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Passion, the ruling, 159, 160. Phantoms of hope, 189.
Passions fly with life, 247. Philistines be upon thee, 2.
Pastures, lie down in green, 5. Philip and Mary, on a shilling, 135.

and fresh woods, 124. Philosopher that could bear the
Patches, a king of shreds and, 84. toothache, 33.
Patience on a monument, 29. Philosophy, hast any, in thee, 41.
Patriot's boast, 201.

adversity's sweet
Pause, an awful, 174.

milk, 74.
Peace, all her paths are, 6.

dreamt of in your, 79.
when there is no, 11.

false, and vain wis-
piping times of, 61.

dom, 113.
in thy right hand carry

-, divine, charming is,
gentle, 63.

and rest can never dwell,

in the calm light of

mild, 149.
hath her victories, 126.

teaching by exam-
makes a solitude and calls

ples, 297.
it, 265.

Phæbus, what a name, 268.
first in, 306.

Phyllis, neat-handed, 125.
Pearl, sowed the earth with Physic to the dogs, 51.
orient, 116.

take, 70.
Pearls before swine, 15.

Physician, is there no, 11.
did grow, how, 104.

heal thyself, 18.
who would search for, 141. Picture, look here upon this, 84.

at random strung, 217. Piece, faultless, 161.
Peasantry, a bold, 202.

Pierian spring, 161.
Pebbles, as gathering, 120. Pigmies are pigmies still, 177.
l'en of a ready writer, 5.

Pigmy body, fretted the, to decay,
make thee famous by my, 139.

Pigs squeak, as naturally as, 130.
dropped from an angel's Pilgrim shrines, such graves are,
wing, 236.

product of a scoffer's, 239. Pillar of State, 113.

mightier than the sword, 281. Pilot of the Galilean lake, 123.
Pendulum, man thou, 262. Pinch, a hungry, lean-fuced vil-
Penned it down, 143.

lain, 44.
Pensioner of an hour, 174.

Pink of courtesy, 73.
-, a miser's, 237.

Pines, silent sea of, 244.
Pentameter aye falling in melody Pinto, Ferdinand Mentez, 153.
back, 243.

Pin's fee, set my life at a, 78.
People, thy, shall oe my, 2. Pitch, he that toucheth, 12.
Perdition catch my soul, 88. Pitcher be broken, 9.
Peril in thine eye, 72.

Pitiful, 't was wondrous, 87.
Perilous edge of battle, 111. Pity, he hath a tear for, 58.
Perjuries, Jove laughs at lovers', 't is, 't is true, 79.

challenge double, 94.
Persuaded, let every man be fully, melts the mind to love, 137.

's akin to love, 146.
Persuasion and belief, 240.

gave ere charity began, 203.
Persons, no respect of, 20.

the sorrows of a poor old
Peter's dome, 285.

man, 225.
Petticoat, feet beneath her, 103. Place, jolly, in times of old, 232.
Phalanx, in perfect, 112.

Places, lines in pleasant, 4.
Phantasma, like a, 66.

Plague o' both the houses, 73.

of, 6.

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Plagiarè, 129.

Poverty depressed, slow rises
Plan, not without a, 154.

worth by, 188.
the simple, 230.

put a penny in the urr
Plato, thou reasonest well, 150.

of, 273.
Play's the thing, 81.

Power, dissevering, 123.
to you is death to us, 129.

take, who have the, 230.
-, as good as a, 309.

Powers that be, ordained of God,
Playmates I have had, 248.

Pleasantness, her ways are ways Prague's proud arch, 248.

Praise, the garments of, 11.
Pleased, I would do what I, 294.

to be dispraised were no,
Pleasure of being cheated, 134.

sweet is, after pain, 137. damn with faint, 165.
in being mad, 141.

solid pudding against
to frown at, 178.

empty, 166.
at the helm, 195.

all his pleasure, 169.
with reason mixed, 204.

blame, love, 231.
in poetic pains, 211.

none named thee but to,
she was bent on, 214.

in the pathless woods, undeserved, 305.

Praising what is lost, 43.
Pleasures, dance attendance on, Pray, remained to, 203.

Prayer, whenever God erects a
doubling his, 276.

house of, 146.
Ploughshares, swords into, 12.

all his business, 169.
Plummet, deeper than, 26.

ardent opens heaven, 177.
Poet soaring in the high reason of

the imperfect offices of,
his fancy, 127.

Poet's eye in a fine frenzy, 35. Preached as never to preach again,

pen turns them to shape, 35. 136.
Poetic pains, there is a pleasure Precept upon precept, 10.
in, 211.

Preparation, dreadful note of, 59.
Poetical, I would the gods had Prevaricate, Ralpho, thou dost,
made thee, 41.

Poets, in three distant ages, 142. Priam's curtains, 57.

intelligible forms of, 246. Pricking of my thumbs, 49.
Pole, from Indus to the, 166. Pricks, hard to kick against the,

true as the needle to the, 171. 20.
Pomp, take physic, 70.

