The Poetical Works of John Scott Esq

J. Buckland, 1786 - 343 pagina's
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Pagina 47 - Enough has Heaven indulg'd of joy below, To tempt our tarriance in this lov'd retreat: Enough has Heaven ordain'd of useful woe, T]o make us languish for a happier seat.
Pagina 340 - And still new beauties meet his lonely walk, And loves unfelt attract him. Not a breeze Flies o'er the meadow, not a cloud imbibes The setting sun's effulgence, not a strain From all the tenants of the warbling shade Ascends, but whence his bosom can partake Fresh pleasure, unreproved.
Pagina 30 - For them ev'n vernal nature looks more gay, For them more lively hues the fields adorn; To them more fair the fairest smile of day, To them more sweet the sweetest breath of morn. They feel the bliss that hope and faith supply; They pass serene th...
Pagina 236 - Fancy form'd, whose plastic skill The page with fabled change can fill Of ill to good, or good to ill. But can my soul the scene enjoy, That rends another's breast with pain ? O hapless he, who, near the main, Now sees its billowy rage destroy!
Pagina 55 - Ah, sad, sad change ! (sad source of daily pain!) That sense of loss ineffable renews ; While my rack'd bosom heaves the sigh in vain, ' While my pale cheek the tear in vain bedews. Still o'er the grave that holds...
Pagina 253 - Vain their rites and vain their prayer, Weak attempts beneath your care ; Warriors ! let the wretches live ! Christians ! pity, and forgive !' Sudden darkness o'er them spread, Glow'd the woods with dusky red ; Vast the Idol's stature grew, Look'd his face of ghastly hue, Frowning rage, and frowning hate, Angry at his nation's fate ; Fierce his fiery eyes he roll'd, Thus his tongue the future told ; Cortes...
Pagina 27 - While genial funs to genial fhow'rs fucceed, (The air all mildnefs, and the earth all bloom ;) While herds and flocks range fportive o'er the mead, . Crop the fweet herb, and fnuff the rich perfume. O why alone to haplefs man deny'd, To tafte the blifs inferior beings boaft...
Pagina 26 - The fmile of beauty, and the voice of fong ; If gloomy thought the human mind o'erpow'r, Ev'n vernal hours glide unenjoy'd along.
Pagina 109 - SECOND: When thy light land on scorching gravel lies, And to the springing blade support denies; Fix on the wintry tilth the frequent fold, And mend with cooling marl or untried mould. THIRD: If thy strong loam superfluous wet retain, Lead through thy fields the subterraneous drain, And o'er the surface mellowing stores expand Of fiery lime or incoherent sand.
Pagina 140 - Money in this current came but by drops ; it could not quench the thirst of those who waited in India to receive it. An expedient, such as it was, remained to quicken its pace. The natives could live with little salt, but could not want food. Some of the agents saw themselves well situated for collecting the rice into stores ; they did so. They knew the Gentoos would...

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