tions passed in the legislature re-

Grundly, Felix, his letter to gen. An-
357; Adams convention in Rhode specting the Cherokee lands 347;

drew Jackson

Island 357; state of parties in the differences with the Creeks settled Gurley, R. R. his letter answering
Ohio legislature 374; nomination 374; violence of party feeling in

certain interesting inquiries re-
of Messrs. Adams and Rush at 226; proceedings of the senate on specting the colony at Liberia 377;
Portland, Me. 574; state of parties protecting manufactures 275, 276; see Africa.
in the legislature of Louisiana 374; Mr. Crawford nominated for the Harrisburg convention--notices rela-
Jackson electoral ticket of Indiana vice presidency 315; agriculture of tive to 17, 65, 81, 97, 160; address
388; Adams electoral ticket of do. the state


of the convention 100 to 112; an
388; the gov. of N. Jersey declines Germany-a match vender of Ratis- error in noticed 113; appendix to
issuing a writ for an election to sup- bone 37; protestants in 57; inunda. the address, table shewing the pro-
ply the vacancy in congress occa- tions in Silesia

57 gress of the population of the U.S.
sioned by the death of Dr. Hol- Giles, W. B. see politics of the day

from 1790 10 1820, &c. 123; sum-
combe $88; nomination of gen. and Virginia.

mary view of the commerce of the
Jackson for the presidency by the Gilmer, Thomas, W. his letters to U. Sutes 12 i; population 125; gen-
members of the N. York legisla-

282, 335 eral view of the commerce of the
ture 388; Jackson electoral ticket Ghent, commissioners under the U. States 125; revenue 127; pro-
of Pennsylvania
$35 treaty, in session

218 duction and consnmption 138 to
Elliott, Jesse D. of the U. S. navy 219'Gossamer cloths


144; internal trade, or commerce

gov, Coles


between the states 149 to 160; Bri- Kent, Joseph, his letter to a gentle. 180; gen. Jackson's visit to New
tish trade and prohibitory laws 171 man in Ky. 19; R. M. Saunders' Orleans, an account of

to 176; brief notices of the opera- reply thereto 92; gov. Kent's re- Lutherans and Calvinists, union of 215
tion of protection 188 to 191; Iron joinder to gen. Saunders 137 Machinery for the manufacture of
191; scraps 192; cotton 203 to 207; Kentucky-elections in 1,50; death cloth exported

wool and woollens

207 of Dr. Young 98; Messrs. Chilton Madison, James, his letter to the edi-
Harrison, W. H. his letter as to cer- and Calhoun 277; election of a tor of the Lynchburg Virginian 135

tain proceedings on Mr.Clay's no- speaker to the house of represen- Maganese found in Vermont 118
mination 222; his letter relative to tatives 277; electors favorable to Maine-Mr. Lincoln, re-elected go-
Mr. Branch

336 the adıninistration 315; gen. Tho. vernor 50; McIntire, Mr. elected
Hayti—the new tariff54;engagements mas Metcalfe and J. R. Under-

to congress 50; N. E. boundary,
with France

58 wood nominated for governor and various notices relative to 199;
Haywood, John, dies

210 lieutenant governor 316; Jackson nomination of Messrs. Adams
Hicks, Elias


electoral ticket 357; the “Augus- and Rush at Portland, 374: reso-
Holbrook, maj. his new work 17 ta Herald” 439; nominations of go- lutions of the legislature con-
Holcombe, Dr. Geo. of the house of vernor 316, 357; vote of the legis- cerning the N. E. boundary 430
representatives, dies

357 lature on firing a salute on the 8th Mareshal, Ambrose, arch-bishop of
Hopkinson, lieut. of the U. S. navy of January

357 Baltimore, dies


130 Key West-alleged violations of Markley, Philip S. his letter as to
Houston, S. elected gov. of Ten. 18 the harbor of 23; seizure of a slave the alleged "bargain167 to 170
Howard, col. John Eager, dies, &c. vessel in the neighborhood of 373; Maryland--the general election in
190, 129, 145, 195; tribute of the see com. Porter and Mexico.

