Aaron's serpent, 155.

Age shakes Athena's tower, 260.
Abdiel, the seraph, 117.

mirror to a gaping, 286.
Abra was ready, 148.

Ages, famous to all, 128.
Abundance, every one that hath, three poets in three distant,

Accidents by flood and field, 87. alike all, 201.
Accoutred as I was, 65.

one increasing purpose runs
Aching void, 214.

through the, 279.
Action, how like an angei, 80.

heir of all the, 279.
suit the, to the word, 82. wakens the slumbering, 282.
Actions of the just, 105.

Agree, where they do, 219.
like almanacs, 108. Air, melted into thin, 26.
Acts, little nameless, 233.

a chartered libertine, 58.
Ada, sole daughter of my house, of delightful studies, 127.

is full of farewells, 289.
Adam, whipped the offending, 58. Airy nothing a local habitation,

the goodliest man, 115. 35.
dolve and Eve span, 305.

tongues, 121.
the son of, and of Eve, 147, Aisle and fretted vault, 196.
Adorn, touched nothing, he did Aisles of Christian Rome, 285.

Alabaster, like his grandsire cut
Adversary, that mine, had written

in, 36.
a book, 4.

Alexandrine, a needless, 161.
Adversity, sweet the uses of, 39. All things work together for good,
Adversity's sweet milk, 74.

Affection, entire, hateth nicer things, prove, 23.
hands, 95.

things to all men, 22.
Aflections mild, 166.

things that are, are chased, 37.
Afriction tries our virtue, 191, that glisters is not gold, 37.
Age, my, is as a lusty winter, 40. is not lost, 110.
be comfort to my, 39.

Europe rings, 127.
cannot wither her, 69.

that's bright must fade, 256.
he was not of an, 99. Allegory, headstrong as an, 219.
for talking, 202.

Allured to brighter worlds, 203.
of ease, 202.

Almanacs like actions of the last
-, you 'd scarce expect one of

Almighty Father! these as they
old, serene, and bright, 234. change, 185.

mot, 190.

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[ocr errors]

age, 108.

my, 227.


[ocr errors]

Almighty Dollar, 309.

Any thing, for what is worth in,
Alms, when thou doest, 14.

Alone, not good that man should Apostles fled, she when, 292.
be, 1.

Apostolic blows and knocks, 131.
never less, than when, 276. Apothecary, civet, good, 71.
they are never, when with Apparel proclaims the man,

noble thoughts, 295.

Apparitions seen and gone, 144.
Alpha and Omega, 25.

Appearance, judge not by, 19.
Aip, o'er many a fiery, 113. Appetite, good digestion wait on,
Alps on Alps arise, 161.

Alraschid, Haroun, golden prime

cloy the hungry edge of,
of, 281.

Altars, strike for your, 286.

to breakfast, with what,
Ambition, vaulting, 46.

should be made of

grown by what it fed on,
sterner stuff, 67.

to reign is worth, 111.

colors and forms an, 233.
Amend your ways, 11.

Applaud thee to the very echo, 51.
Among them, but not of them, 261. Apple of his eye, 2.
Amorous, fond, and billing, 135. Appliances and means to boot, 57.
Angel, she drew down an, 138. Apollo's lute, musical as, 122.
-, ministering, 253.

Apollos watered, 21.
recording, 299.

Apprehension, death is most in, 31.
Angeis unawares, 24.

of the good, 54.
make the, weep, 30. April, June, and November, 303.
trumpet-tongued, 46. Arch of London bridge, 302.
are bright still, 50. Argue not against heaven, 127.
and ministers of grace, 78. though vanquished, he
face shyned bright, 95. could, 203.
till our passion dies, 106. Argues yourselves unknown, 116.
-, a thousand liveried, 122. Argument, staple of his, 35.
are painted fair to look like Ark, rolls of Noah's, 139.

Armor, his honest thought, 97.
holy, guard thy bed, 181. Arms, take your last embrace, 74.
wake thee, 189.

Army with banners, 10.
Angels' visits, short and bright, Arrows, Cupid kills with, 32.

Art, adorning thee with so much,
short and far be- 106.
tween, 173.

may err, 142.
Angel-visits, few and far between, grace beyond the reach of,

Anger of his lip, 29.

-, ease in writing comes from,
more in sorrow than in, 77. 162.
Angry, be ye, and sin not, 23.

than all the gloss of, 204.
Anguish, pain is lessened by an- is long, 287.
other's, 72.

Arts and eloquence, mother of,120.
hopeless, poured his in which the wise excel, 144.
groan, 189.

Artaxerxes' throne, 120.
Annals of the poor, 195.

