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NOTICES (Characteristic) OF

BOOKS, continued.
Mental Culture, 940
Middleton's “ Banner displayed,"

Missionary Cards, 409
Mitchell's “ Popery, a Novelty," 230
Modern Wesleyanism, compared with

the Teaching of Mr. Wesley,

Montgomery's (Rev. G. W.) “Law

of Kindness,' 1029
Montgomery's (Rev. Robert) “Gospel

before the Age," 1027
Moore, Rev. Henry, “ Life" of, 854

-“ Funeral Sermons” for, 1019,
More kind Words from Uncle Wil-

liam, 69
Morison's " Fathers and Founders of

the London Missionary Society,"

Morison's “ Protestant Reformation,"

My Sunday Scholars, 69
Nangle's “Serious Dissuasives from

Popery,” 233
Nescience versus Prescience, 408
Vevins's Thoughts on Popery,"

Nichols's “ Morning Exercises at

Cripplegate,” 318, 857
Nicol's “ Introductory Book of the

Sciences," 323
Novelties in Priestcraft, 414
Old Humphrey's Country Strolls,

Overton's “ Rome's true Character,"

Palmer's “ Protestant Dissenters' Ca-

techism," 237
Parker, N. E., “ Memorial ” of, 939
Payne's “ Universum,” 141, 409, 593
Peace attained, 322
Pearsall's “ Outlines of Congrega.

tionalism,” 943
Peggs's “ Lascars' Cry to Britain,"

Phillips's “ Glimpse into the World

to come,” 235
Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation,

Pike's “ Antichrist unmasked,” 1030
Pike's “Observations on Mr. Har-

per's Letter on Confirmation,” 590
Popular Romanism examined, 941
Raven's “Family Prayers,” 236
Redford's Treatise on Conversion,"

Reid's “ Dictionary of the English

Language,” 942
Rix's Peril in Security,” 939
Rhoda, 145
Rhind's “ Creation, illustrated by Er.-

gravings," 233

NOTICES (Characteristic) OF

BOOKS, continued.
Ridgeway's “ Faith once delivered to

the Saints," 233
Ritchie's “ Thoughts on Slavery and

cheap Sugar," 937
Roberts's “ Oriental Illustrations of

the sacred Scriptures," 64
Robinson's “ Exposition of Rom. ix.,"

Rogerson's “ Almanac," 1019
Rule's “ Mission to Gibraltar and

Spain,” 585
Rupp's “ Religious Denominations

in the United States," 1025
Rust's “ Brethren," 323
Salmon's " Jewish Christian's Ap-

peal," 1027
Scripture Natural History, 68
Scripture Truths in Verse, 142
Sharpe's “ New Testament, translated

from Griesbach's Text," 856
Shepherd's Thoughts,” 412
Sheppard's “ Persuasive to private

Devotion," 412_~ Christian Er-

couragement,” 938
Short and Simple Prayers, 142
Sights in Autumn, 937
Sights in Spring, 322
Sights in Summer, 937
Simpson's (Rev. David) Scrmon on

the Opening of Christ Church,

Macclesfield, 144
Simpson's (Rev. Robert) “ Times of

Claverhouse,” 940
Sketches of Discourses, 1029
Sketches of Irish History, Antiqui-

ties, fc., 234
Smeaton and Lighthouses, 411
Smith's “ Domestic Prayer-Book,"

Smith's “ Salvation of Israel," 1028
Steill's “ Pictorial Geography," 941
Stodart's (Miss)“ Principles of Edu-

cation," 410
Strickland's (Agnes) “Lives of the

Queens of Èngland,” 593
Sunday-School Rhymes, 322
Tatham's “ Lantern to the Jews," 590
Taylor's “ Ancient Christianity, and
the Doctrine of the Tracts for the

Times,” 235
Taylor's (Dr. W. C.) “History of

Christianity," 324
Taylor's (Rev. c. B.) “ Margaret,”

The Apprentice ; The careful Nurse-
maid ; The Working Man's Wife,

The Bible self-illustrated, 1025
The Biblical Cabinet, 409, 941
The Child's Book of Martyrs, 236
The Christian Lady's Toilette, 144
The Christian's Miniature Magasine,



* 322

NOTICES (Characteristic) OF NOTICES ( Characteristic) OF
BOOKS, continued.