81, 98; election of officers in the le-
legislature of S. C. to his worth 389 Kremer, Geo. his speech at New gislature 315; revolutionary events
Huzzar frigate
56 Berlin

223 in 92; the penitentiary at Balti-
Illinois-lands to be sold tor taxes 219 Labor and power of G. Britain and more 212; proceedings of the le-
Indiana-Harmony 85; squirrels France


gislature as to the powers of the
in 99; grant of land, to the state Law and law cases-water rights general government to construct
for the construction of roads and 16; case of the associate reformed roads and canals, &c.

canals 322; Jackson electoral tick- church in Baltimore, 33; Hudson Massachusetts-schools in Boston
et for the state 388; Adams elec- vs. James M. French and others, 2; Blackstone canal 116; salt
toral ticket 388; resolutions of the assault and battery at sea 33; rights works at N. Bedford 180; tolls of
legislature asking gen. Jackson's of reporters 34; case of a witness Charlestown bridge 219; the Wor-
opinions on the policy of protect- who does not believe in a future cester Insurance Co. 219; resolu-
ing manufactures, &c. 439; state state of reward and punishment 55; tions in favor of protection lo ma-

of parties in the legislature 332 liability of carriers 55; suit aris- nufacturers by the legislature 347;
Indians-generally-disturbances a- ing from Bonaparte's will 55; law, proceedings in the senate

mong the Winnebagoes, &c. 15,68 various notices of the uncertainty Mr. Tufts having been summon-
gov. Cass's proceedings 44, 54; of 72; legal forms! 2; slander, cases ed to appear at Washington before
the war over 115; return of the of 80, 132; Adams and others vs. the committee on manufactures
troops 162; the Creeks 35; settle- the Washington Insurance compa- 350; exhibition of manufactures
ment of the differences with Geor- ny 86; Commonwealth of Penn- 130; meeting of wool growers, &c.
gia 374; Chilly' McIntosh's let. sylvania, vs. James M. Moore, at Pittsfield 359; toasts drank at
ter, describing the treatment of and 24 other journeymen taylors Worcester 370; proceedings in the
the emigrating party 276; the "conspiracy” 91; a delicate case legislature on accepting the statue
Sbawanese 54; the Cherokees 73; in N. York, U. S. bank vs. Grant of Washington, presented by the
treaty with 145; constitution of 115; a novel case at Kingston, U. monument association 376; militia
214, 346; their lands in Georgia C. 131; Champlain vs. Davidson in the state 390: fisheries, produce
347; Red Jacket deposed, &c. 131; cruelty to a sailor, case tried of in the district of Gloucester 439
84, 146; Siouxs and Chippe- at Boston 147; Thos. Warren and M'Clure, Geo. his letter relative to
ways 90; aboriginal character 116; others vs. W. and A. Crocheron the vote of Mr. Clay

credulity among the Potawo- 160; the commonwealth of Va. vs. M'Kenney, col. of the Indian de-
tomies 145; the “Cherokee Phe- R. I. Curtis editor of the Wheeling partment, returns to Washington
nix” a newspaper to be published Gazette-libel case 196; caseot T. 218; his work noticed 274; see con-
in the Cherokee nation 196; In- C. Fay, editor of the S. Carolina

dians within the U. S. 274; col. Gazette, indicted for a libel 215; Methodist church, members of, &c. 128
McKenney's tour 274; Dr. Jacob the Astor cause at N. Y. 215; deci- Metcalfe, gen. Thomas, a letter from
Jamison, a native of the Seneca sion in the case of Cruikshank vs. him on the subject of roads, 321
tribe, appointed a surgeon's mate Lambert 215; damages recoveredof Mexico-the attack on Mr. Poin-
in the U. S. navy 276; Indian a physician for negligence 219; case sett, &c. 13; his reply to a denun-
schools, number and expense of B, Wiggins et. al. vs. the execu. ciation of the congress of Vera
276; gen. Hummingbird, dies 439; tors of Mason Lee, tried at Marl- Cruz 23 to 26; treaty with Eng.
See congress.

