and lastly, after that slashing rally between the two trainer Johns, Mr. Fitzwilliam got the yearling this summer for 550 gs. An immense amount would have been won by Mr. Sutton and his party, if they had not got rather frightened by Prince's assurance, after the Select Stakes, where, receiving 7lb., she made a race of it with Sunbeam, that his mare was a little off. There is a rumour that Mr. Sutton only wins one bet of 5000 to 100, which he took at Doncaster; and that "a captain bold" goes 'in for £1000. Mr. Sutton gave Dover £500, and the jockey £300, but he could hardly have accompanied the gift to the latter, after his Jockey Club suspension, with-" You-ride-I-see," as sundry wags aver. They began to nibble at Doncaster, and got her to 16 to 1; but 30 to 1 was the current offer, and a few very lucky ones got on. Count Batthyany was sadly disappointed, as he had backed his horse to win him a good stake; and so had Mr. Padwick. Mr. Sutton's luck is a good omen for the Turf, as he has never grudged rare prices for his horses; and he deserved a pull, to counteract Black Tommy and Cockatoo. Malacca showed nowhere. Two people would ride beside him on horseback down the town on Sunday, as he came back to his stable, and frightened him so much that he started off, flung his lad as he tried to turn towards the railway, and gave him a blow on the head enough to kill any man in high florid condition, and galloped on by himself. Whether this affected his chance, it is not for us to say.

Poor Robert Ridsdale, the whilom partner with Gully in the great Red Rover and Margrave pots, the owner of Bloomsbury and of some of the best blood stock of the day, at his York paddocks, and one of the finest riders that ever went to hounds, died in his lodgings at Newmarket on Sunday night. Luck had long since deserted him; and if a well-known jockey, his old stud-groom, and one of the great book-makers, who is deaf to no call of charity, had not got up a subscription for him, he could hardly have raised the wherewithal to leave Doncaster ! "So runs the world away!"

Védette's break-down occurred while he was in training for some of the Caledonian Queen's Plates; and although his sheets are not taken off yet,, it is generally considered to be a hopeless case, and that he will add another to the now brilliant list of young stallions. Lord Londesboro' has been nibbling at him, but it is rumoured that he would not give the price, which is between three and four thousand, and that he will most probably not be parted with. Beaten off in his maiden race, he convinced Job Marson, who won the last race on him that he ever rode in his life, that he was something very superior, and he mentioned his fears in the evening, to a friend in Newmarket, that he would not be able to ride him for the Two Thousand, but be claimed for "that long-legged beast Loyola." When notoriously amiss, he was beaten once by Odd Trick for the Port; but two Doncaster Cups, a Two Thousand, an Ebor Handicap, a Fitzwilliam Stakes, the Great Yorkshire Stakes, and the Ebor St. Leger were the other inscriptions on his Aske escutcheon. To sum up, in spite of his "gout," as it was called, he only lost two out of ten races; and earned, in addition to his two silver trophies, some £5,235. The Earl bought him in his "West Hartlepool" days for £200, and half the first stake he won


she was

of £200 ; and as that was the Bedford Stakes, he cost £300. The Cure does not leave Owmby for Hampton Court till Christmas, and we are told that £600 for the first season, and £400 for the second, if they choose to keep him, is the price agreed on. His son, the lengthy level Lambton, stays on there, and is a great favourite with the Lincolnshire breeders, and so we opine Colsterdale will be, when he gets into condition. Mr. Ashton has rescued him, as he did the two others, from a rather serf-like state in Scotland, which never seems to know when it has a good horse. However, as Captain Barclay said of “ The Chicken," in his sonorous tones, “When I first saw him I thought we were done ; but I put him on a good tap of porter, and he improved wonderfully :” so we may predict of Colsterdale, that he will look a very different horse when the Owmby oats, have told their “Winter's Tale.” There is a great deal of liberty about him which takes our fancy; but his character is principally derived from his thighs and quarters. Shafto is his living image, and strikes us as a horse who will stay well next year. Crucifix's chances of having another foal are so hopeless, and she has wasted so much in her flesh of late, that we believe she is very shortly to be destroyed. Chalice's first foal is a filly, with a very peculiarly indented knee-joint; but she is barren this year, å misfortune which has befallen one or two more of Lord Clifden's Danebury mares, which consist, in addition to the old mare and her daughter, of Rosary, Slander, Simony, and Homily. Melissa did not cast a foal. She was in season at Bath, and came from thence to Pelion ; but it went off on the road, and

never covered. Nettle was brought to the hammer with the remainder of Mr. Popham's mares, and was bought in for 300 gs., being

less than she was originally bought for. Like all the mares, bar Arta, she was this season covered by Wild Dayrell, who has got a colt called The Sun, or Moon, we forget which, out of Andover's dam. Anton has been cut, and gone home for a hack, and the only object in taking him to Goodwood was to give battle to Blink Bonny, in case she came out alone for the 300 sovs. stake. We hear that this once great mare is in a wretched state, and in fact, in a complete atrophy.

