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MISSIONS IN INDIA AND CEYLON. It affords us much pleasure to lay before our readers some very encouraging communications from our Missions in the East. The Missionaries are beginning to reap the reward of their patient and long-continued toils in that difficult field of labour. Indeed, the whole aspect of these Missions is such as to invite an enlarged support, and to excite the most cheering expectations. The Christian zeal and devotion expressed in the letters of Mr. Roberts and the other Missionaries; the baptisms which have taken place at Negapatam, Bangalore, and Goobee; the encouraging commencement which has been made at Trivaloor, and at several places in the Jaffna District; and the seasonable restoration of the chapels in Trichinopoly and elsewhere ;-all afford satisfactory evidence that there is a movement in advance. How desirable is it, under these circumstances, that the appeals which are contained in the letters of Mr. Cryer, Mr. Garrett, Mr. Male, and Mr. Percival, should be solemnly pondered both by our Ministers and our people! Let us in this department of the Lord's vineyard“ work while it is day; for the night cometh, in which no man can work.”

The patronage extended by the Government of Ceylon to the grossest idolatry, as described in Mr. R. S. Hardy's communication, cannot fail to excite the utmost sorrow and indignation of our Christian readers. How greatly must the conversion of the idolatrous natives of that island be hindered, when the highest functionaries of the state hasten to take part in the most absurd superstitions! We trust that our remonstrances will be supported by those of other Christian Churches, and will not fail to attract the attention of some of our statesmen, and of the members of the Imperial Legislature.





MADRAS ---Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Joseph Roberts,

dated Royapettah, Madras, July 3d, 1843. I am sorry to find that the few lines I before : calms, gales, and contrary winds wrote immediately after crossing the were our constant lot. Six or seven times surf, on June 12th, were not in time for we had the dead-lights in our lofty stern the Bombay mail, as all the Madras windows, and the royals were lowered I letters were, strange to say, fifteen hours know not how often : yet we have too late,

scarcely suffered any damage ; for, geWe have had a very long and trying nerally, we have been in the mere skirts voyage, extending from the 20th of Jan- of bad weather. The glass, for days uary to the 12th of June ; and I can truly together, was often down to an alarming say I never felt such an aversion, such an extent; and it appears, by comparing unconquerable distaste, for a sea-life dates with other vessels, as to their lati. Vol. XXIII. Third Series. JANUARY, 1814.


tude and longitude, they were struggling and he himself invariably read the rewith tremendous hurricanes. Thus the sponses. “ John Lyne” had a severe contest; and Our ship had not long cast anchor in subsequently in the gale in Madras, when the roads, before Messrs. Hardey and we were still out at sea, the “ Amelia Griffith came on board, and gave us a Thompson went down, carrying with hearty welcome to Madras. After landher six or seven Europeans. There is ing, we dined with Mr. Hardey in Aralso a country vessel missing ever since, menian-street, and then proceeded to in which was Mr. Smith, an excellent this place, where we shall remain till a Missionary of the London Missionary more convenient situation be found. Society. You will therefore perceive, And now I must crave your attention whether we look at Spithead, where we to the dilapidated state of the town had that merciful deliverance, or at the chapel, respecting which Mr. Crowther intermediate incidents of our five months' wrote to you before I left England. I do voyage, our course has been marked with

pray you, by some means or other, to let distinguished mercy from the Lord. us have your aid. And you know it With reference to Captain Jones, I must will greatly assist us, to send your consay he has behaved to me and mine in sent quickly ; for we shall then be able the most gentlemanly manner, always to collect timber in the wet-monsoon, and paying strict attention to our wishes, and have it all ready, a matter of great imstriving in every possible way to antici- portance; and we can begin in good pate our wants.

We had service every earnest to solicit subscriptions in this Sabbath when the weather would permit, Presidency.