borough, S. C. 219; supreme court land 18, 71; with the U. States
Internal trade

88, 321, 370 of the U. S. in session 329; the 19; the squadron at Key West 23;
Irish population in the U.S. 17

testimony of an atheist rejected letters of com. Porter to the edi.
Isaacs, 1. C. his letter


before the supreme court of Con- tors of the Louisiana Advertiser,
Italy—the church at Rome
57 necticut

374 and to com. Charles G. Ridgely, as
Jackson gen. his letter concerning Lead mines on Red river

371 to alleged violations of the har.
the six militia men &c. 20; in re- Lee, gen. Charles, a jeu d'esprit of 80 bor of Key West 23; bis affair
ply to an invitation to dine at Liberty, the effects of

13 with the district attorney at New
Frankfort, Ky. 87; his letter to Fe- Little, Peter, his letter to the editors Orleans 40, 71; his proclamation
lis Grundy as to any affray with transmitting extracts from the offering commissions for priva-
com. Decatur 281, 375; see poli- journals of the first congress for teers 356; do. in regard to vessels
tics of the «lay; his reception at the protection of manufactures 430 containing efiects belonging to the
New Orleans

392 Lorsiun-com. Porter at New enemy 356; battle near Apapa 38;
Jamison, Dr. Jacob, a native of the Orleans 40,71; epidemic in 50; the disturbances 70; 4th of July at San
Seneca tribe

276 batdle of alluried to by an English Potosi 115; persecution of the Spa-
Jefferson, Thomas-see politics of writer 136); electors of president ainards in 182, 230, 321; decree of

the day; an opinion of 21; letters of favorable to the administration no- expulsion 376; the new tariff 198;
gov. Coles and T. W. Gilmer on minated 226; parties in the legis- celebration of the anniversary of
the subject 281, to 283, 335; his lature 374; convention at Baton independence 230; boundary be.
letter to Mr. Giles 48, 59; the disa- Rouge 277; delegates appointed in tween Mexico and the U. States 230

greable intrusions upon his family 65 N. York to attend the celebration Michigan--Mr. Wing elected to
Kane, Mr. death of


of the battle of the Sth January congress 18; a day of thanksgiving


recommended by the governor on the existing provisions for e- Lehman's speech on the impor-
219; phenomena at Saut St. Mary's lecting a chief magistrate 351; tance of a breakwater on the Dela-

373 policy of New York 369; internal ware 404; tobacco raised in 439
Militia--case of the six militia men improvements in 369; improve- Perkins, Mr. his steam engine 56;

-for various articles see politics ments on lake Erie 569; revenue See steam.
of the day, and congress.

371; auction duties 387; the mem- Peru--congress of 70; disturbances
Militia of the U. States
404 bers of the legislature nominate

at Lima

Minorca, the island a revolutionary gen. Jackson for the presidency Philadelphia-elections in 98; ex-
relic found at

41 388; resolutions of the legislature ports 181; thanks from the Greeks
Mint of the U. S.

361 concerning a revision of the tariff 391 197; regulation of the weight of
Mississippi-elections in, 50; bloody New Jersey-convention in %; the bread 211; Binns, John 265; flour

rencontre near Natchez 182; culo legisiature of 129; officers of the exported 346; improvements 356;

tivation of silk in 193; negroes in 211 legislature 147; electoral ticket of commerce of 370; large bell on
Massonerimlend mines, &c. 87, 371; the state favorable to general Jacke the state house 371; water-works 589

mode of electing president in 196 son 356: Dr. Holcombe dies 356, Plants and seeds-the sec. of the
Morgan, case of 34, 82, 146, 161 388; persons burnt to death 374 treasury's letter concerning 201
Moneys, weights and measures, a ge- New South Wales--the colony of 372 Platina, a large mass of found

neral index of all foreign 88 Newspapers, value of

67 Politics of the day” 1; letter of
Naples--the ex-queen of vindicated Niagara tails, spectacle at


gov. Kent 19; gen. R. M. Saun-
36; population of the city 37 North Carolina-elections in 1; Mr. ders' reply 92; gov. Kent's answer
Navy and naval-British and Ame- Iredell elected governor 275; to gen. S. 137; gen. Jackson his