BOOKS, continued.
The Christian's Walk with God, 234 Woman's Worth, 142
The Country; or, Old Michael and

Wray's “ Poetical Remarks
Young Maurice, 145

'Songs and Ballads for the Peo.
The Goodness of God exemplified, 69 ple,'
The happy Transformation, 145

Young's “ Providence displayed,"
The History of Reynard the Fox, 942

Zuluetta, Petro de, Trial of, on a
The Illustrated Bible History, 415

Charge of Slave-Trading, 237
The Indians of North America, 145
The Itinerant or Sailors' Journal, OBITUARIES. See also RECENT

The Jew, 1031

Adnitt, Mrs., of Northampton, 601
The Kingdom of Heaven among Chil. Allen, Mrs., of Keighley, 602
dren, 323

Atkinson, Mr. Thomas, of Glasgow,
The late-Hour System, 1026

Thelwall's “ Idolatry of the Church Baverstock, Mr. Benjamin, of Mot-
of Rome,” 412

combe, 608
The Miracles of Christ, 68

Beckwith, Rev. William, 770
The Missionary Ship

" John Wil Bentham, Rev. Robert, 769

Boyd, Mr. Thomas, of Darlington,
The Pastor's Daughter, 942

The People's Gallery of Engravings, Brown, Rev. John, 3d, 774
Parts I. to IX., 940

Brown, Rev. Thomas, 773
The Perils of the Nation, 70%" Re. Caley, Mr. Patrick, of Sulby, 607
medies" for, 587

Cargill, Rev. David, M. A., 774
The Pulpit Cyclopædia, 322

Clough, Mr. and Mrs., of Bradford,
The Rector in Search of a Curate, 604

Connelly, Mrs., of Ballinamore, 606
The Teacher's Manual, 142

Cross, Rev. W'illiam, 774
The Teacher's Offering, 234

Dawes, Rev. Mark, 772
The useful Arts employed in the Pro Farrell, Rev. John, 773

duction of Clothing, 321-of Fud, Fish, Rev. William, 767

Gill, Rev. James, 771
The World in the Church of the pre Haigh, Mrs., of Lindley, 600
sent Day, 69

Hamilton, Rev. William, 773
Thoughts among Flowers, 942

Harrison, Mr. John, of Millington,
Thoughts on divine Sovereignty, 1027 419
Thoughts on Habit and Discipline, Hill, Rev. Josiah, 770

Hill, Rev. William, 2d, 769
Tittmann's “Sacred Meditations on Jones, Rev. Owen, 767
the Gospel of St. John,” 409

Luckett, Mr. William, of Over-Nor-
Turner's (Rev. George)

“ Infant
Baptism,'' 230

Moore, Rev. Henry, 770
Turner's (Rev. Philip) “Memoir of Morley, Rev. George, 768
Mr. T. M. Haswell,” 63

Outon, Ruth, of Lowestoft, 421
Usher's (Archbishop) “ Immanuel,” Page, Mrs., of Smisby, 422

Penman, Mrs., of Sunderland, 606
Wakeham's “Address to Roman Radford, Rev. W’illiam, 772
Catholics,” 939

Robinson, Rev. Samuel, 773
Walford's “Catechism," 142

Shaw, Rev. John, 772
Wallbridge's “Sequential System of Skinner, Mr. John, of Gwennap,
Musical Notation,” 237

Walter's “ Letter on Baptism,” 322 Steele, Rev. Arthur H., 774
Watmough's “ Mirror of Infants,” 316 Sugden, Rev. James, 769
Waymouth's “ Influence of Educa Symons, Rev. Samuel, 775
tion," 1028

Turner, Rev. Henry, 772
Weaver's “ Complete View of Pusey Vivian, Mrs., of Gwennap, 604
ism," 65

Watkin, Rev. Benjamin, 775
West's “Memoirs of Mrs. Gibson," Wilman, Mrs., of Bailey-Carr, 609

O'Connell, Mr., mentioned, 951
Why did you leave the Church ? 323 Oglethorpe, General, notices of, 919, 923
Williams's “Treatise on English Origen, reply of, to Celsus's work against
Composition,” 145

