General Revenue Revision: Hearings Before the Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives, Eighty-third Congress, First Session, on Forty Topics Pertaining to the General Revision of the Internal Revenue Code, Partie 4

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1953 - 2950 pages
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Page 2430 - ... suitable for use on or in connection with, or as component parts of...
Page 2392 - The products of the territory of any contracting party imported into the territory of any other contracting party shall be accorded treatment no less favorable than that accorded to like products of national origin in respect of all laws, regulations and requirements affecting their internal sale, offering for sale, purchase, transportation, distribution or use.
Page 2410 - Congress to provide for fair and impartial regulation of all modes of transportation subject to the provisions of this Act, so administered as to recognize and preserve the Inherent advantages of each; to promote safe, adequate, economical, and efficient service and foster sound economic conditions in transportation and among the several carriers...
Page 2753 - For purposes of this subsection, the term "northern portion of the Western Hemisphere" means the area lying west of the 30th meridian west of Greenwich, east of the international dateline, and north of the Equator, but not including any country of South America.
Page 2511 - ... by the operation of which a person may become entitled to receive, as the result of the application of an element of chance, any money or property...
Page 2269 - Act to aid them in acquiring, constructing, or maintaining facilities and equipment for such purposes, and in such a manner, as to encourage the employment of labor and to foster the preservation and development of a national transportation system adequate to meet the needs of the commerce of the United States, of the postal service, and of the national defense. "Definitions ' ' SEC. 502. For the purposes of this part — " (a) The term 'Commission' means the Interstate Commerce Commission.
Page 2430 - There is hereby imposed upon the following articles (including in each case parts or accessories therefor sold on or in connection therewith or with the sale thereof) sold by the manufacturer, producer, or importer a tax equivalent to the specified percent of the price for which so sold: (1) Articles taxable at 10 percent, except that on and after October 1, 1972, the rate shall be 5 percent — Automobile truck chassis.
Page 2586 - Upon all perfumes, essences, extracts, toilet waters, cosmetics, petroleum jellies, hair oils, pomades, hair dressings, hair restoratives, hair dyes, tooth and mouth washes...
Page 2759 - Embassy presents its compliments to the Department of State and has the honor to refer to the Embassy's aide memoire, dated July 6, 1965.
Page 2509 - No doubt etymologically it is possible to use the word to signify a conveyance working on land, water or air, and sometimes legislation extends the use in that direction, eg, land and air, water being separately provided for, in the Tariff Act, September 22, 1922, c. 356, § 401 (b), 42 Stat. 858, 948. But in everyday speech 'vehicle' calls up the picture of a thing moving on land.

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