rican navies 51; the navy board Adams electoral ticket 315; revo- letter relative the six miltia men
85; captain Downes 67; the Dela- lutionary relic 41; "swamp lands" 20; T. M. Randolph's letter to the
vare 67, 276, 376; the Natchez 68; in 182; Dr. Vance killed in a editors of the Charlotteville Ad-
La Circe, the French frigate 68; duel 208; gov. Burton's recom- vocate 21; opinion of Mr. Jeffer-
the squadron in the Mediterra- mendation to the legislature, &c. son 21; Mr. Buchanan, certain de-
nean 99; Brodie's marine trunk 210; his message on the opening clarations of 21; extract of a letter
116; midshipmen 133; the Peacock of the legislature 283; proceed- from him to the editor of the Tele. 1
133; the Falmouth 162; capt. Jesse ings as to the expediency of es- graph 21; Mr. John Branch's letter

D.Elliott 219; rank in the pavy 345 tablishing manufactories 275; Cape to the editor of the Raleigh N.C.
Netherlands- -population of 52; Fear and Newbern banks 331, Star, and speech when Mr. Clay's

deaths and births in Amsterdam 374 374, 439; fire at Wilmington 374; nomination was before the senate
New Hampshire-banks in

internal improvement and manu- 21; W. H. Harrison's letters re-
New York, (city), packets belong. factures in $46; captain Blakely's lating to 222, 336; wishes of a fo-

ing to 2; location of a bank in 3; daughter 346; colonization society reigner 34; Mr. Giles's letter re-
"Journal of Commerce" 34; pas-


347 lative to Mr. Jefferson's opinions,
sengers, arrival of 36, 219; the North eastern boundary, see Maine. with certain extracts 47, 59; Mr.
king of Bavaria presented with a Ohio-iron and forges in 210; tobac- Jefferson's letter to Mr. Giles on
memoir on the canal, 54; revenue co 217; two members of the legis- the alleged encroachments of the
from the customs received at 54; lature natives of the state 275; government 48; Mr. R. A. Buck-
mail for France 56; “The Times” ticket formed by the convention ner's address, &c. 76; Mr. J. C.
newspaper 66; shipping in the har- at Columbus, friendly to the pre- Isacks's letter 78; Mr. Eaton's let.
bor i38; delegates appointed to sent administration 316; Jackson ter the public 94; gen. Jackson's
attend the celebration at New Or- electoral ticket formed at 857; reply to an invitation to dine at
Jeans 180; "the conspiracy cases" census of the state 332; the Ohio Frankfort, Ky. 87; charge of there
terminated 196; Thomas Addis canal 332; the Ohio river 347; having been an understanding be-
Emmett dies, &c. 196, 211; forge- wonderful changes in the state tween Messrs. Adams and Web-
ries committed in 211; poor debt- 371; nominations of governor 357; ster, with Mr. Bailey's card 119
ors in 213; the Astor causes 215; political character of the legisla- and 120; letter of Mr. Madison to
decision in the case of Cruikshank ture 374; inspections at Cincinnati the editor of the Lynchburg. Vir-
vs. Lambert 216; population of the

390 ginian, &c. 135; case of the six mi-
city 218; newspapers in 218, the Pacific, the free ports on

147 Titia men, report of the Nashville
evacuation by the British celebrat. Parsons, capt. S. C. testimony hono- committee, &c. 164, 167, 181, 195;
ed 219; toasts drank at a Jackson rable to

219 P.S. Markley's letter as to the al-
dinner in 226; Kane, sec. of the na- Passengers, arrival of, at N. Y. 36, 219 leged "bargain” 170; the Tennes-
tional insurance company 356;cot- Penn, William, and Charles II 128 see resolutions, &c. 183, 195; Mr.
toa trade of the city 371; Mr. Eck- Pennsylvania-weaving done at E- William's speech 198; Chapman
ford's daughter 374; church mov- conomy 49; convention at Harris- Johnson's letter to W. H. Cabell,

ing 389;"Merchants Telegraph”389 burg; see "Harrisburg Conven- &c, 187; the commonwealth of Va.
New York-state; D. E. Evans re- tion" and "editorial;" the legis- ve. Robert I. Curtis, editor of the