Christianity, 573

ton, 601

Our youth and our church, with their

reciprocal duties, 986

Pantheon, of Rome, present state of the,

Panzani, Gregorio, memoirs of, 826
Parker, Bishop, unhappy results of the

conformity of, 106
Pascal's Thoughts” referred to, 484
Pastoral visitation, remarks on, 640
Peel, Sir Robert, remarks on a speech

of, concerning duelling, 337–men.

tioned, 662, 664, 667
Pelagianism, account of, 845
Perfection, Wesleyan doctrine of, re-

ferred to, 38, 109, 208_misrepre-

sented, 121
Petrarch, description by, of the Pope

and his court at Avignon, 578
Philpot, Archdeacon, pervertible expres-

sions of, quoted, 41
Platonists, causes of the opposition of,

to Christianity, 473

Abide with us," by Mrs. Ellet, 496
A Name, by Mrs. Sigourney, 248
Death, 160
Enduring Joy, 776
Julilee Missionary Hymn, by James

Montgomery, 1040
Let there be Light,a Mission

Hymn, by Mrs. Sigourney, 952
Love to Christ, 616
Odours, 616
The Death-Bed of the Righteous, by

the Rev. Robert Montgomery, 615
The Love of Christ, by Mrs. Sigour-

873-doctrine of, on the power of the
keys, 454_advance of, 479, 926
connexion of, with the periodical criti-
cism of the day, mentioned, 686–
early Missions of, in India, referred
to, 503—atrocities of, on the revocation
of the Edict of Nantes, 581)_recent
defections from, in France, 823_0b-
ject of, in the mission of Gregorio
Panzani to England, 826_iniquities
and barbarities practised by, at Rome,
in the present day, 928, 1000_ipla-
tuated assistance of, by Protestant
politicians, 951-exhibition of, in a
recent Circular from the present Pope,

1033. See also VARIETIES.
Porphyry, writings of, against Christian-

ity, 574
Protestantism, progress of, in France,

Purilans, the, referred to, 106, 107,

Puscyism, works concerning, noticed,

65, 69, 142, 235, 322, 323, 413, 414,
938, 1019, 1026, 1027_Bishop
M'Ilvaine's animadversions on, 293
Popish principle of reserve revived bs,
393— agreement of, with Popery, ou
the power of the keys, 455—high pre-
tensions of, rebutted, 477-secession
caused by, at W'are, 489_Romeward
movement of, similar to one in the
reign of Charles I., 832_sample of
the Popish inclinations of, extracted
from the “ Times," 924-vjews of, on
preaching Christ, and on the mutual
relation of the Epistles and Gospels,

ney, 864

Quarterly Review,” extracts from the,

153, 997
Queen, domestic habits of the, 950

The Missionary, 432
The Mother's Solace, 340
The Myrtle, by James Montgomery,

Thought and Deed, by C. R. Ken.

nedy, 615
Thy Will be done,688

Unity, 432
Popery, idolatrous homage offered to the

Virgin Mary by, 6_Charles II.'s opi.
nion of, 36, 668—picture of, in Rome,
during the Holy Week, 45_Dr. El-
liott's “Delineation" of, reviewed,
667; noticed, 62, 139, 317, 408-
other works concerning, noticed, 141,
142, 143, 230, 233, 236, 237, 238,
409, 412, 590, 939, 941, 1030_scho-
lastic origin of the principal doctrines
of, 136_evil influence of, in conjunc-
tion with infidelity, in Spain and Por-
tugal, 159—professed liberality of,
illustrated by the treatment of Protest-
ants in Romanist States, 159, 246_
atrocities perpetrated by, to suppress the
Reformation in Italy, 289, 403; in
Spain, 464,562, 649—-movements of, in
the South-Sea islands, 251, 252, 697,

Raikes, Robert, origin of the plan of,

for establishing Sunday-schools, 648

Abbott, Mr. J., of West-Haddon, 423
Abbott, Mr. Samuel, of Finedon, 333
Alderson, Mr. Miles, of Hope, 333
Amas, Mrs., of Watton, 71
Andrew, Mrs., of Congleton, 330
Andrew, Mr, W., of Tansley, 334
Arthy, Mr. John, of London, 155
Ashton, Mrs., of Liverpool, 864
Ashworth, Mrs., of Waitland, 1039
Alkinson, Mrs., of New-Miller Dane,

Alkinson, Mrs., of Glasgow, 861
Bailey, Elisabeth, of South fleet, 425
Bainbridge, Mary, of Boldron, 330
Barker, Miss M., of Sutton-Forest,946
Barlow, Mrs., of Knaresborough, 335
Barnsley, Mr. T., of Worcester, 334


RECENT DEATHS, continued.

