as that hour approaches, those en induce the injured servant to retain gagements which would detain them her situation, how is it possible for too long ; and which might be de her to respect or reverence her mis. ferred, without any serious incon tress ? and thus the religious influ. venience, to another part of the ence of the latter over her depend. day.

ent is completely neutralized. 5. See that they are able to read To this class of errors belongs the the word of God; and unless their folly of encouraging young children age be unsuitable, let them share in to bring complaints against servants, the catechetical instruction which is and then proceeding on the ground given to the children. Various dif. of such complaints, without inquiry ficulties will present themselves here, and deliberation, to censure and and they cannot be overcome with condemn. Such treatment has a out resolution and punctuality. fearful tendency to weaken the

6. Exercise a firm control over moral principle in their minds, and the hour of their retirement in the to counteract all the plans which evening; and suffer them not, on may be adopted for the elevation of any pretence whatever, to form the their character. habit of staying out late, or sitting 8. Above all, let the blessing of up long after the other members of God be sought in this important the family have withdrawn to rest. undertaking. Servants are to be If this be not attended to, other remembered in our prayers ; nor means will avail but little; and dis can we expect divine aid in the disorder, with its inseparable evils, will charge of our duties towards them, obstruct the path of duty, and com unless we diligently seek it. The municate to all around a gloomy care of the soul, whether it be che. and comfortless aspect.

rished with particular reference to 7. Treat them on all occasions ourselves or others, will lead us to with fairness and honour. When the Author of its salvation, with any thing is lost or missing, some humble and fervent solicitation. lailies invariably suspect the ser

The case of the Centurion and vants, and will at once insinuate his afflicted servant (Allatt. vii. ; suspicion against them, and even Luke vii.) is left on record for our openly accuse them in the presence guidance and encouragement. Read of the children. This is exceedingly the narrative ; contemplate the anx, imprudent and cruel ; and the effect ious concern, and the successful of such conduct on an honourable efforts, of the Roman Commander; mind may be more easily conceived learn from him to cultivate sympå. than expressed. Should the suspi thy towards your suffering housecion and charge prove groundless, – hold, in whatever relationship or which is often the case, -how humi connexion they stand ; and, in the liating to the accuser !

An apology

prayer of faith, beseech the Father is then due, on the very first princi of mercies to make them heirs with ples of justice; and should a recon you of the grace of life. ciliation take place, so far as to

S. A.



TнE Irish Wesleyan Conference commenced its sittings this year in Dublin, on Tuesday, June 25th. The Rev. John Scott, according to the appointment of the British Conference,

presided. He was accompanied by the Rev. Dr. Newton and the Rev. John Beecham. About eighty Ministers were present. Three of the brethren had died during the year; namely, the Rev.

William Hamilton, Thomas Brown, and plish this noble object, will be communi. John Farrell. Four are placed on the cated to their friends in the Circuits by Supernumerary list. The Rev. William the Ministers on their return from their Stewart was chosen Secretary ; the Rev. annual assembly. In the mean time we J. F. Mathews, Sub-Secretary ; and the direct the attention of our readers to the Rev. James Tobias was appointed to following extracts from the Minutes of assist in writing the Journal. Six young this Conference :men were recommended by their respec. “Q. What is the judgment of the tive District-Meetings as probationers Conference respecting daily schools ?-A, for the office of the Christian ministry ; The Conference continues to record its and eleven, who had completed the pe- deep conviction of the duty of endeariod of trial to the satisfaction of the vouring to provide an efficient education Conference, were recommended to be set in scriptural and other useful knowledge, apart for the full work of Ministers of wherever it is practicable, by the estabthe Gospel

lishment of Wesleyan daily schools. The ordination service took place on To promote this important work, it diThursday, the 27th of June, in the Cen. rects that each Superintendent shall tenary chapel, in the presence of a large bring the subject before the Stewards assembly. After five of the candidates had and Leaders of his Circuit or station at addressed the congregation in succession, the September Quarterly-Mecting, and giving an account of their conversion to trusts, that, through their cordial co. God, their Christian experience, and the operation, liberal means will be provided reasons which induced them to desire an for effecting so desirable an object.” induction into the ministry among the Our Irish brethren have addressed Wesleyan Methodists, the President themselves to their arduous and responsiproceeded to the solemn act of ordina- ble work in a manner consonant with the tion, by reading the service appointed spirit and zeal of the primitive Apostles. for that occasion, and proposing certain Surrounded as they are with difficulties questions, which were responded to indi- and impediments unknown to many vidually by the respective candidates ; who pursue their ministerial duties in and, afterwards, assisted by the Rev. Great Britain, they fear no danger, Dr. Newton, the Rev. Messrs. Waugh, while the end they have in view is the Beecham, Stewart, and Fer uson, by glory of God in the salvation of sin. the imposition of hands, he ordained Their reward is with the Lord, them to the office and duty of Ministers their recompence is with the Most High. of Christ.

