the weight of a misfortune which was of every age, of every condition, who the more severe, because totally unex retired to it for spiritual exercise, under pected. I stood, I know not for how the guidance of the Jesuits, deterred me long, like a statue, in the same position from getting into the little bed, where in which the Jesuit had left me. On probably many of unsound health had recovering from this lethargy, the first often lain : I therefore slept, when overidea that presented itself was flight; but come by fatigue, without taking off my this thought was no sooner conceived clothes. than abandoned, there was no possi “ After the fourth day my portion of bility of flight. I gave myself up to food was diminished,-a sign that they my reflections, which were of the gloomi. were pressing the siege; that it was their est character, not a single one could I intention to adopt both assault and blockfind calculated to give me the slightest ade; to conquer me by arms, or induce relief.

me to capitulate through hunger. The “ Without giving a long and minute Father Rossini visited my cell, to learn account of the manner in which I passed what had been the effect of his polemical my wearisome days in this prison, let it sermons. He questioned me closely consuffice to say, that they were spent in cerning my faith ; and having convinced such reflections as the foregoing, and in himself that I still adhered to what I listening to sermons that were preached had protested before the two Cardinals, to me, four times a day, in the private he resolved to make use of other means chapel, by the Fathers Giuliani and to arrive at his ends. In the sermon Rossini. These discourses were directed which followed this examination, he ento the pretended confutation of Protest. deavoured to present to me the errors of antism; and I heard them gladly, in the the Romish Church in a less odious desire of learning the doctrines of the point of view : he armed himself with Reformed Church ; but I had often oc the shield of unity and of faith, placing casion to observe how her wholesome the Pope as centre. I looked on the principles could be distorted in the hands Bible rather as centre. To justify purof the Jesuits. But what scruple can gatory, he brought forward the usual those have in making men speak after scholastic distinctions of crime and putheir own manner, in order to draw their vishment; and ran over the pages of the own advantages, who have not hesitated book of divine justice, under pretence of to make even God speak as suits their making himself defender of the interests peculiar purposes ?

of God. I, however, knew that purga“ In the mean time, the miseries I tory was a most fruitful field to satiate endured were aggravated by the heat of the avarice, and secure the interest, of the season, the wretchedness of the cham- the Priests. He spoke of transubstanber, scantiness of food, and the rough tiation, of confession, of relics, of the severity of those by whom I was occa adoration of images, of indulgences; but sionally visited. Uncertainty as to when while he made an ostentatious display of this imprisonment would be at an end, subtle arguments, I fixed my mind on almost drove me wild; and the first the true origin of such erroneous creeds, words I addressed to the Jesuits who such superstitious practices; namely, the approached me were, “Have the kind- pride of the priesthood, who would arroness to tell me, if you know, when I gate to themselves a power almost divine, shall be permitted to leave this place?' by means of the eucharist, penance, and One replied, “My son, think of hell.? indulgences ; nor could I forget their I interrogated another. The answer was, avarice, which has led them to put con• Think, my son, how terrible is the sciences to contribution. There is a death of a sinner!' I spoke to a third, saying in Italy, that he who speaks to to a fourth; and one said to me, My the desert, throws away the sermon.' son, what will be your feeling, if, on the So was it with the sermons of the Jesuday of judgment, you find yourself on its, so far, at least, as I was concerned. the left hand of God ?'--the other, “One evening, after listening to a * Paradise, my son, Paradise !' No one discourse filled with dark images of gave me a direct answer : their object death, I returned to my room, and found appeared to be, to mystify and confound the light set upon the ground. I took me. After the first few days, I began it up, and approached the table to place inost severely to feel the want of a change it there ; but what was my horror and of clothing. Accustomed to cleanliness, consternation at beholding spread out I found myself constrained to wear soiled upon it a whitened skeleton ! Before apparel. The knowledge that this place the reader can comprehend my dismay, was frequented by persons of every class, it is necessary he should reflect for a

moment on the peculiarities of childhood, “I now momentarily expected to be especially in a Romish country, where conducted to the torture. Whenever I children are seldom spoken to, excepting was taken from my room to the chapel, in superstitious language, whether by I feared lest some trap-door should open their parents or teachers ; and domestics beneath my feet; and therefore took adopt the same style to answer their own great care to tread in the footsteps of the purposes, menacing their disobedient Jesuit who preceded me. No one, accharges with hobgoblins, phantoms, and quainted with the Inquisition, will say witches. Such images as these make a that my precaution was needless. My profound impression on tender minds, imagination was so filled with the horrors leaving a panic terror which the reason of this place, that even in my short, ining of after-years is often unable entirely terrupted, and feverish dreams, I beheld to efface.

