mentioned, 117; the wish fulfilled, Factory Bill, Parliainentary debate on
235_remarks by, on sponsors in bap the, 427
tism, 461–“ Wesley Family” of, Faith working by love, remarks on, 279
quoted, 817, 919, 923_note of, on Farrar, Rev. John, translation of a ser-
Matt. xix. 14, quoted, 988; and on mon by, 9
I Cor. vii. 14, 989

Fennel, Rev. John, mentioned, 104
Clerical immorality, case of, referred to, Fisk, Rev. George, narrative by, of a vi-

sit to Rome during the Holy Week, 45
Coates, Mr. Alexander, mentioned, 3 Fitzroy, Captain, Governor of New-
Cocceius, John, quoted, 391

Zealand, mentioned, 870, 958, 959—
Coke, Dr., agency of, in the establish-

proceedings of, in connexion with the
ment of the Wesleyan Missions, 222, Wairau massacre, 960
394, 552

Fletcher, Mrs., mentioned, 89
Colosseum, of Rome, present state of the, Fletcher, Rev. John, references to, in

letters from Mr. Hill to his son, 561
Copleston, Mr., of St. Alban's, men Foreign Quarterly," extract from the,
tioned, 619

Cottington, Sir Francis, notice of, 830 Foster, Rev. John, Lectures of, reviewed,
Covetousness, nature of, 10_criminality 475_extract from, 452
of, 14-prevalence of, 21

Foulahs, failure of an intended Mission
Crowther, Rev. Jonathan, speech of, in to the, 553
Exeter-Hall, 514

France, labours and success of Wes-
Cudworth, quoted, 576

leyan Missionaries in, 595—progress of
Curio, Cælius Secundus, extract from, 35 Protestantism in, 823
D'Aubigné's, “ Rome and the Reforma-

Gambling, suspension of the Acts against,

referred to, 338
tion," extract from, 577

Gentleman's Magazine," extracts from
Davies, Rev. John, flagellation of, for
his unhandsome attack upon the Wes-

the, 114, 305, 598, 859

George IV. and Bishop Porteus, anece
leyans, 591-referred to, 996

dote of, 944
Democratic principle, consequences of

Georgia, foundation of the colony of, 919
the rapid developement of the, 312
Dissenters' Chapels Bill

, referred to, 337, Germany, state of religion in, 240–in-
493-Resolutions of the Wesleyan

tended publication of Wesleyan works

in, 964
Committee of Privileges on the, 415—
true merits of the, 418_debate on the,

Goodman, Bishop, notice of, 832

Graham, Sir James, course taken by, with
in the House of Commons, 660
Dissenting divinily, High-Church con-

respect to the Factory Bill, 428, 493
tempt for, 478

Gregory XVI., Encyclical Letter of,

for 1844, 1034
Doddridge, Dr., quoted, 573, 720-Mr.
Foster's preface to the "Rise and Pro.

Growth in grace, observations on, 208
gress ” of, noticed, 684

Hall, Rev. Robert, mentioned, 485
Druids, notice of the, 843

Hamilton, Rev. James, speech of, in
Duelling, Parliamentary debate concern Exeter-Hall, 509
ing, 337

Hampstead Heath, intended enclosure of,
Dutt, Dr., shipwreck of, referred to, 916 referred to, 662

Ilarris's “Mammon," referred to, 9
Edict of Nantes, cruelties perpetrated on Hawker, Dr., of Exeter, mentioned, 181
the revocation of the, 580

Henry, Rev. Matthew, Commentary of,
Education, works on, noticed, 66, 70, quoted, 988, 989

410, 1025, 1028, 1030_movement in Hierocles, treatise of, against Chris-
behalf of, among the Wesleyans, 72, tianity, 576
247, 741_late Government measure of, Hill, Thomas, Esq., of Tern-IIall, ex-
referred to, 500_Parliamentary grant tracts from letters of, 561
for, in the West Indies, 964

Holy sepulchre, reputed site of the, 309
Elizabeth, Queen, religious character of, Hooker, quoted, 136

Hoole's “ Madras,” &c., noticed, 408
Epictetus, notice of Christianity in the referred to, 503

writings of, 474_anecdote of, 475 Hospitals, remarks on religious instruc-
Epistles and Gospels, mutual relation of tion in, 657
the, 1011

Howe, John, observations by, on God's
Eslake, Mr. John, of Exeter, mentioned, good-will towards men, 984