The season virtually ends without one Derby favourite being higher than 15 to 1, and we doubt if there ever were so many respectable mediocrities. Taking 12 to 1 about Promised Land (who never will stay a mile), must be mere“ kid.” Cavendish, Gracchus (who has suffered sorely at the hands of Mountain Deer's stock in Ireland). Merryman, Musjid, Schuloff, Gamester, and Electric are about the only ones out of the 248 which can be talked of at present. If John Scott's notion about his twoyear-olds is right, we believe that King of Algiers, by Cossack out of Wasp, is decidedly his favourite, and that he has carefully kept him dark all this season; at least so it was whispered to us in the Grand Stand at Doncaster, on authority which is not likely to be far out.

Electric is a promising horse, but we hear that some trainers take exception to his ankles. Marionette has become a very different horse since he ran at Ascot; where he was “a moderate fourth”; and layers would do well not to be free with him. It is long since this stable had a turn, and we trust it may come now.

And now that the Houghton is over, we fairly open our “winter session" with the



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The Master, Wm. Dickens, k. h., Witherley, Atherstone. (W. S. Lowndes,

Stephen Dickens, Esq.),

Thomas Dickens, Albrighton

The Master, Sam Bacon, k. h., Whiston Cross, Shiffnal, (0. Stubbs, Esq.),

Joe Rudd

Salop. Badsworth Edward Owen, Joseph Outhwaite, Badsworth, near Ponte(Lord Hawke),

William Neil,

fract. Hon. A. F. Bam- The Master, John Evans, k. h., Poltimore, near Exeter, fylde's

John Tubb, Duke of Beaufort's Thomas Clark, William Walker, Badminton, Chippenham.

Richard Christian,

John West, Bedale

Joseph Mason, Stephen Shepherd, Thorpe Perrow, Bedale, (Hon.E.Duncombe),

Thomas Sanders, Berkeley

Henry Ayris, Henry Ayris, jun., Berkeley. (Sir Maurice Berke

Edward Edwards, ley, Bart.), South Berks George Whitemore, John King, World's End, Reading. (G. H. Montague,

Alfred Thatcher,
Old Berkshire

John Dale, William Maiden, Oakley House, (C. P. Duffield, Esq.),

William Lockie, Abingdon. Bicester

Benjamin Goddard, Robert Worrall, Stratton Audley,Bicester, (T. T. Drake, Esq.).

John Bachelor, Oxon. Bramham Moor Charles Treadwell, Edward Johnston, Bramham Park, (G. L. Fox, Esq.),

Jem Hugill,

Tadcaster. Brocklesby

Thos. Smith, William Bolton, Brocklesby, near Ulceby. (Earl of Yarborough)

Thomas Day, Burton

Richard Burton, Thos. Powell, Reepham, near Lincoln. (Lord H, Bentinck),

Henry Sebright,

James Dent, Cambridgeshire John Press, George Jones, Stratton Park, Biggles(C. Barnett, Esq.),

wade, Beds. Cheltenham & Cots-Charles Turner, Charles Pike, Cheltenham, wold

William Rogers, (C. Colmore, Esq.).!










David Edwards, Thomas Rance, Forest Kennels, (Earl of Grosvenor),

John Hollings,

North wich. Crawley & Horsbam Oswald Lister, James Langley,

Crawley, Sussex (E. Stanford, Esq.), Lord Dacre's, Charles Ward, Reuben Scrivener, The Hoo, near Welwyn.

William Boxall, Herts. Mr. H. W. Deacon's, The Master, Mr. J. P. Deacon, Holwell, Tavistock, DeNorth Devon Sub- John Bowden, William Carapbells, Petrockstow, Hainton.

scription (J.C.M.Stevens,Esq) East Dorset John Dinuicombe, James Roffey, Bıyanston, Blandford, (Lord Portman),

Henry Harris, Dorset. Durham County

Thomas Harrison, William Snaith, Hardwick, near Sedge(Major Johnson),

field. The Eggestord, John Dunn,

Charles Littleworth, Eggesford House, N, (Lord Portsmouth's)

Devon. South Essex Abraham Cawston James Bailey, Mucking Horndon, Es, (A. Z. Button, Esq.),

James Davis,

sex. Essex and Suffolk William Burton,

Joe Burton, Little Bromley, Man. (Captain White),

ningtree, Essex. Essex

Charles Barwick, Tom Wilson, Harlow, Essex. (Rev. Mr. Ark

Edward Mills, wright), Mr. Garth's, Robert Tocock, Thomas Sweetman, Haine's Hill, Reading.

Henry Tocock, Grove

William Merry, Thomas Treadwell, Grove Kennels, East Ret. (Lord Galway),

George Whitemore, ford, Notte. Hambledon Thomas Hills,

Alfred Munns, Droxford Kennels, Bis(W.J, Long, Esq.),

hop's Waltham, Hants. H. H.