To these topics reference is made in the We sincerely rejoice in learning that this Minutes in the following instructive and branch of the great Wesleyan family is heart-searching manner :in a condition so prosperous and encourag

Q. 25. What are the means recoming. The number of members under the mended by the Conference for promoting care of the Irish Conference is 28,409; the work of God in our societies? being an increase during the past year of

A. 1. The Conference earnestly reabove 400, notwithstanding 600 mem commends to all the Preachers increased bers have found it necessary to emigrate attention to mental improvement by meto some distant places of abode. The ditation, and prayer, and the reading of Superintendent of the Irish Missions such books as are best calculated to aid and Schools, (the Rev. W.0. Croggon) them in their sacred work; more espepresented a very favourable report of the cially they advise a careful study of the proceedings and success of that depart. holy Scriptures, which supply the grand

On the Mission stations there is materials of their ministry, and that an increase of members ; and were it not they give due prominency, in all their for the constant losses which the socie- ministrations, to those vitally essential ties sustain by emigration, that increase Gospel doctrines which God has been would doubtless bave been considerable. pleased heretofore so eminently to bless There are upwards of fifty day-schools in the conversion of sinners, and the under the regular inspection of the So edification of believers in faith and holiciety's Agent, containing four thousand five hundred children, about one-half of “2. That, as Ministers of Christ, we whom read the sacred Scriptures. We should, in deep humility, and with incongratulate the Irish Conference on the creased earnestness, implore the aid and favourable prospects before them, and on guidance of the Holy Spirit, whilst we their determination, if possible, to in dedicate ourselves afresh and more fully crease and extend these operations. The to our hallowed work in holding forth plan by which they propose to accom the word of life, directing penitents to a




crucified Redeemer, and urging upon followers of Christ, you are invited by believers the attainment of a full salva. him to be a chosen generation, a royal tion, visiting our people from house to priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar house, preaching more frequently in the people.' Yours is a high calling : prayermornings and in the open air, securing fully endeavour to let your walk be wor. sufficient time for meeting all the classes thy of the Gospel of Christ ; ' see that regularly at the quarterly visitations, walking in the path of the just,' you and speaking to each member as the shine more and more unto the perfect case may require, and diligently apply. day,' and that you show forth the praises ing ourselves to the important work of of him who hath called you out of darkmeeting and catechising the children of ness into his marvellous light. In obeour people and congregations, and dience to his precious call, shine as preaching occasional sermons for their lights in the world,'' by pureness, by improvement and spiritual instruction. knowledge, by long-suffering, by kind

“3. That we frequently meet the so ness, by the Holy Ghost, by love un. cieties, after preaching, on the Sabbath feigned, by the word of truth, by the evenings; examine the Class-Books, and power of God, and by the armour of converse with the Leaders on the state righteousness on the right hand and on of their respective classes, at our weekly the left.' meetings, give all encouragement to “Bear with us, while we affectionprayer-meetings, wherever they can be ately recommend to you a more extenconveniently held, and embrace oppor sive acquaintance with Mr. Wesley's tunities of preaching in private houses, Sermons, and our other well-known wherever a congregation can be collected, Wesleyan publications and periodicals. and appointing preaching on the week As Wesleyans, you should know our day evenings, at such an hour that the views, understand our doctrines, and people shall not be kept too late from become conversant with those admirable their habitations.

works, which God has blessed to the « 4. The Conference further recom spiritual edification of thousands, now mends the uniform and conscientious before the throne. observance of all our rules of discipline, “ Believing as we do, that the instrucand especially urges a particular atten tion of the young and rising generation tion to watch-nights, private and public is a matter of the highest possible mobands, and quarterly days of humilia ment, steps have been taken by us to tion, fasting, and prayer, that the Head provide a more efficient and extensive of the church may pour out his Holy system of education, by which the chil. Spirit, that the kingdom of our God and dren of our people shall receive sound, of his Christ may be extended and es useful, and scriptural instruction; and we tablished in the earth.”