Howick, I ord, anti-Protestant speech of,
Erpediency, remarks on the doctrine of, in the House of Commons, quoted,

245, 337

tury, 126

Hymn-Book, Wesleyan, an important aid Literature, state of, in the twelfth cerie
to spiritual progress, 112

Lloyd, Rev. Edward B., death of, men.
India, extension of British territory in, tioned, 707

339—benefits conferred upon, by British Lombard, Peter, writings of, noticed,
rule, 397–Missions in, 503, 515. See 135
also South or Continental India and London Mission Society, early pro.

ject of a Mission to Africa by, 554-

works concerning the, noticed, 1027,
France, religion in, 595

Germany, state of religion in, 240 Louis-Philippe, visit of, to the Queen, 950
Rome and the Papal States, present | Lucian, writings of, against Christianity,
condition of, 594


Lumb, Rev. Matthew, imprisonment of,
Chapel Fund, 150, 238

in St. Vincent's, 395
Conference in Dublin, 738—in Bir Luther, quoted, 457
mingham, 741

Lutheran Reformation, connexion of
Fast-day, quarterly, 242, 490, 1037 Methodism with the, 137
Presbyterian Church in England, 859
Religious Trusts Bill, 415

Macaulay, Thomas, M.P., detractive
Shetland, journal of a tour in, 681 remark by, concerning the Wesleyans,
Stations of the Wesleyan Ministers, 665

Macauley, Zachary, letter of, to Mr.
Theological Institution, 146

Wilberforce, 553
Thurles, opening of a chapel at, 325 M-Crie's “ History of the Reformation
Ware, Puseyism at, 489

in Italy,” referred to, 293, 407 :
Ireland, Parliamentary debate on the error of the Pope as to the name of the

affairs of, referred to, 245, 247– author of, 1036_“History of the Re-
opening of a chapel in, 325_decision formation in Spain,” referred to, 469,
of the Judges respecting the validity 567, 657
of Presbyterian marriages in, 339— Macdonald, Rev. George, speech of, in
state-trials in, 492–Wesleyan Con Exeter-Hall, 510
ference in, 738

MIlvaine, Bishop, quoted, 135, 138–
Jackson, Dr. Thomas, quoted, 136

charge of, to the Clergy of Ohio, 293
Jackson's (Rev. Thomas) “ Centenary

M*Owan, Rev. Peter, speech of, in Es-
of Wesleyan Methodism," quoted,

eter-Hall, 526
_“Life of Charles Wesley,” quoted,

Marden, the young Curate of, rebuked,
919, 920

833, 996
Jamaica, liberal contribution by the

Marriott, Mr. Thomas, communications
Negroes of, 30 - the Rev. R. Young's

from: The “Pilgrim's Progress,"

116_Methodism in former days, 222,
account of his recent visit to, 511.
See also West Indies.

394, 552, 919_letter from Dr. Clarke,
113_letters from

the Rev. John
Jews, taxation of the, under the law of
Moses, 30

Wesley, 288, 562-letters from the
Jobson, Rev. Frederick J., speech of, in

Rev. Charles Wesley, 658—letters of

Mrs. Susanna Wesley, 817
Exeter-Hall, 518
Justification by faith, doctrine of, 35,

Martyrs of the sixteenth century, Ita-
40, 136, 293, 671, 729, 813, 927

lian, 289, 403_Spanish, 464, 562, 649
Justin Martyr, quoted, 388, 391

May Meetings, remarks on the, 494

Kalley, Dr., persecution of, in Madeira, Beecroft, Mrs., of Great Budworth,

by the Rev. C. Janion, 891
Kempis, Thomas à, referred to, 216 Cowling, Miss, of Richmond, 270
Kershaw, Rev. John, recollections of the Crosse, Rev. John, A.M., by the
late Richard Brackenbury, Esq., by,

Rev. W. W. Stamp, 1, 89

Finley, Miss Jane, of Drumclamph,
Keys, the power of the, what is to be 536
understood by, 454

Finley, Miss Rosanna, of Druin-

clamph, 627
Labruyère, awful reflection of, quoted, 24 Fowler, Mr. George, of Gunhouse,
Lampe, quoted, 388, 389, 390

Laud, Archbishop, mentioned, 107, 108,

Harper, Mrs., of Bristol, by the Rev.

C. Prest, 362
Leach, Rev. William, recollections by,
of the Rev. John Crosse, 98, 100

Hartshorne, Mr. Hiram, of Broseley,

by the Rev. A. Fletcher, 978



MEMOIRS, continued.

