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GENTLEMAN well known to the political world in the beginning of the present century made

the tour of Europe, and before he reached Abbeville discovered that in order to see a country to best advantage it was infinitely preferable to travel by day than by night.

I cannot help making this applicable to myself, who, after publishing three volumes of the Zoology of GREAT BRITAIN, found out that to be able to speak with more precision of the subjects I treated of, it was far more prudent to visit the whole than part of my country: struck therefore with the reflection of having never seen ScOTLAND, I inftantly ordered my baggage to be got ready, and in a reasonable time found myself on the banks of the Tweed.



As soon as: communicated to you my resolution, with your accustomed friendship you wished to hear from me: I could give but.a. jartial performance of my promise, the attention. atraveller being so much taken up as to leave very little::room for epistolary duties; and I fatter myself you will fuid this tardy execution of my engagement more satisfactory than the hafty accounts I could send you on my road. But this is far from being the fole motive of this address.

I have irresistible inducements of public and of a private nature : to you I owe a most free enjoyment of the little territories Providence had bestowed on me; for by a liberal and equal ceffion of fields, and meads and woods, you connected all the divided parts, and gave a full scope to all my improvements. Every view I take from


window reminds me of my debt, and forbids my filence, causing the pleasing glow of gratitude to diffuse itself over the whole frame, instead of forcing up the imbittering figh of Oh! si angulus ille! Now every scene I enjoy receives new charms, for I mingle with the visible beauties, the more pleasing idea of owing them to you, the worthy neighbor and firm friend, who are happy in the calm and domestic paths of life with abilities superior to ostentation, and goodness content with its own reward: with a found judgement and honest heart


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DE DI C A TI O N. you worthily discharge the senatorial trust reposed in you,

, whose unprejudiced vote aids to still the madness of the · People, or airns to check the presumption of the Minister. My happiness in being from


earliest life your neighbor, makes me confident in my observation ; your increasing and discerning band of friends discovers and confirms the justice of it: may the reasons that attract and bind us to you ever remain, is the most grateful wish that can be thought of,, by,


Your obliged,

and affectionate Friends,

DOWNING, sober 20th, 17.711


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