signs his seat in congress 50; ses- lature, state of parties in 128; the Wheeling Gazette, for a libel on
sion of the legislature to revise the Harmonists 133; coal trade of the Carter Beverly 196; Mr. Kre-
laws 54; grand spectacle at the Lehigh and Schuylkill 182; cotton mer's speech at New Berlin,
falls of Niagara 63; great barvest mills, &c. at Manayunk 211; re- Pa. 223; I. I. Crittenden's address
in 115; resolutions introduced in- solutions of a Jackson meeting in 224; Mr. Bourne's letter 224, 228;
to the legislature by Mr. Brashear Fayette co. 212; convention favor- the electoral law of N. York 226;
129; gen. Root elected speaker able to the administration at Har- toasts drank at a Jackson dinner in
316; gov. Clinton's proclamation risburg 212, 316; gov. Shulze de- N. Y. 226; Mr. Clay's letter to
for a day of thanksgiving 162; poli- clines a nomination for the vice Dr. Godman 228; gov. Shulze, of
tical classification of members in presidency 277,332; weight of cer- Pa. declines a nomination for the
the legislature 197,212; Erie canal tain cattle in 216; steam boats at vice presidency 277, 332; correga
closed 211; damage on bills of ex- Pittsburg 217; prosperity of 438; pondence between gen. Jackson
change 213; disputes in churches thanks of the trustees of Dickin- and Felix Grundy, 281; letters of
219; gale on lake Erie 219; the inson college to capt. Jesse D. El. gov, Coles and T. W. Gilmer 281;
electoral law 226; meetings of

liott of the U. S. navy 219; elections 282, 335; Geo. McClure's letter
agriculturalists at Albany 2ž7; at 315; justructions, &c. of the legis- relative to the vote of Mr. Clay'283;
Utica 359; in Dutchess co. 359; Jature relative to the tariff 321; Mr. Clay's address to the public
politics of the state 277; the pro- finances 325; Union canal 332; with the documents 296 to 315;
posed tariffto protect wool, wool- report concerning 348; coal trade Mr. Brent and Mr. Desha, affair
lens, &c. 321; Morgan affair, vari- 183, 347; Lackawana mines 370; between 335 general R. K. Call's
ous notices of 34, 82, 146, 161; correspondence of certain mem- letter as to an interview said to have
disaster at Lewistown 346; canal bers of the legislature with Wm. taken place between general Jack-
revenue 346; report in the senate Clark, state treasurer 388; Mr. son and commodore Decatur 375;



correspondence of certain mem- number that passed thro' Frank- istration 180; gov. Batler de
bers of the legislature of Pa. with fort, Ky.

277 clines a re-election 208; adjourn-
Mr. Clark state treasurer 388; re- Silk, on the cultivation of 193, 438; ment of the legislature, &c. 218;
solutions of the legislature of In- Slander 80, 132: see congress.
diana requesting gen. Jackson's Slave trade 9, 42,

a dairy in 346; Lake Champlain

119 370; Vertical paddle wheel 56
sentiments on the policy of pro- Slaves captured near Key West 373 Virginia—visitors at Monticello 65;
tecting manufactures, &c. 439; re. Snelson, the bank robber 146, 212

meetings in opposition to gen.
port made to the legislature of N.
South Carolina-certain proceedings

Jackson in 82, 129; convention to
Y. as to the existing provisions for
at Columbia as to the woollens bill

form an "anti Jackson” ticket
the election of president 351
with the speech of Dr.Cooper 26 to

180, 212, 333; letter of C. John-
Portugal-the princess regent 18, 32; the memorial to the state legis- son, &c. 187; St. George Tucker
57, 69; disturbances, &c. 18, 57, lature 59; excitement about the taa

dies 210; the legislature in ses-
69, 147; Don Pedro 69; Saldanah riff 49; yellow fever in Charleston sion 228; legislative caucus 277;
37, 69; St. Anthony's day in Lis- 50; gold in Tiger river 56; exports

convention to revise the constitu-
bon 84; Don Miguel 88, 147, 229, of cotton and rice from Charles- tion 272; the bill providing for pas-
357; mutiny at Villa Vicosa 37; ton 65, 117; Mr. McCord's speech

ses the senate 387; an article in the
Portuguese vengeance on a wife 177; libel case at Georgetown

Richmond Enquirer on the Balti-
and her lover 38; the treasury
357 215; B. Wiggins et. al. vs. the

more and Ohio rail roads noticed
Porter, com. See Mexico; his affair executors of Mason Lee 219; gov.