Hazlehurst, Thomas, Esq., of Run nued.

corn, by the Rev. R. Rymer, 710 Bible Society, munificent grants of the,
Holland, Miss Nancy, of Kerridge,

690, 965
by Mr. J. D. Brocklehurst, 275 Ceylon. Batticaloa, 343, 787–Caltura,
Jackson, Mr. Edwin, of Leeds, by 870_Jaffna, 82, 83–Negombo,
the Rev. A. Barrett, 969

84, 953— Point-de-Galle, 868
Jackson, Rev. Richard, by the Rev. Committee of Review, 790
R. H. Hare, 881

Contributions the Mission-fund,
Janion, Mrs., by the Rev. C. Janion, 87, 175, 262, 351, 703, 792, 880,

968, 1058
Meek, Mr. W., of North-Burton, 441 Cryer, Mrs., of Manargoody, death
Pearse, Mr. William, of Launceston, of, 440

by the Rev. William Beal, 793 Davies, Mrs., of Jamaica, death of,
Pennington, Mr. J., of Walkden 880

Moor, by the Rev. T. Kent, 885 Debt, references to the, 518, 521, 790
Robinson, Mr. W., of Haslingden, by Finances of the Society, 351, 1043

the Rev. W. J. Skidmore, 529 India, Continental. Bangalore, 78,
Shaw, Mr. David, of Huddersfield, 79, 865—Madras, 73, 74, 75, 955,
by Dr. Hannah, 353

963—Manargoody, 76, 77, 866,
Slade, Mrs., of London, 179

867—Mysore, 80-Negapatam, 76,
Swale, Mr. Thomas, of Halifax, by
the Rev. F. A. West, 705

Juvenile Christmas offerings, referred
Waugh, Mrs., of Moira, by the Rev. to, 86, 351, 521, 790, 968
W. Reilly, 632

Missionaries, departure of, 87, 703—
Wiggan, Rev. John, by the Rev. J. arrival of, 73, 350, 703, 879_re-
Wilson, 177

turn of, 878—death of, 440, 703
Wood, John, Esq., of St. Alban's, by Rowden, Mrs., of Jamaica, death of,
the Rev. J. Gostick, 617

Methodism in former Days. No. VII. Simpson, Mrs., of Van-Diemen's

Missions, 222-No. VIII. Missions, Land, death of, 880
394_No. IX. Missions in Africa, South-Sea Missions. Australasia, 161
552_No. X. Georgia, 919

-Eua, 170-Feejee, 253, 433, 698
Methodism, Wesleyan, Clergymen con -Habai, 173_Keppel's Island, 249

nected with, referred to, l-attack _New Zealand, 8f, 162, 344, 688,
upon, in the “ Record

newspaper, 870, 958, 960—Niua-fo-ou, 249–
noticed, 117–present state of, in Lon Rotumah, 252_Tonga, 171, 872
don, 644—change in, since the days -Van-Diemen's Land, 161, 261
of Mr. Wesley, nature of the, 665— Vavau, 174_Wallis's Island, 250
case of the youth connected with, con Treasurers of District Auxiliary So-
sidered, 986_testimonies of public cieties, names and addresses of, 88,
men, in favour of, 499, 502, 503, 528 264
- pamphlet on the present ecclesiasti. “ Triton,” the, mentioned, 161, 162,
cal position of, noticed, 1019

259, 261, 871-report concerning,
Ministerial guilt, sermon on, 912


Visiters at the Mission-House, 964
Africa, Southern. Albany, 345, 788, West Indies. Antigua, 330_Deme-

789—Bechuanas, 347, 789_Kaffra rara, 877–Dominica, 348_Hayti,
ria, 782

701, 874–Jamaica, 87, 350, 875,
Africa, Western. Ashanti, 777, 1040 877—Parliamentary grant for the
-Badagry, 878, 1040, 1060_Gam-

support of schools, 964
bia, 879_Gold Coast, 779, 1040_ Missions. See Methodism in former
Sierra-Leone, 874_contribution to Days.

wards training a native ministry, 351 Molesworth, Lord, conversion of, men.
America, British.
New Brunswick,

tioned, 95
702, 786

Money, Rev. Mr., speech of, in Exeter.
Anniversaries in the London District, Hall, 528