daggers and axes glittering around me; “At the sight of this skeleton, my I heard the noise of the wheels; saw limbs trembled; a cold perspiration stood burning piles and heated irons; and on my forehead. Agitated and depressed woke in convulsive terror, only to give by the mournful tenor of the sermon, myself up to gloomy reflections, inspired and by the agonizing reflections to which by the reality of my situation, and the for days past I had been a prey, I re impressions left by these nocturnal visions. garded this spectre as a certain presage What tears did I shed in those dreary of approaching death. The candle fell moments ! Innumerable were the bitter from my hands, and was extinguished. wounds that lacerated my heart. My The darkness which followed increased prayers seemed to me unworthy to be my fear; the skeleton seemed to stand received by the God of charity ; because, erect, and to extend its arms towards notwithstanding all my efforts to banish me with a grim smile. I rushed towards from my soul every feeling of resentment the door ; but as I was making my way towards my persecutors, hatred returned out by the light of a lamp that was burns with redoubled power. I often repeated ing at the extremity of the corridor, I the words of Christ : Father, forgive saw before me another spectre not less them; for they know not what they do;' frightful,--the Jesuit Giuliani. Think bat immediately a voice would say, ing the occasion favourable, he hasted, “This prayer is not intended for the without delay, to strike thé iron whilé Jesuits; they resemble not the crucifiers, hot; and, with this skeleton before him, who were blind instruments of the rage delivered to me a lengthened discourse of the Pharisees; these men are fully on death.”

conscious of what they are doing; they

are the modern Pharisees.' The read. Various other projects were con

ing of the Bible would have afforded me trived, to reduce the afflicted young great consolation ; but of that I was man to obedience; till at length, in deprived. a moment of terror, he was over

“ The following day, which was the powered, and signed a recantation Father Giuliani entered my room, and

fourteenth of my imprisonment, the of his principles.

announced to me that the Council was

assembled to pronounce judgment upon F« The Cardinal,' said Mislei, “pro. me, and that it was necessary 1 should poses to you an easy way of returning to attend. Pale and trembling, like one your monastery.' «What does he propose ?'

being dragged to the edge of a rock, to

be precipitated therefrom, I unwillingly «• Here is the way,' said he, present followed him, stopping at almost every ing me with a paper : 'copy this with step to free myself, if possible, from the your own hand, and nothing more will grasp of the hand with which he tightly be required of you.'

held my arm.

He conducted me to an “I took the paper with 'convulsive apartment where the Father Mislei, with eagerness. It was a recantation of my three others, was seated at a table. Giufaith. Upon reading it, I shuddered'; liani joined them. I was made to sit and, starting to my feet, in a solemn down. They interrogated me at interattitude, and with a firm voice, exclaimed, vals, and urged me to sign the form of 'Kill me, if you please ; my life is in recantation sent by Castracani. I per: your power ; but never will Í subscribe sisted in my refusal, and they proceeded to that iniquitous formulary!' The to communicate to me the sentence. The Jesuit, after labouring in vain to per- Father Rossini spoke : suade me to his wishes, went away in “• You are decided ; let it be, then, anger.

as you deserve, Rebellious son of the

to me a sun.

Church, in the fulness of the power permission from the Superior, proceeded which she has received from Christ, you immediately to the residence of the Carshall feel the holy rigour of her laws. dinal Castracani. I presented myself She cannot permit the tares to infect the just as I had left S. Eusebio,—emaciated, field ou which grows the good seed. She pale, my cheeks marked with tears, my cannot suffer you to remain among her hair in disorder, and my tunic with sons, and beco

a stumbling-block for scarcely a trace of its original colour. the ruin of many. Abandon, therefore, I would not either change or arrange my every hope of leaving this place, and of dress ; I preferred bringing before him, returning to dwell among the faithful. in my own person, a tacit but convincing Know, all is finished for you.'

proof of the cruelties inflicted during my « Terrible moment ! as I record thee imprisonment. He received the retractain these pages, thou again freezest the tion from my hands, and placed it in blood in my veins, and fallest upon my the archives, at the same time praising heart with a weight not less oppressive, me for the docility I had shown. Thus, though not from fear, but from a solemn, in Rome, even the signification of words invincible, tormenting remorse,—thou re is changed; weakness which yields to callest to me my fall !.... A long force is termed docility, and the yes exsilence ensued; during this interval all torted by violence is called consent. the terrors that had taken possession of Miserable condition of my country!” me during my retreat assailed me at once. The immovable countenances of He was now restored to his family the Jesuits, who, mute, cold, and insen- and to liberty; but his soul was sible, appeared strangers to earth, and to bowed down, and he could obtain every human affection, sank deep into

no repose. my heart, and convinced me that all was indeed finished for me. They did not “When pursued by men, I had ever once look at each other, perhaps lest found refuge in peace of conscience ; they should remember they were men. and, amidst the blackest tempests, celesI observed that one of them took down tial grace had given me light, had been the words of Rossini, as he had pre