Extract of a Letter from the Same, dated Madras, October 21st, 1843. SINCE I wrote to you last month, we we shall go on with greater spirit. I have have been visited by affliction ; but, already written to every brother in Ceythrough mercy, we are all again in tole- lon, trying to enlist Connexional symrable health. Mary Ann had a severe pathy; and though we shall not, in all attack of fever, which continued many probability, gain much in this way, yet days; and more than once we had reason I have no doubt there will be someto fear the result, as it seemed to resist thing. I have also, by the wish of the the various attempts to reduce it : she brethren, drawn up other letters to difis, however, I think, better than ever. ferent individuals ; so that you see we A few days after her recovery I was are not inert in this business. We must seized by this giant's grasp ; but I in act with promptitude and discretion, stantly took strong medicine ; so much committing all our affairs to God; and so as to cause me to faint under its ope- he will bless us. rations. I sent for the District-Doctor; The Poonamallee chapel, which was in and, through the blessing of my great a sad state, is already repaired, at a conPhysician, I began to rally, though siderable expense, principally through slowly; and since then I have had the the activity of old Benjamin Emmett, pleasure of preaching three times, once the pensioner; and I assure you it is in Black-Town, once in the Mount, most cheering to my heart, to assist and on Tuesday at Poonamallee; 80 those fine old men. Just now, also, that you see I have cause to thank there are many effective troops stationed God and take courage.

Death has cer there, to all of whom we have ready tainly been going, in terrible succession, access; and as there is not a Chaplain, to many houses, and has carried off we are the more bound to visit them. I great numbers by cholera; but I think, went to their hospital on Tuesday, and for the last day or two, there has been found many there iguorant of God and some abatement.

his ways. I was deeply affected whilst With reference to the grant for re directing them to Christ, particularly pairs of the chapel in Madras, I assure with reference to some who are the sons you it is most opportune ; for when I of our own people ;-the father of the read in your communication of July Serjeant himself is a Wesleyan at Nant31st, “In the present state of our funds wich in the Macclesfield District. it is useless to ask the Committee to In noticing the Poonamallee chapel, I grant any thing for chapels or buildings was naturally led to look at the pension. of any kind,” I was quite discouraged. ers and soldiers; through whom, also, I But you have greatly assisted us; for, must, if you please, take you to Ghazeethough we shall have a large sum to raise, poore, near Benares, where, as I told

you, in my letters of August, we have neighbourhood in the vicinity of Manumerous friends amongst the military. dras where the Gospel is more needed ? I have just received some very interest. Thiuk, again, on the most excellent ing communications/' from them; but I locality of our more than half-ruined perceive there is a want of organization; chapel: on three of the sides there are and I am about to send them Class- regular roads, so that nothing can be put Books and other documents, which I up to obstruct our light, or air; and it is believe will be of use to them. They almost certain that we shall at some time have sent for nearly fifty Hymn-Books, be able to secure the small old building and have remitted the money. I wish which commands the fourth side. When I could pay them a visit ; but all I we begin again, we shall undoubtedly can do is to write to them, and to encou gain more than we have ever lost. We rage them to seek and find salvation. have also friends in that neighbourhood Amidst general opposition and con who desire us to return; and I am told, tunely, it is not a little refreshing to if I would go and preach in Portuguese, hear that the Chaplain of the station for which I am both able and willing, I preaches to the men in a place granted could have a good congregation; and it by the Commanding Officer; and I is only because the chapel is not tenable have no doubt that, in his own soul, he that I do not go. If we could command will feel well rewarded. Happy should £100, I believe we could do sufficient to I be to add other instances of this catho- occupy the place for years; but what licity ; but I regret to say, that the ex can we do in this case, whilst we have clusive spirit which animates so many on our hands such an undertaking as in our native land is too rife in the the Black-Town chapel ? We must East.

leave it for better days. I have had Can you render us any assistance to- serious thoughts of putting up some wards the restoration of the St. Thomé cadjans about the broken places, and chapel, which has fallen into ruins ? then trying to preach in it still. I Only consider, for a moment, the very assure you, if I had command of the dense population of St. Thomè; re needful sum, it would not be long as it flect on the thousands, in every direc. is. Would that you could grant us tion, of Romanists, Mahometans, and a trifle, to assist us, and set the thing Heathens; and can you think of any going !