Batty, Mrs., of Sowerby-Bridge, 330
Bayles, Elisabeth, of Lunedale, 330
Beal, Mr. R., of North-Shields, 426
Beal, Mrs., of Millbrook, 332
Beamish, Mrs., of Lakemount, 329
Beard, Mr. G. J., of Helston, 775
Beaumont, Mrs., of Holmfirth, 329
Beckwith, Rev. William, of Teign-

mouth, 157
Bennett, Miss R., of Marston, 332
Bennett, Mrs., of latton, 948
Bishop, Mrs., of Gear, 155
Blagbrough, Hannah, of Halifax, 427
Blanshard, George, Esq., of North-

Cave, 327
Blizzard, Mrs., of Stow-on-the-Wold,

Bolam, Mrs., of Retford, 611
Bolton, Mr. George, of Seghill, 157
Bonser, Miss S., of Kinoulton, 862
Boots, Mr. Benjamin, of Ewhurst, 685
Botts, Mr. S., of Ticknall, 1039
Boulton, Mrs., of Midsomer-Norton,

Bowler, Mr. John, of Newport, 686
Brackenbury, Richard, Esq., of As-

wardby, 491
Bradley, Mr. J., of Ditton-Priors, 331
Bradshaw, Miss S., of Donegal, 329
Braithwaite, Mr. Michael, of Brad-

ford, 686
Braithwaite, Mrs., of Thwing, 685
Bray, Mrs., of Pendock, 154
Bridynell, Miss J., of Colombo, 327
Brookhouse, Mr. J., of Sandiacre,

Brooks, Mr. William, sen., of Man-

ningtree, 947
Brown, Mrs., of Huddersfield, 333
Buckland, Mrs., of Keyingham, 327
Bullworthy, Mr. G., of Blaina, 862
Burton, Mrs., of Swinefleet, 71
Butterfield, J., Esq., of Southport, 330
Cagar, Mr. J., of Scarborough, 426
Capps, Mary S., of Lowestoft, 331
Carpenter, Mr. J., of Willenhall, 334
Carr, Mrs., of Birmingham, 334
Cartlidge, Mr. G., of Rutford, 154
Caton, Mr. Thomas, of Sandbach, 71
Challenger, Mrs., of Tillington, 947
Chapman, Mrs., of Ardwick, 946
Chapman, Mrs., of Ingleby, 331
Cheeseright, Mrs., of littleport, 946
Clark, Mrs., of Southwark, 243
Clarke, Mrs., of Drummullen, 861
Clarkson, Mr. W., of Wykham, 71
Claxton, Mrs., of Long-Stratton, 687
Clayton, Mr. L., of Illing worth, 687
Clements, Mrs., of Shotley-Bridge,

Cocking, Mrs., of Apley, 243
Cocknell, Mr. S., of Peasinhall, 425
Colclough, Mr. Tomkinson, of Han-

ley, 947

RECENT DEATHS, continued.

Coleman, Mr. Peter, of Bodmin, 948
Collins, Miss Kezia, of Highgate-

Lane, 244
Cooke, Mr. John, of Witney, 156
Cooper, Mrs., of Kersley-Cottage, 330
Coultas, Miss E., of Malton, 687
Cowey, Mr. Thomas, of Lumley, 685
Coxen, Mr. E., of Ambaston, 424
Coron, Mr. E., of Sandiacre, 425
Crankshaw, Mrs., of Mellor-Brook, 71
Crawshaw, Mr. A., of Rotherham, 427
Croggon, Mrs., of Dublin, 775
Cryer, Mrs., of Manaargoody, 327
Davies, Ann, of Belize, Honduras-