273; removal of the restriction
with the U.S. district attorney at
Taylor's message 230; proceedings

for its location by the house of
New Orleans 40, 71; lis squadron
relativeto 264; against the wool-

delegates 331; proceedings as to
at Key West

the establishment of manufactures
23, 67

len's bill 275; Sumpter, gen. 277;
Post master, the duties of

275, 355; rebellion in 331; Jackson

the "Southern Patriot” 360; tri-
Presbyterian church, state of the

electoral ticket 357; meeting in

bute of the legislature to the late
Press, the liberty of

col. Howard

389 Loudon county favorable to do-
Randolph, T. M. tu the editors of

mestic industry 357; a wife mur-
Spurndisturbances in 37, 57, 69, 87,
the Charlotteville Advocate

ders her husband 374; gov. Giles'
20 118, 147, 197, 229, 277; an Amer.

Rapp, Frederick, letter from 49 ican citizen killed in 57; stipula-

message on the tariff, &c.
“Register of debates,” the 2d vol. 211 tions of the rebels 229; the minis-

Wambersie, E. his letter to the cov.
of Goo.

Reporters, rights of

34 try 118; battle with the rebels at
Revolutionary-a relic 41; throwing Conca del Tren 197; invitation of

Washington-lettors of 14; the pro-
the tea overboard 75; events in the king to the central junta 197; a

jector of the Erie canal 67; his

Maryland 92; forms for the appli- new loan 229; case of the Olive 356 Washington city-statistics of

cation for revolutionary and other State rights—a palpable hit!

claims 134; claims of the officers 578 Steam-twenty years ago, letter from

Weaving done at Economy, Pa. 49
Reynolds, J. N.

Webster, D. an extract from his

Fulton to Barlow 15; steam boat speech 130; alledged understand-
Rhode Island-elections in 18; jew- for navigating canals 54; Mr. Per- ing with Mr. Adams
elry made at Providence 56; pros- kins' engine 56; passage of the Weights and measures

perity of the town

370 Washington through Hellgate 73; West Indies—free people of color
Roads--roads and canals, the facili-

boats on the Ohio and Mississippi 181 in Jamaica 4; effects of the gales
ties afforded by 84; U. S. in Ar- St. Lawrence, correspondence re-

58, 68, 83; amount of the trade
kausas 117; the great northern specting the navigation of 411 to

82,329; British order in council 337
road 131; report of the directors
428—see congress:

West, enterprise of 83; travels in 31
of the Baltimore and Ohio rail “Stock,” that passed Evans' hotel 347 Wool and the woollens bill-re-
load 137; report of engineers on Stone, large blocks of

56 marks on the operation of 210;
162; S. H. Long's letter to the Strang's confession

17 certain proceedings at Columbia
sident 201; the engineers leave Supreme court of the U. S. 329 S. C. with Dr. Cooper's speech
Baltimore to commepee the sur- Surgical operation, a wonderful 216

16, to 32; Mr. McCord's speech
vey 228; the stock of 266; an ar-
Sweden-treaty with the U. States

177; the memorials from the citi-
ticle relating to the road in the

38; with Turkey


zens of Columbia, &c. on the sub-
“Richmond Enquirer,” noticed 278 Symmcs, John Cleves

ject 59; 266; a power loom exe
Rocky mountains, furs from 213

Talbot, Matthew, dies


ported 195; tables showing the
Roos, the honorable Frederick De 50
'Tanner's Atlas

distribution of members into

states who voted for the resolution
Russia-rumors of peace with Per- Tariff, effects of the 214; see wool and

introduced into the house of re-
sia 6, 197; the army beaten by the woollens.
Persians 18; the emperor invested Tatnall, E. F. resigus his seat in con-

presentatives by the com. on man-
with the garter 18; gambling-a

ufactures, &c. &c. 289, 317, 318;