Morgan's “Parish Priest portrayed,"
Anniversary of the Wesleyan Mis. mentioned, 5-quoted, 7, 98

sionary Society, arrangements for Mosheim, Dr., quoted, 571
the, 262, 341-proceedings of the, \ Mountague, Bishop, notice of, 830
497—of the Auxiliary Society for Myles's “ Chronological History of Me-
the London District, 351

thodism," quoted, 225, 238, 395
Badger, Mrs., of Sierra-Leone, death
of, 440

Nast, Rev. Mr., translation of Wes-


Icyan publication, int the German

language by, 964
Neuman, Rev. Mr., reply to remarks

of, concerning the site of the holy se-
pulchre, 309_observations on a sermon
of, on preaching Christ, 1011
New Testament, Greek, remarks on the

announced Roman edition of the, 819
-Sharpe's translation of the, from

Griesbach's text, noticed, 856
New Testament, Kaffer, Wesleyan ver.

sion of the, 965
Newton, Dr., recollections by, of the

Rev. John Crosse, 99-speech of, in

Exeter-Hall, 524
New Zealand Mission, a sermon

the, 370. See also South Sea Mis-

Nichols's “ Calvinism and Arminianism

compared,” referred to, 61
NOTICES ( Characteristio ) OF


A Botanical Ladder, 942
A Commentary on Dan, vii., 1030
A Memorial of Christian Affection,

Adams's “ Path of God," 1027
An Answer to Dr. Pusey's Sermon,

Backhouse's « Visit to the Mauritius

and South Africa,” 937

Religion in America,” 65
Balme's “Lever of the Gospel,”

Barnes's “ Notes on the New Testa-

ment,” 586
Barrington's “ Pocket Manual of Fo-

reign Architecture," 587
Bartlett's “Walks about Jerusalem,"

Bell's “Memorials of Mrs. M. K.

Lomas,” 318
Bernard, Viscount, M. P., Speech of,

Beverley's “Church of England ex-

mined,” 413
Bickersleth's “ Promised Glory of the

Church of Christ,” 235_"Divine

Warning to the Church,” 236
Birks's, “ Four prophetic Empires,”

Blundell's “ Ministry of Angels,”

Boolh's “ Wesleyan Psalmist," 230
Bradshaw's “ Moments of Thought,"

236 _“ Tract for these Times,"

Bridges's “ Qualifications, &c., of the

Christian Ministry," 1026
Brock's “ Lays of the Heart," 1029
Brock's “ Position and Duty of the

English Nonconformists," 70
Brown's “ Parental Duty,” 408
Bullar's “Lay-Lectures," 593

NOTICES (Characteristic) OF

BOOKS, continued.
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress," 1029

_“Converted into an Epic Poem,"

Burder, Dr., “ Memoir" of, 938
Burgess's “ Observations on an ' Ap-

peal to the Members of the Chris-

tian-Knowledge Society,'” 586
Burgh's “ New Marginal Readings

and References," 857
Burton's “ Lectures on the World

before the Flood," 410
Butler's “ Tracts for the People," 409
Butter's “ Tangible Arithmetic and

Geometry," 237
Campbell's “Memoirs of David Nas-

mith," 857
Carson's Baptism,” 414
Carvosso, W. B., “ Memorials” of,

Carvosso, W., “Memoir" of, 1019
Chronicles of the Seasons, 320
Cobbin's “Domestic Bible," 1029-

“ Bible-Reader's Hand-Book," 1030
Coleman's “Church without a Pre.

late," 589
Coligny, Gaspar de, Memoirs of,

Collins's “ Teacher's Companion,” 66
Considerations for Days of Adversity,

Cooke's “ Opinions of Mr. Wesley on

the relation of Methodism to the

Church,” 1019
Cornwell's “ Young Composer," 321
Coultas, Eliza, “ Memoir” of, 1019
Cox's “ Principles of the Reforma-

tion,” 941
Craig's Philosophy of Training,"

Cranfield, Thomas, “Memoir” of,

Cullen, Mrs., “Memoirs" of, 1019
Dalton's “ Jesuits," 236
D'Aubigné's “History of the Re.

formation,” abridged by E, Dalton,

Davies's “ Prize Essay on late Hours

of Business," 143
Dibdin's “ Life of Edward VI.,"

Digby's “Friendly Remonstrance to

the Roman Catholics of Killashee,"

Dissent, its Character, &c., 939
Dobney's “ Lectures on future Punish-

ment,” 939
Doddridge's “Devotional Letters,"

and “Sacramental Meditations,"