confidently hope that our people, more A similar feeling pervades the Pas- especially our wealthy friends, will give toral Address of the Conference to the to this important and interesting object, various societies under their care, an ex their affectionate and liberal co-operatract from which will close this state tion. ment :

“Finally, brethren, in the midst of “As to our beloved Methodism, there the unhallowed political strife, and the never were so many members, so many strangely extensive agitation of quesPreachers, such rapidly augmenting tions of an ecclesiastical nature, which finances, or so much peace and harmony occupy the public mind, we would earin our body, as now. Never were con nestly advise you not to allow your versions more frequent, never was holi. minds to be carried away from your own ness more deep, or more widely diffused private and personal duties as Chrisamong our spiritual children.

tians. ' In your patience possess ve “Let us not regard the piety of our your souls ; ' keep your place in the fathers, of the former race of Method church of God, maintain your principles ists, as a glory which has passed away, of high religious integrity, “meudle not or suppose that it is impossible for us to with them that are given to change;' follow Christ as they followed him. but in every thing, by prayer and supYour privileges are more abundant. plication, with thanksgiving, let your Christianity is shedding a brighter glory requests be made known unto God, and on our world; its beauties, its riches, its the peace of God, which passeth all resources, are daily developed on a scale understanding, shall keep your heart and of increasing grandeur. Remember, mind, through Christ Jesus.'” therefore, that as the people of God, the

THE WESLEYAN-METHODIST CONFERENCE OF 1844. The revolving year has again Thomas Waugh, and the Rev. John brought to us the pleasing task of Nelson, attended as the Representatives directing the attention of our readers to of the Irish Conference. According to the Annual Conference of Wesleyan- custom, the various preparatory ComMethodist Ministers, held in Birming mittees assembled some days previous to ham, according to the appointment of the official commencement of the Conferthe Conference immediately preceding; ence, to prepare Reports for the inspecand never did we enter upon this part of tion and final decision of that body. our duty under stronger feelings of gra

The Educational Committee presented titude to the Great Head of the church a most interesting report.

It appeared, for the peace and concord which pervade that, including a grant from the Centhe Connexion at large, and for the tenary Fund, about £12,000 had been tokens of his gracious presence with contributed, or promised, to carry out which the sittings of the Conference the projects of the Committee. There have so greatly been distinguished. had been one hundred and ten candiOf a truth, “ The best of all is, God is dates for training as Masters and Miswith us !” The more we reflect upon tresses ; forty-two of whom had been the proceedings of the late assembly, the accepted, and sent to the Glasgow Normore we see reason to be satisfied with mal Seminary. Since August, 1843, the high moral position which the Wes about thirteen had finished their preleyan Ministers occupy. We conceive it paratory course, and had been appointed matter of honest congratulation, that, to various localities; a number of other amid good report, and evil report, they applications for Tutors would also be have maintained a character so free from met within few months. There fear, and from reproach. They consti- had been an increase during the year of tute an important portion of the ma one hundred and forty-three Sunday chinery of Christianity, and cannot be schools, and fifteen thousand six hundrawn from the department which they dred and twenty-seven scholars. Of fill, by the disciples of the Tractarian week-day and intant schools, there were school on the one hand, or by the sup one hundred and eighty-three for boys, porters of a fierce and levelling demo one hundred and nine for girls, and cracy on the other, without injury or forty for infants, containing thirteen derangement to the whole. They are thousand one hundred and thirty-eight not “ lords over God's heritage,” but boys, eight thousand seven hundred and shepherds of the flock, which, in the seventy-six girls, and three thousand absence of the owner, would fare indif three hundred and forty-nine infants, ferently without them. They are am making a total of twenty-five thousand bassadors from an omnipotent Sovereign, four hundred and sixty-three children, offering terms of reconciliation, which it being an increase during the year of four will be the wisdom of those they address thousand six hundred and fifty-nine. cordially to accept. They are stewards Twenty-four of the Ministers have of the household, so that, while they act exchanged mortality for life, during the according to the instructions of their year, two of whom had been elected to Master, the whole establishment is bene the office of President of the Conference : fited by their care : in a word, they are we allude to the Rev. Henry Moore, brethren who have received grace to and the Rev. George Morley. Our minister in holy things, and who rest Obituary department will contain, as their claim to be highly esteemed on the usual, official notices respecting the ground of their works, “and labour of character and demise of the departed, love."

