Brown Yearling Colt, by Surplus out of Lady Milton (Mr. Nelson)
Turn of Luck, b. c., by Turnus out of Georgiana (Mr. Capel)...
Madge Gordon, b. f., by Barnton out of Northern Maid.

On Thursday, Sept. 16:

Zingari, br. f., by Voltigeur out of Travestie (Mr. Newman)


Grand Master, br. c., by Voltigeur out of The Gem, by Touchstone (Mr. John Scott)


[blocks in formation]

.... 165

Plunderer, b. c., by The Cossack out of Soothsayer's dam (Mr. Barrett) 235
Sicilia, b. f., by Andover out of Mincemeat's dam (Mr. Phillpott).
Volga, b. f., by Voltigeur, dam by Hetman Platoff out of Sister to Lanercost 125
Troy, b. f., by The Cossack out of Troica (Mr. Nelson)....

Circassian, br. f., by The Cossack out of Sweetpea (Mr. T. Dawson)

Opera Dancer, b. f., by The Cossack out of Fandango (Volta's dam)
Codicil, br. f., by The Cossack out of Testatrix (Mr. Howard)
Interest, ch. f., by The Cossack out of Dividend (Mr. Dent)
Buttercup, ch. f., by The Cossack out of Lady of Lyons (Mr. Robinson)
Bay Colt, by Stockwell out of Terrona, by Touchstone (Mr. Merry)
Bay Colt (brother to Cedric and Rotherham), by Touchstone out of Rowena
(Baron Rothschild)..








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Chesnut Colt, by Stockwell out of Jennala (Mr. Nelson)
Roan Colt, by Annandale out of Diphthong, by Emilius (Mr. Ingham)...... 100
Brown Colt (brother to Marionette), by Touchstone out of Marion (Mr. Saxon) 100
Bay Filly, by Stockwell out of Selina (Mr. Lowe)

Black Colt (brother to Dramatist), by Annandale out of Epilogue (Mr. C.

Brown or Bay Filly, by Annandale or Launcelot out of Extravaganza (Mr. J.


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Chesnut Filly, by Stockwell out of Rosalie (Mr. Thornhill)
Brown Filly, by Annandale out of Calista (Mr. Routh)
Bay Filly, by Touchstone out of Fair Jean (Mr. Harrison)
Brown Filly, by Annandale out of Margery (Mr. Jones)
Bay Filly, by Launcelot out of Rage (Mr. Jones) ..
Bay Filly, by Annandale out of Executrix (Mr. Watson)
Bay Colt, by Stockwell out of Jane (Mr. Abel)...
Brown Filly, by Annandale out of Young Catherina (Mr. Smith)
Bay Filly, by Annandale out of Lady Fanny (Mr. Jones)..
Brown Filly, by Annandale out of Betty Humphries (Mr. S. Day)

On Friday, Sept. 17:

Coquette (foaled 1849), by Launcelot out of Abaft; served by Sweetmeat (with a colt foal by Sweetmeat) (Mr. Weatherby)

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Filly, 3 yrs., by The Cossack out of Coquette, by Launcelot (Mr. Stevens)
Margaret of Anjou (foaled 1850), by Touchstone out of Margaret; served by
Sweetmeat (with a colt foal by Sweetmeat) (Mr. Newton)

Flirt (foaled 1847) by Melbourne out of Abaft; served by Sweetmeat (with a
colt foal by Idle Boy) (Mr. Windsor)

[blocks in formation]

Filly, 2 yrs., by Burgundy out of Flirt, by Melbourne (Mr. Bridge)
Restless (foaled 1854). by Burgundy out of Maid of Newton; served by
Weatherbit (Mr. Holmes)

[blocks in formation]

Camphine, by The Provost; served by The Cure (Mr. W. Robinson)...
Filly Foal, by The Cure out of Camphine (Mr. W. Robinson)...


The Four-leaved Shamrock, ch. c., 2 yrs., by Daniel O'Rourke out of Streat-
lam Fairy (Mr. Smith)

Streatlam Fairy (foaled 1853), by Epirus out of The Flapper; served by Daniel

Colonist, 4 yrs., by Melbourne out of Forget-me-Not

The Digger's Daughter, b. f., 3 yrs., by Melbourne out of Forget-me-Not (Sir
G. Strickland).