Donoughue's “Milton," 143
Dunn's “ Memoirs of Divines whose

Discourses form the Morning Es.
ercises,'" 858


NOTICES ( Characteristic) UF

BOOKS, continued.
Durbin's Observations in Europe,”

East's (D. J.) “Western Africa,"

East's (Rev. J.) “ Theatre,” 324
Edwards's (Charles) “Illustrated Bi-

ble-History," 1031
Edwards’s (Dr.)“ Providence,

Poem,” 910.-" Elementary Educa.

tion," 1025
Elliott's “Delineation of Roman Ca-

tholicism,” 62, 139, 317, 408
Ellis's History of the London Mig-

sionary Society," 1027
Ellis's (Mrs.) “ Mothers of England,”

Ephraim Holding's Homely Hints, 70
Errors of the Times, 142
Ewing, Greville, Memoir of, 140
Exley's “ Commentary on Gen. i.,"

Farrar's “ Proper Names of the Bi.

ble,” 318
Fisk's “ Pastor's Memorial of Egypt,

the Red Sea,” &c., 61
Footprints of Popery, 143
Foster, Mrs. E. A., “ Memoirs" of,

Fragments of Expositions of Scrip-
Frederick William III., of Prussia,

“ Life and Opinions” of, 587
Gallaway's Tract for these Times,"

Gardner's “ Memoirs of Christian

Missionaries,” 68
Guussen's “ Geneva and Rome," 590

-"Geneva and Jerusalem,” 591
Godwin's “ Examination of Dr. Pu-

sey's Sermon on the Eucharist,” 69
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tenis,” 324
Grindrod's “ Wrongs of our Youth,”

Halley's “ Congregational Lecture,"

Hall's “ Character of Miriam,” 323
Hare's “ Observations on Curvatures

of the Spine," 588
Harper's " Letter on Confirmation,"

Haughton's “ Middle

System of
teaching Classics,” 940
Heard's Grammatical and Etymolo-

gical Spelling-Book," 1030
Hengstenberg's “Commentary on the

Psalms,” 941
Henley, Rev. John, “Memorials of,”

Hetherington's “ History of the

Church of Scotland,” 67
Heugh's “State of Religion in Ge.

neva and Belgium,” 413

NOTICES ( Characteristic) OF

BOOKS, continued.
Hill's “ Fifty Days on board a Slave-

Vessel,” 231
Hints towards the Formation of Cha.

racler, 142
Hirst's “Hymns, Dialogues," &c.,

and “Zephyr,” 412
Honiborne's “Lectures on the Chris-

tian Religion," 323
Hoole's “Madras, Mysore,” &c., 408
Hopkins's “Almost Christian dis-

covered,” 1029
Hughes's “ Sketch of the Philosophy

of Puseyism,” 142
IIull's Hymns and Spiritual Songs,"

Hull's Temple of God," 593
Hussey's “ Christian Obligation to

the Poor," 409
Ince's “ Outlines of English His-

tory,” 1027
Isenberg and Krapf's “ Journals,"

Jefferson's “ Truth and Duty," 943
John's Anglican Cathedral in Jeru-

salem,” 1030
Joy in Sorrow, 937
Jukes's “ Reasons for Separation from

the Established Church,” 236
Kelly's (Rev. Denis) “ Sabbath-

Evening Readings,” 67
Kelly's (Rev. John) “ Church Cate-

chism considered,” 940
Kendall's “Sermon on Peevishness,”

King's “ Monitors' Questions," 1030
Kensal-Green Cemetery, Hand-Book

for Visiters to, 230
Knight's “ Pictorial Sunday-Book,"

ture, 66

238, 415

Labaume's “ History of the Invasion

by Napoleon Bonaparte,” 321
La Trobe's “Ministers of Christ,"

Leifchild's Christian Union,” 324
Linnæus and Jussieu, 411
Lloyd's (Elizabeth M.) “We are

seven,” 322
Lord's “ Popery at Madeira," 236
Loudon's (Mrs.) “ Visit to the Isle of

Wight,' 145
Macdonald's (Rev. G. B.) “Life of

Mrs. Cryer," 408
Macdonald's (Rev. John) “Memoirs

of Isobel Hood," 411
Mackenzie's “ Rustic Bower," 415
M`Neile's “ England's Cæsar,” 236
M Queen's Geographical Memoir of

Abyssinia," &c., 68
Mahon's History of England," 858
Mannering's “ Christian Consola-

tion," 140
Marsh's Essays on the Prophecies,”

324, 415, 1026

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