The History of Ethiopia

Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007 - 219 pagina's

This engaging and informative historical narrative provides an excellent introduction to the history of Ethiopia from the classical era through the modern age. The acute historical analysis contained in this volume allows readers to critically interrogate shifting global power configurations from the late nineteenth century to the twentieth century, and the related implications in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region. Adejumobi identifies a second wave of globalization, beginning in the nineteenth century, which laid the foundation for a highly textured Ethiopian Afromodern twentieth century. The book explores Ethiopia's efforts at charting an independent course in the face of imperialism, World War II, the Cold War and international economic reforms with a focus on the gap between the state's modernization reforms and the citizenry's aspirations of modernity. The book focuses on Ethiopians' efforts to balance challenges related to social, political and economic reforms with a renaissance in the arts, theater, Orthodox Coptic Christianity, Islam and ancient ethnic identities.

The History of Ethiopia paints a vivid picture of a dynamic and compelling country and region for students, scholars, and general readers seeking to grasp twenty-first century global relations. The work also provides a timeline of events in Ethiopian history, brief biographies of key figures, and a bibliographic essay.


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2 Globalization and Modernization to Late Nineteenth Century
Political Expansion and Social Reform in Local and Global Contexts 18841935
Reconstruction and Other Contradictions 19351960
5 Conservatives and Liberal Reforms 19601974
Engaging Local and Global Orthodoxies and the Price of Revolution 19741991
Ethiopia at Home and Abroad Since 1991
Notable People in the History of Ethiopia
Selected Bibliography

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Over de auteur (2007)

Saheed A. Adejumobi is Assistant Professor of History with the Global African Studies Program and Department of History at Seattle University. He has written widely on African and African Diaspora intellectual and cultural history and traditions.

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