Asbourne, down thy hill, roman-
Anointed, rail on the Lord's, 61.

tic, 226.
Answer, a soft, turneth away | Ashes to ashes, 13.
wrath, 7.

e'en in our, 197.
Anthem, pealing, 196.

Ashkelon, publish it not in the
Antidote, sweet oblivious, 51. streets of, 2.

you, 144.


ser, 109.

a, 32.

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[ocr errors]

Ask, and it shall be given you, 15. | Battles, fought his, o'er again, 137.
Asleep, the houses seem, 236. Battle's magnificently-stern array,
Astronomer, undevout, 178.

Ass, write me down an, 33. Battlements, bore stars, 239.
Assurance double sure, 50. Be-all, this blow might be the, 45.
Atheism, the owlet, 243.

Beards wag all, 92.
Athens, the eye of Greece, 120. Bear, like the Turk, 165.
Atlantean shoulders, 113.

Bears and lions growl, 180.
Attempt, and not the deed, con- Beaumont, lie a little nearer Spen.
founds, 47.
the end, 104.

Beauties of the North, 149.
Attendance, to dance, 64.

reveal while she hides,
Audience, and attention drew, 113. 192.

fit, though few, 118. Beautiful, and to be wooed, 59.
Auld acquaintance, 223.

as sweet, 176.
Authority, a little brief, 30. Beauty for ashes, 11.
Awake, arise, for ever fallen, 111. truly blent, 18.
Awe, in, of such a thing as 1, 65. in his life, 90.
Axe, laid to the root, 18.

draws with a single hair,

Babe, bent o'er her, 216.

smiling in her tears, 249.
Babel, stir of the great, 212.

fills the air around with,
Bachelor, when I said I would die 261.

is truth, 271.
Back, thumps upon your, 215.

lines where, lingers, 263.
- and side go bare, 304.

she walks in, 269.
Backing, a plague upon such, 55. a thing of, 271.
Bacon shined, think how, 157. Beauty's chain, to sport with, 256.
Badge of our tribe, 36.

Beaux, where none are, 191.
Balance, dust of the, 10.

Bedfellows, strange, 26.
Balances, thou art weighed in the, Bee, where sucks the, 27.

how doth the little busy, 180.
Ballad to his mistress' eyebrow, had stung it newly, 103.

Bees, innumerable, 281.
Ballad-mongers, one of these same Beer, chronicle small, 88.
metre, 56.

Beetle, that we tread upon, 31.
Ballads sung from a cart, 142. Beggar, dumb, may challenge

of a nation, make the, 297. double pity, 94.
Balloon, huge, 234.

Beggarly :iccount of empty boxes,
Bane and antidote, 150.

Bank, I know a, 34.

in the love, 69.
Banner, star-spangled, 291. Bell, silence that dreadful, 88.
Banners, an army with, 10.

sullen, sounds as a, 57.
hang out our, 52.

church-going, 214.
Banquet 's o'er, when the, 170. Belle, 't is vain to be a, 191.
Bark attendant sail, 158.

Bells jangled, out of tune, 82.
Barren, 't is all, 300.

Bent, fool me to the top of my, 84.
Battalions, not single, but in, 85. Better to have loved and lost, 280.
Battle, mighty fallen in, 2. Bezonian? under which king, 58.
not to the strong, 9.

Bigness which you see, 143.
and the breeze, 250. Billows, swelling and limitless,
perilous edge of, 111.

freedom's, once begun, Bird of the air, 12.

of dawning, 75.

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[ocr errors]

Bird that shunn'st the noise of | Bond, 't is not in the, 38.
folly, 124.

Bondman, who would be


Birth is but a sleep, 238.

Bondsmen hereditary, 260.
Biscuit, the remainder, 322. Bone and Skin, two millers thin,
Bitterness of things, 238.

Black spirits and white, 49. Bones, full of dead men's, 17.

to red began to turn, 133. Bononcini, compared to, 171.
Blackberries, it reasons were as Booby, who'd give her for an-
plenty as, 55.

other, 170.
Blackbird to whistle, 130.

Book, that mine adversary had
Bladder, blows a man up like a, 55. written a, 4.
Blessed, more, to give, 20.

→ your face is as a, 45.
Blessings wait on virtuous deeds, as good kill a man as a, 128.

is the precious life blood, 129.
and eternal praise, 237. sighed to think I read a, 238.

brighten as they take of nature, short of leaves,
their flight, 176.

on him who invented 's a book, 268.
sleep, 295.

