RECENT DEATHS, continued. RECENT DEATHS, continued.
Sibson, Elizabeth, of Paramatta, Aus Wilkinson, Mr. P., of Low-Laith, 333
tralia, 153

Williams, Mr. T., of Worcester, 945
Simpkin, Mrs., of Thurcaston, 427 Williams, Mrs., of Nantyglo, 424
Simpson, Mrs., of Hornby, 331

Wilson, Mr. James, of London, 948
Simpson, Mr. W., of Alston, 427 Wilson, Mrs., of London, 427
Sizer, Mrs., of Tendring, 333

Woollescroft, Mrs., of Chesterfield,
Skinner, Mrs., of Ferriby, 491

United States, 153
Slater, Rev. John, of Plymouth, 864 Wrapp, Mrs., of Cheadle, 157
Smith, Miss A. E., of Middleham, 328 Wright, Mrs., of Norton, 424
Smith, Mr. H., of Coningsby, 332 Zleapy, Harriett, of Macclesfield, 610
Smith, Mrs., of Ashborne, 688 « Recordnewspaper, attack upon the
Smith, Mrs., of Montrose, 946

Wesleyan Methodists in the, noticed,
Smith, Rev. J, S., of Sunderland, 949 117
Soulby, Abraham, Esq., of West Reece, Rev. Richard, speech of, in Ex-
Ashby, 425

eter-Hall, 502
Spanton, Mr. Robert, of Malton, 329 REVIEW OF BOOKS. See also
Spencer, Mrs., of Derby, 70

Spriggs, Mrs., of Dale, 328

Elliott's “ Delineation of Roman
Stables, Miss J., of Sinnington, 335 Catholicism,” 667
Steeds, Mr. J., of Norton-Down, 949 Foster's “ Lectures,” and “ Contribu-
Steele, Mr. Joseph, of Morpeth, 611 tions to the Eclectic Review,” 475
Stephenson, Mr. Robert, of Sunder Huber's “ English Universities,” 122
land, 243

Robinson's “ Bibliotheca Sacra,” 306
Storey, Mrs., late of Leeds, 776

Smith's “ Religion of Ancient Bri-
Straughan, Mrs., of Whitehouse, 333 tain,” 835
Sugden, Rev. J., of Addingham, 157 Reviews, remarks on, 435
Swallwell, Mrs., of Holywell, 1038 Richmond, Rev. Legh, mentioned, 93, 119
T'aylor, Mary, of Blyth, 688

Robertson, Dr., unhappy influence of,
Thomas, Mrs., of Beaufort, 334

on the Scotch Church, referred to, 338
Thomas, Mr. W., of Montford- | Rome and the Papal States, present
Bridge, 1038

condition of, 594
Thorley, Mr. J., of Macclesfield, 426 Rome, a visit to, during the Holy Week,
Thornton, Mr. V., of Colne, 611

45_narrative of Popish iniquities at,
Thorp, Mrs., of Leigh, 424

928, 1000
Thurlow, Mr. R., of Lofthouse, 328 Rose, Sir George, speech of, in Exeter-
Tiplady, Mr. William, of Spring Hall, 497
Farm, 610

Russia, visit of the Emperor of, to
Titley, Mrs., of Stanningley, 945 England, 612
Todd, Jane, of Burnop-Field, 1039
Tonkin, Mr. Uriah, of Cape Town, St. Paul's Cathedral, remarks on the
South Africa, 423

services in, 923
Townend, Mrs., of Cullingworth, 155 St. Peter's, of Rome, account of, 46
Turner, Rev. Henry, of Guernsey, 492 Sales, St. Francis de, remark of, quoted,
Urling, Mrs., of Hoxton, 331

l'ause, Mrs., of Sancton, 332

Sallust quoted, 14
Vinter, Mrs., of Cambridge, 426 Sanctification, doctrine of, referred to,
Wade, Mr. J., of Littleborough, 611 109, 730—the truth of God, the instru.
Wain, Mr. W., of Alfreton, 1038 ment of the Holy Spirit in, 280
Walker, Elisabeth, of Keighley, 685 Sardinia, persecution of Protestants in,
Waterson, Ann, of Colby, 425

referred to, 159, 236
Watton, Mrs., of Tamworth, 70 Saurin, sermon of, “ On Alms,” referred
Watts, Mr. Isaac, of Gwennap, 154
Weavor, Mr. W., of Leadenham, 686 Saxony, visit of the King of, to England,
Webb, Miss A., of Sevenoaks, 686 612
Webb, Mrs., of Sheerness, 946 Scriptural Essays. No. VIII. The
Webster, Mrs., of Snape, 155

