lieveth not, and if he be pleased to dwell it by prayer. We, of course, also carewith her, let her not leave him; for the fully observe the apostolio rule when the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the native convert is a feruale, “which hath wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified an husband that believeth not." Having by the husband; else were your children thus stated our general plan of proceedunclean; but now are they holy.” (1 Cor. ing, I need only to remark that the vii. 12–14.) In this passage, the Apostle, twenty-seven cases at Domonasi were not unquestionably, as we judge, recognises exceptions to our ordinary rule. After the validity of marriage as celebrated when a careful inquiry upon the spot, I have no the Corinthians were in a heathen state, doubt that the persons whom “Omega" and speaks of the children of heathen slanderously maligns as living in heathen marriages as obtaining a relative holiness concubinage, were in circumstances siinilar or sanctification, when even only one of to those Corinthians whom the inspired their parents had become Christian. Apostle recognised as living in the mar

Now, in adverting to our practice of riage state. receiving persons into our religious society In passing, I may further briefly remark, at the Gold-Coast, it is not necessary that that when we unite together in marriage I should dwell on the fact that we give no those of our converts who have been precountenance whatever to polygamy; for viously living in a single state, we use the “ Omega” himself, (presuming him to be form of the Church of England, as abridged the quondam Missionary I have before in Mr. Wesley's “Sunday Service of the referred to,) in the letter of charges which Methodists." To secure publicity, aud he addressed to the General Secretaries, guard as far as possible against imposition, admits that he was “not aware that strictly we have also adopted the practice of the speaking there are any polygamists con previous publication of banns, nected with us.” With regard to persons I have now replied to all the charges living in what is properly concubinage, or which “ Omega has thought proper to fornication, who have not been married specify, and have given them an unequivoaccording to the laws and usages of the cal denial. He may, if he chooses, reiteland, we give them no place among us ; rate them from his biding-place ; but your until, however, they truly repent and for readers will now require something more sake their sin, But when a native con than the mere ipse dixit of a person speakvert offers himself as a candidate for ad. ing to them in the dark. Let "Omega" mission, we do not venture to set asi come out into the light, and support his the apostolic rule by refusing him the allegations against me with all the weight privilege of Christian fellowship, because of his real name and character. I plead be remains faithful to his one “unbelieving

“ Not Guilty"

to the charges which he (heathen) wife,” to whom he has been prefers; and it remains for him to substanmarried according to the law or established tiate them, if it be in his power. His custom of their country. We dare not intimation that he could produce other require the native convert “ who hath a matters of complaint, I will meet by giving wife that believeth not,” to “put her a copy of a memorial in which my brother away,” and thus bastardize his children, Missionaries at Cape-Coast bore their unand deprive them of the relative holiness solicited testimony in favour of my chawhich the Apostle represents as belonging racter and general conduct, at the time to the children of believers, and which when our faithless coadjutor, whom I supentitles them to participate in such pri pose to be “Omega," preferred his long vileges of the Christian church as they list of charges against me to our Missionare capable of enjoying ; neither do we ary Committee. They remarked as follows, violate the spirit of the Apostle's instruc in reference to those charges, which it is tions by telling the convert that, because to be remembered included the principal he has an unbelieving wife, he must not charge of the three I have now answered :be permitted to enjoy the advantages of “ Considering the circumstances which religious fellowship. We deem it to be have lately taken place, we, the anderthe more scriptural course to admit the signed, feel it our duty to draw up this convert as a candidate for religious com memorial as an expression of our entire munion, and instruct him more fully in approval of the conduct of the Rev. T. B. the divine sanction and permanent obliga- Freeman, in all things connected with this tion of the marriage-bond; and when the Mission ; believing as we do, that its inwife also has so far profited by our teach terest, and the welfare and comfort of his ing as to admit the truth of Christianity, brethren, lay near his heart, and that, as and feel, in some good degree, the force far as has been possible, he has endeaof the obligations which it imposes, we poured to give satisfaction to all those over then formally recognise the existing mar whom he has been placed. riage tie in the house of God, and sanctify “We, therefore, take this opportunity

of expressing our unqualified approbation the Mission as is contained in any of my of his conduct in all things, and of our descriptions or statements, which, in your heartily protesting against the base and columns, he pronounces to be “ grossly heartless libel that has been circulated exaggerated," or "positirely false." But with a view to injure his character.

