George Cruikshank's omnibus, ed. by L. Blanchard


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Pagina 39 - Never, never more, shall we behold that generous loyalty to rank and sex, that proud submission, that dignified obedience, that subordination of the heart, which kept alive, even in servitude itself, the spirit of an exalted freedom.
Pagina 60 - YE who listen with credulity to the whispers of fancy, and pursue with eagerness the phantoms of hope; who expect that age will perform the promises of youth, and that the deficiencies of the present day will be supplied by the morrow ; attend to the history of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia.
Pagina 36 - Go — you may call it madness, folly; You shall not chase my gloom away. There's such a charm in melancholy, I would not, if I could, be gay.
Pagina 37 - Lives there a man with soul so dead, Who never to himself has said, " Shoot folly as it flies ? " Oh ! more than tears of blood can tell, Are in that word farewell, farewell ! Tis folly to be wise.
Pagina 228 - And cataclysms fill her comrades' eyes; Borne on the air, the catacoustic song, Swells with her virtues' catalogue along; No cataplasm could lengthen out her years, Though mourning friends shed cataracts of tears. Once loud and strong her catechist-like voice It dwindled to a catcall's squeaking noise; Most categorical her virtues shone, By catenation join'd each one to one; — But a vile catchpoll dog, with cruel bite, Like...
Pagina 28 - The usurper has ventured to approach the capital to within sixty hours' march. 7th — Buonaparte is advancing by forced marches — but it is impossible he should reach Paris. 8th — Napoleon will reach under the walls of Paris tomorrow.
Pagina 245 - A heart that's dull and cold. " Too dull to feel depression, Too hard to heed distress, Too cold to yield to passion Or silly tenderness. March on — your road is open To wealth, Tom, and success. " Ned sinneth in extravagance, And you in greedy lust.
Pagina 206 - ... as the ghost of Hamlet senior stalks out of it, now dashes rather than drops in, delighted to catch you before you make your exit and modestly claiming just half an hour of your idle morning — not an instant more. "My dear fellow, I'm going out; a particular engagement.
Pagina 204 - ... there is a knock at the door. "Well, a knock at the door is no very astounding occurrence ; but in this knock there is something startling, something ominous, something unwelcome. Nobody has knocked (nobody in the shape of a visitor) for some days, and it has an unusual sound. Had it suddenly broke in upon you while you were shaving, its effect might have been felt acutely ; but you were just fixing the last shirt-stud, and a slight crumple is the sole consequence. You ring the bell hastily,...
Pagina 204 - Morning is the time for the trial to which we allude. You have an appointment of very considerable importance, and it must be kept, or you have made up your mind, moved by the seductive serenity of the day, to take an easy stroll and clear off an arrear of pleasant calls ; you must go. The sunny lookout is exhilarating after a week's wind and rain, which has held you prisoner in your chambers without so much as wafting or washing a single visitor to your door. You are tired of the house, and long...

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