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Predictor, yearling colt, by Augur out of Laira (the dam of Calamus) (Mr.

Poll Maggot (the dam of Merlin, &c.), by Voltaire, dam by Whisker, with a colt foal by Stockwell, and a yearling filly by The Flying Dutchman (M.. J. Dawson)



...... 150


A Yearling Colt, by Newminster out of Consternation (Mr. John Day)...... 40
Fairystone (foaled 1854), by Touchstone out of Titania; served by Idle Boy
(Mr. Jaques)
Mrs. Humby (foaled 1851), by Napier, dam by St. Nicholas; served by
Weatherbit (Colonel Archdall)




Bassishaw (foaled 1847), by The Prime Warden out of Miss Whinney; served
by Hospodar and Chanticleer (Mr. Halford)
Aspasia, 4 yrs., by Pyrrhus the First out of Bohemienne, &c., served by
Kingston (Mr. Holmes).......




Brother to Wentworth, a yearling colt, by Bay Middleton out of Dart (Mr.

On Saturday, September 18 :



...... 100

A Chesnut Filly, by West Australian out of Caricature (Mr. J. Fisher)
A Bay Filly, by Stockwell out of Meeanee, by Touchstone (Mr. E. R. Clark).. 150
Stockade, a Bay Filly, by Stockwell out of Sortie, by Melbourne (Mr. Stanhope


Tom Bowline, a Brown Colt, by the Flying Dutchman out of Miss Bowe (Longbow's dam) (Lord Glasgow)


A Bay Colt, by West Australian out of Tour de Force (Acrobat's dam) (Mr. J.



A Chesnut Colt, 2 years, bv Teddington out of Young Thalia, by Gameboy; no engagement (Mr. J. Fisher)


A Brown Colt, 2 years, by the Flying Dutchman out of Meeanee; engaged in
the Newmarket Triennial 1858-59-60 (Mr. J. H. Peart)
Mutineer, a Bay Colt, 2 years, by Slane out of the Ranee; engaged in a Sweep-
stake at Newmarket Craven Meeting, 1859; in the Epsom Derby; and
Bickerstaffe Stakes at Liverpool (Mr. Hodgman)

[blocks in formation]

Target, 3 years, by Joe Lovell out of Miss Bowe; no engagement (is in a Post
Match with Lord Glasgow, but not liable) (Mr. Saxon)
Antiquary, 3 years, by Mildew out of Days of Yore, by Old England; no en-
gagement (Mr. J. H. Peart)



Athlete, a Bay Gelding, 4 years, by Pyrrhus the First out of Tour de Force (Mr.
T. Mason)


Coup de Main, 3 years, by Iago out of Tour de Force (Acrobat's dam) (Mr. J.
H. Peart)


Toxophilite was bought in at 2,500 gs., De Clare at 800 gs., Fazzoletto at 1,500 gs., and some others at lower prices.

Mr. Holland has become the owner of Fisherman, at, is it said, 2,000 gs. The horse still remains with Mr. Parr. Mr. Ten Broeck has purchased Eclipse of Mr. Howard; Mr. Trotter, Rita of Lord Zetland; and Mr. R. Sutton, Green Jacket, for 600 gs.

We have to record the death of Mr. R. E. Cooper, well known as the owner of Autocrat, and some other horses. Mr. Cooper, who of late has always had a few in work, was quite a young man,

At Monmouth last week, a three-year-old filly, Chanoinesse, fell and broke her neck, in running the third heat for the Chippenham HandiShe had run a dead-heat for the first, and got second place in the


next by a head only. Her jockey, Bray, was seriously injured. It took four heats, of a mile and a-half each, to decide this affair. The meeting is under the especial patronage of the Duke of Beaufort, and the filly was the property of Lord Clifden, both leading members of the Jockey Club. Can they becomingly countenance sport of this character ?

The St. Leger settling has gone off easily. Had either of the others placed won, it would have been far more serious. Between two stools Mr. Merry came down very softly, and for so hearty a supporter of his horses seldom stood so little on his winner for a great race. The Derby betting has been only occasional, and The Promised Land the only horse that at present has really "a position" in it. His brother, though but " a miler," is in some request for the Cesarewitch, for which we have epitomised the chief business since the appearance of the acceptances. The Argosy's running accounts for the prominence of the English Rose, while Prioress, Underhand, Roman Candle, and other leading favourites in either handicap, speak for themselves.