Truth, Power, and Beneficence of
Wharf, Mr. Robert, of Brandon, 945 Christianity, 808
Wheatly, Mrs., of Blyth, 157

Seneca, conjectures as to the silence of,
Whitehead, Hannah, of Burley, 490 on the subject of Christianity, 474
Whitehurst, Mrs., of Little-Moss, 243 SERMONS.
Wignall, Mrs., of Keighley, 685 Christian Discourse, by the Rev. C.
Wilcox, Mrs., of Banwell, 243

Prest, 540
Wilkes, Mr. Thomas, of Ettingshall Fellowship with God, by the Rev. J.
road, 243

Brown, 717

to, 30

SERMONS, continued.

Zealand, 871_letter from the Rer.
The Money-Lover, by the Rev. M. Wilson, Tonga, 872_letters from
Adolphe Monod, 9

the Rev. S. Ironside, New Zealand,
The New Zealand Mission, by the 958, 959_fatal collision at Wairau,
Rev. H. H. Turton, 370

692, 960
The Plan of Redemption designed to Southern Africa. Letter from the Rev.

restore Man to Holiness, by the H. H. Dugmore, Graham's-Town,
Rev. H. W. Williams, 896

345_letter from the Rev. W. Shep-
The superior Glory of the Ministra stone, Bechuanas, 317–letter from

tion of Righteousness, by the Rev. the Rev. W. H. Garner, Shawbury,
J. M'Owan, 188

782—letter from the Rev. J. Smith,
Servants, moral and religious improve Bathurst, 783_letter from the Rev.
ment of, 736

F. P. Gladwin, Clarkebury, 785–
Shaw, Mr. David, of Huddersfield, letter from the Rev. T. Smith, Gra-

memoir of, 353_respectful mention ham's Town, 788_letter from the
of, 996_discreditable conduct of a Rev. J. Ayliffe, Haslope-Hills, 788—
son of, 833, 996

letter from the Rev. J. W. Appleyard,
Sheil, Mr., misstatement of, respecting Colesberg, 789-grants of the British

the treatment of Protestants in Popish and Foreign Bible Society towards the
countries, 246, 672

expense connected with the Kaffer
Shetland, journal of a tour in, 681

Testament, 965
Shillington, Mr. Thomas, of Portadown, | Spiritual life, on the perfection of, 36,
mentioned, 634

106, 208
Sierra-Leone Company, account of the, Stamp, Rev. John S., historical memo

randa by, relating to the “ Pilgrim's
Slave-trade, works concerning the, no Progress,” 52—remarks on, 116_his

ticed, 231, 237, 937—at Badagry, men edition of Dr. Elliott's “Delineation
tioned, 1062

of Roman Catholicism” reviewed,
Smith, Dr. Adam, quoted, 321

South, Dr., observations by, on submis Stations of the Wesleyan Ministers, in
sion to God, 806

Great Britain, 743—in Ireland, 757
Southey, Dr., quoted, concerning the -on the Missions, 759

“ Pilgrim's Progress,” 53-62, 117 Steinkopff, Dr., communications received
South, or Continental, India, Letters from, 240

from the Rev. J. Roberts, Madras, Stephenson, Rev. John, communication
73, 74; Negapatam, 956 - letters from, 986
from the Rev. S. Hardey, Madras, Stewart, Mr. Patrick M., speech of, in
75, 955-letter from the Rev. P. Exeter-Hall, 501
Batchelor, Negapatam, 76 — letters Stuart, Mr. David, of St. Vincent's,
from the Rev. T. Cryer, Manargoody, mentioned, 394, 395
76, 77, 866, 867-letters from the Sugden, Rev. Samuel, recollections by,
Rev. J. Garrett, Bangalore, 78, 79, of the Rev. John Crosse, 100
865_letters from the Rev. M. T. Sunday-schools, observations on the
Male, Mysore, 80_letter from the

management of, 555-origin of, 648
Rev. J. Little, Manargoody, 963 -number of children in the, at Not-
South Sea Missions. Suspension of the tingham and Derby, 993; throughout