I must reserve this document, and various “ And as the attempt above mentioned other information illustrative of the true must have been a source of grief to his character and motives of your corremind, we would also observe, that we spondent, for another opportunity. I shall deeply sympathize with him, and do assure not, at present, enlarge further than to es. him that he will always have our hearty press my grateful acknowledgments to the and cordial co-operation in carrying out esteemed Commandant of British Akrah, those plans which shall be deemed most J. Topp, Esq., for his prompt vindication prudent and beneficial for the continued of my general character and conduct, when peace and prosperity of this station. I was at a distance, and had not even

“Robert BROOKING, heard of « Omega's” attack; as well as

« WILLIAM ALLEN. to those many other excellent persons, “We heartily concur in the above senti- wholly unconnected with our religious ments, as far as we have the opportunity society, who have conveyed to me the exof judging

pression of their sympathy, and the assur. « B. WATKINS,

ance of their anshaken confidence in my “ GEORGE CHAPMAN." integrity. And I conclude by expressing To this valuable testimony of my beloved my confident persuasion, that an enlighi. companions in the toils and dangers of the ened and candid public will rightly decide Western-African Mission-field, I might between myself and the individual who, add another, would your space allow, from devoid of the manliness to appear in his a most unexceptionable witness ; namely, own proper name, has sought to destroy your own correspondent. I think I could my character, and to lower in the public place “ Omega” in direct opposition to estimation a Mission which the great Head himself. In one of the official letters of of the church has so signally owned with “Omega," (let him correct me if I mis. his furthering blessing. take his person,) which I hare been per I remain, Sir, your obedient servant, mitted to examine at the Mission-House,

T. B. FREEMAN. written during the latter part of his stay Wesleyan Mission-House, at the Gold-Coast, he gives as favourable Bishopsgate-Street-Within, Oct. 29th, 1844. an account of the state and prospects of


SOCIETY. At a full meeting of the Committee of 2. That the renewal of these slanderous this Society, held at the Centenary-Hall imputations is the more culpable, because and Mission-House, Bishopsgate-Street the person from whom they are understood Within, London, on Wednesday, October to proceed has had repeated opportunities 30th, 1844, the President of the Confer. and invitations, in the course of the last ence in the Chair, it was unanimously fifteen months, to appear before the proper resolved

authorities for the purpose of substantiat1. That, after a careful re-consideration ing, if he could, the accusations preferred, of certain imputations against the charac which he has hitherto declined or neglected ter and proceedings of the Rev. Thomas B.

to do. Freeman, the Superintendent of the So 3. That, fortified in their view of Mr. ciety's Missions on the Gold-Coast, as Freeman's case by the written assurances recently renewed in a letter, under the sig. of his brother Missionaries in Western nature of “Omega," published in the Africa, by various other documents long in Times” newspaper of Friday last, this their possession, by passages in the former Committee are perfectly convinced that the communications of "Omega" himself, and said imputations are altogether calumnious by the spontaneous and decided testimony and untrue ; and that the defensive expla of several highly respectable and disin. nations and statements of Mr. Freeman, terested gentlemen, who have observed bis first transmitted by him to the Secretaries proceedings, and borne honourable witness in a letter dated June 26th, 1843, and now to his labours and his usefulness, this repeated and confirmed by him personally, Committee deem it right to assure the in their presence, are entirely satisfactory public of their entire and undiminished on all the points to which “ Omega" has confidence in Mr. Freeman's integrity, and referred.

of their high admiration of his eminent

zeal and devotedness to the great work in
which he has been engaged at the Gold-
Coast, in Ashanti, and elsewhere, and
which it has pleased Almighty God to
bless already with so considerable a mea-
sure of success.
Signed, on behalf of the Committee,

President of the Wesleyan Conference.