Henry Nason, William Fisher, Ropley, Dear Alrestord, (E. Tredcroft, Esq.),

Chas. Brackley, Hants. Herefordshire George Hills,

Joe Ford,

White Cross, Hereford. (Sir Velters Cornwall,

Will Cross,
Bart. and J. H.
Arkwright, Esq.),
Jem Hills,

Thomas Hills, Chipping Norton. (Lord Redesdale and

Henry Bartlett,
H. Hall, Esq.),
Mr. Hill's
The Master, S. Roberts, k. h. Thornton, Pickering.

Richard Boulton,

William Summers, George Summers, Crawley, near Winches. (J. Tregonwell Esq.),

ter, Hants. Hurworth William Danby

George Dodds, Neasham Abbey, Dar(T. Wilkinson Esq.),

lington. Mr. M. Ingiam's, Thos. Leedham,

John Leedham, Hoar Cross, Rugeley.

Thomas Leedham, West Kent Humphrey Pearce, Robert Jennings, Southfleet, Gravesend. (W. Armstrong,

William Darnell,
The East Kent The Master,

T. Duncombe, k, h., Underhill, Hythe.
(F. Brockman, Esg),
William Drayton,

James Babidge, Ledbury (T. C. Thackwell,

Mr. W. Lawson's, The Master, Thos. Johnson, k. h., Brayton, Carlisle.
The Earl of Lons- James Morgan,

Goddard Morgan, Grove, Tring, Herts. dale's,

William Ball, Ludlow

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Lord Middleton's, Ben Morgan,

Sam Powell, Birdsall, near Malton.

George Orveys, Milton

Thomas Sebright, George Carter, Milton, Peterborough. (Hon. G. W. Fitz

George Castleman, william,





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Monmonthshire John Richards,

Isaac Ryan,

Brynderwen, near Usk. (W. R. Stretton,

Esq.), Morpeth

Martin Care, Mark Robinson, Newminster Abbey, (J. Cookson, Esq.),

Morpeth. New Forest William Hawtin, Job Dyer,

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John Atkinson, John Mason, Gunton Park East Dere(Lord Suffield),

John Long:

ham. The Oakley The Master, Frank Goodall, k. h. Milton Earnest, Bed(R. W. Arkwright,

Jos. Cockayne, ford,
South Oxfordshire The Master, T. Dowdeswell, k.h, Tetsworth, Oson.
(Earl of Maccles-

John Firr,
The Puckeridge Joseph Orbell,

Alfred Hedges, Albury, Ware, Herts. (J.Parry, Esq.),

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Charles Payne,

John Woodcock, Brixworth, Northamp(Hon. F. Villiers,

John Fox,
Hon. C. H. Cust),
The Quorn

John Treadwell, Dan, Berkshire, Quorndon, near Lough(Earl of Stamford

George Pickard, borough. and Warrington), Raby

George Cox, Thomas Morgan, Raby Castle, Darlington. (D. of Cleveland's),

John Woodley,
Mr. C.J. Radclyffe's, The Master, George Kennett, k.h. Hyde, Blandford, Dorset.

John Bailey,
Hugh Jones,

John Roberts, Rhûg, near Corwen, Me(Sir R. W. Vaugh

Edward Jones, rionethshire.
an, Bart.),
The Master,

John Daris, k. h., Rufford Abbey, Ollerton. (Capt. P. Williams),

Charles Amblin. Duke of Rutland's, Wm. Goodall, George Shepherd, Belvoir, near Grantham,

James Cooper,

Lincolnshire. Shropshire The Master,

Zach. Boxall, k. h., Oxon, near Shrewsbury. (C. J. Morris, Esq.),

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Kilve Court, near (Col. Luttrell),

Bridgwater. South Down George Champion, Frederick Perceval, Ringmer, near Lewes, (A. Donovan, Esq.), Suffolk Sam Hibbs,

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St. Edmunds. The Sinnington John Parker, Henry Spensley, Kirby Moor-side, York. (E.S. Wormald, Esq.,

President), (T. Isherwood, Esq., Field-master), North Staffordshire Joseph Maiden, Thomas Atkinson, Wolstanton, near New(W.Davenport, Esq.,)

George Boxall, castle-under-Lyne. Lord Southampton's George Beers,

Charles Roberts, Whittlebury, near Tor-
Thomas Carr,

cester. South Wold John Morgan, Harry Tomlin, Belsford, Horncastle, (A Committee),

Charles Neal, Lincolnshire. Old Surrey Thomas Hills, Samuel Hills, Garston Hall, Coulsdon, (T. Hood, Esq.),

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Green, Surrey Union. Philip Tocock,

James Maiden, Fetcham, Leatherhead, (Capt.F.B.Hankey,

Mr.W.W.Tailby's Jobn Goddard, William Hickman, Billesdon, near Leicester.

Thomas Goddard
Tidworth Park
George Carter,

John Freiker, Tidworth, near Marlbo. (A Committee,J.H.

William Brice,

rough, Wilts. Brewer, Esq., Sec.),

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