Mission at Cloudy-Bay, New Zealand, the Connexion, 995_at Birmingham,
86—journal of the Rev. John Water mentioned, 994
house's second voyage from Hobart Sutcliffe, Rev. Joseph, mentioned, 4
Town to New Zealand, the Friendly
Isles, and Feejee, 161, 249_letter Taylor, Jeremy, observations by, on
from Miss Waterhouse, Hobart-Town, suffering with Christ, 385
261_death of the Rev. John Water Templation, resistance to, taught, 910
house referred to, 261-letters from TEXTS ILLUSTRATED.
the Rev. J. Whiteley, New Zealand, Exodus xx. 7; Leviticus xiii. 6;
344, 693_letter from the Rev. J. Isaiah Ixiii. 17; Psalm cxix. 10;
Hunt, Feejee, 433_death of the Rev. Jeremiah i. 10; Matthew x. 35 ;
Messrs. Cross and Cargill, 440_letter Acts x. 15......462, 463
from the Rev. W. Lawry, Sydney, Numbers xxi. 6-9......387
689; New Zealand, 871_distribution Deuteronomy vi. 6, 7; Genesis xvii.
of Testaments in New Zealand, 690 13, 14..... 986
-letter from the Rev. J. Buller, Deuteronomy xxix. 10–13; xxxi.
New Zealand, 696_letter from the 10_13; xxxii. 46, 47......987
Rev. T. J. Jagyar, Feejee, 698_ Job xxxi. 24-27; Ephesians v. 5;
letter from the Rev. J. Watkin, New Colossians iii. 5......16


Hierarchy, the, 152
Psalm x. 3...... 15

Hot seasons, 860
Psalm cv. 21, 22......457

Indulgences, 417
Psalm cxix. 36...... 12

Jenner and Napoleon, 597
Eccle iastes xi. 6......370

Jesuits, pranks of the, 944
Isaiah xxii. 20-22; Revelation iii. 7, Matrimonial statistics, 152

Newspapers, 152
Daniel v. 12......458

Poor-Law returns, 860
Esdras ix. 45, 46......458

Porcelain Tower at Nankin, 598
Matthew xvi. 19; xviii. 18......454 Queen Elizabeth suffering from the
Matthew xix. 14......987

toothache, 326
Mark x. 23-25...... 23

Roman Catholic Lent, 418
Luke xii, 15......9

Romanism, robberies of, 1031
Luke xvi. 14; 1 Timothy iii. 3; Rose, the, 417

Hebrews xiii. 5; 2 Timothy iii. Rosetta-stone, inscription on the, 325

Sovereigns of Europe, 326
John iii. 14, 15......386

Variations of time, 326
John xx. 22, 23......461

The way to learn, 598
Acts ii. 39......988

Vaudois, Popish atrocities perpetrated
Romans viii. 3, 4... .896

upon a colony of, in Italy, 404
I Corinthians vii. 14......988, 1047 Vesuvius, visit to, 7
2 Corinthians iii. 7-11...... 188

Virgin Mary, Popish worship of, men-
2 Corinthians vi. 10...... 808

tioned, 6
Colossians is. 6......540

Voltaire, a conversation with, 5
1 John i. 5-7......717
Theodore, Archbishop of Canterbury, Walton's (Rev. Daniel) “ Mature Chris.
obligations of England to, 125

tian,' referred to, 897
Theological Institution, Report of the, Warburton, Bishop, theory of, respecting

146_Rev. H. Moore's opposition to Apuleius's “Golden Ass," 567-sa-
the, noticed, 855-establishment of a, tirical mention of Mr. Wesley by, 922
in Jamaica, desirable, 514

Ware, effects of Puseyism at, 489, 833
Theophrastus, pictures of the covetous Warren, M. de, remarks on the work
man by, mentioned, 11

of, on British India, 398
T'huggee, systein of, almost extinguish- | Watchfulness, Christian, necessity of,
ed, 400

Timesnewspaper, quoted, 338, 924 Waterhouse, Rev. John, picture of,
Toase, Rev. William, of Paris, commu superintending the landing of a Mis-
nications from, 595, 823

sion party in New Zealand, noticed,
Triads, Welch, account of, 837-quoted, 1020. See also South-Sea Missions.

Waterloo, observations on the battle of,
Trinity, importance of faith in the doc. 1021
trine of the, 734

Watson, Rev. Joseph, journal of a tour

in Shetland by, 680
Unitarians. See Dissenters' Chapels Watson, Rev. Richard, quoted, 1024

Watis, Dr., quoted, 392
Uplifted sign, the, 386

Waugh, Rev. Thomas, speech of, in

Exeter-Hall, 506
Vampyre bat, notice of the, 171

Wayland, Dr., essay by, on the doctrine

of expediency, reviewed, 311
African Monarch in state, 1031 Wells, John, extract from the writings
American States, origin of the names of, 279
of the, 599