Thomas FARMER,

John Scott,
General Treasurers of the Society.


General Secretaries.

of a

III. The able reply of Mr. Freeman was generally deemed sufficiently conclusive ; but although the Committee had, moreover, publicly pledged their word, that the charges of “Omega," after careful reexamination, were proved to be false and calumnious, that was not sufficient to shield them and their esteemed agent from another virulent attack from their concealed assailant, in the same journal which had published his first letter. A second letter from “Omega" appeared in the “Times” of November 7th. How it was met, will be seen from the following answer by Mr. Freeman, and from a Statement by the Missionary Secretaries; both of which were published as advertisements in the “ Times” of the 9th of November, in consequence notice given on the preceding day, by the Editor of that journal, that he would not insert any more communications upon the subject, except in the form of advertisement. 1. MR. FREEMAN'S SECOND LETTER.

imagining that I read my answer to his To the Editor of the Times.

attack in the “Times" of the 1st instant SIR,-My reply to the second letter of was nothing more than an optical illusion. Omega,” in this day's “ Times,” will be In this astounding production he first sumcomparatively brief; for I am at an utter marily disposes of the letters of Messrs. loss how to deal with an antagonist who Topp and Akhurst, and the article in the resolutely asserts that I have not as yet “Morning Herald,” which had succeseven so much as attempted to answer the sively appeared in my defence; and having charges which he preferred against me in next assailed the “ Watchman"

for prohis first letter, of the 21st ult. I cannot mising a refutation to his charges, and tell whether, in his next, he may not take vituperated the Missionary Committee on it into his head to deny my very existence, account of the Resolutions they had puband confidently maintain that there is not, lished, he breaks forth in the following and never has been, such a person as strains of triumph :Thomas B. Freeman. I certainly had the “ This is the whole amount that has consciousness of writing a long letter in been done by all parties. No attempt has reply to his former one; I have a most been made by any one to grapple with the distinct recollection of my taking this letter distinct and specific charges which I have to the “Times" office, in company with preferred. They stand uncontradicted, the Rev. John Beecham and Dr. Alder, and the principal one unnoticed, by any on the morning of the 31st ult.; and, if I one." am to believe the evidence of my own eyes, Yes, “Omega" asserts that two African that letter was most assuredly printed in merchants, the “Morning Herald,” the the fifth and sixth columns of the sixth “Watchman," and the Missionary Compage of the “ Times" newspaper of Fri- mittee, are all the parties which have apday, November the 1st --the very same peared in the field; although the very number of the “ Times” which contained number the “ Times " which he held in the Resolutions published by the Wesleyan his band presented at one view, in the Missionary Committee in vindication of my same opening, both the Resolutions of the character against the calumnious attacks Committee on which he animadverts, and of “ Omega.” But supposing “Omega,” also my formal answer to all the specific in his second letter, to be correct, I have charges he had preferred against me in all the while been mistaken, and my his first ! How am I to understand this ?

VOL. XXIII. Third Series. DECEMBER, 1844. 4 D



Does your correspondent intend this flat from those members whose marriage has denial of the existence of my answer, already been either celebrated, or recog. which was at the time under his eyes, as nised, according to the Christian form; a desperate plunge to extricate himself but in saying that those whom he calls from the unenviable position in which he “ censors"

are living in heathen concofound

my letter had placed him ? Be binage, I again assert that he slanders the

he is now a student at St. Bees, Apostle, whose directions we follow, equalwith a prospect of admission into the mi ly with myself and fellow-Missionaries. nistry of the established Church, has he I would, however, before I pass from allowed himself to be so inflated by pride Anamabu, ask why it was, supposing the soand a sense of self-importance, as to ima- ciety in that place was in so demoralized a gine that he has only to assert that I have state in March, 1842, as “Omega never published any answer whatever to his serts it to have been, that in a letter ad. charges, and that your readers will at once dressed to me only on the 25th of the prebelieve him, and admit that they have ceding month, he says of that very society been under a wrong impression, that their now so grossly slandered by him, “When I memory has not served them aright, when reflect on the small amount of European mithey supposed that they had read my an nisterial labour and supervision with which swer in the “ Times" of the 1st instant ? they (the members) have been favoured, I