Bay, 153
Day, Mrs., of Bere-Heath, 948
Delmege, Mr. Henry, of A dare, 333
Dexter, Mr. John, of Pimlico, 157
Dixon, Mr. George, of Baldersby, 686
Doman, Mr. R., of Coleorton, 425
Donaldson, Mrs., of Aberdeen, 490
Driver, Mary, of Colne, 71
Dungworth, Mrs., of Pilsley, 328
Dunman, Mrs., of Dewlish, 333
Durrant, Mr. J., of Middleinarsh, 156
Dyball, Mr.J., of North-Walsham, 688
Earle, Mr. John, sen., of Leigh-on-

Mendip, 949
Eddy, Mrs., of Penrith, 863
Edge, Mrs., of Burslem, 1038
Edwards, Mrs., of Pendock, 155
Emanuel, Mr. John, of Lanishen, 156
Emery, Miss J. U., of Daventry, 426
Etches, Mr. Samuel, of London, 947
Evans, Mrs., of Copy, 1037
Eyre, Mrs., of Derby, 424
Farmer, Mrs., of Stow-on-the-Wold,

Farrant, Mrs., of Dunkeswell, 331
Farrell, Rev. John, of Longford, 335
Farrer, Mrs., of Stillington, 490
Finch, Mrs., of Tunbridge-Wells,

Fison, James, Esq., of Thetford, 945
Flower, Mr. W., of Holcombe, 335
Fourness, Mrs., of Halifax, 864
Forwell, Mrs., of Shepton-Mallett,

Fudge, Mrs., of Plush, 945
Geake, Mrs., of Frogwell, 331
George, Mr. G., of St. Mawes, 330
George, Rev. William K., of St.

Austell, 491
Gibbons, Mr. John, of Ledbury, 610
Gill, Rev. J., of Northampton, 492
Gittens, Mr. R., of Cefn, 1039
Goodall, Mrs., of London, 331
Gooddine, Miss, of Runcorn, 611
Green, Mr. James, of Cromford, 71
Green, Mr. W., of Gargrave, 155
Gudridge, Mr. J., of Devonport, 332
Guylee, Mr. Thomas, of Lough-

borough, 610
Hall, Mrs., of Midsomer-Norton, 156

RECENT DEATHS, continued.

Hall, Mrs., of Shavington, 947
Hancor, Mr. B., of Dudley-Wood, 424
Handford, Mrs., of Kettleshulme, 946
Hare, Mrs., of Chelsea, 72
Harland, Mr. Peter, of Clifford, 610
Harris, Mr. W. R., of Jamaica, 329
Harrison, Mr. J., of Downham, 947
Harrison, Mrs., of Sevenoaks, 688
Hatton, Miss S. H., of Halifax, 71
Hawkesworth, Mr. J. P., of Wetherby,

Heald, Mrs., of Parr's-W'ood, 332
Healey, Mary, of Rochdale, 948
Heaton, Mrs., of Hunslet, 334
Hendrie, Mrs., of Hull, 686
Heylin, Mrs., of Pentonville, 72
Higgins, Mr. J., of Southfleet, 423
Higgins, Mr. J., of London, 1039
Hill, Rev. J., of Haverfordwest, 244
Hill, Rev. William, of Camborne, 157
Hirons, Mr. T., of Stourton, 156
Holdsworth, Mrs., of Bramley, 948
Hollis, Mrs., of Brentford, 919
Holroyd, Mr. Simeon, of Barnard.

Castle, 336
Hopkins, Miss E., of Leftwich, 334
House, Mr. Samuel, of Midsomer.

