The Secret Rules of Flirting: The Illustrated Guide to Reading Body Language, Getting Noticed, and Attracting the Love You Deserve--Online and In Person

Fair Winds Press, 4 sep. 2018 - 176 pagina's
The Secret Rules of Flirting†is your guide to decoding flirting secrets, attracting the attention you crave, and building the confidence you've always wished for.

The Secret Rules of Flirting†is your definitive guide to communicating (online and in person), attracting the ideal mate, and reading body language and other social cues to find instant adventure, friendship, fun, and romance.†

Do you want to become a more natural flirt?†Find out what signals someone might give to show they’re attracted to you? Maybe just†refresh your in-real-life flirting skills†after so much swiping, texting, and online searching? Nationally renowned†relationship expert Fran Greene will walk you through her trusted techniques for†becoming the most confident and attractive person in the room†(whether you think you are or not!).

You’ll learn how to:
  • Establish trust and intimacy through eye contact
  • Be a good and thoughtful listener
  • Signal that you are available and interested
  • Recognize when someone is flirting with you
  • Master digital flirting
  • Take control of your social life
Your secret weapon to becoming a fearless flirt is here. With help from†The Secret Rules of Flirting, you’ll master the art of communicating and attract the†love you deserve.†

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1 Flirting Never Goes Out of Style Transform Meeting New People into Instant Chemistry
2 Flirting in Real Life Unlock the Secrets to Reading and Using Body Language Effectively
3 The Fine Art of Digital Flirting Exude Confidence and Bring Romance into Your Life
4 Your Flirting Language Speaks Volumes Use Your Words to Make an Unforgettable First Impression
5 Where to Flirt The Ideal Flirting Venues and the Best Date Ideas

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Over de auteur (2018)

Fran Greene, LCSWR, former director of flirting, advice columnist, and spokesperson for, is a nationally renowned relationship expert. She has a private practice working with singles who want to maximize their social life.

Fran is the author of Dating Again with Courage and Confidence and The Flirting Bible. She is well known as the Flirting, Dating and Relationship Coach. She is an expert in helping singles navigate the complex maze of online dating. She also works with couples who want to transform their troubled relationships into connected loving ones.

Fran has appeared on The Today Show, Jenny McCarthy, Dateline NBC, and Good Day New York and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New York magazine, the New York Times,, Elite Daily, Bustle, Cosmopolitan,, and more. She is a regular contributor for Zoosk. Through her popular flirting and dating seminars, Fran has helped thousands of people find love. †

She lives in New York. To learn more about Fran, visit her at

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