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Married, I did not think to live till | Men, justify the ways of God to,
I were, 32.

Marrying ancient people, 297.

busy hum of, 125.
Mars, an eve like, 84.

are but children, 141.
Martyrs, blood of the, 306.

impious, bear sway, 150.
Mary hath chosen that good part, some to business take, 159.

think all men mortal, 175.
Mast, nail to the, 289.

talk only to conceal their
Master passion in the breast, 155. mind, 179.
Mittock and the grave, 176.

„ rich, rule the law, 202.
Maxims preaching down a daugh- were deceivers ever, 207.
ter's heart, 279.

think their little set man-
Maytime and cheerful dawn, 231. kind, 217.
May, chills the lap of, 201.

who their duties know, 218.
Maze, a mighty, 154.

, schemes of mice and, 222.
mirthful, 201.

by losing rendered sager, 266.
Meaner beauties of the night, 97. ,'world knows nothing of its
Measure, to tread a, on the grass,

greatest, 228.

beneath the rule of, 281.
Meat, I cannot eat but little, 304. lives of great, remind us,
Meats, funeral baked, 76.

Meccas of the mind, 286.

forty thousand, went up a
Medes and Persians, law of the, 12. hill, 304.
Medicine, miserable have no oth- Merchants most do congregate, 36.
er, 30,

Mercy and truth are met, 5.
Meditation, fancy free, 34.

is not strained, 37.
Melancholy, green and yellow, 29. temper justice with, 119.
, moping, 119.

, I to others show, 163.
most musical, 124.

a God all, 177.
chord in, 275.

shut the gates of, 196.
Melodies, hearil, are sweet, 271.

sighed farewell, 266.
a thousand, 276. Merit, by, raised, 112.
Melody of every grace, 105.

as if her, lessened yours,
-, crack the voice of, 290. 192.
Melrose, if thou wouldst view, 251.

modest men dumb on their
Memory, pluck from the, 51.

Walton's heavenly, 236. Mermaid, things done at the, 100.

begin to throng into my, Merriment, flashes of, 85.

Merry when I hear sweet music,
for his jests, indebted to 38.
his, 220.

in hall when beards wag
watches o'er the sad re- all, 92.
views of joys, 249.

as the day is long, 320.
Men, are you good and true, 33. Metal more attractive, 83.
have died, 42.

sonorous, 111.
in the catalogue ve go for, 47. Metaphysic wit, high as, 130.
-'s evil manners live in brass, Metre ballad-monger, 56.

Mettle, grasp it like a man of, 182.
that are fat, 65.

Mice, and such small deer, 71.
the evil they do lives after -, like little, stole in and out,
them, 67.

tide in the affairs of, 68.

best laid schemes of, 222.
made by nature's journey- Midnight dances, 163.

own, 226.

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oil consumed, 170.

men, 83.


Mien, vice is a monster of so Mirth, you have displaced the, 49.
frightful, 156.

grew fast and furious, 221.
Might, he that would not when and innocence, 267.
he, 207.

string attuned to, 275.
Mighty, how are the, fallen, 2. Miser's pensioner, 237.
Mile, measured many a, 35. Miserable have no other medicine,
Miles, might travel twelve stout, 30.

Miseries, in shallows and in, 68.
Milk of human kindness, 45. Misery acquaints a with
and water, 0, 267.

strange bedfellows, 26.
Mill, brook that turns a, 277.

a tear to, 197.
Millions of spiritual creatures, steeped to the lips in, 288.

Misery's darkest cavern, 189.
for defence, 306.

Mistress of herself tho'china fall,
Millstone hanged about his neck, 160.

Mob of gentlemen, 166.
Milton, some mute, inglorious, Modesty, bounds of, 74.

Moment, and give to God each,
Mind, be fully persuaded in, 21. 186.

diseased, minister to a, 51. Monarch of all I survey, 214.
's eye, Horatio, 77.

Monarchs, fear of change per-
farewell the tranquil, 89.

plexes, 112.
out of, out of sight, 93. Monarchies, weight of mightiest,
musing in his sullen, 95. 113.
is its own place, 111. Monastic brotherhood, 239.

men talk only to conceal Money the root of all evil, 24.
their, 179.

put in thy purse, 87.
is the standard of the man, still get, 99.

'so much as 't will bring,
gives to her, what he steals 133.
from her youth, 192.

Monster, a faultless, 144.
forbids to crave, 207. Month, a little, 76.
, vacant, 202.

Months without an R, 307.
to me a kingdom is, 207. Mood, unused to the melting, 91.
she had a frugal, 214.

that blessed, 233.
how fleet is a glance of the, Moody madness, 194.