Pride goeth before destruction, 7
lick absurd, 83.

fell with my fortunes, 39.
Poor always ye have, 20.

and pomp of glorious war
simple annals of the, 195. 90.
laws grind the, 202.

and haughtiness of soul, 149
thou foundst me, 204.

in their port, 201.
Pope of Rome, more than the, 132. that licks the dust, 165.
Poppies, pleasures are like, 221.

soul that perished in his,
Poppy nor mandragora, 89.

Porcelain clay of human kind, blend our pleasure or, 232.

that apes humility, 243.
Porcupine, like quills upon the Primal duties, 240.
fretful, 78.

Primrose, sweet as the, 204.
Pot, death in the, 3.

was to him a yellow
Poverty, not my will, consents, 74. 234.
; steep me in, 90.

Princedoms, virtues, powers, 117.

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[ocr errors]
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a, 105.

act, 44.

[ocr errors]


her, 88.

Princes, sweet aspect of, 63. Quickly, well it were done, 45.
Print, pleasant to see one's name Quiet, rural, 183.
in, 258.

Quietus make with a bare bodkin,
Prior, what once was Matthew, 81.

Quintilian stare, 126.
Prison make, stone walls do not Quips and cranks, 125.

Quivers, the Devil hath not in
Procrastination is the thief of

his, 270.
time, 174.
Prodigal's favorite, 237.

Race, not to the swift, 9.
Product of a scoffer's pen, 239. boast a generous, 181. ,
Prohibited degree of kin, 135.

is run, I bow to that whose,
Prologues, happy, to the swelling 193.

forget the human, 262.
Promise, he makes his, good, 13.

rear my dusky, 279.
keep the word of, 52. of other days, 287.
Proof, give me ocular, 90. Rachel weeping for her children,
Proofs of holy writ, 89.
Prophet not without honor, 16. Rack, leave not a, behind, 27.
Prophets, pervert the, 268. Radish, forked, 58.
Proportion, curtailed of my fair, Rage, could swell the soul to,

Propriety, frights the isle from Raggedness, looped and win-

dowed, 76.
Prose run mad, 165.

Rags, the man forget not in, 199.
Prospect, so full of goodly, 128. Rain from heaven droppeth, 37.
Proteus rising from the sea, 235. Rainbow, add another hue unto
Prove all things, 23.

the, 53.
Proverb and a by-word, 3. Rake, woman is at heart a, 159.
Providence their guide, 119. Ralph to Cynthia howls, 167.

alone secures, 215. Rank is but the guinea's stamp,
Prouder than rustling in unpaid- 224.
for silk, 310.

Rapture on the lonely shore, 263.
Prow, youth at the, 195.

Rarity of Christian charity, 274.
Prunella, leather or, 157.

Rat, I smell a, 131.
Psalms, purloin the, 268.

Rattle, pleased with a, 156.
Pulse of life, 174.

Ravens, He that feedeth the, 39.
Punishment greater than I can Ravishment, divine, enchanting,
bear, 1.

Pure, all things pure to the, 24. Ray, tints to-morrow with pro-
Purpose, infirm of, 47.

phetic, 265.
flighty, never is o'er- Read, mark, learn, 13.
took, 50.

Reap, as you sow, y' are like to
one increasing, 279. 134.
Purse, put money in thy, 87. Reason, no other but a woman's,

who steals my, steals trash, 27.

upon compulsion, 55.
Push on, keep moving, 226.

noble and most sovereign,
Pyramids in vales, 177.


for my rhyme, 96.
Quality, a taste of your, 80.

make the worse appear
Quarrel, sudden and quick in, 41. the better, 113.
that hath his, just, 60.

the feast of, 165.
Question, that is the, si.

with pleasure mixed, 204.

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gray, 49.

Reasons are as two grains of Right, his can't be wrong whose
wheat, 36.

life is in the, 156.
's whole pleasure, 156.

divine of kings, 167.
Reckoning, so comes a, 170. Righteous forsaken, 5.
Red spirits and

overmuch, 9.
Rede, may you better reck the, Righteousness and peace, 5.

exalteth a nation, 7
Redeemer liveth, my, 4.

Ringing grooves of change, 279.
Reed, bruised, shall he not break, Ripe and ripe, 40.

River of his thoughts, 267.
Regions change their site, 133. Road, a rough, a weary, 223.
Religion, humanities of, 246. Roam, where'er I, 200.
Relic of dep:urted worth, 260. Robbed, he that is, 89.
Remedy, things without, 48. Robbing Peter he paid Paul, 294.
Remember such things were, 50. Robes and furred gowns hide all,
Remorse, farewell, 115.

Remote from men, 169.

loosely flowing, 98.
-, unfriended, 200,

Rock shall fly from its firm base,
Repentance rears her snaky crest, 254.

Rocket, rose like a, 301.
Reputation, seeking the bubble, Rocks, caves, lakes, 113.