Books, making of, no end, 10.
Blest, man never is, but always to in the running brooks, 59.
be, 154.

wiser grow without his,
Blind, eyes to the, 4.

if the blind lead the, 16.

cannot always please, 220.
Bliss gained by every woe, 191.

quit your, 236.
virtue makes the, 199.

which are no, 248.
domestic happiness, thou some to be tasted, 296.
only, 212

Bores and bored, 270.
winged hours of, 249. Born, better to be lowly, 62.
Blockhead, the bookful, 162. Borrower nor lender be, 71.
Blood, whoso sheddeth man's, 1. Bosom, cleanse the stuffed, 51.

hot and rebellious liquors 's lord sits lightly, 74.

of his Father and his God,
pure and eloquent, 97.

felt in the, 233.

Boston, solid men of, 218.
of the martyrs, 306.

Botanize upon his mother's grave,
Blot, which dying he could wish 237.
to, 191.

Boughs are daily rifled, 274.
Blow, might be the be-all, 45. Bounds of modesty, 74.

every hand that dealt the, Bounty, large was his, 197.

Bourbon or Nassau, 147.
themselves must strike the, Bourne, no traveller returns, 81.

Bow, two strings to his, 135.
Blunder, frae mony a, 222. Bowl, mingles with my friendly,

worse than a crime, 309. 165.
Blush of maiden shame, 284. Boxes, a beggarly account of, 74.
Boast, the patriot's, 201.

Boy, once more who would not be
Boatman, take thrice thy fee, 291.
Boats, little, should keep near Braggart, with my tongue, 51.
shore, 298.

Brain, raze out the written troub-
Body, absent in, 21.

les of the, 51.
form doth take, 96.

, very coinage of your, 84.
would almost say her, Brains, steal away their, 88.
thought, 97.

Brass, sounding, 22.
Bond, nominated in the, 38.

evil manners live in, 64.

in my,

a, 259.

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Brave, how sleep the, 198. Cæsar, tongue in every wound of,
-, on, ye, 250.

home of the, 291.

with a senate at his heels,
Breach, once more to the, 59.

more honored in the, 78.

dead and turned to clay, 86.
imminent deadly, 87. Cain the first city made, 107.
Bread upon the waters, 9.

Cage, nor iron bars a, 105.
Breakfast with what appetite, 63.

Cake is dough, 42.
Breast, light within his own clear, Cakes and ale, 29.

Caledonia, stern and wild, 252.
eternal in the human, 154. Calf's-skin those recreant
Breastplate, what stronger, 60.

limbs, 53.
Breath can make them, 202. Calumny, thou shalt not escape,

weary of, 274.
Breathes there the man with soul Cambyses' vein, 56.
so dead, 252.

Camel, swallow a, 17.
Brethren, pleasant to dwell to- through the eye of a needle,
gether, 6.

Brevity is the soul of wit, 79. Can such things be, 49.
Bribe, too poor for a, 197.

Candle throws his beam, 38.
Bridge of Sighs, 261.

-, out, brief, 52.
Briers, this working-day world is

fit to hold a, 171.
full of, 39.

hold, to the sun, 179.
Brightest and best of the sons of Canon against self-slaughter, 76.
the morning, 257.

Canopied by the blue sky, 267.
Bringer of unwelcome news, 57. Captain ill, 91.
Britannia rules the waves, 185. Captive good, 91.

needs no bulwarks, 250. Carcass is, there will the eagles be,
Britons never will be slaves, 185. 17.
Brook, noise like a hidden, 242. Card, we must speak by the, 85.
Brooks, books in the running, 39. Cards, old age of, 159.
Brotherhood, monastic, 239. Care adds a nail to our coffin, 216.
Brow, when pain and anguish knits


the ravelled sleave
wring the, 253.

of, 47.
Bruised reed, 10.

is an enemy to life, 28.
Brutus is an honorable man, 67. Cares fret thy soul with, 96.
Bubbles, the earth hath, 44.

beguiled by sports, 201.
Bucket, as a drop of a, 10.

nobler loves and nobler,
the old oaken, 259.

Buckets into empty wells, 212. dividing, 276.
Bucks had dinedi, 208.

Cart, now traversed the, 147.
Bug, snug as a, 298.

Casca, the envious, 67.
Build, he lives to, 181.

Cassius, darest thou leap, 65.
Burden, the grasshopper a, 9. Cast, set my life upon a, 62.
bear his own, 23.

Cat in the adage, 46.
Burning, one fire burns out an- will mew, 86.
other's, 72.

endow a college or a, 160.
Bush, good wine needs no, 42. Cataract, the sounding, 233.

the thief doth fear each, 60. Cataracts, silent, 244.
Butterfly upon a wheel, 165. Cathay, cycle of, 279.

Cato, big with the fate of, 149.
Cabined, cribbed, confined, 48. Caucasus, thinking on the frosty,
Cæsar, not that I loved, less, 67. 54.
hath wept, 67.

Cause, hear me for my,


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