7. 8. d.
1. 8. d.

Z. 8. d.
Sabbath-school 0 10 0 Mr. and Mrs. Pingon 200 Mr. Kenworthy (D.) 1 0 0
Girls'Sunday-school 9 7 3 Mrs. Pinson....(D) 100

Arbroath, 18 7 0 Do. Bible Class .... 1 17 0 E. Horton......(A.) 0 12 0 Less Expenses.. 0 19 10 Do. Teachers 3 16 0 Collections

A Thank - offering

56 29 Do. Day-school .... 0 13 4 Collection after Ju

from a Friend, by 17 14 2 Boys'Sunday-school 16 7 11 venile Meeting 3 5 2

Rev. J. Gillies....10 Additional

0 8 7 Do. Ist Bible Clasg.. 2 4 11
182. 28. 9d.
Do, 2nd do.
1 18 10

196 17 2
Bordesley-st. Chapel

Less Expenses.. 2 13 6 Congregational Church Mis-
and Sunday-schools 5 13 11

sionary Association N.B. - The amount sub-Garrison-lane do,

194 3 8

Rev. J. Murker, A.M. scribed for the Native Teach- and do....

Macduff District, in

4 0 4 er, Isabella Meeking, was im- Yardley do, and do. 7 11 3 Highbury Chapel.

cluding 51. from perfectly printed in the Sep-Collections after ser


13 6 5

Miss Mitchell for tember Number: it ought to vices

Female Education 25 ............ 236 6 3 Sunday-school..... 3 3 2 have been ten pounds.

Per the late Mr.

Portsey District .... 3 16 SURREY.

458 11 7 Corn.......

1 10 5 Banff District .... Guildford.

Less Expenses.. 0 15 O The Misses Drewitt

18 00 (2 years)... 2 0 0 457 16 7

Jas. Roberton, Esq. 110

Lozell's Chapel.
Collected by
Ebenezer Chapel. Misses Rogers and

Collection after StrMiss Turner,

1 6 2
Collected by-


3 2 0

mon by the DepoMiss Smith 2 16 0 Mrs. Barker 1 16 i Sundry Donations.. 013 6


the Rev. L. Miss Tupper.. 2 4 8 The Misses Beasley 3 6 6 Collections

3 3 0

H. Byrnes. Juvenile Association 0 5 6 Mrs. F. Christian ... 4 5 0

61, 18s. 6d.


Mrs. Marshall, Anon...... 0 15 2 Mrs. Ellis

707 9
1 17 8
Miss Eliza C. Gibson % 10 8 General Expenses 19 9 0

Teacher, for the 10 8 6 Masters E. J. and

Missionary Ship.. 04! S. C. Hardy ... 5 12 8

G89 0 1

421. 38. ed. Sarah M. Jones .... 0 13 7

Glasgot Birmingham District. Mary Ann Mcleich 0 5 0 Iartshill ......... 4 16 10 Miss Harley, for the Per William Beaumont, Esq. Miss F. Leonard.... 3 17 10

Native Giri, Jane
Ma ter ll. Manton .. 2 2 0

Harley ...
A Wesleyan.. (A.) 1 0 0 Misses Patterson.... 2 2 0 Warminster, J. Pio-

Great Hamilton-st. Collection at Public Minder Partridge ... 3 2 0 vis, Esq., for the

Sabbath-school ... ? Meeting 29 10 4 Miss Redding

182 Native Teacher,
Carr's Lane Chapel.
Miss Smith ... 4 15 8 Wilton Provis.... 10 0 0

Produce of Mis-
Missionary Boxes of

Congregational Church sionary Boxes ... 41 19 9 William Holloway. 1 3 0

Missionary Box .. Do. of Servants' do.. 19 19 Master Patterson... 15 9 Halifax District.

Received from Col-
Mr. John Taylor.... 0 15 0 Per J. Baldwin, Esj.

For Magazines lectors ...

18 5 10 Mrs. Ann Turner .. 0 10 0 Brighouse Chapel The Treasurer.....