picquet match 18; army on the Taxation, per head


importance of protection to the
Pruth 38; feet in England 37, 52; Tea, the destruction of at Boston 775

wool growers and wool manufac,

turers in the eastern states 214;
the prince Karabagh places him-

Tennessee-elections in 18, 129; ex-
self under the protection of the

meeting at Albany, N. Y. 227; re-
tract from gov. Carroll's valedic- solutions of the senate of S. C,
emperor 57; baron Wrangall 57;
introduction of foreign sheep in

tory address 117; singular applica- against protection to manufac-

tions to the legislature 13-1; the
116; victory over the Persians 118;

tures 275; proceedings in the legis-
state bank 162; gov. Houston's in- lature of Mass. on Mr. Tufts hav.
commerce of Russia 132, 216; fleet

augural speech 164; certain resolu- ing been summoned 351; the Bos-
in the Black sea 197; ports on do.

tions and proceedings in the legis- ton report against an increase of
390; a new levy 197; the captain

lature as to amending the consti- duty on woollens 353; early pro-
of a Russian ship deposed 379

tution of the U. S. 183 to 186, 195; tection of manufactures 430; See
Rush, Richard, secretary of the Mr. Williams' speech

198 Harrisburg convention.
treasury, his letter concerning for- Toast-drank at a Jackson dinner in Yale College, alumniot
eign plants, &c. 201; see congress. New York

226 Yellow fever in Charleston, S. C. 50
Salt made at New Bedford, Mass. Tobacco, imported into Liverpool 65
180; quantity of domestic 402 Tolcration

Saunders, gen. letter in reply to gov. Trade of the interior 85; western 370

Kent 92; gov. Kent's rejoinder 137 | Trumbull, col, his letter about Mr.
Seal skins, sale of at Stunington, Randolph

Con. 36; sealing vessels
80 Tucker, St. George, dies

Schools in Boston 2; for the blind 86 Vermont-maganese found in 118;
“Scientific power”-letterto ibe edi. Stratford copperas works 13.),
tors on the effects of

19 181; resolutions on the legislature
Sheep-sales of Saxopy 17, 116; approving the polic, otine adinui-



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LPThough this day commences a new volume, we The returns have not been received froin the congreshave no new plan to suggest to our readers-knowing sional districts lately represented by Messrs. Trimble of no reason why we should change an old and established and Johnson, but it is the general opinion that both of course of proceeding. It is a convenient period, how them have been out-polled by their Jackson opponents. ever, for the receipt of new subscribers and friendly We have not been able to complete the list of memremembrances from old ones.

bers of the two houses of the next legislature, from the We shall soon publish a large body of statistical arti- returns before us; but the following estimate of the state cles, now nearly ready for the press, which have been of parties in the lower house will prove to be tolerably prepared with great labor and care—and with a degree correet:of patience and perseverance that may be approved, Administration, 51. Jackson, 34. though the result shall not be satisfactory to all."

Fifteen counties yet to be heard from. Their re

presentatives were, for Jackson, 9-for the administra"POLITICS OF THE DAY.” Many letters and

tion, 6.

papers have lately passed through the press, and are still pas

The result of the congressional elections in North Ca. sing, whose peculiar character has made it difficult to de- /rolina is given as follows: termine how to dispose of them. Some relate chiefly to

19th congress.

20th congress. things pot previously noticed in the REGISTET, --and Lemuel Sawyer',

Lemuel Sawyer. cthers, or parts of others, are calculated to induce ardert Willis Alrcon,

Willis Alston. and long counter-statements. Our desire is, that this Richard lines,

Thomas Hail. work should contain every thing of the kind which may

John H. Bryan,

John H. Bryan. either interest the public feeling or guide the public judg. Gabriel Holmes, Gabriel Holmes.

Arch'd McNeill, znent, and to record them, on both sides, without com

John Culpeper.

Daniel Turner.
ments of our own, or of any other person, except those Weldon N. Edwards
rendered parties to them;-yet in certain cases to adopt Daniel L. Barringer,

Daniel L. Barringer.
these without remarks, does not seem proper, and, in

Romulus M. Saunders, Augustus H. Sheppard. others they may open the door to discussions neither the John Long

Jolin Long.