Moon, pluck honor from the pale-
to mind, 252.

faced, 55.
magic of the, 266.

be a dog and bay the, 68.
Meccas of the, 286.

swear not by the, 73.
Minds, innocent and quiet, 105.

the inconstant, 73.
are not ever craving, 220. is made of green cheese, 134.
that have nothing to con-

shine at full or no, 134.
fer, 229.

Moonlight sleeps upon this bank,
Mine own, do what I will with, 38.

Moor, lady married to the, 237.
Minister, one fair spirit for my, Moral, to point a, 187.

More to that which had too much,
Ministers of love, 243.

Minnows, Triton of the, 64.

than painting can express,
Miracle instead of wit, 179.

Mirror up to nature, 82.

Morn to noon he fell, 112.
Mirth, within the limit of becom- with rosy steps, 116.
ing, 35.

tresses like the, 122.

[ocr errors]

en, 254.

a, 170.

[ocr errors]

Morn from black to red began to | Music hath charms to soothe, 152.
turn, 133.

heavenly maid, 198.
-, meek-eyed, 183.

sphere-descended maid.
Morrow, take no thought for the, 198.

his very foot has, 216.
Mortal to the skies, he raised a, , instinct with, 230.

in my heart, 230.
all men think all men, 175. of running brooks, 237.

know through a crown's with its voluptuous swell,
disguise, 199.

Mortals, not in, to command suc- of her face, 265.
cess, 149.

's golden tongue, 271.
--, some feelings are to, giv- Musical as is Apollo's lute, 122.

Muttons, to return to


Mortality, thoughts of, cordial to Myself, awe of such a thing as I,
the soul, 297.

Motes that people the sunbeams, Mystery, burden of the, 233.

of mysteries, 255.
Mother, so loving to my, 76. Myriads of rivulets, 281.

of arts and eloquence, 120. Myrtle, cypress and, 264.
where yet was ever found

Naiad or a grace, 253.
is a mother still, 244. Name, local habitation and a, 35.

happy he with such a, deed without a, 49.

what's in a, 72.
tongue, 211.

filches from me my good,
Moths, maidens like, 259.

Motley is the only wear, 40.

mark the marble with his,
Mould, mortal mixture of earth's, 160.

at which the world grew
Mountain tops, misty, 74.

pale, 187.
robes the, 248.

the magic of a, 249.
Mountain waves, her march is Phoebus, what a, 268.
o'er the, 250.

Names, one of the few immortal,
Mountains interposed make ene- 286.
mies, 211.

Narcissa's last words, 158.
Greenland's icy, 258. Nathan said to David, 3.
Mourned, the loved and, 261. Nation exalted by righteousness,
Mourning, the oil of joy for, 11. 7.
Mouth, out of thine own, 19.

a small one a strong. 11.
gift horse in the, 131, 294. noble and puissant, 128.

put an enemy in their, 88. Nations are as a drop of a bucket,
Mouths a sentence, 209.

Muck, run a, 165.

mountains make enemies
Multitude of counsellors, 6.

of, 211.
Murder, one, makes a villain, 208. Native and to the manner born,
Murmurs, hollow, died away, 198.

Music the food of love, 28.

woodnotes wild, 126.
never merry when I hear, Nature, one touch of, 64.

might stand up, 69.
the man that hath no, 38.

hold the mirror up to, 82.
discourse most excellent, sighing through all her

works, 119.
of her face, 105.

could no further go, 142.

[ocr errors]

men, 83.

Nature cannot miss, 142.

Night, endless, 195.
no such thing in, 144.

how beautiful is, 247.
made thee to temper man,

to all to each a fair good,

is but art unknown, 155. and storm and darkness, 261.
up to nature's God, 158.

beauty like the, 269.
extremes in, 160.

azure robe of, 270.
to advantage dressed, 161. Nights are wholesome, 75.
who can paint like, 183. Nightingale was mute, 283.
voice of, 197.

Niobe, all tears, 76.
-, commonplace of, 232.

of nations, 262.
, mute, mourns when the Ninny, Handel's but a, 171
poet dies, 251.

No more of that, Hal, 56.
sullenness against, 128. pent-up Utica, 258.

never did betray the heart hammers fell, 257.
that loved her, 232.

Nobility, betwixt the wind and
formed but one such man,

his, 55.

Noble to be good, 281.
Nature's own sweet cunning hand, Nobler loves, and nobler cares, 237.

Nods and becks, 125.
soft nurse, 57.