MADRAS.-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Samuel Hardey, dated Madras,

August 17th, 1843. It appears to be almost superfluous in Town, unless we can secure to them the me to write to you at large on the state decent interment of their dead, have not and prospects of our Mission affairs in the courage to break away from their Madras, at present; as I learn that Mr. present connexions. This portion of our Roberts is writing to you very fully on work gives me very great concern, as I these subjects by this present mail. It am satisfied, that we are not, as a Miswill therefore only be necessary for me sionary Society, occupying our proper to notice a few particulars with which I position in Madras. have been more immediately connected, We have entered on no new plans and which probably may not be touched since the arrival of our worthy brother, upon by him.

Mr. Roberts,merely attending to the Some time ago I informed you that we ordinary duties of the station, and talkhad petitioned the Madras Government ing over and arranging our plans for for a piece of ground, to be used as a future operation. I think I may add, place of interment for the native Chris. that a good influence has been felt in our tians who are in connexion with our public and private ordinances, and we chapel in Black-Town. At the time of have some promise of better days. We presenting this petition I had consider. have been much pleased with what we able hope of success; but we have failed have already seen of Mr. Roberts. His in our application, and the Government kind-heartedness is very cheering; and has refused to grant us the land, or to the energy and Christian feeling with aid us in any other way in this matter. which he engages in all his duties, canOur native Christian members in Black not fail to be productive of much good.




NEGAPATAM.-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Peter Batchelor,

dated Negapatam, October 10th, 1843. In pursuance of the object to which I send their sons, but to pay for their inadverted in my last communication to struction. Two Brahmins, a Peon and you, I have, through the assistance of his family, and two persons in the serthe Tasildar, succeeded in obtaining a vice of the Rajah of Tanjore, all residcentral piece of ground in Trivaloor, ing at Trivaloor, have expressed a situated in one of the principal streets desire to embrace Christianity. At Amleading to the great temple, and measur mayappen, a large native town, three miles ing one hundred and fifty by one hun distant from Trivaloor, five Roman Cadred feet. With the permission of the tholics have openly abandoned Popery, District-Meeting, I purpose to erect on and united themselves to us. Twenty it a commodious school-room, which may Heathens, belonging to the same place, serve as a chapel until we are able to were publicly baptized by me at Negaraise another building. I have obtained patam, about two months since. Bea lease of the ground for ten years, at sides these, there are thirty more canditwo rupees, or four shillings, per year. dates for baptism now receiving ChrisWe have long had our eye fixed on Tri tian instruction. Without ad vocating valoor as a Mission station ; on various the expediency of interfering with the occasions reports have been sent to you temporal concerns of converts to Chris. respecting it ; and several brethren have tianity, those best acquainted with the strongly recommended its occupation, at character and customs of the natives are bur District-Meetings; but, from differ of opinion that, in order to avoid unpleaent causes, which I need not detail, it sant collision with their heathen neighhas, from time to time, been deferred. bours, it is desirable that they should I trust, however, that the way is now come out from among them, and live open, and that we shall, without further separately. This plan has been adopted delay, take possession of it, especially as with success in Tinnevelly and other it is one of the principal strongholds of places. I am therefore inclined to think Heathenism in the Tanjore province. that the converts at Ammayappen should In many respects Trivaloor is a much pursue a similar course, especially as more important station than Porto-Novo; they are now subject to much persecu. and, if occupied, would, from its vicinity tion. to Negapatam and Manargoody, tend to The usual quarterly examination of strengthen those stations.

the head native-school in Negapatam At Trivaloor I have commenced a took place last week, in which the boys Tamul school, in which there are now acquitted themselves satisfactorily. The forty boys; and many of the most re- girls' school was examined at the same spectable inhabitants are anxious to have time. Mrs. Batchelor has promised to an English school established among

account of it next them, to which they not only promise to month.