With such an antagonist, how am I to am surprised at what has been done and is deal ? I have replied to his first charge,


And why, again, I demand, that I never received one shilling from the did he in a letter, addressed to the MisAfrican Civilisation Society ; to his se sionary Secretaries, to which I alluded in cond, that my former statement, respecto my last as giving as glowing a description of ing ground having been cleared at Domo the advancing state of our Mission as bad nasi, instead of being false, was within ever been published by myself,—why did the truth; to his third, that we have, in he in that very letter, dated " Anamabu, fact, two schools at Kumasi, instead of June 27th, 1842,” report,

« Our society one; and to his fourth, that the native in this place is in a pleasing and prospermembers of our society at the Gold-Coast, ous condition ?" These statements and whom he stigmatizes as living in heathen his letter of this day cannot both be corconcubinage, are, in reality, living in what rect; and if his former statements respectthe great Apostle of the Gentiles teaches ing the Anamabu society are to be ailus to regard as the marriage-state. To mitted, then is the charge now preferred the lengthened replies to “ Omega's" against that society contrary to truth. charges, which I have thus given in my In his next illustration “ Omega” is letter of the 29th ultimo, I have not only singularly unfortunate. He refers to Dixreceived no answer, but it is daringly Cove; and says that when he went to remaintained that I have never offered any side at that place, he found fourteen perreply at all! By that letter, however, I sons in our religious society, three of must claim permission to abide ; and to it whom, as he asserts, were living in a state I respectfully direct anew the attention of of concubinage; and, as proof of the core your readers, for my refutation of the ca rectness of this statement, he adds that lumnies by which I have been assailed. one of these three, of the name of Myles,

The only point on which I feel called for was married by Mr. Allen, & Wesleyan a few moments to dwell, is the attempted Missionary, in March or April, 1843, and substantiation of the last charge, on the that on the same day Mr. Allen baptized a subject of concubinage, which “Omega' child of Mr. Myles, two or three months now offers. To prove his charge, he gives old, although Mr. Myles had been recog. a schedule, classifying our members at nised as a member of the Wesleyan society Anamabu, as“ single,” “

« married," or at least eighteen months. Now, how censors :” and be asserts that the last stand the facts of the case ? Simply thus: class are those who live in heathen concu “Omega” was the first English Missionbinage. This attempt to establish his ary ever placed at Dix-Cove; he was at charge against me only serves to confirm that station when he resigned his connesmy former answer. I have shown that ion with the Gold-Coast Mission on the when a native convert is allowed the privi ground of his dissatisfaction with my prolege of Christian communion, although his ceedings. I had never so much as visited one wife may as yet be a Heathen unbe. Dix-Cove till about fourteen months after liever, we place him and his wife under he had been placed there, and no other instruction, with a view to the future re Missionary but himself had had Dix-Core cognition of the existing marriage-tie be under his care, until Mr. Allen went tween them, in the house of God. Now, thither, at the time specified, to take of course, we keep a list of persons who charge of the station in conseqnence of are in such circumstances, as distinguished “Omega's” resignation. If, then, Mr.