Exs. 158.; 31. 5. 2410 0 0 Mrs. Glover, for the

Collections ... 17 12 6
Robert Langebeare,

supp rt of the line
Subscriptions col-

DENERARA Es doo Orphans in the lected by Mrs.Sug

George Tours Professor Rogers ... 1 School under the

den and Mrs. Al

Providence Chapel. Edward Barnett.Esq. 2 2 0 care of Virs. Lewig


9 10 9

Rev. J. Ketly. Rev. T. R. Barker at Nagercoil ...... 20 0 0 Do do. Mrs. Atkin


Chinese and Family 3 16 0 Mrs. Glover, for the

son and Miss Sug

Mission, in addiMrs. Thomas Avery support of the lin

11 15 0 tionto 50l.ackou (A) 2 2 0 duo Widows in the


ledged in the ReFor Native Teacher, Alms Houses at

Square Chapel.

port for 1850...... 120 J. A. James 10 00 Nagercoil, and for

Annual Collections 108 011 For the Madagascar Mr. Ilickling

5 0 0 Mrs. Lewis 10 00 Public Meeting ..., 15:10 Mission, by Sale of Do.extra Donation. 6 0 0 Mrs. Glover, for tho

Sion Chapel.

Books from late Samuel Parker, Esq. ! 0 0 support of a Native Annual Collections. 31 16 6 Rev. J. J. Free Mrs. Parker 100 Teacher, named

Harrison-road Chapel. Miss James 1 0 0 Charles Glover ... 10 0 0 Annual Collections. 13 1 6

6L 115,Miss Iloyd ...

1 0 0 Mrs. Glover, for the Mr. John Freeth.... 3 0 0 support of a Native


Collections. Ist Jan., Mr.John Freeth,Jun. 2 0 0 Teacher, named Mrs. Baker

at Uniun Chapel, George Storer

Scarborough, Auxi* Rain from Ileaven" 4

hy Rev. Dr. Bone, 0 Mansfield 10 00 liary Society, per

for the Widoss' Professor Watts 1 10 Mrs. Lowe, for the

Rev. R. Balgarnie 50 0 0

and Mrs. Watts

Orphans' 1 support of a Na

Fund J. Colling, Esq. 2 2 0 tive Teacher,

The Congregatron at Mr. Forgham

1 10 named James Itill 10 0 0 Pembrokeshire, English Cooli Bazar ChaMrs. Lee... 2 2 0 Ebenezer Girls'

Auxiliary. Mr. Ellary 1 1 0 School, for the

pel, by Rev. G.

Per Rev. J. Williams
Mrs. Ellary

0 10 6
support of a Na-


Rev. E. Stornos, Anonymous Pro

tive Teacher,

C. W. Bowen, Esq... 0 10 0 ceeds of Old Silver

Mr. J. Bennett

0 10 0 Coins...

0 130 Mansfield Glover.. 10 0 0 Mrs. L. Bennett.... 0 10 0 " Water instead of

Mr. B. John..

0 10 0
5 00 School, for Gene.

Mrs. M John

0 0 0 « Small Offering 0 2 0 ral Purposes... 11 11 1 Mr.T.C. Reyneth.. 0 5 0

LEGACIES. * It is more blessed Ebenezer Girls'

Mr.J. Thomas 0 2 6 OF Mise Elizabeth to give than to reSchool, collected Public Collection ..

Bancroft, late of ceive 5 5 0 by Eliza Cooper .. 0 2 6

Park Road, Clap* First the blade, Ebenezer Boys'

4 2 0 ham

19 19 from a few young School, for Gene

Of Mrs. Frances Friends 5 00 ral Purposes. 10 12 0


Shepherd, late of Henry Wright, Esq: 5 0 0 Ebenezer Girls' Day

Public Collection 0 19 0 Maidstone Mr. and Mrs. E.


0 13 0 School Collection .. 17 0 Of Mr. John Tap Piercy 2 : Mr. Baker......(D.) 0 10 01

6l. 18.

late of Maidstone. 10


den ...





Contributions in aid of the Society will be thankfully received by Sir Culling Eardley Eardley, Bar

Treasurer, and Rev. Ebeneze Prout, at the Mission House, Blomfield-street, Finsbury, Londoa; \ Mr. W. F. Watson, 52, Princes-street, Edinburgh ; J. Risk, Esq., 108, Fife-place, Glasgow ; said Rev. John Hands, Society House, 32, Lower Abbey-street, Dublin. Post-Office Orders should be is favour of Rev. Ebenezer Prout, and payable at the General Post Office.