several of whom had long borne the After the usual devotional exercises, burden and heat of the day in the and preliminary proceedings, the assem Lord's vineyard, where they had toiled bled Ministers chose the Rev. Jabez with considerable ability and success. Bunting, D.D., to be their President “ They rest from their labours, and for the fourth time. The Rev. Robert their works do follow them." Newton, D.D., was elected to the office The ordination services were not only of Secretary. The Rev. Isaac Keeling, interesting and delightful, but scenes of and the Rev. John Farrar, were ap holy, spiritual, and devout profit, which pointed Sub-Secretaries ; and the Rev. will be long remembered by the MinisWilliam Barton, Journal Secretary. ters and people composing the overflowThe Rev. William Stewart, the Rev. ing congregations which were present.


Most earnestly do we join in the prayer hesitate to say, that the recent Confer. of the Rev. the Ex-President, in the ence has been distinguished by unbroken conclusion of his excellent Charge to the harmony and atfection, equal to any that newly-ordained Ministers, when, after has preceded, and also by an ardent alluding to the divine unction which desire to promote “the work of God," had so manifestly rested upon the pre and to “ spread scriptural holiness" vious services, he expressed a sincere throughout our land, and to the ends of and confident hope, that they would the earth. May the mantle of our asrealize all the expectations of the church, cended Elijahs descend upon this collecbe a blessing to the world, and finally be tive body of Christian Pastors, and with welcomed by their Great Master with it a double portion of their spirit! Jiay the approving sentence, “ Well done, those who have recently been ordained to good and faithful servant, enter thou the full exercise of the Christian ministry, into the joy of thy Lord.”

be able and successful Ministers of the In glancing at the various returns New Testament, holding fast the deposit from the different Circuits and stations, of those sacred and precious truths, we discover the increase in the number which have given spiritual life to our of church-members at home to be sir country, and are imparting it to the world! thousand nine hundred and seventy. May peace be to them, and to the Jerunine, (including four hundred and five salem upon whose walls they shall be in Ireland,) and on the Mission stations the watchmen ! May our people, the sir thousand two hundred and fifty-three, objects of our pastoral solicitude and making a total of THIRTEEN

care, remember, that, if it be the Pastor's SAND TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY duty to instruct, to warn, to lead, it is Two. The number on trial for church. theirs to observe the lesson, the moni. membership ascertained at the March tion, the pattern, with the docility of a visitation of classes, was upwards of disciple, and the meekness of wisdom. twenty-two thousand. This accession to If it be the Pastor's vocation to “watch the numerical state of the Connexion is for souls " as one “that must give acconfessedly not so great as the ardour of count," it is theirs to make the watch Christian zeal and attachment might pleasant, and the account satisfactory. have contemplated and desired : it is ne If it be the place of the Pastors to break vertheless sufficiently extensive to prove to them the bread of life, it is theirs to that the divine presence has not been receive it as from stewards of the housewithdrawn from the assemblies of our hold of faith, and dispensers of the mysZion; that an awful Ichabod is not yet teries of God. Let this reciprocity of inscribed, either upon our pulpits or our interest, of teeling, and of duty, be repews; and that the eager anticipations of cognised and adopted, and the faith of our open and secret adversaries, who the church will be vigorous and sanctify. have not been backward to prognosticate ing : faith in the word of God relative the decline and fall of Wesleyan Me. to the spiritual condition of man ;-in thodism, are not even about to be veri his laws, requiring us to be diligent and fied. We refer these hostile individuals profitable servants ;-in his promises that to the sentiment of the Jewish Doctor : he will be with us, and establish upon “Refrain from these men, and let them us the work of our hands; and also, in alone : for if this counsel or this work be his prophecies, which declare the uniof men, it will come to nought : but if versal spread of the Gospel, notwith. it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; standing the evil machinations of the lest haply ye be found to fight against Papal and Pagan antichrists. “ Thea God.”

had the churches rest, and were edified, The brethren were entertained by the and walking in the fear of the Lord, friends in Birmingham with their well. and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost, known hearty and sincere hospitality, were multiplied ; ” “ the whole body by among whom, we doubt not, has been left joints and bands baving nourishment a wholesome and spiritual influence, ministered, and knit together, increaseth which will be felt and perceived “after with the increase of God." many days.” In conclusion, we do not

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