Secular Buildings in the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem: An Archaeological Gazetteer

Cambridge University Press, 11 dec. 1997 - 159 pagina's
This book contains a descriptive gazetteer of all the secular buildings (including industrial sites) known by their surviving remains to have existed within the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. The site descriptions take the form of brief notes with full bibliographical references and location maps, accompanied in most cases by photographs and drawings. The gazetteer is preceded by an introduction that analyzes the range of building types to be found in the Crusader Kingdom, and is followed by a supplementary gazetteer listing other sites as "possibles", "rejects", or "don't knows".

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Pagina 138 - Rapport sur une mission scientifique accomplie en 1864-1865 dans le nord de la Syrie. Archives des missions scientifiques et littéraires, 2nd series, 3: 329-73.
Pagina 139 - The Ayyubid Walls of Jerusalem. A New Inscription from the Time of alMu'azzam 'Isa'", in Studies in Memory of Gaston Wiet, Myriam Rosen-Ayalon (ed.), Jerusalem, 1977, pp.

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