But now that the voice of viously taken down mine. Everything an offended God was continually sound. persuaded me that these bloody men ing in my ears, embittering every worldly were firmly resolved upon my extermi. joy, I had no asylum; no, not even the nation, My courage gave way, and, sorrowful consolation of pouring my trembling, I approached the table, seized griefs into the bosom of a fellow.creature. the pen with a convulsive movement, Mine was a sorrow that must prey upon and shame con itself. I dared not to speak of my redemnation !......... God of mercies, alas ! morse, of my repentance for my vile may this moment be blotted from my apostasy from the truth, to those who life! Nevertheless, I bless the myste smiled upon me, who caressed me, solely rious councils of thy justice and thy pity. because I had recanted, because I had Thou didst withdraw from me thy hand, apostatized, because they believed me that I might know my weakness. Thou one of their fold. The least betrayal of sawest my heart, and thou didst there my real sentiments would have drawn perceive a sense of vanity in having re down upon me the bitterest rage of my ceived thy gift : finding myself in the most cruel enemies; and from that I light of truth, I usurped the glory of a shrank. Strange struggle between the work entirely thine, attributing some flesh and the spirit ! At times I felt merit to myself. Like Peter, I had myself urged openly to confess my faith ; relied on my own strength : I had said all dangers vanished before the sense of to thee, Etiam si opportuerit me mori, duty ; but as the moment drew nigh non te negabo : and, like Peter, I fell, Í that I had thought opportune for the denied thee,

reparation of my fault, these difficulties, “ The Jesuits congratulated me, and which before had seemed but atoms, rose informed me that the following day I like mountains to my view, and courage should be at liberty to return to San fled. The spiritual man was overcome Bernardo. But,' added the Father by the carnal man. Mislei, 'you must, as soon as you re “ From the internal struggle, the idea turn, go to the Cardinal Castracani, and so often conceived, but always rejected, present to him, with your own hand, the of bidding adieu for ever to Rome, to paper you have signed.'

Italy, to my family, gained additional “On the following day I returned to strength. This design was continually the monastery ; and, having obtained in my mind, and assisted to calm, in


some degree, the agitation of my spirit. entering the church of S. Francesco, But how was flight to be accomplished ? the day after his arrival, he read his It was the hourly subject of my medita name at the foot of the calendar,tion, and the burden of every prayer. " The continued perusal of the Bible Monk, an apostate.”

“D. Raffaele Ciocci, a Cistercian strengthened in me a desire, which had its origin in the persecutions I had myself endured, of solacing the unhappy

“ Anxiety lest I should fall into the beings groaning under the weight of hands of the blood-hounds dispatched misfortune. I passed my whole time in from Rome in pursuit of me, served visiting the hospitals and prisons, and in greatly to divert the overwhelming grief comforting the distressed. How sweet occasioned by abandoning my relatives it was to wipe away the tears of the and country. I adopted every method mourner ! In these moments the re of precaution to elude their vigilance, membrance of my own sufferings proved but could not think myself secure under an agreeable odour.”

my disguise.

“ Ignorant of the laws and regulations Having at length determined to

of most countries, nay, even of the las become an exile from his native

of Rome herself, excepting as they were

in connexion with the peculiarities of country, he disguised himself, and made his escape, with a passport from the monastery, like a chicken

my own position, I was, when I fied procured in the name of his ser

scarcely out of its shell. Had I been vant.

aware of the movements of the French

packets in the ports of Italy, and of the “ What a night of anguish was the security which any one on leaving her one preceding my last visit to my family! shores enjoys, protected under the banHow many mournful images crowded on ner of a free people, I could have spared my mind! I could not close my eyes myself much risk, and might have been in sleep. I fancied I saw around my relieved from the dreadful state of pere bed my father, mother, and sisters, plexity and fear in which I continued bathed in tears, in the act of supplicats till my arrival in London. Instead of ing my stay, reminding me of the affec

hazarding my flight on the 13th of tion and sympathy I had received from March, had I set out on the 6th of the them in times more congenial ; then, following month, I might have placed again, I saw them entreating pardon for myself in safety on board a French res. the suffering they had so involuntarily sel sailing from Malta for Marseilles on occasioned.