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CESAREWITCH STAKES (run October 12).-12 to 1 against English Rose, 3 yrs., 5st. 13lb.; 14 to 2 against Prioress, 5 yrs., 7st. 9lb.; 100 to 7 against Happy Land, 3 yrs., 6st. 7lb.; 15 to 1 against The Roman Candle, 4 yrs., Sat. 3ib.; 100 to 6 each against Underhand, 4 yrs., 8st. 21b., and Rocket, 3 yrs., 6st. 4lb.; 25 to 1 each against Black Tommy, 4 yrs., 8st. 3lb., and Fadladeen, 3 yrs., 6st. 10lb.; 30 to 1 against The Grand Secret, 3 yrs., 5st. 181b.; 40 to 1 each against Queen Bess, 4 yrs., 5st. 2lb., and Riseber, 4 yrs., 8st. llb.; and 50 to 1 against Eclipse, 3 yrs., 7st. 5lb.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE STAKES (ran October 26).-100 to 8 against Blanche of Middlebie, 3 yrs., 6st. 91b.; 14 to 1 against Ignoramus, 4 yrs., 8st. 11lb.; 100 to 6 against The Ancient Briton, 3 yrs., 6st. 4lb.; 25 to 1 against The Happy Land, 3 yrs., 7st. 5lb.; 45 to 1 against Glenmasson, 4 yrs., 8st.; and 50 to 1 against the Physalis colt, 4 yrs., 6st. 131b,


THE ARCHERY proposition is too late in the season.

A MAN-OF-WAR'S MAN.-We fear that the above answer must apply in your case.

"NOVEMBER" (Galway).-Declined with thanks,

[blocks in formation]

Twenty-third Sun. after Trin.

8 M Bettisfield Coursing Meeting. 9T Liverpool Races.

10 W Altear Coursing Meeting.

11 T Cowbridge S. C., Armagh S. C. 12 F Windsor Grand Military S. C. 13 S


SETS afternoon.

s 4 23 1 4 6 2 6
r 7 6 2 4 34 2 42
s 4 20 35

s 4 3026

3 6

1 41 No tide

r 6 5927

4 23

0 5 0 29

s 4 27 28

5 42

0 51 1 12

r 7 3N

1 29 1 49

2 25

2 59

14 3 18

3 32

[blocks in formation]

Twenty-fourth Sun. after Trin.s 4 11 9 Morning.
r 7 2010 O

15 M Wrexham Races. 16 T Shrewsbury Races.

17 W Shrewsbury Steeple Chases. 18 T Ellesmere Coursing Meeting. 19 F Longner Coursing Meeting. 20 S

7 18 7 54 18 36 9 13

[blocks in formation]

21 Twenty-fifth Sun. after Trin. 22 M Ashdown Park Coursing Meeting. 23 T St. Clement.

r 7


8 0 29 0 51 1 15 1 35 1 57


s 4

117 4 37

2 18

24 W Coquetdale Coursing Meeting. 25 T Michaelmas Term ends.

26 F

27 S

28 S Advent Sunday. 29 M

30 T Birmingham Cattle Show week.

r 7 3418 5 48
8 3 5919 7 13
r 7 3720 8 44
s 3 5721 10 13
r 7 402211 37
s3 55 23 Morning.
r 7 4324 0 56

3 1 3 25 3 48 4 15 4 38 5 7 5 31 6 1 6 29 6 58 7 32 8 5 8 43 9 18

s 3 5325 2 14 9 52 10 23

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1 Belsay (Northumberland) 10 Caledo. St. Leger, (Edin.) 16 &c. 2, 9 Spelthorne Club.......10,11,12 Ardrossan Cl. (Girtrig).. 17 2 &c. Marham Club (Norfolk)10,11,12 2, 3 Altcar Club...........10,11,12 2, 3 Treve Bawn (Cavan).... 11 4,5 Nithsdale and Galloway 11. 12 5 Scarborough

8 Newcastle, Northumber-
land, and Durham

8 &c. Sambourne (Worcester).
9 Hampton Court Cham-
pion Club

Cork Southern Club .... 9 &c.
Hainton (Market Rasen) 9, 10' Whitehaven

[blocks in formation]


16, 17

hampton).......... 25, 26 Tedcaster.......... 30 & Dec. 1

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