Welsh's (Dr.) “Elements of Church
Architecture, 599

History," extracts from, 470, 567
Beatification of a Provincial of the Wesley, Mrs. Susanna, letters from, to
Jesuits, 418

her sons John and Charles, 817
Beehive, statistics of a, 153

Wesley, Rev. Charles, letters from, to
Bishop of Barbadoes, the, and the Mr. Blackwell, 658—mission of, to

titular Bishop of Olympus, 417 Georgia, 919
Bishop Porleus dying, 944

Wesley, Rev. John, extract from the
Captain Warner's experiment, 859 Journal of, 102-obligation of, to
six-mile range, 1032

Luther, 37–precise point in reference
Dissenters' Chapels Bill, true merits to which the opinions of, underwent a
of the, 418

change at the time of his “conver-
Drunkenness, 598

sion,” 37-character of the theologi-

cal system of, 40, 106, 112 abridge the Gambia, to the Mission-House,
ment of the “ Pilgrim's Progress" by, 964—view of the Wesleyan Missions
mentioned, 117 - doctrine of, on at the Gold-Coast, Ashanti, Badadry,
Christian perfection, 121, 210_letter and other parts of Guinea, 1041-
of, to Mr. John Stretton, respecting the documents relating to the attack
American Missions, 222_ letter of, to upon the character of the Rev. T. B.
his niece, Miss Sarah Wesley, 288 ; to Freeman, 1045_letter from the Rev.
his nephew, Mr. Charles Wesley, jun., S. Annear, Badagry, 1060_offer of
562–plan of, on receiving proposals service for Western Africa from the
to build a chapel, 238—advice of, on Rev. H. Wharton, St. Vincent's, 1063
pastoral visitation, 641_did not re Wetstein, quoted, 456, 460
gard his Preachers as laymen, 665— Wharton, Mr. C., of Chester, men-
question respecting the unpublished tioned, 449
manuscripts of, 856_mission of, to Whichcot, Dr., mentioned, 106, 109
Georgia, 919—note of, on Matt. xix. Whitefield, Rev. George, mentioned,
14, quoted, 988-rule of, respecting 922, 923
admission into the society, remark on, Whitehead, Dr., removal of, from the
989—desire of, that the children of Wesleyan society, mentioned, 854
Wesleyan parents should be formed Wilberforce, William, connexion of,
into classes, 992-engraving of Clax with early plans for the benefit of
ton's picture of the death of, noticed, Africa, 552

Williams, Rev. H. W., paper by, on
Wesley, Rev. Samuel, quoted, 116, 117 sanctification, 280
West Indies. Deputation of the Rev. William the Conqueror, death.bed of,
R. Young to Jamaica, and departure

of Missionaries for that island, 87– Wilson, Dr., speech of, in Exeter-Hall,
letter from the Rev. W. T. Way-

mouth, Dominica, 348–return of the Windebank, Sir Francis, notices of, 827
Rev. R. Young from Jamaica, 350 Wiseman, Dr., mentioned, 503_remarks
prosperity of the society in Antigua, on a promise by, of a Roman edition
350-letters from the Rev. M. B. of the Greek New Testament, 819
Bird, llayti, 701, 874_letter from the
Rev. E. Fraser, Jamaica, 875—letter Yearly Collection, claims of the, 217
from the Rev. J. Atkins, Jamaica, Young, Rev. Robert, speech of, in Exe-
877-letter from the Rev. W. L. ter-Hall, 511
Binks, Demerara, 877-call of J. N.
Brown, Esq., of Grenada, at the
Mission-House, mentioned, 964_Par-

liamentary Grant for the support of January, Rev. Joux Cross, M.A.
Schools, 964

February, Rev. John GREEVES.
Western Africa. Contribution towards | March, BISHOP SOULE.
training a native ministry, 351-letter April,

from the Rev. G. Chapman, Kumasi, May,

777-letter from the Rev. T. T.
Greeves, British Akrah, 779_letter | June, Rev. EPHRAIM EVANS.
from the Rev. W. Allen, 3d, Cape- | July,

Rev.John HannaH, D.D.,
Coast, 780_letter from the Rev. R.

President of the Confer.
Brooking, Anamabu, 781-letter from
the Rev. T. Dove, Sierra-Leone, 874 August, Rev. Hugh HUGAES.
-Mission to the slave-coast and September, Rev. FREDERICK J. JOB-
Yariba, and visit of the Rev. T. B.
Freeman to England, 878—Missions October, Rev. RICHARD Ray.
on the Gainbia, 879_visit of T. L. November, Rev. John Gedex.
Ingram, Esq., late acting Governor of December, Rev. WILLIAN BURT.





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