send you



dated Manargoody, July 8th, 1843. TRICHINOPOLY is the only station pectations. I arrived on the Friday of any note, connected with Manargoody, evening, May 12th. On the Saturday 1 after Melnattam. We have hitherto only had the chapel cleaned, and prepared for held it as an English station, and that service. I preached twice on the Sunday only when there has been a society in the to good congregations. On Monday evenEnglish regiment stationed in the bar- ing, I read the Rules of our Societies, and racks. Hearing of the arrival of the entered eight names, in addition to three Queen's 94th regiment, in which I knew old members. On the Tuesday evening we had one member, I went over. Some I preached to another good congregation; officers whom I had known at Banga- and I had satisfactory proof that God lore kindly assisted me, and my visit was with us. I was kindly entertained by was successful beyond my warmest ex an old Christian friend, Major C



and had opportunities at his house has suffered a little within the last three every day of giving exhortations on or four weeks : indeed, last Sunday I was experimental and practical religion. I obliged to rest from preaching. I thank left Corporal Gilmore, an old mem God I am now better. Your Missionary ber of our society, in charge of the here will have much more probability of chapel; and a subscription was preserving his health, when the MissionDesced for cleaning and repairing it. house is removed to a site nearer the Since my return home, I have heard from tbe Class-Leader that seventeen My dear wife and babe are in tolerable persons now meet in class. To God be health. Mrs. Cryer is still making proall the praise !

gress in the Tamul language. She would Since my last letter, no important be glad now to be useful in the Mission ; ebange has taken place in the town of but we are too far from the people. Two Manargoody, except that I have added or three young persons are instructed by another preaching-place to the Plan : we her in reading, writing, geography, and have now seven each week. My health grammar in English,

Extract of a Letter from the Same, dated Trivaloor, October 5th, 1843. I am thus far advanced on my way to able connexion between that and practical Negapatam to attend the quarterly ex, religion. We felt this opportunity for azmination of the head native-school, and mingling a short time with Christian intend to post this at the same time for friends, and joining with them in the the November overland mail.

worship of God in our own language, to I think that, at the close of my last be made a blessing to our souls; and I letter to you, I mentioned that my health believe others, as well as ourselves, had not been good for a week or two. As derived benefit from the services in which it continged without improvement, I cor we engaged. tesponded with Dr. Brooking at Tanjore, During my absence, Ponniah Pilley te nearest place where a medical man took my preaching appointments, while raides. He sent me medicine, which I the two School-Visiters, who act sometimes took, attending to his directions. Not, as Local Preachers, took his. Since my however, deriving any visible benefit return I have been acting on the same from this method, I resolved on antici- plans as those I have formerly laid before paling my September visit to Trichino- you. I usually preach four or five times poly by going in the middle of August. a week, besides holding many conversaThis I did the rather, because I had a tions in the streets, bazaars, &c. I have warm invitation from my old friends no doubt that God is with me in my Major and Mrs. C-, with a promise work; and I am often graciously assisted of the best medical advice Trichinopoly in the public services; but hitherto my could afford. My dear wife and babe preaching has not been accompanied by accompanied me; and during seventeen the awakening power of the Holy Ghost. days, we had every kindness shown us I have many steady and constant hearers, by them and other friends, while Drs. and some of them are not backward to Cummings and Macdonald promptly declare that their convictions are in faand willingly gave me the benefit of their vour of Christianity ; but they need that medical skill. My health was very much thorough awakening of conscience which improved, and has continued since our can only be effected by God the Spirit. return to recruit daily.

I know the circumstances in which the During our stay in Trichinopoly, I Committee are placed ; but I do say preached five times in our chapel, to good that if we desired to make Christianity congregations. The class which I com- 'contemptible in the eyes of the idolatrous benced in May has been steadily rising; Heathen, we could not take a much more and we have every appearance of having effectual method than the one we are now a good society in the 94th regiment. I pursuing. I would not have, for ten thou. found the members twenty-four in num sand worlds, the situation of those who have ber, and in an encouraging state. I gave property, and withhold it, when so many them the September tickets of member. doors stand wide open for the Gospel. ship, and divided them into two classes. It is true the Hindoos are not, like some

At Major C—'s, and at the houses of the South-Sea Islanders, thirsting for of other Christian friends, I had oppor- the salvation of the Gospel ; nor do they, tanities daily of explaining the nature like some of the South Africans, come of experimental religion, and the insepar- hundreds of miles to seek it; but the coun:

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