Norton, 688
House, Mrs., of Middlemarsh, 154
Howell, Mrs., of Shrewsbury, 328
Hudson, Miss E., of Hitchin, 157
Hudson, Mr. James, of Alston, 427
Hunt, Mrs., of Leigh, 945
I field, Mr. John, of Tenterden, 686
Jackson, Betty, of Rochdale, 947
Jackson, Mr. H., of Little-Coates, 336
Jackson, Mrs., of Congleton, 1039
Jagger, Mr. Jonas, of Seaton, 244
Jefferson, Mr. W., of Nafferton, 1038
Jenkins, Rev. W., of London, 775
Jones, Mrs., of Walsall, 946
Jordan, Mrs., of Maryland, 244
Kay, William, Esq., of Bury, 491
Kellawell, Hannah, of Lockwood, 335
Kenney, Mr. E., of Massingham, 426
Keppel, Mrs., of Bally vale, 335
King, Mrs., late of Limehouse, 330
Kingston, Mr. W., of Farrington, 156
Kirkby, Mr. James, sen., of Marsh-

Chapel, 863
Kirk, Mr. W. D., of Wimeswould, 491
Knight, Miss Ann, of Dudley, 685
Lancaster, Mrs., of Bristol, 862
Lawrence, Mr. H., of Willenhall, 332
Lawrence, Mr. J., of Penton ville, 861
Lawson, Mrs., of Malbam, 243
Lawlon, Mr. G., of Stonesfield, 244
Lea, Mr. Thomas, of Leek, 949
Leggal, Mr. S., of Walkeringham, 72
Lickman, Mr. J., of Hatherden, 329
Lill, Mr. Michael, of Louth, 611
Lindsley, Mr. W., of Driffieid, 688
Little, Mr. Thomas, of York, 862
Liversidge, Mrs., of Selby, 427

RECENT DEATHS, continued,

Long, Mr. Simeon, of Cromer, 862
Marston, Mr. T., of Sherburn, 687
Mason, Mrs., of liewes, 948
Mason, Mrs., of Newbury, 1040
Massee, Mr. T., of Stittenham, 947
Mellor, Mr, J., of Rainow, 1038
Metcalf, Mrs., of Retford, 424
Milns, Eliza Ann, of Tunbridge, 862
Moody, Mr. T., of North-Shields, 687
Moore, Rev. Henry, of London, 191
Musgrave, J., Esq., of Leeds, 687
Nelstrop, Mrs., of Stockport, 426
Noble, Mrs., of Bedlington, 863
Norcup, Mrs., of Newcastle-under-

Lyme, 154
Noyes, Harry, Esq., of Thruxton, 424
Nye, Mr. Alfred G., of Tunbridge-

Wells, 156
Ollier, Mr. M., of Manchester, 949
Orton, Mr. R., of Ingleby-Lodge, 136
Oysion, Miss Jane, of Whitby, 244
Partridge, Mrs., of Leegrave, 687
Payne, Mr. J., of Loughborough, 610
Pearce, Mrs., of Portland, 328
Peters, Mrs., of Bradford, 686
Pickering, Mrs., of Leeds, 775
Pomeroy, Mr. J., of Kingsbridge, 611
Poole, Mrs., of Leeds, 775
Porcher, Mrs., jun., of Cambridge,

Porcher, Mrs., sen., of Cambridge,

Pound, Mrs., ef Teignmouth, 329
Powell, Mrs., of Belper, 334
Randall, Miss Mary, of Frome, 918
Randerson, Mrs., of Glossop, 776
Ranson, Mr. Henry, of london, 426
Raven, Mr. C., of Quorndon, 331
Reeve, Miss M. d., of Braunston, 863
Reeve, Mr. W., of Gaddesby, 861
Reul, Mr., of Berkeley, 946
Richardson, Mrs., of Pateley-Bridgr,

Riley, Mr. John, of Tamworth, 330
Rippon, Mr. R., of St. Helen's, 154
Ritson, Mrs., of Shotley-Bridge, 332
Roberts, Miss, of Dursley, 336
Roberts, Mr. John, of Brigg, 686
Robinson, Mrs., of Ayton, 1038
Robinson, Lucy, of Dominica, 244
Robinson, Mary, of Burniston, 425
Robinson, Miss Mary E., of Riche

mond, Yorks., 863
Robinson, Mrs., of Hoxton, 334
Robinson, Mrs., of Longsight, 329
Robson, Mr, H., of Bedlington, 862
Roebuck, Mrs., of York, 776
Ryall, Mrs., of Milborne-Port, 155
Sansom, Mrs., of Bristol, 946
Scott, Mrs., of Poole, 156
Shepherd, Mr. S., of Melbourne, 863
Shum, Miss Ellen, of Bach, 335
Shuttleworth, Mrs., of Birmingham,


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