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To second Note in p. 106, add, See also Mr. Baron Smith's judgment, infrà, p. 316.

To Note in p. 197, add, See also the judg. N. B, When the case of lord Melville was ment of Mr. Justice Daly, antè, p. 186; that sent to press, I intended to subjoin to it an Vr. Baron Maclelland, infrà, p. 306; that appendix of documents illustrative of the of Mr. Baron Smith, infra, pp. 327, et seq.; history of that prosecution; I was however and the speech of Lord Chancellor Eldon, induced to abandon this plan on finding that infrà, p. 418.

the trial itself would occupy a much larger The case of six Francis Burdett has been portion of the present Volume than I had recently in part reported in 3 Barn. Ald. 717, originally expected. The Reader is therefore and the report will doubtless be completed in requested to cancel in pages 550, 559, and 599, the fourth volume of the same work.

the references to the Appendix, and instead Note to the word "original," p. 467, 1. 34, thereof, in p. 550, to refer to 3 Hansard's See the cases cited in Phill. Ev. 486, and Parl. Debates, 1147 ; in p. 559 lo 5 Hansard's Brewster v. Sewell, 3 Barn. Ald. 296. Parl. Debates, Appendix, p. 1; and in p. 599

To Note ir p. 748, add, See too Betham v. to 6 Hansard's Parl. Debates, Appendix, Benson, 1 Gow. 45.

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1, line 6, for Francis Osborne, read Charles Osborne. | Page 64, line 2, for of jury, read of a jury, Page 354, line 32, for han, read had. Page 402, line 22, for a totally different system of law there prevails, read there prevails a

totally different system of laws.
Page 642, line 13 from bottom, for For a history, read for the history.
Page 671, line 19 from bottom, for dwell, read dwells.

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Page 747, line 4, for we that, read that we.
Page 749, line 12, for N. P. c., read N.P.C. Page 1197, line 25, for service;-and what, read service, and—what.

Jine 25 from bottom, dele the comma after perillo

line 24 from bottom, insert a comma after enemies. Page 1199, line 16, for having, read seeing.

line 21, for without, read (without

line 22, for part, the, read part) the. Page 1210, line 29, for it, read it.

line 19 from bottom, for Chatham, read Chatham.”

line 18 from bottom, for it, read“ it. Page 1236, last line, for Jur, read Jun.

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Note. In Vol. iii, p. 310, of this Continuation, the Cursory Strictures on Lord Chief Justice Eyre's Charge are attributed to the late Mr. Felix Vaughan; I have since learnt that this pamphlet was written by Mr. W. Godwin. It was from Mr. Vaughan's having written another at the same period that the mistake originated.

The Ninth Volume of this Series of State Trials is in the Press, and will be published in March ; it will contain the Proceedings in Ireland in December 1806, under the Special Commission issued for the Trial of the Threshers ; a full Report of the Proceedings in the Case of General Picton, from authentic MSS. &c. &c.

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