II. W. Conner. temper or length of which shall be agreeable to us--for H. W. Conner,

S. P. Carson,

S. P. Carson.
the rule of this publication is, never to give a statement on

Lewis Williams, Lewis Williams.
one side without fairly presenting also an opposing one,
if rightfully made out and properly tendered. In ordi-

The "National Intelligencer” says that Mr. Williams nary times our duty, as to selections, is an easy one-but majority was 1,500. Great exertions were made in his in the now heated state of the public mind, there is much district. And adds -- It will be seen that there have been delicacy and difficulty in performing it, and an assurance but four changes in the representation of this state. We of oftending some though information, ouly, is designed can speak of the political effect of but one of them. Mr. to be given and equally io all. This, however, is the pr-Culpeper, one of the new members, is a friend of the admary object of the REGISTER-to preserve articles that ministration, and was the only member from the state

wlio yoted for Mr. Adams. The sentiments of the other may be desired for reference, and we shall endeavor to accomplish it with impartiality. And, as this work has three gentlemen, we do not know with certainty.

We are not imformed who has been chosen govenor never yet passed into personal electioncering—though we have no hope of pleasing all parties to the present contest of Tennessee. The contest between Messrs. Houston and for president, we expect to preserve our character for Cannon appears to have been a warm one. The former, consistency, and make out a claim on the people for however appears to have been elected. We believe that fidelity in our proceedings. And ardent individuals no changes have been made in congress except in the shoulú recollect, that though they themselves may be places of Messrs. Cocke and Allen, who declined a poll. worked into a passion, the public remains cool and dis- We shall give the particulars when they reach us. crimi ating. With these brief remarks we shall speedily insert seve

A HARD TATE. Died at Bolton, Eng. June 26th, in ral articles of the description reterred to-io shew the the 74th year of liis age, Mr. S. Crompton, who invent

ed in 1780, the spinning machine called the nule, now spirit and the body of the times."

so universally used by the cotton manufacturers. The

inventor neglected to take out a patent; but he receiveri ELECTIONS. The following is believed to be the re- two presents from the manufacturers, one of £100 and sult of the late elections in Kentucky:

the other, (in 1800), of £100. In 1812 parliament grantDistrict. 20th congress

19th congress. ed him £5,000 upon a petition, which sam ho unluckils Henry Daniel,

David Trimble.

lost in business. A siconrl application to parliament Thomas Metcalfe, Thomas Metealfe.

failed. SIr. Crompton died in obscurity. 30 James Clarke,

James Clarke.

$Plt is a matter of doubt whether the progress oi ith Robert P. Letcher, Robert P. Letcher.

scientific power may not be as productive of evil as of good, 5th Robert McHatton. Robert McHatton.

in lessening the value of manual labor; but whatever 6th Joseplı Lecompte, Joseph Lecompte. weight may be attached to the abstract proposition, it is 7th Thomas P. Moore, Thomas P. Moore.

entirely certain that the British nation acquired the im8th Richard A. Buckuer, Richard A. Buckuer.

mcase power which it has exerted for many years past, 9th Charles A. Wickliffe, Charles A. Wicklitle.

chiefly through the application of machinery to the manu10th Joel Yancey

Francis Johnson.

facture of gools and those of cotton, in supplying the 11th W. S. Young,

W. S. Young

incun, have accomplished more in battle, than all the 220 Chittenden Lyon,

Di. Henry.

Wellingtons who commanded; as without the profits ou Of the above list; says the Kentucky Gazette, seven manufactures, the armies which they led could not have. are for Jackson, and five for Adams. The seven are been raised and subsisted, or subsidized by Great BriMessrs. Daniel, Meffatton, Lecompte, Moore, Wick. tain:* hence there was a debt owing to Mr. Crompton Tiffe, Yancey, and Lyon.

When the returns of the votes are all in, we shall pre- *Ope girl, in a cotton factory, was the agent of creating sent a detailed account of them, for present instruction las great a value as would purchase the bodies of five or and future use.

six Russian or German slaves, to stop a bullet or discharge The Lexington Reporter of the 18th Aus savs- la musket in the field-the value of their whole carcasa25


1 st

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