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say, that

Myles had been really living in heathen lumns, by asking him whether his own concubinage during the eighteen months conscience bears him witness that he has of his religious membership, who would stated the true cause of his quitting the have been to blame but « Omega

» him

Gold-Coast Mission, and preferring his self, seeing that the society at Dix-Cove former charges against me to the Missionwas under his own immediate care ? But

ary Committee; and whether he does not it was doubtless the case that the ceremony

know that I am able to assign a very difperformed by Mr. Allen, popularly termed ferent reason as the probable motire of his a marriage, was nothing else but a reli proceedings. The Wesleyan Missionary gious recognilion of the previous marriage Committee, and the other respectable par. of Mr. Myles according to the established ties whom he assails, can well defend law and usage of the country. In this themselves; and I shall only add one re. view of the case, the proceeding harmo mark in reference to the African mernizes with our ordinary plan, as explained chants, whose motives he calls in question. in my last, and Mr. Myles has been as If they really have that “pecuniary intercanselessly slandered as the twenty-eight est in the Gold-Coast Mission which your members of the society at Anamabu. correspondent represents them to possess,

Before I conclude, I must do one thing then does the fact go to establish the confor your correspondent, which he seems so clusion as to the success of that Mission, reluctant to do for himself, --I must take which he has all along been attempting to off his mask. You, Sir, know, that I am invalidate ; for it prores that so extensively now enabled confidently to

beneficial is the change which the Wes. “ Omega is no other person than John leyan Mission has effected at the GoldWatson, formerly of the Gold-Coast, but Coast, that it has even become an object now of St. Bees. Haring thus dragged of great commercial importance. forth into the face of day the dastardly I am, Sir, your obedient servant, individual who, assassin-like, has repea:ed

THOMAS B. FREEMAN. his attempt to stab my character in the

Wesleyan Mission-House, dark, I now take leave of him in your co Bishopsgale-Street-Within, Nov. 7th, 1844. II. STATEMENT OF THE SECRETARIES OF THE WESLEYAN MISSIONARY

SOCIETY, NOVEMBER 7T1, 1841. A SECOND letter from “Omega,” in the “ I am happy to inform you of my safo “ Times" newspaper of this day, concludes arrival in London, at twelve A.m. to-day, with the following paragraph :

in good health and spirits. “I cannot presume to occupy more of “ The communications of the Missionyour valuable space, except with a closing aries now on the Gold-Coast render it unremark on the second Resolution just necessary for me to say anything respectissued by the Committee. If they sent ing the work of God in that part of the ' repeated invitations' to Omega,' Ome Mission-field; besides, another important ga' hereby affirms that they nerer reached subject presses itself more immediately on him; and he doubts whether they were

my attention. ever sent. At any rate he calls

upon the “ With this you will receive a letter, Committee to authenticate their statement dated Dix-Core, Feb. 6th, 1843, a copy of by publishing two of the said “repeated in which I placed in Mr. Freeman's hands, vitations,' or else he will begin to doubt and to which he has doubtless sent an that the masters at Centenary-Hall are not answer to the Committee. The resolution more reracious than their servants."

expressed in the conclusion has been carIn confirmation of the Resolutions of the ried into effect in my return home and Wesleyan Missionary Committee, pub- appeal to the Committee.” lished in the “ Times" of Friday, the 1st Before a reply could be sent to this cominstant, the truth of which “ Omega" thus munication, information was received at impugns, the following extracts are given the Conference, that Mr. Watson had from the correspondence which took place been instructed (by the Rev. Elijah Hoole, between the officers of the Society and the only Secretary at that time in London) John Watson, on bis return from the to proceed as early as possible to Sheffield, Gold-Coast, where he had been employed in order that his “ appeal to the Comin the Society's service about two years. mittee" might be heard and considered by

On the 25th of July, 1813, Mr. Watson the Conference. That Mr. Watson did wrote a letter, from London, to the Rer. actually receive instructions to that effect, John Beeclam, one of the Missionary was acknowledged by himself.

In a seSecretaries, who was then at Sheffield, in cond letter, addressed to Mr. Beecham, at attendance at the Annual Conference of Sheffield, under date London, August 3d, the Wesleyan Connexion, in which he 1843, he says,says,

“ Mr. Hoole recommended me to visit

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