Rod, and thy staff, 5.
dies at every word, of iron, 25.

a chief 's a, 157.
Resignation gently slopes the way, of empire, 196.

spare the, 133.
Resolution, native hue of, 82. Roderick, art thou a friend to, 254.
Retirement urges sweet return, Rogue, every inch not fool is, 240.

Roman, than such a, 68.
Retreat, loopholes of, 212.

holiday, butchered to
Reveals while she hides, 192. make a, 262.
Revelry, there was a sound of, 260.

senate long debate, 149.
Revels now are ended, 26.

Romans, countrymen,

and lovers,
Kewards of veterins, 159.
Rhetoric, dazzling fence of, 122. Rome, palmy state of, 75.
-, ope his mouth for, 130.

more than the Pope of, 132.
Rhine, wash the river, 245.

falls, falls the world, 262.
Rhyme nor reason, 96.

Romeo, wherefore art thou, 72.
and build the lofty, 123. Ronne, to waite, to ride, to, 96.
the ruder is, 131.

Room, who sweeps a, 102.
one for sense and one for, --, ample, and verge enough,

dock the tail of, 290.

Root of the matter, 4.
Rialto, in the, 37.

the axe is laid to the, 18.
Ribbon, give me what this, bound, Rose, happy is the, distilled, 34.

by any other name, 72.
Rich man and the camel, 16.

in aromatic pain, 154.
not gaudy, 77.

fairest when budding, 254.
withi forty pounds a year, Rosebuds, gather ye, 104.

Roses, the scent of the, 256.
Richard is liimself again, 148.

in December, 268.
Riches make themselves wings, 7. Ross, the man of, 160.
Ridiculous, and the sublime, 302. Rot and rot, 40.
Right, whatever is, is, 155. Rough-hew them how we will, 86.


[ocr errors]
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of, 9o.

[ocr errors]

Round about this great, 215. | Scars, he jests at, 72.
Rout upon rout, 114.

| Sceptre, a barren, in my gripe, 47
Rowland for an Oliver, 307. Schemes, best laid, 222.
Rub, ay, there 's the, 81.

Scholar, gentleman and a, 223.
Rubies, wisdom priced above, 4. Science frowned not, 197.
grew the, 103.

Science, O star-eyed, 249.
Ruin, majestic though in, 113. Scoff, came to, 203.
upon ruin, 114.

Scorn, he will laugh thee to, 12.
or to rule the State, 139.

what a deal of, looks beau-
beauteous, lovely in death, tiful, 29.

fixed figure, for the time
fiercely drives her plough-
share, 178.

-, laughed his word to, 213.
Rule thee with a rod of iron, 25. Scraps of learning dote, on, 178.

-, eye sublime declared abso- Screw your courage, 46.
lute, 115.

Scripture, the Devil can cite, 36.
the good old, 230.

Scylla, your father, 37.
Ruling passion strong in death, Sea, sunk in the flat, 122.

--, light that never was on, 238.
Run, that he may, that readeth, 12. mysterious union with the,
Runs, who, may read, 178.

Rural quiet, 183.

first that burst into that, 241.
Rustic moralist, 196.

alone, alone, on a wide, 242.

like ships that have gone
Sacrifice, turn delight into a, 102. down at, 255.
Sadder and a wiser man, 242. - glad waters of the dark blue,
Safety, pluck this flower, 55.

Sage, he thought as a, 208.

-, the open, 278.
Sail, set every threadbare, 289. Seals of love, 31.
Saint, 't would provoke a, 158. Season, to every thing there is a, 8.
St. John mingles with my bowl, Seasons return with the year, 114.

Second childishness, 41.
Saints in crape and lawn, 158. Sect, slave to no, 158.

his soul is with the, 244. See oursel's as others see us, 222.
Salt of the earth, 14.

Seek and ye shall find, 15.
Sampson, the Philistines be upon Seems, madman, I know not, 75.
thee, 2.

Seigniors, most potent, grave, and
Sans teeth, sans eyes, 41.

reverend, 86.
Sapphire blaze, 195.

Self-slaughter, canon 'gainst, 76.
Sang, it may turn out a, 223. Sempronius, we'll do more, 149.
Satan, get thee behind me, 16. Senators of mighty woods, 27.

so call him now, 117. Sensations sweet, 233.

finds some mischief, 180. Sense, one for, 133.
Satire's my weapon, 165.

want of decency is want
in disguise, 305.

of, 136.
Saul and Jonathan, undivided in Senses, steep in forgetfulness, 57.
death, 2.

Sentence, he mouths a, 209.
Savage, wild in woods, the noble, Sentiment, pluck the eye of, 290.

Sepulchres, whited, 17.
Saviour's, the birth is celebrated, Sermon, who flees a, 102.

-, perhaps turn out a, 223.
Saw the air, 82.

Sermons in stones, 39.
Scandal about Queen Elizabeth, Serpent sting thce twice, 37.

trail of the, 359.

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