None knew thee but to love, 286.
journeymen had made Noon to dewy eve, 112.

sailing on obscene wings
chief masterpiece, 144. athwart the, 243.
walks, 154.

North, unripened beauties of the,
sweet restorer, 174.

teachings, 284.

Norval, my name is, 200.
cockloft empty, 297. Not to know me argues yourselves
Nazareth, can any good come out unknown, 116.

Not she with traitrous kiss, 292.
Necessity, to make a virtue of, 27. Notes by distance, 198.

the tyrant's plea, 115. a chiel's amang you takin',
Need, deserted at his utmost, 137. 222.
Needful, one thing is, 18.

Nothing, an infinite deal of, 36.
Needle, true as the, 171.

if not critical, 87.
Never loved sae blindly, 224.

before and nothing be-
Nests, birds of the air have, 15. hind, 243.

no birds in last year's, 288. Notion, foolish, 222.
Nettle, tender-handed stroke a, Numbers, divinity in odd, 28.

lisped in, 164.
News, first bringer of unwelcome, Nun, the holy time is quiet as a,

Nick, our old, 135.

Nutmeg-graters, be rough as, 182.
Night, I have passed a miserable, Nymph, in thy orisons, 82.

Nympholepsy of some fond de-
-, upon the cheek of, 72.

spair, 262.
the very witching time of,

Observance, the breach than the,
, ye meaner beauties of the, 78.

Observed of all observers, 82.
silver lining on the, 121. Obstruction, to lie in cold, 31.
, empty vaulted, 121.

Ocean, deep bosom of the, 60.
day brought back my, 127. a painted, 241.
hideous, 78, 167.

Ocean's mane, the, 273.

of, 19.

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Odd numbers, divinity in, 28. Owl, was by a mousing, hawked
Odious, comparisons are, 97.

at, 47.
Odorous, comparisons are, 33. Owlet atheism, 243.
O lors crushed are sweeter still, Own, do what I will with mine,

Od with his head, 148.

Ox, better than a stalled, 7.
Offence is rank, 84.

Oxlips and the nodding violet, 34.
Offender, she hugged the, 138. Oyster, then the world's mine, 28.
Ofending, head and front of my, Oysters not good without an R in

the month, 307.
Office, hath but a losing, 57.
Officer, fear each bush an, 60. Pack, as a huntsman his, 205.
Ontspring of heaven's first-born, | Pageant, insubstantial, 27.

Pain, sweet is pleasure after, 137.
Oft in the stilly night, 257.

the labor we delight in phy-
Oil, consumed the inidnight, 170. sics, 47.
Old min eloquent, 126.

is lessened by, 72.
Grimes is dead, 291.

die of a rose in aromatic,
Oliver, Rowland for an, 307.

Omegl, Alpha and, 25.

heart that never feels


One that hath, unto every, 17.

to smile in, 178.
kind kiss before we part, 181. a stranger yet to, 194.

the many must labor for the, to sigh yet feel no, 256.

Pains, pleasure in poetic, 211.
line, could wish to blot, 191. Painting, more than, can express,
more unfortunate, 274.

-- when content, no more to de- | Palaces, gorgeous, 26.
sire, 294.

Pale, prithee, why so, 103.
is as God made him, 294. Palinurus nodded, 167.
Onward, bear up and steer right, Palm, bear the, alone, 65.

like some tall, 257.
Opinions, halt ye between two, 3. Palmy state of Rome, 75.

I have bought golden, Palpable, clothing the, 246.

Pangs of guilty power, 189.
stiff in, 140.

Pantaloon, lean and slippered, 41.
backed by a wager, 266. Paradisaical pleasures, 197.
Oppressor's wrong, 81.

Paradise of foois, 114.
Opties, to turn their, in upon 't,

-, opening, 197.

walked in, 283.
sharp it needs, 219. Parallel, none but himself can be
Oracle, I am Sir, 36.

his, 146.
of God, 110.

Paril, bearded like the, 41.
Orators repair, 120.

Parent of good, 117.
Orb in orb, 118.

Purish church, plain as way to, 40
Order of, going the, 49.

Parson, there goes the, 215.
is Heaven's first law, 156. Parthenon, earth proudly wears
this matter in France, 299.

the, 285.
Ore, and tricks with new-span- Parting is such sweet sorrow,

gled, 124.

Partitions thin their bounds di-
Orient pearl, sowed the earth, 116. vide, 139.
Ormus and of Ind, 112.

Party, give up to, what was
Othello's occupation's gone, 90. meant for mankind, 205.
Out of mind, out of sight, 93. Passing fair, is she not, 27.
Outren the constable, 132. Passion till our, dies, 106.


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