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The issue of the last number of the of growing intelligence, we can only EVANGELICAL MAGAZINE, for 1852, re- keep our standing by the supply of minds us of the mercy by which we valuable material. To that one object, have been upheld during a year of anx- we hope to bend our undivided' attenious and earnest toil. We can say, with tion; but, in addressing ourselves to sincerity, that we have aimed to up- Christian men, do we look for too much, hold the reputation of the work com- when we solicit an interest in their fermitted to our care, and to make it wor- vent prayers, that, in the sixtieth year thy of the age in which we live, and of of the existence of the EVANGELICAL the large and enlightened constituency MAGAZINE, we may be assisted to " disamong whom it circulates. Avoiding | cern the signs of the times,” to perall spurious charity on the one hand, form our duty with manly integrity, and all undue severity on the other, we to fan the piety of the Christian church, have endeavoured to deal uprightly and to be worthy successors of the holy men forbearingly with the current questions who have gone before us, and to keep of the year; never allowing ourselves alive our own Christianity, that we may to forget that we are " set for the de- advance that of others? We feel that fence of the gospel,” from whatever no class of men among us need more quarter it may be assailed. How far the prayers of the faithful than the we have come up to our own notions of Editors of our periodical Christian literesponsibility, it is not for us to deter- rature. They stand in slippery places mine; but we are greatly cheered in and can only be upheld in the wise and our labours by the viva voce and written faithful discharge of the trust comtestimonies of not a few, whose stand- mitted to them by copious supplies of ing in the great Christian community the grace and wisdom which come from gives them the right to hold and express above. a decided opinion.

Conscious as we

we May we also be permitted to remind are, however, of many defects, and our friends, that a periodical which destrenuously resolved to aim at sleepless pends for success on a large circulation, progress, we would only regard the ap requires their cordial and energetic coprobation of our friends as an encou- operation. The EvANGELICAL MAGAragement to future and more deserving ZINE, we must venture to observe, in effort. We well know that, in this age addition to all its other claims, is the


3 A

nucleus of a large charitable fund, ex May we not, then, without a blush, clusively devoted to the widows of faith- solicit a Pulpit notice of the EvANGEful ministers. It can only support its LICAL MAGAZINE from our beloved brepresent large disbursements, by main-thren in the ministry, in the course of taining and extending its sale.- Every the present month? And may we niet year it loses many of its supporters by look to the officers of the several death and other causes. The close of churches for their hearty co-operation 1852, then, is the appropriate time to in giving effect to the kind hints of the look out for new readers of the work. And Christian Pulpit? Should not ministo whom can we look for 'cordial greet- ters' wives bé the zealous advocates of ing in our anxious labours, but to those a periodical to which many of their who have hitherto sustained us—who Christian sisters are so deeply indebted? value the Magazine--who approve its | And ought not widows in general to be principles—who rejoice in its success? the friends of this easy and cheap mode A word from them, in their several cir- of helping the honoured but often sufcles, will be sure to do us good. They fering relicts of their deceased pastors? may say, with truth, that the number A widow can say for widows what no of widows who have received gratuities, one else can; and cold will be those during the year 1852, has been 158; hearts that are not moved by the of these, 140 have been widows of Con- appeal., gregational ministers,–11 of Presby By God's blessing on our efforts, we terian brethren, — 5 of Episcopalian look forward to the coming year with clergymeu,—and 2 of Calvinistic Me- undiminished hope; as we look back on thodists. The whole sum distributed all the years of the past with thankfulfor the year, has been £1304, of which ness and praise. If we are trae to the sum the widows of Independent pas. Divine Master, he will not suffer us " to tors in England, Wales, Scotland, and labour in vain, or to spend our strength Ireland, have received the large amount for naught and in vain." of £1164.

uary, 1773.


OF BEVERLEY, YORKSHIRE. The Rev. John Mather was born at laboured, for many years, with acceptNewcastle-on-Tyne, on the 20th of Jan. ance and success at Dover; the second

Though we possess no was a respectable inhabitant of Newparticular account of his parents, we castle, and a true Christian. can state, that their piety was real and of the early days of the subject of consistent; and, whatever the world this brief memoir we have no account. may think, to have a valid claim to He doubtless possessed the advantage such a relationship is no slight honour. of a pious education, being brought up, He was the youngest of three sons, his from his youth, in the nurture and adfather dying before he was born; and monition of the Lord. In all probabito this circumstance, in after years, he lity, his mind was early impressed with was wont to allude, as if he had thus the importance of Divine things. The a peculiar interest in the fatherhood of example of his brothers, who, as in life, God. The oldest brother was an ho were also in Ohrist before him, must noured minister, in the connexion of have been beneficial, and calculated to the late Countess of Huntingdon, and lead to serious reflection. What were

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