the 8th. Of these particulars I was “ Morning came. Wearied and dis- iguorant; nor should I now mention tressed, with a mind fatigued with re them, but for the hope that this narraflecting on the past, and groping amidst tive may fall into the hands of some perthe shadows of the future, I arose, and sons to whom such information may sought, in my Bible and in prayer,

prove useful, strength, guidance, refreshment, and con “After a few days of anxious sussolation. After praying, I seemed to be pense the vessel arrived, and I was reinspired with new courage; and, without ceived on board the ‘Maria Antoinetta.' further delay, accompanied by my ser When it was dark, I went on deck : vant, I set out for my paternal home, after looking around, to ascertain that I where I remained the whole day." was unobserved, I threw my tunic, from

whence had sprung all my misery, into He describes himself as almost the sea. Thus did I dispose of the only heart-broken in leaving his friends, ensign of Popery which remained to and family, and country; and that he could not afford information of his design to his inother and sister, His difficulties continued till he who clung around him in great dis arrived in France ; nor was he aware

at witnessing his affliction. that he was even then safe ; for he Having made his escape, he arrived, thought that the Pope esercised the after two days' travelling, at Civita same influence in France as in Italy. Vecchia, where he had to remain The Roman Consul at Marseilles four days, awaiting the arrival of was about to detain him till he the Sardinian steam-packet, in which could bear from Rome, as the passhe was to sail for Leghorn. On port did not correspond to his age ;



but the intervention of a Custom- every mark of attention, procured House Officer, who said that he had the necessary signature; and, after recommendations to the English a few other difficulties, he arrived in Consul, who had received him with England.





(To the Editor of the Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine.) Nr. Newman, in

ing gives the tidings of pardon, and preached at St. Mary's, Oxford, that a command chills or formalizes Easter-Tuesday, April 13th, 1830, the mind, and that a free forgiveness

- before, at all events, the public converts it; (for nature speaks of developement of his system, (the title God's goodness as well as of his of the sermon being, “ The Influ- severity, and Christ, surely, of his ence of Natural and Revealed Reli- severity as well as his goodness ;) gion respectively ;” and the text, but that in the Christian scheme we 1 John i. 1-3,)-has a paragraph find all the divine attributes (not showing, not only the tendencies of mercy only, though mercy prehis own mind at the time, but a eminently) brought out and urged principle which, if not essential to upon us, which were but latent in the theory subsequently more fully the visible course of things. Hence declared, appears to be, for the most it appears that the Gospels are the part, held by those who have em great instruments (under God's blessbraced it with him. Its fallacies ing) of fixing and instructing our inay, I think, easily be pointed out. minds in a religious course,

the I quote the paragraph first, and will Epistles being rather comments on then remark on it.

them, than intended to supersede A comment is hence afforded us them, as is sometimes maintained. on the meaning of a phrase per. Surely it argues a mind but partially plexed by controversy,—that of moulded to the worship and love of preaching Christ.' By which is Christ, to make this distinction be. properly meant, not the putting na tween his teaching and that of his tural religion out of sight, nor the Apostles, when the very promised separating one doctrine of the Gos office of the Comforter, in his ab. pel from the rest, as having an ex. sence, was, not to make a new reve. clusive claim to the name of • Gos- lation, but expressly to bring all pel,'—but the displaying all that things to their remembrance' which nature and Scripture teach concern 'He had said to them;' not to speak ing divine Providence, (for they of himself, but to‘receive of Christ's, teach the same great truths,) whe- and show it unto' them. The Holy ther of his majesty, or his love, or Spirit came to 'glorify Christ,' to his mercy, or his holiness, or his declare openly unto all the world, fearful anger, through the medium that He had come on earth, suffered, of the life and death of his Son and died, who was also the Creator Jesus Christ. A mere moral strain and Governor of the world, the final of teaching duty, and enforcing obe- Judge of men. It is the incarnadience, fails in persuading to prac tion of the Son of God, rather than tice,-not because it appeals to con any doctrine drawn from a partial science, and commands and threat view of Scripture, (however true ens, (as is sometiines supposed,) but and momentous it may be,) which because it does not urge and illus- is the article of a standing or falling trate virtue in the name, and by the church. ‘Every spirit that confess. example, of our blessed Lord. It is eth not that Jesus Christ is come not that natural teaching gives in the flesh, is not of God ;. ...this merely the law, and Christian teach- is that spirit of antichrist;' for, not

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